This Anti-Privacy Advocate Has Nothing to Hide. To Prove It, He Gave All of His Passwords to a Journalist.

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(Photo: Noah Dyer)

We live in an age in which our lives are increasingly recorded, compiled, and searchable. There's less privacy than there was a generation ago. Some people respond dismissively of this change, saying "I've got nothing to hide." Conor Friedersdorf of The Atlantic has a standard response:

When someone debating privacy says, "but I don't have anything to hide," I am immediately suspicious. "Would you prove it by giving me access to your email accounts," I've taken to replying, "along with your credit card statements and bank records?" Not a single person has ever taken me up on that challenge–until now.

The "until now" is Noah Dyer, who is pictured above. He accepted Friedersdorf's challenge, handing over all of his online usernames and passwords, thus opening up his private life to a journalist able to expose him to a wide world.

Dyer is an anti-privacy advocate. He thinks that society is better off when there are no secrets. Friedersdorf searched through Dyer's personal information and found nothing that Dyer himself was not open about. Friedersdorf writes:

I hasten to add that I didn't unearth that detail (or any others in this story so far) via digital snooping or share it without the consent of my subject. "Over the past 5 years, I have had sex with married women whose husbands were not aware," he told me in the same initial message that included his passwords. "I have missed child support payments, settled debts, and probably done other stuff as well. Some of these things I would do again in a world without privacy. Some of them I probably would not. Some of them my co-conspirators would do again, others probably not. But each of these decisions was made in an environment where the understanding was that they would be kept private. I’m not advocating that all activities made within that context should be revealed. I’m arguing that a society that does so, going forward, will reap benefits that outweigh the cons."

To prove that he really has nothing to hide, Dyer is trying to arrange for camera crews to follow him around 24 hours a day for a full year without a single second of privacy. So Friedersdorf sees some internally consistent reasoning in Dyer's perspective:

Dyer is an honest man committing to an ethical code he believes to be righteous. He is trying to make the world better. He doesn't believe people should have a right to privacy, so he is ceding his own. These traits and impulses are worthy of some respect.

But Friedersdorf notices that there's a real problem with Dyer's vision for a privacy-free life. No one gets to share a private moment with him:

The world he wants to create is one where there would be no option to refrain from revealing to colleagues that you'll have hemorrhoids surgery while on vacation; where girls going through puberty could only talk to their mothers about getting their periods in public; and where every time a potential romantic partner rejects you, it happens for all to see. Think of everyone who has ever kept a confidence you bestowed in a moment of need or vulnerability. All of them had this in common: They had something to hide.

-via Patterico

Hammerhead Shark is Too Close for Comfort

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(YouTube link)

When you’re shooting video from up on the penthouse of a beachfront hotel, you can see what’s in the shallow water a lot better than the people who are in the water can see. These guys could see a hammerhead shark chasing a stingray, while the guys in the water couldn’t. They couldn’t hear the shouting from the hotel for a while, either. This happened in Destin, Florida. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Sprinkle Bakes Is Your New Favorite Website For Making Awesome Sweets

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There is no better time to be alive as a foodie than right now. Never before in history has it been so okay to be one of the people who really, truly, enjoys the essence of food. This has much to do with the fact that the interweb is full of foodies, and makes it easier for us to find each other. That rambling intro out of the way, I recently stumbled upon a site that is pretty much confectionary heaven. First heard about the site on SuperPunch, and since then, I have been on it every day.

Basically, you know all those food blogs that make dinner look extra delicious and make it sound exciting by mixing up ingredients and layers of flavor? Well, this site is like that, but with dessert. All I should have to say is creme brulee filled strawberries and you should already be drooling on your keyboard.

Trust me, go check out this site right now. Just make sure you have a bib on.

Sprinkle Bakes

The Dimension X Empire - Turning The Rebels Into Turtle Soup

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The Dimension X Empire by Spicy Monocle

Dimensional crossovers are never a good idea, and when a far away galaxy crosses the great divide and opens a portal to a New York full of mutants you know things are about to get really dark really fast. The ninja turtles thought they had it bad before, but now that Shredder has discovered a new way to force people to obey, and his clan are sporting shiny new suits of stormtrooper armor, they're in for a war they might actually lose...

Shred a boring old shirt you own and replace it with this awesome The Dimension X Empire, and add a little dark side to your geeky wardrobe.

Visit Spicy Monocle's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Chiffonade The Frozen Planet Of Hoth Doctor, Calling Adipose Marshmallows

View more designs by Spicy Monocle | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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18 "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" Facts About Mary Poppins

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The 1964 Disney movie Mary Poppins was released 50 years ago this week. What better way to celebrate its anniversary than by learning some movie trivia? For example: 

10. That’s Julie Andrews whistling the robin’s part during “A Spoonful of Sugar.”

An accomplished whistler (who knew?), Andrews recorded the robin's sweet tune. In order for the bird to move and nod during the scene, by the way, Andrews had to wear a ring that connected to it. Yards of cable ran from the ring, up her arm, and out to engineers who could control the bird’s movements.

11. Disney was sued over “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

Though the Sherman Brothers claimed they made the word up themselves, a 1949 song called “Supercalafajaistickespeealadojus” would seem to say otherwise. The writers of the song, Barney Young and Gloria Parker, sued for $12 million. They lost because lawyers were able to present evidence showing that the nonsense word had been around, in some form or another, for decades. Indeed, the Sherman Brothers later claimed that their made-up word was a variation on a similar word they had heard at summer camp back in the 1930s: “super-cadja-flawjalistic-espealedojus.”

There are videos from the film and about the film accompanying the 18 facts about Mary Poppins at mental_floss.

One-Legged Breakdancer Is Amazing

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This guy is fantastic! The absence of a leg doesn't prevent him from laying out some incredible moves. He uses his crutches as dancing elements, then drops them to work with his arms.

(Video Link)

Viewer tip: the video is repeats itself. So once you've watched the first 47 seconds, you've seen the entire routine.

-via Geekologie

10 Cool, Full Length Amateur Movies on YouTube

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Image Via

When we think about YouTube, many of us think the same thing. It's a great place to watch fails and cats doing insane stuff. It is also a great place to catch up on old music videos or commericials that were a big part of your youth. What people sometimes forget it, YouTube is the IT place now for finding new, young directorial talent. A sort of club of future film makers, all sharpening their craft at this great site. It is with that in mind that MakeUseOf compiled a list of some great short films on YouTube that you should check out now, before their creators become famous.

10 cool, full-length amateur films on YouTube

A couple of them are really powerful and show a keen eye for direction and story telling. Granted, they are not all gold label winners, but they show us that YouTube is home to a lot more than just guys falling off of bikes or people making scenes in public. It is also home to some brilliant young minds who will eventually help form the future foundation of cinema as we will come to know it.


80 Years of Marriage

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Look at this lovely couple getting married in London in 1934. Such a gorgeous dress! And the groom’s stylish mustache belies the fact that he was only 22 years old. That was 80 years ago, and they haven’t changed all much. Yes, Maurice and Helen Kaye are still alive and still married. He is 102 and just recently gave up driving. She just turned 101 and looks decades younger.

If what they have could be bottled, they would make a fortune. Apart from the odd ache and pain, they are in good health, presiding over a family that loves them. They talk about their son, their daughter (and each of their spouses), their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren with the pride of people who know how lucky they are. Although luck hasn’t always been with them.

Together they survived World War II, in which their house was destroyed by bombs, bore four children, of which two now survive, and built a chain of clothing stores. You can read their story at The Guardian.  -via Buzzfeed

Celebrities Get Cholafied

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Cholas have a unique fashion sense all their own, and even people who don’t really understand their subculture know the basics of their style- eyebrows that look like they were drawn on with a Sharpie, heavy eyelashes, facial tattoos, lined lips with dark colored lipstick.

It’s a very unusual look, kinda like goth meets gangster, and to digital artist Michael Jason Enriquez it’s a style that reminds him of growing up in LA during the 1990s. 

Here's what Michael has to say about this hilarious image series:

It’s a throwback to the Chola gangster style: “Sharpied” eyebrows, dark lipliner, and the fumes from a can of Aqua Net.

It’s a product of LA where subculture, celebrity obsession, street art, and stupidity are rolled up together like one of those bacon wraped hot dogs sold on Hollywood Blvd.

-Via Dangerous Minds

A Love Story 8 Years in the Making

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(YouTube link)

We’ve seen filmmaker Casey Neistat snowboarding the streets of New York, making a banzai intercontinental rush to a wedding, wrecking his bike, and taking his son Owen to Machu Picchu. In this video, we get the story of his relationship with Candice, told over nine years and various corners of the earth. It’s sweet and romantic and when it’s done, you’ll be glad you watched it. -via Digg

How Laika Has Integrated 3D Printing Into Stop Motion Animation

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Laika is (arguably) the most innovative animation studio in the world, and not just because they’re one of the only companies that specialize in stop motion feature filmmaking.

They’ve come up with cutting edge ways to seamlessly integrate CGI, 3D printing, and other digital techniques, into the stop motion workflow during the making of their upcoming film The Boxtrolls.

Stop motion animation often involves sculpting, molding and casting hundreds of different faces for each puppet actor, part of a process known as replacement animation, but Laika now uses a five color 3D printer to create these faces, which helps streamline the process quite a bit.

The purists at Laika have managed to integrate this cutting edge technology into their workflow without sacrificing any of the traditional stop motion aesthetic that makes their films so enjoyable to watch, and their innovative hybrid techniques are sure to become the industry norm.

Read more about Laika's cutting edge stop motion animation techniques over at Cartoon Brew

Living Under The Sea For Two Weeks

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For most people, the thought of living in some small compartment on the ocean floor for two weeks is nothing short of horrifying. From the idea of the cramped space (you are forced to share with others), to the simple idea that you are so deep that if something goes wrong, there is probably little you can do to save yourself.

But you present the same opportunity to an oceanographer and it is like offering them a two week vacation in Cancun. The reason being, decompression and the bends keep divers from being able to stay under that deep for more than an hour at a time, and while living down there, they can get 2 years of work done in two weeks. Liz Bentley Magee is one of those people, and this is the story of her two weeks at the bottom of the ocean.

(YouTube Link)

So we may stop for a moment and commend these brave and brilliant people for doing this, but I still believe it is only a matter of time before some archaic sea creature decides to try and eat them. But as long as it is in the name of science, and we learn something from it, so be it.

Via Wimp

Artist Includes Media in Her Animal Drawings

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It's easy to see why New York City-based artist Karla Mia has nearly 45,000 Instagram followers. Her drawings of wildlife are beautifully realistic. Most of the Instagram photos of Karla's artwork include the media used to create it. This touch not only emphasizes the realism of the drawings but it offers users a way to envision the colors and various methods that combine to form each piece.

As Karla told a reporter in an interview for the digital magazine of the Art Collective, 

"Sometimes I draw from references, other times I draw to make up a world of my choosing with things that jump into my imagination, fully formed and real only to me until they've hit the paper. There are bits of me and parts of nature and fractions of events that I've lived that can be seen throughout my art. It's more exhilarating than I can describe."

See more of Karla's artwork at her Instagram account. Via Bored Panda.

Images Credit: Karla Mia

Mantis Speed Dating - Discussing Impending Death Over Drinks

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Mantis Speed Dating by Maria Scrivan

It must be hard for a single mantis to find a suitable mate when they're all painfully aware of the fact that they're going to have their heads bitten off at some point during the affair. However, much like in the human world, there are probably plenty of mantises desperate enough to risk decapitation for a shot at some sweet mantis style love making.

Add a humorous bit of insectoid social commentary to your wardrobe with this Mantis Speed Dating t-shirt by Maria Scrivan, and make your friends bug out with laughter!

Visit Maria Scrivan's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more hilarious designs:

Casual Friday Is A State of Mind Climb A Cell Phone Tower Cell Phone Reception Jack and the Genetically Modified Beanstalk

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Scotsman Cashes in With Fake "Ginger Discount Card"

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(Photo: hemedia)

Do you have pale skin, bright red hair, and no soul? Then you're in luck! You can get yourself a ginger discount card. That's what Richard Mcrae of Aberdeen, Scotland did. A friend made him the fake but official-looking card as a gag gift for Mcrae's thirtieth birthday. Mcrae has put it to good use. He's presented it to good-natured sales clerks and waiters, who have responded by giving him discounts:

“People have always given me stick for my hair colour but now I’m going out three nights a week and saving a fortune. The joke’s on them,” said Mr Macrae.

“It comes out with me more than my bank card. My reputation precedes me: once I was asked by a security guard if I was the ‘ginger discount guy’.

“I ask if they do the ginger ­discount and when they look confused, I slide across my card.

“Usually everyone gets the humour behind it. Some people look confused and wonder if it’s real, which is always a laugh, but most get the joke. I’ve saved a couple of hundred pounds maybe, with money off booze, taxis, food and club entries. Over four years it fairly builds up.”

-via Glenn Reynolds

This Snake Sliding across the Sidewalk Is Actually a Horde of Swarming Larvae

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Although from a distance, this grey creature might look like a cute garden snake, it's not. This is actually a swarm of fungus gnat larvae. Their larval stage lasts about 2 to 3 weeks, during which they seek out fungus and algae to eat.

(Video Link)

Why do the gnats swarm like this? It's a defensive technique. The gnats inside are less likely to be eaten by predators. So the strongest gnats are deep in the interior of the swarm and the weaker ones are on the outside. The Daily Mail explains:

This is when individuals within a population – in this case gnat larvae - attempt to reduce the odds of being eaten by putting others of their own species between themselves and predators, resulting in an aggregation, or swarm.

The theory was proposed by W. D. Hamilton in 1971 to explain the gregarious behaviour observed in a variety of animals, including insects, schools of fish and even herds of wildebeest.

‘The outer layer of larvae are more exposed than creatures towards the centre, so the less dominant ones are on the outside,’ she said.

The idea is that subordinate animals will be forced into higher risk positions and you can see the larvae changing places in the swarm as it wiggles along.

-via Gizmodo

Invasive Jewelry That Harvests Kinetic Energy From The Wearer

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Naomi Kizhner is an industrial designer who has seen the dark side of humanity’s future, and is preparing for a future without electricity by creating unusual pieces of invasive jewelry meant to harvest kinetic energy from the human body.

Pieces like the Pulse Conductor, designed to "harvest energy from the neurological pulses sent through the wearer’s spine", or the Blinker- which harvests kinetic energy from blinking, look like something you'd see in a sci-fi movie, and yet might not be that far fetched after all.

Harvesting kinetic energy would be a great way to power geiger counters, visual communicators and fluid waste recycling systems in a world where everyone is responsible for providing their own energy. And since people will have to stay mobile to avoid radioactive mutant attacks our devices will be recharged as we flee!

(Video Link)

-Via Beautiful/Decay

A Monument to Old Douglas

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Earlier this week, John told us about the Camels of Texas. The Confederate Army used quite a few of them during the Civil War. That inspired Neatorama reader Russ Warner to send us some of his neat pictures of the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where the camel named Old Douglas, of Company A of the Forty-third Mississippi Infantry, is honored with a marker. From Wikipedia:

Though the men tried to treat Old Douglas like a horse, the camel was known to break free of any tether, and was eventually allowed to graze freely. Despite not being tied up, he never wandered far from the men. The Infantry’s horses feared Old Douglas, and he is recorded to have spooked one horse into starting a stampede, which reportedly injured many, and possibly killed one or two horses.[5]

Old Douglas’s first active service was with Gen. Price in the Iuka campaign. He also participated in the 1862 Battle of Corinth.[3] He remained with the regiment until the Siege of Vicksburg, where he was killed by Union sharpshooters.[6] Enraged at his murder, the men swore to avenge him. Col. Bevier enlisted six of his best snipers, and successfully shot the culprit. Of Douglas’s murderer, Bevier reportedly said, “I refused to hear his name, and was rejoiced to learn that he had been severely wounded.[7]” According to legend, after Douglas was shot, his remains were carved up and eaten, with some of his bones made into souvenirs by Federal soldiers.[2]

Learn more about the American camels from the Texas Camel Corps, a group “established to educate the public about the historic use of camels in America in the 19th century.”

(Images credit: Russ Warner, Brandon, Mississippi)

Visiting the Vet

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(Fowl Language Comics/Brian Gordon)

While they were alive, I loved my rabbits dearly. But after they passed, I had a lot more money, more time, and less stress.

When you get a pet, you're not just getting an animal companion. You're also buying a set of vet bills.

Absurd Obstacle: 5 Speed Bumps in a Row

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(Video Link)

In the 90s, razor blade companies produced cartridge razors with three blades. Then four. Then five. Their idea: more is always better.

Perhaps the designers of this quintuple speed bump had the same notion. It would definitely slow down drivers (except for Russian drivers). But YouTube user cmccrown55 has a good point: "Just imagine a fire truck trying to negotiate this one!!"

-via Jalopnik

Are these speed bumps a good idea or a bad idea?

IKEA Instructions for Horror Movie Characters

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Illustrator Ed Harrington has a series of IKEA instructions for building your favorite horror movie character. They even come strangely pseudo-Swedified with umlauts in their names. Shown here is the construction called Vörhees, from the Friday the 13th movie series. He’s also got instructions for Cenobite from Hellraiser, Brundlefly from the remake of The Fly, Edward Scissorhands, and the Human Centipede. See all of them at Uproxx.

Dad Secretly Films His Daughter's Selfie Rampage

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People from all age groups find themselves obsessed with taking selfies at one point or another, but they usually grow out of this pic addiction after a while.

However, many youngsters find it hard to put down that smartphone and stop snapping pics cold turkey, and the hopelessly addicted are prone to terrifying selfie freakout sessions. 

(Video Link)

A dad caught his daughter acting like a total selfie freak in the back seat and decided to capture the hilarious facial expression parade on video, as a warning to other teens about the danger of selfie fever. 

-Via Cheezburger

San Francisco Art Show Pays Tribute to Stanley Kubrick

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Artwork by Dave MacDowell

Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco's upcoming show Kubrick features the work of 67 artists, all inspired by the films of director Stanley Kubrick. The show runs from September 6th to September 27th. Locals or travelers planning to attend can RSVP via Facebook. Further description from the gallery's website reads,

"Spanning a plethora of mediums from sculpture and painting to limited edition prints, the show seeks to honor one of the 20th century’s most significant directors while also reinterpreting his impact in a contemporary context...

All the artists were allowed to select the film of their choosing, there were no guidelines on subject matter or content. Each artist was given free reign to re-interpret and render their take on Kubrick’s entire cinematic collection. Resulting in a variegated display, KUBRICK is an experiment in modernity, a cross-section between film and art."

Via Laughing Squid 

Artwork by Tracie Ching

Artwork by Nicole Gustafsson

Artwork by Robert Wilson

Bad Titan - A Fistful Of Soul Gems

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Bad Titan by Rory Decker

Fresh from the gauntlet wars and ready to terrorize the galaxy, the self proclaimed ruler of Titan is once again busy being a bad boy, disproving the notion that everyone has a bit of goodness in them. What would drive someone so far over the edge of reason? How about a set of gems that give their owner the powers of a God...

Bring the colors of infinity to your geeky wardrobe with this Bad Titan t-shirt by Rory Decker, it won't help you subjugate the universe, but it might make the ruler of Titan take pity on you when he inevitably invades Earth.

Visit Rory Decker's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more powerful designs:

Tangles Ronin - BIG Kanji Bare Knuckle Boxing Caffiend

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This Bike Doubles As Its Own Bike Lock

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(Image: Yerka Project)

On the Yerka bike, you'll never forget to take your bicycle lock with you because it will always ride along. It's built into the bike frame. The down tube splits in two and pivots away from the bike. The seatpost slides into holes drilled into the two pieces of the downtube, forming a lock around a solid object, such as a lamp post.

Juan José Monsalve, one of the designers, explains that the only way to steal the bike is to destroy the frame:

You can break a lock and leave the bike intact, with our system if you break the lock you are breaking the bike, making it useless to ride or steal afterwards.

A very determined thief might do so, but most criminals are more likely to abandon the effort.

(Video Link)

-via Lawrence E. Forbes

Chocolate-Faced Little Girl Solemnly Denies Eating Chocolate Doughnut

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YouTube Link

The daughter of Mandy Meaux, shown here, has apparently decided that when it comes to consuming chocolate doughnuts, the standard is "deny, deny deny." She stands by her response, in spite of it crumbling all around her as a result of mom's chisel of repeated questioning. Nice try at trying to hide the evidence behind the coffee table, though, kid! Via Viral Viral Videos.

How to Cook Squirrel Brains

John Farrier 1

(Photo: Richard Heyes)

Don't throw away that squirrel head! You're not limited to just flank steak and thigh meat when you have a squirrel. You can also eat the brains. And if you don't know how, don't worry. Larry Woody of the Lebanon Democrat, a newspaper in Tennessee, can show you how. He writes:

When you dress your squirrel, simply skin the head and leave it attached to the body. When you cook the squirrel -- fired, or stewed in dumplings -- include the head.

Once it's cooked, use a knife handle to crack open the skull, like cracking a walnut, and scoop out the brains. Squirrels don't have a large brain -- I'd compare it to the average politician's -- but what little there is, is delicious.

If you've never tried squirrel brains, it's comparable to hog brains.

Yummy! I've never had squirrel brains, but I'd love to try them.

-via Dave Barry

How A Demolished Wall Led To The Rediscovery Of An Underground City

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People expect to find mold, busted pipes, and a rat or two when they tear down a wall in their home during renovation, but in 1963 a man discovered a strange room behind his wall that, with a little bit of digging, led to an ancient underground city.

The man from the Nevsehir Provence of Turkey discovered a tunnel behind the demolished wall, which he followed underground to discover his home stood atop the ancient Derinyuku underground city- an amazing network of tunnels, ventilation shafts and rooms that stretches 18 stories below ground.

The underground city is estimated to date back to between 15th and 12th century BCE, and is believed to have been used by the Hittites as a hiding place during raids, although it's virtually impossible to discern the city's origin since it's carved from naturally-formed rock.

Derinkuyu is one of the six underground cities of Cappadocia that have been excavated so far, and archaeologists believe there may be hundreds more underground cities in the region waiting to be uncovered and explored.

-Via Sunny Skyz

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