22 Breathtaking Facts About Glamour Shots

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When mom wanted “a nice picture” of us back in the late 80s and 90s we had to get all dressed up and sit for a portrait shoot at a department store like Sears or J.C. Penney, or a photo studio like Boyd Anderson.

We put up with the dorky picture session to please our parents, but not-so-secretly the cool kids (mostly girls) really wanted to get their picture taken at Glamour Shots.

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This mall portrait studio phenomenon started in Dallas back in 1988, but by the 90s they had a location in seemingly every mall in America, and kids who didn't have a Glamour Shots pic felt left out.

Part of what made Glamour Shots so popular were the style consultants who helped you pick from one of six style categories:

“1. Spontaneous; 2. ‘Can't wait to be touched;’ 3. Tailored; 4. Elegant; 5. Bold; and 6. Other. Please describe.”

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I'm guessing this lady chose number six and said "Give me the DEVO".

Read 22 Glamorous Facts About Glamour Shots at mental_floss

Strange and Beautiful Deep Sea Jellyfish

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What does this creature remind you of? A space alien? A virus? A cartoon? It’s real, a real jellyfish recorded by an ROV from the ship Okeanos Explorer on a NOAA expedition to the Mariana Trench. This video was taken 2.3 miles below the ocean’s surface.  

(YouTube link)

Scientific American has more:

Scientists believe this animal belongs to the genus Crossota, a group of jellies that does not have a sessile polyp stage; all phases of their lives are ocean drifters. They also believe this animal is an ambush predator – note the posture it had assumed in the first half of the video: its bell motionless with its tentacles outstretched like the struts of a spider’s web, waiting for something to bumble into them. The red canals, they suggest, appear to connect the bright yellow objects, which may be gonads.

-via Viral Viral Videos

Snakeskin Darth Vader Helmet

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ELEMNT, an art studio in New York City, makes luxury, handcrafted goods with marble and leather. Their Darth Vader helmet, which is pictured above, is covered with python skin. It's available in limited numbers, as it takes up to two weeks to make. Each one costs $3,000. It's the perfect way to make Darth Vader even creepier. 

-via Geekologie

BAT OF GOTHAM - He's Not Laughing Anymore

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The days of the NaNaNaNaNaNaNaNa and the Batusi are sadly long gone, and nowadays the Bat has to be a tough man with a rock hard chin you could strike a match on. There's no room for humor or gregariousness in the Dark Knight era, because the rogue's gallery are playing for keeps these days so there's no time for dancing or witty quips. But what the heck happened to Robin? Last time we saw him he was wearing a ridiculous suit of armor with nipples on it, is that really the last cinematic memory of Robin we want to be left with?

Evolve your superheroic sense of style with this BAT OF GOTHAM t-shirt by ALIENBIKER23, it's the super way to start conversations about the good old days versus the brutal new version of the Bat.

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This Backpack Is Spring Loaded

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The outdoor gear company The North Face has unveiled a backpack with a radical new opening system. Instead of a zipper around the main pouch, it has a spring loaded opening that snaps open and shut. When opened, the spring pushes the outer shell away, creating a wide mouth into the pouch.

It's appropriately named the Access Pack. You can see more photos and a video at The Contemporist.

Campus Snapchat Love Story

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Mystery Girl saw a guy she was attracted to at the Memorial Library. She called him Vikings Fan because of what he was wearing. A couple of SnapChat messages posted to the campus hub, and they both wanted to meet, but schedules and stuff got in the way. As time went by, the entire University of Wisconsin-Madison campus was rooting for them.

(YouTube link)

Would the two ever find each other? It was a Romeo and Juliet story for the modern age. Better than a soap opera, because it was playing out not only on SnapChat, but also in real life. -via reddit

Construction Workers Find Over Half a Ton of Roman Coins

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(Photo: City Council of Tomares/AP)

Construction workers in Tomares, Spain were laying pipe when they found 19 amphorae (ceramic jars) containing 1,300 pounds of bronze and silver coins that date back to 4th Century A.D. The Seville Archaeological Museum says that they were probably minted in the area and then stored to pay soldiers and government officials. The Guardian quotes archaeologist Ana Navarro:

Navarro declined to give a precise estimate for the value of the haul, saying only that the coins were worth “certainly several million euros”.

The coins are stamped with the inscriptions of emperors Maximian and Constantine, and they appeared not to have been in circulation as they show little evidence of wear and tear.

It is thought they were intended to pay the army or civil servants.

“The majority were newly minted and some of them probably were bathed in silver, not just bronze,” said Navarro.

-via Atlas Obscura

Now You Can Watch The Titanic Sink In Real Time

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If you think the movie Titanic was way too long just imagine how excruciatingly boring it must have been to float atop a chunk of wood and watch the ship actually sink in real time.

On second thought, the survivors were probably far too busy trying to stay alive to be bored so never mind.

But if you've ever wondered what it would have been like to watch from a safe distance as the Titanic sank then you'll appreciate this video from Titanic Honor And Glory.

(YouTube Link)

In it we see all two hours and forty minutes of ship sinking madness, with added text that tells us what's happening on board the ship as this simulated tragedy plays out.

-Via Laughing Squid

Boys Don’t Play in the Kitchen

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That’s a truly outmoded view. A man who cooks is an attractive man, and that’s the truth. Just ask that little girl Moishe made a pretend cupcake for. Chris from Lunarbaboon shows that you can change opinions by appealing to the sweet tooth in his latest comic.

Amazing Footage Shows Kurdish Fighters Take Out A Suicide Bomb Truck

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Military operations in Syria have been tricky because the enemy (mostly ISIS) love to play dirty and fight sneaky, using the element of surprise to ensure their explosive payload inflicts maximum damage.

The enemy forces also love to use civilian vehicles, as well as brainwashed civilians, so our guys don't see the suicide bombing coming.

But when friendly forces (Kurdish fighters) manage to intercept and eliminate an armored truck full of explosives driven by a suicide bomber before they can do any damage it's an awesome thing to behold.

(YouTube Link)

So does this squad of Kurdish fighters have their own cameraman or what?!

-Via Boing Boing

Trash Talk with the Queen

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What is this all about? It’s a challenge. The Invictus Games are coming up in Orlando May 8-12. Founded in 2014 by Prince Harry, the Invictus Games are a series of sports competitions between injured active service members and military veterans from many different countries. The first games were in London in 2014. The second Invictus Games inspired some trash talk between the Obamas and the Royals. Harry pulled out the big gun for his response.

It takes some serious gravitas to imply so much with a simple “Oh really, please.” Like when Queen Victoria said, “We are not amused.” Your move, Canada. -via Buzzfeed

Cops Study Art History to Become Better Observers

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(Photo: Sam Hodgson/New York Times)

Amy E. Herman is an expert on visual perception. She teaches people how to observe things and gain information from them. This is an essential skill for police officers, so she frequently trains cops how to be better observers by taking them to art museums. Herman shows police officers paintings and asks them what they see. The New York Times describes one such class:

Ms. Herman also displayed a pair of slides featuring reclining nudes: Goya’s “The Nude Maja” (1797-1800) and Lucian Freud’s 1995 “Benefits Supervisor Sleeping,” who is very fat. Ms. Herman asked the group to compare the pictures. “Most cops, when I ask this question, say it shows someone before and after marriage,” she said.

Several officers raised their hands.

“Uh, the woman at the bottom is more generously proportioned,” one said.

“She is morbidly obese,” said another.

“Right!” Ms. Herman said. “Don’t make poor word choices. Think about every word in your communication.”

Police often look at art differently from art historians. When they're in the museum, they're taking down criminals:

“Sometimes they’ll say, ‘We have an E.D.P. here’ — an emotionally disturbed person,” Ms. Herman said. Once she showed some officers El Greco’s “The Purification of the Temple,” which depicts Jesus expelling the traders and money-changers amid turmoil and mayhem.

“One cop said, ‘I’d collar the guy in pink’” — that would be Jesus — ‘“because it’s clear that he’s causing all the trouble.’”

-via Glenn Reynolds

The Dazzling Physics of Peacock Feathers

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If you spend enough time watching a peacock shake his tail feathers, you start to see weird things. We were so impressed with a peacock’s magnificent tail feathers that scientists assumed for a long time that a bird with the longest or brightest tail feathers would be the most attractive to peahens. But a new study by a team led by Roslyn Dakin of the University of British Columbia studied the way they vibrate those feathers. At the proper frequency, it makes the colors even brighter, and the “eyes” of the feathers stand out without appearing to move themselves.

(YouTube link)

The obvious shake is called “train rattling,” while the fine-tuned vibration is called “train shivering.” That’s where the real optical illusion comes in. No wonder peahens are impressed! Read details on the study at Gizmodo. -via the Presurfer

Orange Yarn Cat - Nothing Is Safe From A Pet's Imagination

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Orange Yarn Cat by Dooomcat

Cats have a very active imagination, and even though we can't speak felinese we can kinda guess what they're thinking about when they're playing. When they chase after mice it's like they're playing cops and robbers, and when they attack the feather on the string they're practicing for beach volleyball season. But when they go after something that has variable modes of play, like a ball of yarn, it's easy to imagine they're trying to be like those super powered beings on the pages of the comic books their owners always leave lying around. And as the ball of yarn unravels they pretend to be a massive being capable of unravelling the world...

Show your love of cats with imagination by wearing this Orange Yarn Cat t-shirt by Dooomcat, it's so funny people will marvel at your unique sense of humor and so cute it's sure to earn you some fans!

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Super BFFs 2 Poke Bath Super Childish Puffcicles

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Sleazy Tabloid Asks For Cleavage Pics, Gets The Trolling They Deserve

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When you act like a scumbag you should expect to be treated as such, and therefore when you ask for naughty submissions online you should expect the trolls to come crawling out from under their bridges.

Sleazy British tabloid The Sun Tweeted a request for women to send in their “cleavage snaps”, promising a 1k prize and acting like they didn't know the internet would troll them up real good.

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It's hard to tell what people are thinking when they ask for online submissions nowadays, and we must assume they expect to be trolled when they openly act like perverts.

But there's no way The Sun's social media person could have foreseen known they would fall in love with one of the entrants.

(Image Link)

See This Tabloid Asked For Boob Pics And Got Masterfully Trolled here

In Texas, There's Statue of Jesus in Cowboy Boots

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(Photo: Library of Congress)

Why? Because Texas is awesome, that's why. And here's further evidence: go to the Evergreen Cemetery in Paris, Texas. There you will find the grave of Willet Babcock (1821-1881), a wealthy resident who built furniture, caskets, and the town's 1,200-seat opera hall.

Babcock commissioned an artist named Gustave Klein to carve this marble monument to stand over his grave. It's thought to be a representation of Jesus because of his clothing, body shape, and, of course, his cowboy boots.

You knew that Jesus wore cowboy boots, right? 

Anyway, Babcock's grave, which is popularly known as the Jesus in Cowboy Boots, is now a popular tourist attraction. You can read more about it at Atlas Obscura.

How Coca-Cola is Bottled

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Well, it was “bottled” in 1965, in recycled bottles, too. Here we get to see the process, all grooved up with hepcat teens doing their thing. If you are old enough, you’ll even sing along with the instrumental tune… “Things go better with Coca-Cola, things go better with Coke.”

(YouTube link)

Can you imagine the mind-numbing job of looking at bottles go by, checking for nicks and chips, all day, every day? I’m hoping those guys get to drive a truck or something at least one day a week. I know there weren't many chipped bottles, because the grocer would examine them before he'd give you the deposit money. Two cents a bottle. Watching these machines do their job on thousands of bottles at once is hypnotic. That’s what it took to bring you such a groovy drink. -via Digg

Ground-Level Traffic Lights Warn People Who Text While Walking That There's a Train Coming

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(Image: Augsburger Allgemeine)

Do you like to type out text messages on your phone while walking? That's fine, so as long as you don't get hit by a train. Tragically, that happened to a 15-year old girl in Augsburg, Germany. She died.

So the city of Augsburg took action. It installed traffic lights at train crossings on the ground, where they would fall into the peripheral vision of texters. The Daily Mail reports on this and other efforts around the world to prevent texting accidents:

Augsburg is not the only city introducing measures to make phone users more aware of their surroundings – or at least keeping them safe as well as others around them.

In 2014, the city of Chongqing experimented with a 165ft long pavement divided into lanes – with one for speedy and alert pedestrians and another for 'smombies,' meaning smartphone zombies.

Similarly, last year, Utah Valley University's Student Life and Wellness Centre (UVU) introduced a 'walking and texting' lane to a busy flight of stairs.

The idea started as a joke, although it could ensure that diligent students get to class on time and prevent accidents caused by people not looking where they are going.

The staircase was divided into three lanes, for walking, running and texting.

-via The Contemporist

Every Zombie Apocalypse

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The U.S. military is the world’s premiere fighting force, but only in real life. They are no match for the undead. Not even when they team up with NATO or another group of allies. That’s a necessary plot hole in any zombie apocalypse story. It’s like killing off a child protagonist’s parents, because otherwise they’d be protecting the child and preventing dangerous adventures. One of these days, someone is going to produce a film in which military strategists are the heroes who actually save the world from a zombie infection. That would be cool. This is the latest from John McNamee at Pie Comic.

21 Kitchen Hacks That Make Cooking So Much Easier

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You want to keep your pot on the stove from boiling over? Place a wooden spoon over the top. This pops the bubbles as they rise to the top and before they spill over.

Would you like to shuck a strawberry without mutilating it? Shove a straw through the bottom to core it like an apple.

These are just 2 of 21 handy kitchen hacks rounded up by BuzzFeed. Check them all out, including how to peel a mango with a glass and how to get perfectly clear ice cubes.

Be the Belle of the Cosplay Ball With This Pokemon Gown

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We've seen a litteral Poke Ball Gown before, but if you want to cosplay in full formal style while actually appearing as a character, be sure to head over to RageCostumes' store where you can get your hands on this incredible Venusaur Ball Gown that's sure to turn heads whether worn at a convention, a ball or an upcoming prom. Of course, with skills like this, if Venusaur isn't your favorite Pokemon, you might just be able to ask RageCostumes to custom-make you a Pokemon Ball Gown with your favorite character. Or just get this Princess Leia Gown (previously seen on Neatorama) instead.

That Escalated Quickly

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The movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy includes a surreal battle scene between rival news crews. After the fight, Ron Burgundy remarks that it was very odd for an argument between reporters to turn into a bloody brawl:

(Video Link)

He says, "That escalated quickly."

In 2012, this line became the subject of a popular image macro meme. People usually quote it when they see someone overreacting in a wonderful or terrible way.

Google Trends, which tracks web trends, reports that the use of "that escalated quickly" escalated quickly at the time.

Continue reading

A Learning Machine Made of Drawers and Beads

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Can a machine learn from experience? Of course they do, we have artificial intelligence computer programs that learn from experience, from people, and from other computers. But all that had to start somewhere. In 1961, Donald Michie built a device called MENACE, which stands for Machine Educable Noughts And Crosses Engine (Noughts and Crosses is known as Tic-Tac-Toe in America). It was made out of a bunch of matchboxes and a supply of glass beads. In 2010, artist Julien Prévieux built a nice version of that same machine, called MENACE 2, with tiny drawers that resemble a library card catalog and a huge supply of colored beads. But what’s really mind-blowing is how it works. Many young engineers have recreated the project, but it’s new to me, and is a nuts-and-bolts lesson in how machines learn.

There are 304 little wooden drawers (or matchboxes in the original version created by Michie.) Each of them represents a unique board position that the player can encounter during a game. Each drawer is filled with coloured beads that represent a different move in that board state. The quantity of a colour indicated the “certainty” that playing the corresponding move would lead to a win.

Menace “learns” to win the game by playing repeatedly against the human player, honing its strategy until its opponent is only able to draw or lose against it. The trial and error learning process involves being “punished” for losing and “rewarded” for drawing or winning. This type of machine learning is called reinforcement learning.

To explain the process, we are led through a game of Tic-Tac-Toe and the consequences of winning or losing. Oh yeah, it’s slow and tedious, but it works, and eventually MENACE will defeat almost any player (although I wonder if there's been games played between two such devices). You can see how electronic computers can do this much quicker, but you’ll also see how the human brain is still much better at learning. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Jousse Entreprise)

Street Justice: Woman Expresses Her Displeasure at Sexual Harassment

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(Video Link)

In an elevator in China, a man gets handsy with a woman. After he's had plenty of warning, she delivers a right cross, then a groin kick that puts him on the floor. She follows up with a knee to his face.

It's a lovely, heart-warming scene.

The origin of this video is uncertain. Mashable reports that some people think that it's fake. But a Chinese news outlet has confirmed that the woman is an actress named Du Qiao. She says that it's real:

Qiao confirmed to Tencent on Thursday that she was the woman in the video, but insisted it wasn't staged. "I was just minding my own business, but he forced a reaction from me," she said.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

Versus - Fighting Will Get You Nowhere Fast Fellas!

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Versus by Zerobriant

Man, it seems all the superheroes in the world are at odds these days, and the versus films and storylines just keep rolling out. When are they going to learn that working together is the only way to rid the world of evil forces and make countries like America great again? Of course, this bickering and battling is a reflection of our society as a whole, with Cap battling to retain his privacy and Supes representing the immigrants who immigrated to our land seeking a better life. Is your heart made of iron, Mr. Stark? Do you no longer remember what it's like to be an outsider Mr. Wayne?

Bring the battle to your everyday life with this Versus t-shirt by Zerobriant, it's the fresh way to fight for your right to be geeky!

Visit Zerobriant's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more hard hitting designs:

One Bad Day Away Bane Rhymes With Pain Knuc-Kles Lord Of The 80s

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This Pizza Box Is Made Out of Pizza

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The owner of Vinnie's Pizzeria, Sean Berthiaume, must have been channeling Xzbit earlier this week when he thought to himself, "Yo Dawg, I heard you liked pizza, so I put your pizza in a box made from pizza." But lo and behold here is the world's first ever entirely edible pizza box that really works as more of a pizza sandwich than a functional box.

This isn't Sean's first brush with pizza glory. In fact, just last year he introduced the pizza-topped with slices of smaller pizzas. One thing's for sure, when we finally enter a true world of pizzaception, it will be served up at Vinnie's.

Puppy Joins Litter of Kittens

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A Chihuahua puppy named Bobby was only two days old when his mother was hit by a car and killed. The Michigan Humane Society took him in, but he was so young, what to do? They had a cat in residence with a litter of young kittens, and they just gave Bobby to her. Gwen the mother cat took to him like he was just another kitten.  

(YouTube link)

Six weeks later, Bobby has settled into his new family just fine. The cats and puppy are all living with a foster family until they are old enough to leave Gwen and find forever homes. -via Buzzfeed

50 Nerds of Grey is Here to Turn You On and Off Again

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There are those who think geeks aren't very sexual, but the reality is that the average person just doesn't understand their special kinks. Fortunately for the geeks looking for hot reading material (and those looking for new pickup lines to catch the geek of their dreams), there's a Twitter account called 50 Nerds of Grey just ready to get you as hot and bothered as an overloaded server.

Best of all for fans of the IT Crowd, the mere fact that it has Moss as the profile picture makes it nearly impossible to read without hearing his charmingly nasal voice in your head.

Via Geek Girls

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