Scare Your Kids Into Learning The ABCs With David Lynch's The Alphabet

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Sometimes it’s hard to teach kids their ABCs and make the lesson stick, since they have a hard time remembering all 26 letters of the alphabet much less the rest of that cute little song.

Kids need something to help them visualize each letter, imprinting it in their minds for life, and what better way to leave a permanent mark than with a bit of terror?

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David Lynch created the perfect video tool for teaching your kids the ABCs back in 1968, the appropriately entitled experimental film The Alphabet.

Blending surreal animation with nightmarish visuals and a “catchy soundtrack” that features the sound of David Lynch’s daughter crying, The Alphabet is a visualization of a time when Lynch's wife's niece "was having a bad dream one night and was saying the alphabet in her sleep in a tormented way."

Looks like she was learning her ABCs the Lynch way- through her nightmares!

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Taco Belle

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Master costumer Olivia Mears once made a dress out of Taco Bell taco wrappers and, on another occasion, ordered a meal at Taco Bell while cosplaying as the Disney princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Now, carrying that theme forward to its spicy conclusion is her Belle dress that makes her look like the mad scientists at Taco Bell have finally gone too far. Her Taco Belle dress is a wonder of satin and dry lettuce.

Bonus item: you can see Mears appear costumed in a Taco Bell commercial here.

-via Tastefully Offensive

Herman Harband’s Headstone

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Herman Harband commissioned his own headstone ahead of time to be placed on his grave when he died. It was ready for him at Beth David Memorial Gardens in Hollywood, Florida. The inscription reads:

My wife Eleanor Arthur of Queens, NY lived like a princess for 20 years traveling the world with the best of everything. When I went blind, she tried to poison me, took all my money, all my medication and left me in the dark alone and sick. It's a miracle I escaped. I won't see her in heaven because she's surely going to hell!

However, Harband remarried. When he died in 2011, his second wife Domnita had him buried in a couple’s plot in Raleigh, North Carolina, with a different stone. See his actual grave. According to Find a Grave:

Herman Harband was not buried at Beth David Memorial Gardens, but he did own a headstone at the cemetery, thus making it a cenotaph, not a grave. The internet-famous headstone is real (confirmed by records and the cemetery director), but it was removed in early 2014 and the plot was sold back to the cemetery at the request of his wife. According to the cemetery directory, the headstone (as of this writing) is in storage at the cemetery.

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A Guide to British Dating Slang Words

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In this, the thirty-fourth episode of Anglophenia, host Kate Arnell explains terms one might experience if they were involved in the British dating scene. While most of us Yanks are familiar with the term "snog," other terms mentioned here may be more of a mystery. What on Earth is copping off? And if some cheeky Brit calls you "bang tidy," is it a compliment or an insult? Kate will set you straight. Via Tastefully Offensive

The Fish-Propelled Boat and Other Wacky Ideas from the Man Behind Tupperware

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Earl S. Tupper gave us Tupperware and thus an extended life on that casserole you don't want to eat. But he did a lot more than just give us a way to forget leftovers in the back of the refrigerator for 6 months. He had lots of ideas. Scholars can find his sketches in the archives of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. For example, he developed an ice cream cone design with a gutter to prevent leakage. And he put a lot of thought into how women’s corsets should be designed.

But most importantly, Earl S. Tupper came up with a revolutionary form of naval propulsion. The fish-powered boat had a pair of wings that did not greatly slow down the boat, but prevented the fish from diving and escaping—or diving and taking the boat with it. We we don't use these today is beyond me.

You can see more of Tupper’s sketches at Hourzz.

-via Slate Vault

Sunglasses That Give The Wearer LSD Style Visuals Without The Drugs

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It is not advisable to take LSD, as it can have negative effects on the body and the mind, but how are we supposed to get those awesome visuals without taking the drug?

Hungarian designer Bence Agoston has come up with a fun way to induce hallucination-esque effects while stone sober- MOOD, sunglasses for music.

Slip on a pair of these psychedelic specs and the world becomes a trippier place thanks to MOOD's interchangeable lenses, which can be layered and rotated to make every viewing experience unique.

Bence comments on MOOD:

“Because each color filters the incoming lights differently, and the patterns can overlap each other or leave blank fields, the new view is completely random and twisted.” Agoston also has versatility in mind, just in case you need a break from your simulated LSD journey: “Mood can also be used with clear lenses, for everyday living.”

Agoston goes on to describe the suggested use of such “hallucinogenic” sunglasses. “The ideal situation for use is during travel, when people listen to music, just looking out the window and watching the ever-changing sights, in perfect harmony with the music.

-Via Beautiful/Decay

25 Things You Didn't Know About Dreams

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(YouTube link)

Have you ever smelled things in your dreams? That’s kind of rare, but maybe that’s why you still remember it. there’s been quite a bit of research into dreams, although we still don’t understand the process of dreaming. John Green tells us about some of the more interesting findings in the latest episode of The List Show from mental_floss.

Merc's Gym - Curling Chimichangas Is Hard Work!

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Merc's Gym by Ddjvigo

Bodybuilding can be hard work, and most trainers will make you give up all your favorite fatty fried foods, but at Merc's Gym we take a different approach to bodybuilding. We believe the fastest and most effective way to build a buff body is with a bunch of super serums and a steady intake of tacos and chimichangas. Why would anyone want to actually work hard to achieve results? At Merc's Gym we let all the chemicals do the work for us, turning us into indestructible superpeople who'd rather be dead than dead tired! Oh, and we also have a pool you can float around in, katana classes and a fully stocked shop with all the spandex suits you could ever need. Merc's Gym- come for the chems, stay for the Wade!

Get yourself ready for summer with this Merc's Gym t-shirt by Ddjvigo, it's the easiest way to look like a billion bucks without breaking a sweat!

Visit Ddjvigo's NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

City Of Fury "We're Home" Chihiro On Sunset The World Is Rotten

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Interesting Facts About Pop-Culture Pets

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Who was the first character cast in the Harry Potter movies? If you guessed Hedwig, you're right. And that's not the only fun fact about magical and otherwise imaginary creatures from this great TopTenz list

Here's another great trivia tidbit -adorable little Gizmo from the Gremlins was originally supposed to become the antagonist, but Steven Speilberg decided (rightly) that fans would prefer to see the adorable little creature as much as possible in the movie and wouldn't want to root against him. Just imagine what a different movie it would be if little Gizmo was the enemy.

Ten Of The Most Inappropriate Rock Songs That Became Huge Hits

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It’s easy to sing along to your favorite songs, never really paying much mind to what the lyrics are actually saying.

But if you listen a little closer you’ll find that many of your fav rock & roll hits are chock full of raunchy and wrong.

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My Sharona sounds innocent enough, but when you discover that The Knack’s Doug Fieger wrote the song for sixteen-year-old Sharona Alperin when Doug was around 25 years old it kinda sheds a different light on the lyrics.

"When you gonna give me some time, Sharona?" How about when I've graduated from high school, you adult pervert.

(YouTube Link)

But My Sharona is part of a rock tradition of singing about young gals, and songs like Ted Nugent’s Jailbait, KISS’s Christine Sixteen, and Stray Cat Blues by the Rolling Stones all feature lyrics about underage girls. It's enough to make you wonder- can't rock stars find good women their own age?

See Jailbait Jamboree: Top Ten "Inappropriate" Songs That Were Somehow Hits at Dangerous Minds

How Much of a Brain Do We Really Need?

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Peter Watts recalls a study in which an adult had a brain scan and was found to have almost no brain at all. The skull was filled with cerebrospinal fluid except for a thin layer of brain tissue around the edges. This person had an undiagnosed case of hydrocephalus that left him with a cavernous hole in the middle of his head. Yet he had an IQ of 126 and a math degree.

It happens occasionally. Someone grows up to become a construction worker or a schoolteacher, before learning that they should have been a rutabaga instead. Lewin’s paper reports that one out of ten hydrocephalus cases are so extreme that cerebrospinal fluid fills 95% of the cranium. Anyone whose brain fits into the remaining 5% should be nothing short of vegetative; yet apparently, fully half have IQs over 100. (Why, here’s another example from 2007; and yet another. Let’s call them VBNs, or “Virtual No-Brainers”)

What makes the difference between those who are fully functional and those who aren’t? Watts gives us a few ways the brain might work around such damage, some which have been debunked, and some that have never been adequately studied. What is unsettling is the thought of how many people never need a brain scan and go their entire lives not knowing they have none. Do you know for sure that you have a brain? -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Oliveira, et al 2012)

Animals Who Want To Be Photographers

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(Image Link)

Animals are getting used to being in front of the camera, which means they’re starting to do research into taking their own selfies.

But until we humans invent cameras made for critters to control they’re going to have to share our equipment.

(Image Link)

Maybe a photographic partnership with animalkind would be a good thing for both parties, since they’ll be able to get their furry friends to come out and pose for us and we can teach them how to use the equipment.

But animals can be really pushy sometimes, so don’t be surprised if your photo partner tries to push you out of the way and do all the shooting themselves!

(Image via Liba Radova)

See 21+ Animals That Want To Be Photographers at Bored Panda

Nano-Pasta: Thin Film Realization of Ultra-Fast Cooking Pasta Using Glancing Angle Deposition

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The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research.

by W. M. J. GreCJI, K. L. Westra, K. Robbie, and M. J. Brett
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,  University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta

With the ever-increasing demands of urban life, individuals are ever less able to find time for their fundamental daily tasks. One of the most time consuming activities undertaken during an average day is the preparation of meals: breakfast, lunch, and supper. Our society has increasingly demanded for meals that are quick to prepare, yet nutritious. As a result, we now have dishes such as instant rice, microwave dinners, and minute noodles and soups.

In this article, we present a novel addition to the "fast food" lineup. Dubbed "Nanopasta" for its small size and phenomenally rapid cooking time, this new variety of pasta can be produced with the aid of a thin film deposition technology known as glancing angle deposition1 (GLAD).

Nanopasta is made by evaporating Durum wheat in a vacuum. The vapor is then directed at glancing incidence toward a rotating substrate. The schematic in Figure 1 illustrates this process, which is also currently used for other materials.2 Once Nanopasta has been deposited on the substrate, it may be harvested by a special etching process. Figure 2a shows a scanning electron microscope image of one shape, called Nano-fusilli. The photo illustrates the nanometer size scale of Nanopasta. Figure 2b shows an image of a Nano-fusilli film immediately after deposition but before the etch harvesting process. The substrate shown in the image is a silicon wafer.

Theoretical Background-AI Dente's Ratio
Theory indicates that the most efficient way to cook dry pasta is to immerse it water that is at the boiling point. Depending on the variety and shape of pasta being prepared, the cooking process may require a relatively short or long period of time.

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These Way Out PSAs from the 80s and 90s Are a Blast from the Past

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"You might have to press and push up more than once... try it again, it's important to get it right!"
YouTube Link

These old PSAs are fun to look at, even if you don't remember them from when they originally aired. From animation to robots, Batman to Star Wars, Gremlins to Pee-wee Herman, a lot of fun personas from the past appear to jog our memories. See all eleven of them here. Which is your favorite?

This Table Shrinks and Grows Like an Accordion

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Ian Stell’s Sinan table is a precisely designed and built piece of kinetic furniture that opens and folds. He explains that “Mutability in a piece of furniture should serve a purpose, but the act of transformation should be a kind of dance.” The Sinan does indeed dance!

Stell doesn’t list a price for the Sinan, but a somewhat similar design of his sells for a mere $20,000. For that much, the table should make accordion sound effects whenever it moves.

-via Home Crux

Cat Not Impressed by Baby Goats

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Moo is a barn cat at Sunflower Farm Creamery. She’s a dedicated barn cat, keeping watch out for vermin and even sits and supervises goats when they give birth. When week-old kids Lady Bug and Princess Leia try to make friends, Moo makes it clear she just wants a little nap. While Moo has seen lots of goats come and go, everything is new to the bouncy goats.

(YouTube link)

What impressed me in this video is the relative size of the goats and the cat. Those are tiny little kids! Well, Moo is a pretty healthy size for a barn cat. After all, she lives in a creamery, and apparently gets her share of goat’s milk. -via HuffPo

See more of the goats from Sunflower Farm Creamery.

The 30 Most Important Sex Scenes in Movie History

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Julianne Moore and Mark Wahlberg in Boogie Nights | Image: New Line Cinema

In Vulture's list of the 30 most important sex scenes in the history of film, the word "important" has various meanings, which the writer clearly states. To quote him, he means important in the following ways: 

  • "Used in the development of the cinematic idiom"
  • "Sparking controversy"
  • Breaking new ground in the depiction of intimacy
  • "Seminal moments in film history (for better and for worse)"
  •  "Flash points that wound up changing our culture in interesting ways"
  • "Represented nefarious, exploitative trends"
  •  "And some are just unforgettable scenes that informed what came after them"

With those descriptions in mind, let's take a look at this writer's pick for the most important sex scenes in movie history. (Some screen shots used are NSFW-ish.)

Would You Win a Poop-Spitting Contest?

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It makes sense if you think about it: if you suddenly discover that your mouth is full of sheep poop, then your first instinct will be to spit it out—hopefully as far away from you as possible. That’s why the people of Irvinestown, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, held a sheep poop spitting contest earlier this month.

44 people signed up for this test of skill and dexterity as part of the local Lady of the Lake festival. 7 participated. This is not an old tradition passed down for generations, but an entirely new event dreamed up by Joe Mahon, the owner of a local hotel (here is its menu). The winner walked away with a prize purse of £100, which is about $156 USD. It was presumably spent on mouthwash.

-via Oddity Central

Mouse Fink - Drag Racing In The Face Of Danger

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Mouse Fink by ClayGrahamArt

Danger has always been his first name, and he has the eyepatch to prove that isn't just a name but a state of mind. But things were starting to get boring for poor DM in the spy game, so he started looking elsewhere for his kicks. Penfold suggested DM take up a new hobby, but the mouse was looking to get out of the house, so he set his sights on the open road. With a little persuasion DM was able to pry the keys to the Danger Mobile from Colonel K's clenched fist, and after a quick trip to a neighborhood hot rod shop the mouse was transformed into an automotive maniac!

Bring the gasoline to your geeky wardrobe with this Mouse Fink t-shirt by ClayGrahamArt, it'll drive your fellow Danger Mouse fans wild!

Visit ClayGrahamArt's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more ridiculously cool designs:

Screaming Doom Evil Sponge Grin City Calling Danger Mouse

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Alka-Seltzer in Space

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In this new video from NASA, astronauts aboard the International Space Station play with a ball of water by adding Alka-Seltzer. Oh, it bubbles, alright, but those bubbles really don’t have anywhere to go, so they just float around inside the orb. One occasionally explodes from the surface, but there’s not enough gravity to force it upward, because there really is no “upward.”

(YouTube link)

NASA is all excited about their new Red Dragon camera, which captures images in 4K resolution. You can read more about it at their website. It will enable scientists on the ground to observe experiments on the ISS as well as the crew does. If you want, you can change the YouTube resolution to the highest level under the settings button, and see each bubble clearly. -via Digg

8 Unusual Graves, Including an Airport Runway

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(Image: Google Maps)

This is a satellite image of an active runway at the main airport of Savannah, Georgia.  The tarmac is on top of what was once the property of Richard and Catherine Dotson, both of whom were born in 1797. They died in 1884 and 1877, respectively, and were buried at a family cemetery on their property.

That land remained in their family until World War II. The Army then took the land to expand the local airfield and paid for the family to relocate the cemetery. The family did so, but refused to move the graves of the founders of their clan.

So the Army paved over the graves and moved the gravestones to the top of the pavement, directly over the final resting spots of Richard and Catherine Dotson. I can’t find current information, but as of 2001, the runway was in common use at the now-civilian airport, where pilots sometimes ask “if they could use the runway with the graves, just so they could see them.”

This is one of 8 strange locations for graves rounded up by Atlas Obscura.

The Sound Of Silence On The Slingshot

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Not sure if this kid has passed out with his eyes open or he’s simply not affected in any way by the intense flight, but he remains stoic and unmoved as the Slingshot launches him and a screaming partner into the air.

(YouTube Link)

For years this video sat online without a suitable soundtrack, until TeamZoo found the perfect song to pair with his dead eyed Slingshot ride- Simon & Garfunkel’s The Sound Of Silence. Hello darkness, my old friend...

-Via Geekologie

The Most Ridiculous Outfits on Star Trek: The Next Generation

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You’re a law enforcement officer on the rough and tumble world of Edo, where every crime is punishable by death. This is how you dress to intimidate.

Is it effective? Well, it was enough to intimidate Wesley Crusher. That tells you everything that you need to know.

Alyssa Favreau of Quirk Books rounded up screenshots from days when the costumers were feeling just a bit too creative. Here, you can find the most outlandish outfits from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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Labeled Maps of Pluto and Charon

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Now that we finally know what Pluto and its moon Charon look like, the first thing we want to do is name the stuff we see there. And so we have maps with names. And what names! Pluto gets craters, plains, and other features named for historical figures like Hillary and Norgay, science names like Sputnik and Challenger, and even fictional names like Cthulhu and Balrog. As far as that goes, Charon is even more interesting. A portion of Charon’s map is shown above, with names from Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and other science fiction worlds.

“It shouldn’t be a big surprise to anybody that once we put [the fictional explorers and travelers theme] up for a vote that names like Kirk and Spock and Skywalker and Leia became popular names,” Showalter added. A quick glance at the map will show Lord of the Rings fans will not be disappointed, either.

Among many others, there are also references to Alice from Alice in Wonderland, Stanley Kubrick for his film 2001: A Space Odyssey, Douglas Adams for his book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, and Madeleine L’Engle, the author of A Wrinkle in Time.

The place names aren’t set in stone yet. They must first be approved by the  International Astronomical Union. But these preliminary place names give scientists reference points to study and communicate to each other. Read about them and see more maps at Buzzfeed.

There's Still a Giant Pile of Snow in Buffalo Left over from Last Winter

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(Image: WGRZ)

It's late July and 88ºF in Buffalo, New York. But that city had a rough winter with foot upon foot of snow. It took a long time to clear all that snow away. And the job isn't over, yet. There is at least one huge pile of snow that hasn't melted. It's been there so long that it's covered over with dirt and grass is now growing on top. Local news meteorologist Patrick Hammer explains how it's lasted so long:

"That pile of snow is like a glacier," explained Hammer. "It's very dense and it's covered in dirt and garbage, which acts to insulate the snow from the sun's rays. That's what melts the snow, not just the heat but the sun's rays, and it's protected."

Hammer also noted that because of this, most of the melting of the pile is not occurring from the surface, as one might suspect.

"It's actually mostly melting from below…from the ground which has warmed beneath it," he said.

Hammer says rather than sunshine and heat, water might be more effective in dissipating the pile.

"A lot of rain would do the trick,…but so too could the fire department with a bunch of hoses, which they could use to spray off the dirt and break up what's under it, because it's really the dirt that's insulating it."

You read more at WGRZ (warning: auto-start video).

I wonder if, like the Springfield Tire Fire, the snow pile will last until next winter so that nature can replentish it.

-via Gizmodo

Cyclist Picks up Car, Moves It out of Bike Lane

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(Video Link)

Don’t park in the bike lane. Seriously: Don’t. Park. In. The. Bike. Lane. It’s not for you and this beefy cyclist will prove it to you. If your car is in the way, he’ll pick it up and move it out of the way. That’s a courtesy. A less polite response from him might be to throw the car out of the way.

-via Twisted Sifter

The Secret Nazi Tunnels Under a German Vacation Town

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Even Hitler had a bomb shelter, actually, many of them. But none compared to the vast network of underground facilities and tunnels beneath his favorite vacation getaway town of Obersalzberg.

This multi-roomed subterranean compound is composed of an apartment and a set of underground chambers for fellow Nazi inner circle members—over four miles of tunnels, bunkers and hidden rooms in total. Above ground, an entire village was built as an Alpine retreat for the Nazi government.

But with the war failing, the mysterious underground complex was to be the last redoubt of the Third Reich. Carpet bombed by the Royal Air Force in April of 1945, then locked up by the occupying U.S. Army, it was handed back over to Germany in 1952 with the proviso that the remnants be blown up again out of existence. But not everything was destroyed, and today, you can still visit the secret ruins of the Nazi’s planned Alpine fortress.

If you can’t get away to visit the bunker in the mountains of Bavaria, you can learn the history of the underground city and see what remains at Atlas Obscura.   

(Image credit: Luke Spencer)

Ridiculous Celebrities Who Are Secretly Money Making Masterminds

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Celebrities who have adopted a goofy professional persona, or those who became famous for ridiculous reasons, are hard to take seriously.

And yet they’ve achieved far more monetary success than most of us can even dream about in our less than famous lives, so they’ve gotta be on to something!

Take Carrot Top, for example- goofy prop comic and burly body builder combined into one mighty peculiar package has earned over $75 million dollars performing in front of around 100,000 people a year in Las Vegas.

How ya like ol’ Carrot Top now?

Read 6 Stupid Celebrities Who Are Secretly Business Geniuses at Cracked (contains NSFW language)

Jabba Bing! - Now Hiring Selkath Sopranos

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Jabba Bing! by Dr.Monekers

Travelers visiting the Mos Eisley spaceport during this time of war are advised to steer clear of the Hutt controlled establishment called the Jabba Bing! Club. The Club is known to play host to some of the worst scumbags in the galaxy. Those who ignore this advisement and patronize the Jabba Bing! may be subject to Sith scrutiny, which could result in a force choking if found guilty. Visitors are also advised to avoid making eye contact with the star slave dancer Leia, because she's not very happy about being chained to a Hutt...

Show the universe that you know how to party with this Jabba Bing! t-shirt by Dr.Monekers, it's the funniest mashup this side of Tatooine!

Visit Dr.Monekers's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Game Of Colors New Imperial Soldier Makkuro Kurosuke Ink Merc In Grey "X Suit"

View more designs by Dr.Monekers | More Sci-Fi T-Shirts | New T-Shirts

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