A Love Story 8 Years in the Making

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We’ve seen filmmaker Casey Neistat snowboarding the streets of New York, making a banzai intercontinental rush to a wedding, wrecking his bike, and taking his son Owen to Machu Picchu. In this video, we get the story of his relationship with Candice, told over nine years and various corners of the earth. It’s sweet and romantic and when it’s done, you’ll be glad you watched it. -via Digg

How Laika Has Integrated 3D Printing Into Stop Motion Animation

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Laika is (arguably) the most innovative animation studio in the world, and not just because they’re one of the only companies that specialize in stop motion feature filmmaking.

They’ve come up with cutting edge ways to seamlessly integrate CGI, 3D printing, and other digital techniques, into the stop motion workflow during the making of their upcoming film The Boxtrolls.

Stop motion animation often involves sculpting, molding and casting hundreds of different faces for each puppet actor, part of a process known as replacement animation, but Laika now uses a five color 3D printer to create these faces, which helps streamline the process quite a bit.

The purists at Laika have managed to integrate this cutting edge technology into their workflow without sacrificing any of the traditional stop motion aesthetic that makes their films so enjoyable to watch, and their innovative hybrid techniques are sure to become the industry norm.

Read more about Laika's cutting edge stop motion animation techniques over at Cartoon Brew

Living Under The Sea For Two Weeks

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For most people, the thought of living in some small compartment on the ocean floor for two weeks is nothing short of horrifying. From the idea of the cramped space (you are forced to share with others), to the simple idea that you are so deep that if something goes wrong, there is probably little you can do to save yourself.

But you present the same opportunity to an oceanographer and it is like offering them a two week vacation in Cancun. The reason being, decompression and the bends keep divers from being able to stay under that deep for more than an hour at a time, and while living down there, they can get 2 years of work done in two weeks. Liz Bentley Magee is one of those people, and this is the story of her two weeks at the bottom of the ocean.

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So we may stop for a moment and commend these brave and brilliant people for doing this, but I still believe it is only a matter of time before some archaic sea creature decides to try and eat them. But as long as it is in the name of science, and we learn something from it, so be it.

Via Wimp

Artist Includes Media in Her Animal Drawings

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It's easy to see why New York City-based artist Karla Mia has nearly 45,000 Instagram followers. Her drawings of wildlife are beautifully realistic. Most of the Instagram photos of Karla's artwork include the media used to create it. This touch not only emphasizes the realism of the drawings but it offers users a way to envision the colors and various methods that combine to form each piece.

As Karla told a reporter in an interview for the digital magazine of the Art Collective, 

"Sometimes I draw from references, other times I draw to make up a world of my choosing with things that jump into my imagination, fully formed and real only to me until they've hit the paper. There are bits of me and parts of nature and fractions of events that I've lived that can be seen throughout my art. It's more exhilarating than I can describe."

See more of Karla's artwork at her Instagram account. Via Bored Panda.

Images Credit: Karla Mia

Mantis Speed Dating - Discussing Impending Death Over Drinks

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Mantis Speed Dating by Maria Scrivan

It must be hard for a single mantis to find a suitable mate when they're all painfully aware of the fact that they're going to have their heads bitten off at some point during the affair. However, much like in the human world, there are probably plenty of mantises desperate enough to risk decapitation for a shot at some sweet mantis style love making.

Add a humorous bit of insectoid social commentary to your wardrobe with this Mantis Speed Dating t-shirt by Maria Scrivan, and make your friends bug out with laughter!

Visit Maria Scrivan's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more hilarious designs:

Casual Friday Is A State of Mind Climb A Cell Phone Tower Cell Phone Reception Jack and the Genetically Modified Beanstalk

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Scotsman Cashes in With Fake "Ginger Discount Card"

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(Photo: hemedia)

Do you have pale skin, bright red hair, and no soul? Then you're in luck! You can get yourself a ginger discount card. That's what Richard Mcrae of Aberdeen, Scotland did. A friend made him the fake but official-looking card as a gag gift for Mcrae's thirtieth birthday. Mcrae has put it to good use. He's presented it to good-natured sales clerks and waiters, who have responded by giving him discounts:

“People have always given me stick for my hair colour but now I’m going out three nights a week and saving a fortune. The joke’s on them,” said Mr Macrae.

“It comes out with me more than my bank card. My reputation precedes me: once I was asked by a security guard if I was the ‘ginger discount guy’.

“I ask if they do the ginger ­discount and when they look confused, I slide across my card.

“Usually everyone gets the humour behind it. Some people look confused and wonder if it’s real, which is always a laugh, but most get the joke. I’ve saved a couple of hundred pounds maybe, with money off booze, taxis, food and club entries. Over four years it fairly builds up.”

-via Glenn Reynolds

This Snake Sliding across the Sidewalk Is Actually a Horde of Swarming Larvae

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Although from a distance, this grey creature might look like a cute garden snake, it's not. This is actually a swarm of fungus gnat larvae. Their larval stage lasts about 2 to 3 weeks, during which they seek out fungus and algae to eat.

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Why do the gnats swarm like this? It's a defensive technique. The gnats inside are less likely to be eaten by predators. So the strongest gnats are deep in the interior of the swarm and the weaker ones are on the outside. The Daily Mail explains:

This is when individuals within a population – in this case gnat larvae - attempt to reduce the odds of being eaten by putting others of their own species between themselves and predators, resulting in an aggregation, or swarm.

The theory was proposed by W. D. Hamilton in 1971 to explain the gregarious behaviour observed in a variety of animals, including insects, schools of fish and even herds of wildebeest.

‘The outer layer of larvae are more exposed than creatures towards the centre, so the less dominant ones are on the outside,’ she said.

The idea is that subordinate animals will be forced into higher risk positions and you can see the larvae changing places in the swarm as it wiggles along.

-via Gizmodo

Invasive Jewelry That Harvests Kinetic Energy From The Wearer

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Naomi Kizhner is an industrial designer who has seen the dark side of humanity’s future, and is preparing for a future without electricity by creating unusual pieces of invasive jewelry meant to harvest kinetic energy from the human body.

Pieces like the Pulse Conductor, designed to "harvest energy from the neurological pulses sent through the wearer’s spine", or the Blinker- which harvests kinetic energy from blinking, look like something you'd see in a sci-fi movie, and yet might not be that far fetched after all.

Harvesting kinetic energy would be a great way to power geiger counters, visual communicators and fluid waste recycling systems in a world where everyone is responsible for providing their own energy. And since people will have to stay mobile to avoid radioactive mutant attacks our devices will be recharged as we flee!

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-Via Beautiful/Decay

A Monument to Old Douglas

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Earlier this week, John told us about the Camels of Texas. The Confederate Army used quite a few of them during the Civil War. That inspired Neatorama reader Russ Warner to send us some of his neat pictures of the Cedar Hill Cemetery in Vicksburg, Mississippi. That’s where the camel named Old Douglas, of Company A of the Forty-third Mississippi Infantry, is honored with a marker. From Wikipedia:

Though the men tried to treat Old Douglas like a horse, the camel was known to break free of any tether, and was eventually allowed to graze freely. Despite not being tied up, he never wandered far from the men. The Infantry’s horses feared Old Douglas, and he is recorded to have spooked one horse into starting a stampede, which reportedly injured many, and possibly killed one or two horses.[5]

Old Douglas’s first active service was with Gen. Price in the Iuka campaign. He also participated in the 1862 Battle of Corinth.[3] He remained with the regiment until the Siege of Vicksburg, where he was killed by Union sharpshooters.[6] Enraged at his murder, the men swore to avenge him. Col. Bevier enlisted six of his best snipers, and successfully shot the culprit. Of Douglas’s murderer, Bevier reportedly said, “I refused to hear his name, and was rejoiced to learn that he had been severely wounded.[7]” According to legend, after Douglas was shot, his remains were carved up and eaten, with some of his bones made into souvenirs by Federal soldiers.[2]

Learn more about the American camels from the Texas Camel Corps, a group “established to educate the public about the historic use of camels in America in the 19th century.”

(Images credit: Russ Warner, Brandon, Mississippi)

Visiting the Vet

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(Fowl Language Comics/Brian Gordon)

While they were alive, I loved my rabbits dearly. But after they passed, I had a lot more money, more time, and less stress.

When you get a pet, you're not just getting an animal companion. You're also buying a set of vet bills.

Absurd Obstacle: 5 Speed Bumps in a Row

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In the 90s, razor blade companies produced cartridge razors with three blades. Then four. Then five. Their idea: more is always better.

Perhaps the designers of this quintuple speed bump had the same notion. It would definitely slow down drivers (except for Russian drivers). But YouTube user cmccrown55 has a good point: "Just imagine a fire truck trying to negotiate this one!!"

-via Jalopnik

Are these speed bumps a good idea or a bad idea?

IKEA Instructions for Horror Movie Characters

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Illustrator Ed Harrington has a series of IKEA instructions for building your favorite horror movie character. They even come strangely pseudo-Swedified with umlauts in their names. Shown here is the construction called Vörhees, from the Friday the 13th movie series. He’s also got instructions for Cenobite from Hellraiser, Brundlefly from the remake of The Fly, Edward Scissorhands, and the Human Centipede. See all of them at Uproxx.

Dad Secretly Films His Daughter's Selfie Rampage

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People from all age groups find themselves obsessed with taking selfies at one point or another, but they usually grow out of this pic addiction after a while.

However, many youngsters find it hard to put down that smartphone and stop snapping pics cold turkey, and the hopelessly addicted are prone to terrifying selfie freakout sessions. 

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A dad caught his daughter acting like a total selfie freak in the back seat and decided to capture the hilarious facial expression parade on video, as a warning to other teens about the danger of selfie fever. 

-Via Cheezburger

San Francisco Art Show Pays Tribute to Stanley Kubrick

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Artwork by Dave MacDowell

Spoke Art Gallery in San Francisco's upcoming show Kubrick features the work of 67 artists, all inspired by the films of director Stanley Kubrick. The show runs from September 6th to September 27th. Locals or travelers planning to attend can RSVP via Facebook. Further description from the gallery's website reads,

"Spanning a plethora of mediums from sculpture and painting to limited edition prints, the show seeks to honor one of the 20th century’s most significant directors while also reinterpreting his impact in a contemporary context...

All the artists were allowed to select the film of their choosing, there were no guidelines on subject matter or content. Each artist was given free reign to re-interpret and render their take on Kubrick’s entire cinematic collection. Resulting in a variegated display, KUBRICK is an experiment in modernity, a cross-section between film and art."

Via Laughing Squid 

Artwork by Tracie Ching

Artwork by Nicole Gustafsson

Artwork by Robert Wilson

Bad Titan - A Fistful Of Soul Gems

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Bad Titan by Rory Decker

Fresh from the gauntlet wars and ready to terrorize the galaxy, the self proclaimed ruler of Titan is once again busy being a bad boy, disproving the notion that everyone has a bit of goodness in them. What would drive someone so far over the edge of reason? How about a set of gems that give their owner the powers of a God...

Bring the colors of infinity to your geeky wardrobe with this Bad Titan t-shirt by Rory Decker, it won't help you subjugate the universe, but it might make the ruler of Titan take pity on you when he inevitably invades Earth.

Visit Rory Decker's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more powerful designs:

Tangles Ronin - BIG Kanji Bare Knuckle Boxing Caffiend

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This Bike Doubles As Its Own Bike Lock

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(Image: Yerka Project)

On the Yerka bike, you'll never forget to take your bicycle lock with you because it will always ride along. It's built into the bike frame. The down tube splits in two and pivots away from the bike. The seatpost slides into holes drilled into the two pieces of the downtube, forming a lock around a solid object, such as a lamp post.

Juan José Monsalve, one of the designers, explains that the only way to steal the bike is to destroy the frame:

You can break a lock and leave the bike intact, with our system if you break the lock you are breaking the bike, making it useless to ride or steal afterwards.

A very determined thief might do so, but most criminals are more likely to abandon the effort.

(Video Link)

-via Lawrence E. Forbes

How to Cook Squirrel Brains

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(Photo: Richard Heyes)

Don't throw away that squirrel head! You're not limited to just flank steak and thigh meat when you have a squirrel. You can also eat the brains. And if you don't know how, don't worry. Larry Woody of the Lebanon Democrat, a newspaper in Tennessee, can show you how. He writes:

When you dress your squirrel, simply skin the head and leave it attached to the body. When you cook the squirrel -- fired, or stewed in dumplings -- include the head.

Once it's cooked, use a knife handle to crack open the skull, like cracking a walnut, and scoop out the brains. Squirrels don't have a large brain -- I'd compare it to the average politician's -- but what little there is, is delicious.

If you've never tried squirrel brains, it's comparable to hog brains.

Yummy! I've never had squirrel brains, but I'd love to try them.

-via Dave Barry

How A Demolished Wall Led To The Rediscovery Of An Underground City

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People expect to find mold, busted pipes, and a rat or two when they tear down a wall in their home during renovation, but in 1963 a man discovered a strange room behind his wall that, with a little bit of digging, led to an ancient underground city.

The man from the Nevsehir Provence of Turkey discovered a tunnel behind the demolished wall, which he followed underground to discover his home stood atop the ancient Derinyuku underground city- an amazing network of tunnels, ventilation shafts and rooms that stretches 18 stories below ground.

The underground city is estimated to date back to between 15th and 12th century BCE, and is believed to have been used by the Hittites as a hiding place during raids, although it's virtually impossible to discern the city's origin since it's carved from naturally-formed rock.

Derinkuyu is one of the six underground cities of Cappadocia that have been excavated so far, and archaeologists believe there may be hundreds more underground cities in the region waiting to be uncovered and explored.

-Via Sunny Skyz

Doomsday Speeches Were Planned Had Moon Landing or D-Day Failed

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Image Via

We don't like to think about "what if's". We don't like to imagine moments in history if they had played out any differently. We essentially like the way everything played out, for the most part. But, what we don't stop to realize is that the speeches we heard on days like D-Day and on the successful moon mission are just one draft. There were always two speeches written up for major events. One, that one we were often lucky enough to hear, was the good outcome speech. But a second speech was always prepared for those situations where things could clearly go in any direction. For example, what Nixon was prepared to say had the moon landing not ended well:


Fate has ordained that the men who went to the moon to explore in peace will stay on the moon to rest in peace.

These brave men, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin, know that there is no hope for their recovery. But they also know that there is hope for mankind in their sacrifice.

These two men are laying down their lives in mankind's most noble goal: the search for truth and understanding."

Sort of insane to think that, but yes, there seemed to be a pretty good chance those guys might die up there, and the President needed to be prepared to handle that. Read more about Doomsday Speeches here.

Just makes you even more grateful for how things played out.

The Atlantic

The Flee the British 5K--A Burning of Washington-Themed Footrace

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(Photo: Miki J./National Geographic)

As I've mentioned before, last Sunday marked the two hundredth anniversary of the burning of Washington by British troops.

To mark the occasion, some Americans in Washington, D.C. conducted a 3.1-mile race on Sunday. Participants ran from the Congressional Cemetery in pursuit of a woman dressed as Dolley Madison bearing a copy of the Lansdowne portrait of George Washington. Historical reenactors dressed as as British soldiers waited with Mrs. Madison at the finish line.

It's like an inverted marathon.

-via Marilyn Terrell

Ant Teamwork

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(YouTube link)

A colony of ants work together to drag dinner back to the nest to share -and possibly store- their find. The ants form chain to get more pulling power. At first I thought this was a sausage (you know how ants are at picnics), but considering the scale, I think it’s a worm or a millipede. The language is not identified, so maybe you could help us out if you recognize it. -via reddit

11 of the Weirdest Buildings on Earth

Jill Harness 1

No, you're not having vision problems, nor was this image Photoshopped. That's just the way Krzywy Domek (Polish for "crazy house") looks. And that's only one of the eleven totally strange structures we rounded up for our newest Homes and Hues feature.

If you visited Pisa and weren't all that impressed with their Leaning Tower, perhaps you'd prefer the Leaning Tower of Abu Dhabi, that tilts an impressive 18 degrees -that's four times the tilt of Italy's famous tower!

Or, if you prefer something more artistic, you might want to check out the Crazy House in Vietnam that uses artistic paintings instead of blue prints when it comes to directing the construction of the structure.

If you like these three strange spaces, you won't want to miss the rest of the list: 11 Totally Weird Buildings From Around the World

Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On

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Only one man could make an album about poverty, drugs, and the Vietnam War sound sexy and soulful. That man was Marvin Gaye, and his vision changed the music industry forever. On the 28th anniversary of his tragic death, let's look back at What's Going On.

In November 1970, Marvin Gaye brought Motown Records president Berry Gordy a new song he’d just recorded called “What’s Going On.” Gordy was thrilled. It had been more than a year since Gaye had released his last big hit, “That’s the Way Love Is,” and the singer had been going through a rough patch. During the 1960s, Gaye had achieved great success as a suave song-and-dance man. But in 1967, his singing partner, Tammi Terrell, was diagnosed with a brain tumor after collapsing into his arms on stage. After several unsuccessful surgeries, she died on March 16, 1970, and Gaye was inconsolable. On top of that, he was in trouble with the IRS, his marriage was falling apart, and his only brother was fighting in Vietnam.

Tired of churning out peppy love songs, Gaye co-wrote “What’s Going On” with the hope of taking his music in a new direction. He wanted, in his words, to “touch the souls of people everywhere.” When his boss, Berry Gordy, listened to the new recording, his excitement turned to horror. The song was more than a soulful change of pace; it was a lament depicting the sorrow and futility of the Vietnam War. Over a bed of heavy percussion, street-corner jive, and mellow strings, Gaye sang, “Mother, mother, there’s too many of you crying / Brother, brother, brother, there’s far too many of you dying.” The sound and lyrics clashed with Motown’s upbeat attitude, and a startled Gordy knocked it as “the worst record [he’d] ever heard.”

Gaye didn’t flinch. He believed in his music, and he gave Gordy an ultimatum: Release the single, or he’d walk from Motown. After a four-month stalemate, Gordy agreed to put out the song, even though he was sure it would flop.

It didn’t.

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Orkoman - It's A Scarf, It's A Hat, It's A Pint Sized Wizard!

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Orkoman by Platinum Bastard

The kingdom was plagued by a thief, who was going around stealing precious artifacts, but the crimes didn't involve magic or might so Prince Adam refused to transform into his He-roic alter ego and handle business. The task of nabbing the thief fell upon the tiny shoulders of one guy with plenty of time on his hands, and a rudimentary grasp of the magical arts, one little guy who was more hat and scarf than man- Orko. With a super power spell, and some inflatable muscles, Orko transformed himself into a force for good, and began trying to catch the thief red handed...

Add some superheroic imagination to your geeky wardrobe with this Orkoman t-shirt by Platinum Bastard, and show your love for the little guys!

Visit Platinum Bastard's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more masterful designs:

It's A Lie! Top Starscream Pac In The Day Sons Of Anglers

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Professor to Students: Don't Email Me!

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Pictured above is a screenshot from a course syllabus produced by Dr. Spring-Serenity Duvall, a professor of media and gender studies at Salem College in North Carolina. During the Spring semster of 2014, she prohibited students from emailing her unless they were requesting an appointment to speak with her face-to-face.

Dr. Duvall is no Luddite. She's simply tired of students asking her questions that she already answered in class or in the syllabus, or addressing her in an overly familiar manner. She explains what she changed:

In a fit of self-preservation, I decided: no more. This is where I make my stand! In my senior-level gender and media course, I instituted a no-email policy and (here’s the hard part) stuck to it religiously. I explained to my students that there were a few very solid reasons for this policy:

1. They needed to read and know the syllabus and pay attention in class, rather than use email as a crutch to ask superficial questions. Taking these small yet seemingly impossible steps would make them more aware and engaged in the class.

2. Reading assignment instructions carefully and asking questions about the assignments in class or in office hours would force them to begin working on papers early, thus eliminating last-minute emails about instructions.

3. More of our conversations would take place in person – whether in my office or in class – rather than via email, thus allowing us to get to know each other better and fostering a more collegial atmosphere.

Did it work? Yes!

I am happy to report it was an unqualified success. It’s difficult to convey just how wonderful it was for students to stop by office hours more often, to ask questions about assignments in the class periods leading up to due dates, and to have students rise to the expectation that they know the syllabus. Their papers were better, they were more prepared for class time than I’ve ever experienced.

It is also difficult to tally the time I saved by not answering hundreds of brief, inconsequential emails throughout the semester. I can say that the difference in my inbox traffic was noticeable and welcome.

(Photo: eristerra)

In an interview, Dr. Duvall explains that, like many professors, she suffers from "syllabus creep." That's "where the syllabus just gets longer and longer and you try to account for everything." The longer a syllabus gets, the less likely a student is to read the whole thing.

And course syllabi are getting a lot longer. Slate's Rebecca Shuman offers an explanation of why syllabi are now often 20 or more pages long:

First, the helicopter generation—raised on both suffocating parental pressure and the teach-to-the-test mandates of No Child Left Behind—started coming to college. Everyone needed A’s, and everyone needed to know exactly what needed to be done to get one. When that wasn’t abundantly clear, that made schools vulnerable to lawsuits.

Second, syllabi went from print to online, thus freeing the entire professoriate to capitulate to the aforementioned demands for everything from grading rubrics to the day-by-day breakdown of late assignment policies, without worrying about sacrificing trees or intimidating the class with a first-day handout they could barely lift, much less peruse in a mere 75 minutes.

Third, the skyrocketing percentage of hired-gun adjuncts—as opposed to tenure-track faculty, who have both a modicum of security and a minuscule say in university governance—meant that a substantial number of instructors were taking on courses a matter of weeks (sometimes days) before they began. Thus, they relied heavily on extensive syllabi already in existence.

Motherless Mountain Lion Cub Found in Washington State

Lisa Marcus 2

This male mountain lion cub was found dehydrated and malnourished by a resident of Spokane, Washington. At the time, he was just three weeks old. Washington state fish and wildlife authorities conducted a fruitless search for the cub's parents. When no trace of his mother could be found, the cub was taken to Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital, whose staff looked for accredited facilities to house the cub after he regained his health. Fish and Wildlife spokeswoman Madonna Luers said,

"You just don’t rehabilitate an apex predator that’s become fixed on people, and release it back into the wild. The odds that it would eventually have contact with people or pets are too high.”

Zoo America has become the cub's new home and will help give him the nutrients and attention necessary to grow up healthy and adjusted. The as-yet-unnamed cub is said to be thriving.  

Read more and see additional pictures here.

Images Credit: Zoo America 

A French Fry Bed for Supersizing Your Naps

John Farrier 1

Would you like to lie down in a warm, greasy carton of fresh French fries? Of course you would! They're the ultimate comfort food and now, thanks to designer Cecilia Carey, the ultimate bed. Her Supersize Bed, despite its name, is actually available to fit any mattress size. It neatly mimics the colors and shapes of a McDonald's French fry container.

If you want it to smell like one, too, then you'll have to make some modifications.

Carey made it in collaboration with Harry Parr. He's a food artist who we've already seen building with Jell-O and cooking with lava.

-via Foodiggity

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