Minion Beauty - She Drives Men Bananas!

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Minion Beauty by IdeasConPatatas

Gru had quit his job as supervillain to reevaluate his goals in life and rediscover the American dream, but every time he took a nap he saw that sexy little minion falling into a pile of bananas. The image was disturbing to say the least, but Gru blamed it on the Banana Juice he had been drinking in excess every day, and yet, despite all logical thought, he found the banana dream oddly a-peeling...

Add some geeky gorgeousness to your wardrobe with this Minion Beauty t-shirt by IdeasConPatatas, it's sure to make your fellow minion fans go bananas!

Visit IdeasConPatatas's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more beautifully geeky designs:

Chimichangas American Cookie Game Over Give A Little Whistle

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Lion Reunion

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(YouTube link)

Here we have a rare video from Kruger National Park in South Africa that doesn’t involve any blood, death, or mutterings of “that’s nature’s way.” A lioness had somehow gotten separated from her pride -for three days. She hid in the brush and sadly called out for them. Then on the third day, here they come down the road! She wants to make sure its her pride, but as soon as she recognizes them, the party is on. -via Arbroath

Awkward Family Photos: 13 Cringeworthy Pet Portraits

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YouTube Link

Just when you think the awkward family portraits bar has been set, someone goes and sets it a little bit higher (or, rather, lower). One has to wonder if these thirteen misguided pet owners regret their portrait concept in retrospect (or whether they were serious in the first place). Only one thing is certain: the animals are trapped in a shame spiral. -Via Distractify

An Obituary for a National Treasure

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Australian novelist Colleen McCullough, who wrote The Thorn Birds, died on Thursday at age 77. Her obituary at The Australian (warning: auto play video) began with this paragraph:

COLLEEN McCullough, Australia’s best selling author, was a charmer. Plain of feature, and certainly overweight, she was, nevertheless, a woman of wit and warmth. In one interview, she said: “I’ve never been into clothes or figure and the interesting thing is I never had any trouble attracting men.”

Fans and non-fans alike were struck that, after a lifetime of accomplishment as both a scientist and an author, McCullough’s obituary would begin with her appearance and then her relationships with men. The reaction was immediate, as pointed out by The Guardian. New Zealand’s Stuff reacted by composing similar obituaries for renowned male authors. Twitter users mocked The Australian by using the same style for their own obituaries under the hashtag #myozobituary.

-via Metafilter

How to Make Drunken Oreos

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YouTube Link

From PBJ to BYO Oreos! The folks at Foodbeast TV give a video demo of how to take your Oreos from sober to drunken in a few easy steps. I noticed that some readers on other posts of this video commented that they thought the filling should be either left on or mixed into the drunken filling. Hey, that's the perfect excuse to make a second "compare and contrast" batch! -Via Foodbeast

These 30 Music Inspired T-Shirts Totally Rock!

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Everybody loves music- it's the sound that soothes our savage souls, the beats we dance to, the ringtones in our phones and the rhythms we hear as we make our way through the world. Everywhere you go people are groovin' to their favorite tunes because hearing a great song puts the world in a groovy mood!

Music and geekdom make a perfect pair, and in the NeatoShop you'll find all kinds of cool designs that combine your favorite geeky subject matter with musical flair, most of which are only available in the rockinest online store- the NeatoShop!

Clockwork Orange Singin' In The Rain by Dutyfreak

Music inspired mashups usually start with great cover art

Galactic Empire-The Trooper by Markwelser

Iconic art that comes to define the band, and their signature sound

Jokers Gotham Tour 1989 by Demonigote

Fans like their favorite art to reflect their taste in music

Old School Rock N Roll Skull by Mudge

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Indominus Rex

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The upcoming movie Jurassic Word has a theme park website, featuring a map, park features, and a link to the company behind its creation. Some of the pages are disabled, or rather marked as “coming soon” because the park isn’t yet open, but you can follow the countdown of the days until it is. They do have pages on the dinosaurs, including the new genetically-modified monster they call Indominus rex. It’s forty feet long and has a scream that can reach 160 decibels.

We set out to make Indominus the most fearsome dinosaur ever to be displayed at Jurassic World. The genetic engineers at our Hammond Creation Lab have more than delivered.

At first glance, Indominus most closely resembles a T. Rex. But its distinctive head ornamentation and ultra-tough bony osteoderms can be traced from theropods known as Abeliosaurs. Indominus’ horns have been placed above the eye orbit through genetic material hybridized from Carnotaurus, Majungasaurus, Rugops and Gigantosaurus. Fearsome indeed.

The conceit here is that real dinosaurs that we know about aren’t scary enough, so they had to create one even more dangerous. From the silhouette icon, it appears that I. rex has an advantage over T. rex in that its arms are long enough to reach out and grab a movie star. And its teeth, while capable of tearing a movie star to shreds, do not meet properly. Whether that’s a glitch in the genetic modification technique or not, it could well make the creature angry enough to lash out at its creators. Jurassic World is due in theaters in June. -via Gamma Squad

Real Breakfast Cooked in a Tiny, Functional Kitchen

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(Video Link)

The Japanese toy line Konapun includes scale model kitchens that people can use to make food. In the past, the food has been fake. But the company also manufactures a stove so realistic that you can cook a proper, albeit very small, meal on it.

In this video, YouTube member AAAjoken prepares scrambled eggs, sausage, and coffee using Konapun utensils and a stove. He serves them on two plates and cups on a tiny kotatsu.

-via Nag on the Lake

Ezra Pound's Kickstarter Plan for T.S. Eliot

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T.S. Eliot was poised to be the top poet of his generation. But first he had to be rescued from his day job.

(Image credit: Flickr user Seth Anderson)

In 1921, suffering from a “nervous disorder,” T.S. Eliot took a three-month hiatus from his day job. The 33-year-old had been working as a clerk in the London sub-basement of Lloyds Bank for four years. But with the luxury of time, the part-time poet focused his attention on completing his magnum opus, “The Waste Land.”

Released in 1922, Eliot’s haunting and defiantly oblique work is a landmark of modernism; even at its most impenetrable, one reviewer admitted that Eliot’s work possessed “the music of ideas.” Ezra Pound, too, was impressed. Convinced of Eliot’s genius, Pound reckoned that the grunt work was smothering his creativity. “Some of us consider Eliot’s employment in a bank the worst waste in contemporary literature,” Pound bemoaned.

Of course, financing poetry is a problem as old as poetry itself. For Emily Dickinson or Lord Byron, the answer was simple—being born into the right family relieved them of the worry. Others turned to hack writing to stock the till. Walt Whitman penned a temperance tract while guzzling cheap wine. Edgar Allan Poe cranked out newspaper filler like “Why Not Try a Mineralized Pavement?” When William Wordsworth landed a decidedly unromantic job as a tax collector, he could take comfort in the knowledge that Geoffrey Chaucer had been a customs comptroller in the 14th century. “There’s no money in poetry,” Robert Graves once observed, “but then there’s no poetry in money either.”

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Be Careful or Suffer an Embarrassing Death

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(Steve Patrick Adams)

Your family deserves better than the chuckles and whispers that will follow from an icicle death on a warm day. Find a better way, such as a fatal blogging accident or being crushed to death under your collection of My Little Pony toys.

SHORT GUYS NEED LOVE TOO! - One Ridiculous Romance

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Mac is the littlest guy in the World Video Boxing Association but he has the biggest heart, and in his colorful virtual world that counts for more than mere muscles. He doesn't have the flashiest outfit, or a ridiculously cool looking finishing move, but Little Mac has the power of the controller wielding Console Overlords behind him and a smile that drives the girls wild! When he met his main squeeze Samus it was love at first sight, that is after she took off the helmet, but Mac doesn't like being the weak link in the relationship, especially when he once had to punch out Tyson...

Share your love of classic console gaming with this SHORT GUYS NEED LOVE TOO! t-shirt by OhHeyDJ, wear it and watch yourself transform into a total knockout!

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Landscapes of Finland by Mikko Lagerstedt

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Meri-Pori, Finland,

Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt is more proof that "self taught" photographers can reach the same level of excellence as those with formal training. Lagerstedt's fabulous landscapes are a mixture of techniques; he sometimes uses compositing of differently timed exposures. He describes his process in detail, as well as giving tutorials, on his website.

See more of Lagerstedt's work both at his site and on 
Instagram.  I highly recommend his blog for photography enthusiasts as well. -Via Colossal

The Whole Universe Surrenders
Emäsalo, 2015

Tuusula, Finland, 2014

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Fried Rattlesnake and 9 Other Strange American Foods

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(Photo: Alice Echo News Journal)

If you're preparing to visit the United States for the first time, you might want to read up on traditional American cuisine. You can probably find some burger joints scattered throughout the country to keep you fed. But to experience true American food, you should get away from the tourist areas and eat like the natives.

When on Earth has a helpful guide to 10 American foods. They are commonplace in American restaurants and supermarkets, but foreigners often think of them as strange. Try them! You'll enjoy fried rattlesnake, bull testicles, pickled pigs' feet, and akutaq, which is a Native Alaskan dessert consisting of polar bear fat, seal oil, snow, and berries. Dig in!

Happy Birthday, Akua!

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This adorable little girl is Akua. She lives in Ghana and is celebrating her birthday. The guy in the picture said, “What do you want for your Birthday, Akua?”

She replied, “I want to say Hi to America!”

So the guy’s friend posted the picture to reddit. Akua certainly charmed everyone, and received thousands of comments wishing her a happy birthday. See some of the responses posted in images.

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How Is This Bicyclist Still Alive?

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Raphael Orlove of Jalopnik proposes that this woman is the reincarnation of escape artist Harry Houdini. This dashcam footage from Taiwan shows a bicyclist crossing a street. A car hits the front of her bike. She's within a few inches of getting hit herself. But she neatly steps off the bicycle with perfect poise.

(Video Link)

13 Secrets of Amazon Warehouse Employees

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Mental Floss put together this interesting list of facts about life as an employee in the warehouses of Amazon. One aspect addressed is the metal detectors by which warehouse workers must be scanned prior to leaving the premises for lunch or at the end of the work day. 

Charlee Mided, who worked in an Amazon warehouse in Phoenix, Arizona, said there was a huge rush among the workers to get in line for the security scan, particularly at lunchtime. He elaborated,

“If you’re way over on one side of the warehouse and lunch is called, you have 30 minutes from that point to clock out, eat, and come back. You’re spending half your time waiting to be scanned out so you can be sure you’re not stealing anything. It leaves you with about 10 minutes for food.”

When it's time to clock out, there is the same hurry to get in line for the metal detectors. The minutes spent in line is time for which the employees aren't paid, according to a Supreme Court decision on the matter issued in late 2014.

Read 12 other facts about work in Amazon warehouses here.  

Image Source: Reddit 

When Ice Was Hot

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Roy Blakey spent 15 years as a professional ice skater with various shows, including Holiday on Ice, during its heyday in the mid-20th century. Along the way, he began to collect souvenirs, and now is an avid collector of vintage ice show ephemera. Blakey tells us about the history of ice shows, which took off in the U.S. and spread all over the world.  

Collectors Weekly: Ice shows seem an odd and somewhat cumbersome U.S. export.

Blakey: Well, Morris Chalfen was a genius. He realized ice shows needed no translation; that they would appeal to people all over the world. But the origin of the international shows goes back to the portable ice shows—or tank shows, as we called them—in the U.S., which started with Carl Snyder in 1943. Snyder had been booking bands into hotels when he decided to start producing tank shows. He’d bring a 20-by-20-foot ice rink right into a nightclub or the theater-restaurant of a fancy hotel. The story I heard is that the first one was in Toledo, Ohio, during Christmas and New Year’s, so he called it Holiday on Ice.

Shortly after that, two brothers from Milwaukee named Cal and Emery Gilbert, who owned an ice rink in Toledo called the Ice House, invited Holiday on Ice to perform at their rink. Emery was a brilliant technician, and he figured out how to enlarge Snyder’s portable rink to arena-size. The three became partners, and after a couple of years, Morris Chalfen heard about this little Holiday on Ice company and invested some money in it so they could build several arena-sized, portable ice rinks. That way they could have one rink going in the city where they were performing while another was being set up in the next city for the next show. It made everything more efficient, which was important since by then Holiday on Ice was competing with the Ice Follies, the Ice Capades, and the Hollywood Ice Review, which starred Sonja Henie.

In fact, those three companies had signed exclusives with all of the big arenas, which meant Holiday on Ice was frozen out of places like Madison Square Garden in New York and Chicago Stadium. Holiday on Ice needed its portable rinks, but that turned out to be a big plus for them in that they could go wherever they wanted. They could play on a theater stage, a basketball court, an outdoor football stadium, even a bullring, which they first did in Guadalajara, Mexico.

There’s more to the story, plus we’ll get a look at Blakey’s collection of ice show and skating memorabilia in an article at Collectors Weekly.

Incredible Breakdancing Routine Performed With Fireworks Strapped To Their Feet

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Breakdancing is a pretty flashy form of dance in its own right, but what happens when you pump up the flash factor by adding some fireworks into the mix?

You get one dangerous looking dance routine that lights up the night, a routine that only the bravest breakers would ever dare to attempt.

(YouTube Link)

Two brave breakers from Germany named LIL AMOK and BBoy Snoop proved they're down to undertake dangerous dance missions by performing with fireworks strapped to their feet.

Their mad moves look even more incredible with those colorful sparks flying off their sneakers and into the air, and the whole thing culminates in an unreal headspin finale sure to leave you all fired up!

-Via DesignTAXI

A Map of Every Goat in the United States

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Now you know. Consider yourself warned.

According to a 2012 census by the US Department of Agriculture, there are 2,621,514 goats in the United States. Christopher Ingram of the Washington Post notes that that's more goats than the combined human populations of Wyoming, Vermont, North Dakota, and Washington, D.C.

In Sutton County, Texas, goats outnumber humans 14 to 1. And most of those goats are raised for meat. What will happen when the goats realize this?

-via The Presurfer

Top Ten Grammar Myths

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Grammar Girl and Quick and Dirty Tips author Mignon Fogarty writes this list of top ten grammar myths, which has points that might fool even the most contentious of internet grammar hawks. But there's one thing we all know: irregardless is not a word. Right? That loud buzzing sound says wrong (and so does Fogarty). She explains, 

“Irregardless” is a bad word and a word you shouldn't use, but it is a word. “Floogetyflop” isn't a word—I just made it up and you have no idea what it means. “Irregardless,” on the other hand, is in almost every dictionary labeled as nonstandard. You shouldn't use it if you want to be taken seriously, but it has gained wide enough use to qualify as a word.

Read the rest of Fogarty's top ten grammar myths here. 

French Kissers - Forget Detroit, Paris Is The New Rock City

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French Kissers by tomburns

For centuries they'd yelled "Vive la France!" before heading into battle, but when they heard the sounds made by The Demon and those face painted fret freaks from a little band called Kiss they swapped the France out for Rock 'n' Roll. Those savage rock rhythms really spoke to their fine French hearts, and they soon discovered that rock music makes the perfect soundtrack for everything from a violent revolution to a bloodless coup d'etat!

Show the world you've been a fan since way back when, wear this French Kissers t-shirt by tomburns and rock the world like a fine face painted French fop!

Visit tomburns's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more rockin' good designs:

Rising Sunset American Team Internet Space Battles

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Cold Glass Sculpture

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(YouTube link)

Jack Storms is a glass artist who doesn’t melt glass. Instead, he cuts and polishes and assembles solid glass into beautiful works of shininess. He says it can take 18 weeks to complete a project, so of course we would wonder what they sell for. You can see some of Storms’ completed works at his website, but you have to make a serious inquiry to get a price quote. That should tell you something. Meanwhile, we can learn about the process of making these cold glass sculptures. -via Digg

Extreme Luxury Stadium Skybox Has a Built-in Sauna

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(Photos: Core77)

Saunas are a big deal in Finland. In fact, the word sauna is of Finnish origin. So for Finns, luxury accommodations must include a hot steambath. Skybox 408 at the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki offers guests a bar, gourmet food, and a 20-person sauna.

Guests can strip down and watch hockey from the privacy of one-way glass windows. Renting it costs €2,500 per night, which is about $2,822 USD.

This Racy Domino's Pizza Ad Campaign Is Fifty Shades Of Wrong

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Domino’s Pizza has always taken a rather lighthearted approach to advertising (remember the Noid?) but when it comes to creating national ad campaigns it can be really easy to take humor too far.

Take this Sriracha Pizza spot Domino's wisely decided not to include in their Superbowl ad campaign:

The ad was created by advertising agency McCann Israel, and even though the pitch was never approved the image inevitably made its way online and is now causing quite a stir. Domino's reps are ardently denying they authorized use of their logo, and claim "the people responsible are being dealt with", but it sure looks like a legit pitch to me.

It’s obviously meant to cash in on the Fifty Shades Of Grey hype and add some edginess to their ads, but deciding the S&M theme was a little too NC-17 for a national ad campaign was clearly a smart choice. -Via The Daily What

Rare Megamouth Shark Washes Ashore in the Philippines

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According to the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines, an exceedingly rare megamouth shark washed ashore in Marigondon, Pioduran, Albay yesterday morning. The specimen, which was no longer alive, was thought to be only the 60th sighting of the species ever (though experts are still debating the number). 

Cause of death of the 15-foot long shark is still unknown. The specimen has been stored on ice until specialists arrive to examine it. 

The common name of this docile, deep-dwelling species refers to the disproportionate size of its massive head and the large capacity of its mouth, which the shark keeps open as it swims in order to catch plankton and jellyfish.

See a video about a scientist's fascinating encounter with a megamouth in the wild below. Read more about the Philippines specimen here, and see the Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines' Facebook post about the event here.  

Images: Rhaydz Barcia

YouTube Link

Weatherman Smoothly Plays off Horrible Glitches in Temperature Map

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(Video Link)

If you were in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday, then you died. I hope it was quick and relatively painless. Temperatures spiked at selected areas around the city. Whereas Chandler was a pleasant 63°F, Cave Creek and other suburbs faced temperatures as high at 2,960ºF (1,627ºC).

So everyone in those areas is thoroughly dead and baked. Despite the magnitude of this tragedy, Cory McClosky, a meteorologist with Fox 10 News, was calm, cool, and collected. This guy has nerves of steel.

-via Boing Boing

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