The Paper Mache Creations of Dan Reeder

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Dan Reeder (featured previously at Neatorama for a Maleficent wall mounted piece) is an artist from Seattle who has been making these detailed paper mache characters for 40 years. His technique, shown in the video below, blends a structure of paper mache with a painted, cloth "skin." Reeder has authored several books on his craft, his latest being Paper Mache Dragons: Making Dragons & Trophies Using Paper & Cloth Mache, which is available on Amazon

See more photos of Reeder's paper mache pieces here. 


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Via: Laughing Squid | Images: Dan Reeder 


Bizarre Hanukkah Gifts Found On Etsy

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Hanukkah is in full swing, and that means it’s time for merchandisers and retailers to cash in on yet another religious holiday by peddling some cheap quality crap! But how can someone who doesn't agree with the commercialization of a religious holiday fight back?

By buying some totally unique, handmade Hanukkah crap on Etsy, like this amazing Raptor Menorah created by The Vanilla Studio:  

They make all kinds of different dinosaur menorahs, from the mighty T-Rex to the mighty large Brontosaurus, and each one is unique, hand made and costs less than a hundred bucks.

Looking to take Hanukkah back to the old school, but not so far back you see dinosaurs spinning dreidels? You need the new hot look for winter- the Jew Chainz Star Of David sweatshirt from wethouse, for that new jack swing bling.

But what kinda card does a straight up gangsta give out on Hanukkah, yo? How about one with a famous Jewish celebrity on it- the Drake Happy Hanukkah card by Instagrandmaw, which will make the giftee go "oh no he or she didn't!"

But what about something for the older folks, something with less street cred and more cute?

These adorable Terrier Hanukkah ornaments from Stanley and Stewart have got you covered, and they even make one which you can customize with a photo of your own pet, for that personalized touch of kitsch.

See more of The Soup's Whatsy- Hanukkah Gift Edition here

Rejected Christmas Card Design

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Killhouse was asked to design a Christmas card for his office. They nixed his first idea, despite the fact that it goes above and beyond to be all-inclusive and offend no one. He said,

This is the second, cleaned up, version so anyone can use it if they want to, so my hard effort doesn't go to waste.

They had me draw a Santa hat beside some cookies and a glass of milk instead. It was pretty boring.

I’m sure that your clients will enjoy a card with a Santa hat and cookies… while the internet enjoys the Bumble and his nonsensical holiday greeting.

The Adventures of Ruuxa and Raina

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Ruuxa the cheetah and Raina the Rhodesian ridgeback (featured previously at Neatorama) have grown up together since they were six and seven weeks old, respectively. Raina was selected to be paired with Ruuxa by the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, where the two reside.  Dogs are paired to be raised with chosen “cheetah ambassadors” in order to keep them calm and socialized. 

The video above shows Ruuxa restricted to limited mobility as he heals from surgery to repair a growth abnormality in his legs. Raina accompanied Ruuxa into surgery to keep him calm and happy throughout the procedure. The video below shows Ruuxa at seven months old, having recovered from surgery and gaining strength by exercising his legs and feet while running at full speed with Raina.  

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Sticky Fingers: 6 Brazen Acts of Culinary Thievery

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King Frederick inspects the potato crops.


The potato came to Europe in the late 1500s, but it wasn’t met with a warm welcome. Disregarded by most, it was first used only to feed livestock. But Frederick the Great of Prussia saw the tuber’s potential. Sure, potatoes tasted bland, but they were versatile, cheaper than bread, and easy to stockpile. He introduced them to his army in 1744 and later freely distributed them to peasants during famine. The people weren’t convinced. In fact, the town of Kolberg was so put off that it responded in a letter: “The things have neither smell nor taste, not even the dogs will eat them, so what use are they to us?” To change public opinion, King Frederick employed some reverse psychology and established a royal potato field patrolled by soldiers. Soon, curious citizens were slinking around at night with stolen potatoes to plant in their gardens -exactly what Frederick wanted.


Thomas Jefferson knew how important healthy farms were to his fledgling nation, and he didn’t mind getting his hands dirty to keep his country strong. By summer 1787, the American rice industry was starting to crumble. The rice was mostly grown in swamps, and the stagnant water was a breeding ground for mosquitoes that made nearby workers sick. During his tenure as minister to France, Jefferson found the farmers’ solution: a dry, upland variety of rice grown in Italy. There was just one problem: Italian law forbade “the exportation of rough rice on pain of death.” Jefferson, however, used his power to declare the rice independent, secretly filling his coat pockets with the unhusked varietel before making for the border.


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Li Hongbo's Carved Knives

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No, not carving knives, but carved knives. We've previously featured Li Hongbo's flexible paper sculptures. More recently, he exhibited these unusual sculptures at Contemporary by Angela Li, an art gallery in Hong Kong. They are food chopping knives that are immediately recognizable in any Chinese kitchen. By pulling the steel for the raised images out of the blades, he has created mirror animal images of positive and negative space.

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New Mama Kitten Adopts Abandoned Pit Bull Puppy

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YouTube Link

This video from summer 2013 is just starting to get attention. A pit bull puppy only a few days old was found abandoned and came into the care of the Cleveland Animal Protective League. Knowing the pit bull needed a mother's love, the staff experimented by placing the pup with a new mother cat and her kittens. The cat took to the pup right away and adopted him as her own. The tiny pup will never know how lucky he was, nor will the cat know how much her act of inclusion changed his life. -Via Viral Viral Videos

Nes'y Christmas - Classic Console Holiday Cheer

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Nes'y Christmas by Gordon Brebner Designs

Old school gamers remember the feeling of unwrapping shiny new game cartridges on Christmas, and spending the rest of winter break trying to beat your new games before your friends. The shape of the box usually gave away the contents of those NES related presents, but the big surprise was seeing which game was hiding under the paper. Sometimes it was a really good surprise, like when Grandma actually heard your pleas and bought you the newest, hottest game, and sometimes it was a total bust, like when you got Excitebike for the fifth time, but as long as it was a new NES console cartridge all was right in the world. We wish you a NES'y Christmas and a geeky New Year!

Celebrate the holiday season the classic console way- with this Nes'Y Christmas t-shirt by Gordon Brebner Designs, and start the new year with some old school cool!

Visit Gordon Brebner Designs's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Metal Gear Miles

Invisible Plane Owners' Workshop Manual

Don's Pianos Beards and Bacon

View more designs by Gordon Brebner Designs | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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This Pizza Has 99 Different Types of Cheese

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(Photo: Elite Daily)

Like the legendary Prometheus, Johnny Di Francesco stands before us, offering humanity a chance to boldly advance forward. He's a chef in Melbourne, Australia and the inventor of this marvel: a pizza that has no fewer than 99 different types of cheese.

To make the pizza, he melts together 94 different cheeses into one pot, which then cools. From this solid block of mixed cheese, he composes the cheese body of his pizza. Then Di Francesco adds portions of fior di latte, buffalo mozzarella, ricotta, raspadura, and goat cheese. It's so beautiful that I could cry.

-via Daily of the Day

The All-Star Musical Finale From The Final Episode Of The Colbert Report

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(YouTube link)

The Colbert Report is no more. The final episode included a fitting tribute from his friends, a singalong to “We’ll Meet Again,” including everyone who is anyone, whether they were there or not. There’s Patrick Stewart, George Lucas, Gloria Steinhem, Henry Kissinger, Alan Alda, Ken Burns, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Willie Nelson, Cookie Monster, and a whole lot of other folks you may recognize. -via Uproxx

National Geographic Photo Contest 2014 Winners

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 Image: Christian Miller, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, Australia | Honorable Mention, Nature category

National Geographic
judges have selected the winning entries in their 2014 Photography Contest. The winning entries were chosen from a total of 9,200 total entries. The competition is divided into three categories: nature, places and people. The grand prize winner received $10,000. Here are some stunning examples. 

See all of the captivating images selected by the judges here.  

Image: Archna Singh, Madhya Pradesh, India | Honorable Mention, Nature category

Image: Henrik Nilsson, Boundary Bay, BC, Canada | Honorable Mention, Nature category

Image: Brian Yen, Hong Kong | Grand Prize Winner and People category winner

Cthulhumas Cookies

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Maika Keuben is busy with so many Cthulhumas preparations. She’s got her tree ready and a wreath for the door, and now she’s baked Cthulhumas cookies! Dozens and dozens of chocolate cookies with peppermint-flavored icing, all in the image of the dreaded elder god Cthulhu.

At first it just sounded like wind in the trees, but beneath that there's the guttural whisper of an ancient voice saying "Into the kitchen with you, there's unspeakable baking to be done." Now my throat is sore from the endless chanting, my clothing and hair covered in flour, sugar, slime and soot (don't ask), and I can't remember the last time I slept through the night, but I wouldn't dare complain. The Great Old Ones demanded Cthulhumas cookies, so cookies I did make. So very many cookies.

The process of making these cookies is documented in an imgur gallery with plenty of pictures and hilariously Lovecraftian narration. The confluence of holiday cheer and despair, of delicious and dreadful, is irresistible.  

Vintage Holiday Ads With Celebrity Spokespeople

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This collection of celebrities pitching products for Christmastime advertisements takes one back. Back to a time when cigarette ads were a dime a dozen and 33 LP vinyl was the norm. When Polaroid cameras and clock radios seemed like the latest things. From Jackie Gleason and the Lone Ranger to Dick Van Dyke and the Three Stooges, these ads harken back to familiar faces in a simpler time. 

See more vintage celebrity holiday ads here. 

After 72 Years, Snubbed US Navy Captain Gets Credit for Sinking a U-Boat

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(Photo of the U-166 by the Ocean Exploration Trust)

On August 1, 1942, the US Navy subchaser PC-566 was escorting the passenger vessel Robert E. Lee out of the mouth of the Mississippi River. 25 miles off the coast, the German submarine U-166 attacked the Lee, sinking it.

The PC-566, then led by Lt. Comm. Herbert G. Claudius, counterattacked. It dropped depth charges on the u-boat. An oil slick formed on the surface of the water, which was evidence that the Americans had at least damaged the German sub and possibly destroyed it.

Claudius's senior officers did not credit him with sinking the sub. To the contrary, they criticized his actions, relieved him of command, and sent him to anti-submarine warfare school for retraining.

Now, 72 years later, Captain Claudius's record is finally clear. The famous undersea explorer Robert Ballard located the wreck of the U-166, right where Claudius said it would be. The US Navy has responded by amending Claudius's record. Brian Clark Howard writes for National Geographic:

But on Tuesday, Claudius was posthumously vindicated at the Pentagon, as the U.S. Secretary of the Navy announced that his ship had indeed fired the depth charges that sank German U-boat U-166.

"Seventy years later, we now know that [Claudius's] report after the action was absolutely correct," Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said in a small ceremony attended by members of Claudius's family.

"[Claudius's ship] did sink that U-boat, and it's never too late to set the record straight," Mabus said, as he presented the late captain with a posthumous Legion of Merit with a Combat "V" device, which recognizes heroism in battle.

Claudius's son, Gordon Claudius, accepted the medal and said that he wished his father could have known about the correction to a largely forgotten chapter in American history.

"He would have felt vindicated," Gordon Claudius said.

The Deviant History of the Snowman

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Documented snowmen go back at least as far as the Middle Ages, but we can assume that the art of building a human figure of snow goes back before recorded history. After all, snow is free and easily-manipulated, and human figures are our natural go-to art icon. The snowman in particular was often used as stress-relief, a structure we can abuse to our delight. They were often created as political statements, sinister beings, or ephemeral art illustrating taboo subjects. Or targets, as suggested in the painting above.  

In the Middle Ages, building snowmen was a way for a community to find the silver lining in a horribly oppressive winter rife with starvation, poverty, and other life-threatening conditions. In 1511, the townspeople of Brussels banded together to construct over 100 snowmen in a public art installation known as the Miracle of 1511.

Their snowmen embodied a dissatisfaction with the political climate, not to mention the six weeks of below-freezing weather. The Belgians rendered their anxieties into tangible, life-like models: a defecating demon, a humiliated king, and womenfolk getting buggered six ways to Sunday. Besides your typical sexually graphic and politically riled caricatures, the Belgian snowmen were often parodies of folklore figures, such as mermaids, unicorns, and village idiots.

Even in modern times, we get a kick out of putting snowmen in situations we would not abide for real humans, such as the famous snowmen in the comic strip Calvin & Hobbes and several traditional snowman-destroying rituals to summon spring weather. Read about the horrible ways we’ve used snowmen throughout history at Atlas Obscura.    

A Collection Of Juggalo Themed Paintings By Lucy Owen

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In the future Juggalogians will surely tell the tale of the art show that brought their clowny subculture into the fine art limelight, and the paintings which would shape the very landscape of what it means to be a Juggalo.

Future generations of Juggalos will have artist Lucy Owen to thank for shedding a humanistic light on their clown white crews and tearing down their painted walls, exposing the disenfranchised youth lurking within.

Lucy fully immersed herself in Juggalo culture when a conversation with a young Juggalo, who spoke of being ridiculed on a daily basis, inspired her to explore their fringe fan culture and see what makes them tick.

The result is a series of rather remarkable paintings called Where The Juggalos Roam, which not only capture the visual essence of the subculture but also succeeds in conveying the emotional state of the people wearing the face paint.

Will the first ever Juggalo themed art show at the Start Gallery in Detroit change the way people treat the Juggalos? Probably not, but now they can find work as art models!

-Via Dangerous Minds

Where Are They Now? The Cast of Arthur

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The hit children's television program Arthur debuted on PBS in 1996. The child actors on it have grown up. What are they doing now? Loryn Brantz of BuzzFeed tracked down 8 of them.

Francine Frensky is doing reasonably well. She starred in the 2001 remake of Planet of the Apes. Other cast members, though, have struggled. D.W. Read, the brother of star Arthur Read, had a brief but tumultuous affair with Justin Bieber. She's now slated to star in an upcoming episode of Celebrity Rehab.

Read the rest of the updates at BuzzFeed.

-via Jeremy Barker

Megatron Speaks the Truth

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(YouTube link)

Alexandra Trew toured Universal Studios Hollywood, and took a minute to grab a selfie with Megatron. Megatron did not like the idea. Trew was lucky she escaped with her head. What she got was a lecture on social media vs. real life. As if Megatron knew anything about real life! -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Technology Ads Then and Now

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Today our lives are more hectic than ever; it seems many people are in a constant race against time to get things done. Holiday time exacerbates the problem. Being so caught up, it's not often that people stop and ponder the overall picture. How has our world changed in our lifetimes? One way to reflect on such changes is to look at vintage magazines and newspapers. Every news item and advertisement serves as a time capsule. These ads for video cameras and mobile phones are perfect examples.

Some critics claim that technology has left us more isolated due to less face-to-face and voice interaction. Yet would they choose to eschew today's technology in favor of that offered 20 years ago? 

See a collection advertisements that hammer home technological progress here. 

The Sweater That Lived - Keep Warm And Carry On Being Magical

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The Sweater That Lived by Mandrie

The halls of that old school of wizardry and witchcraft were starting to get mighty drafty, and many of the students were complaining about how hard it was to study in the cold, but one guy kept a cool head and warm bod at all times. His name is Harry and he is the boy who a finely knit wool sweater. The other students were mighty jealous of Mr. Potter and his fancy sweater, but they knew better than to upset the bespectacled spellcaster, for he had friends in high places...

Add the magical look of a sweater to your t-shirt collection with this The Sweater That Lived t-shirt by Mandrie, and expectorum complimentum!

Visit Mandrie's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Kirbicron Chemical X-Girls Labyrinth Damask A Nice Cup of Tea

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Photographer Brings out the Beauty in Junk Food with Renaissance-Themed Images

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The holy pizza, which is both fully divine and fully baked, inspires marvel and wonder from anyone who beholds it. Rebecca Rütten, a photographer from Cologne, Germany, reveals to us the beauty of fast food of otherwise dubious nutritional value. Working under the pseudonym Becky Fuchs, she composed a series of photographs which show people posing with fast food in forms reminiscent of Renaissance-style religious painting.

-via Junkculture

Indiana Bones and the Raiders of the Lost Bark

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(YouTube link)

He’s just a puppy, but intrepid explorer Indiana Bones must save the Ark of the Covenant from the evil Catzis! You’ll enjoy this delightful sequence produced by FinalCutKing.

This video was created with 3 rolls of duct tape, 108 glue sticks, 18 large boxes of cardboard, a few all nighters with an adorable puppy.

And to think that the entire adventure took place while his human was out on a coffee run! No animals were harmed, even the Catzis, in the making of this film. -Thanks, Zach King!

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An Age Analysis For Disney's Beast

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Most animated features are created with the assumption that the young viewers watching the film won’t actually look for truths, check the math, or otherwise deconstruct the facts presented in the movie looking for absolutes. The creators know there will be incongruities in every film but don’t bother fixing it when the viewers don’t really seem to care.

But an artist named Xibira proved she cares enough to do the math behind a little Disney film called Beauty and the Beast, and the results are shocking.

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Magic With Weird Al

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YouTube Link

For those who thought Weird Al Yankovic was just a singer/songwriter of parodies, take note: this man is multitalented. He happens to be able to perform magic tricks while simultaneously cooking up something wholesome. Another Festivus miracle! -Via Tastefully Offensive

Ice Pancakes

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It gets very cold in Scotland in December. Cold enough for ice pancakes! These strange discs of ice were seen on the River Dee at Lummels Pool in Aberdeenshire.

River Dee Team biologist Jamie Urquhart said it was thought foam floating about on the water started to freeze and bump together, forming the discs.

The phenomenon can be found in rivers and in the open sea.

Mr Urquhart, who found and photographed the "pancakes", said: "What we think happened is this - foam floating about on the water started to freeze, probably at night.

"Bits of frozen foam got pushed around in the eddy, and in the ensuing collisions became roughly circular."

There is more to the story of how the discs got their peculiar shape over several days. We could observe the process to make sure, but who wants to stay up all night outside when it’s cold enough for running water to freeze? See more pictures at BBC News.

(Image credit: Jamie Urquhart/River Dee Trust)

Holiday Feast

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YouTube Link

Thirteen dogs and a cat gather 'round a holiday table and do what everyone does these days while gathered at a table. There are friendly exchanges, drinking of spirits, eating off their own plates and eating off of others' plates. A diva touches up her makeup and tech-dependent souls check their email. One sticky-fingered guest even nabs some silverware! 

The video stars animals from the Humane Society of Utah; some are available for adoption. A video on the making of this one is available here.

25 Facts About The Simpsons Celebrating Their 25th Anniversary

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(Image Link)

If you’ve been watching The Simpsons from the very beginning then you know they’ve come a long way from their early days, when they were fresh from The Tracey Ullman Show and lookin’ strange, but can you believe they just celebrated their 25th anniversary?

December 17, 1989 was the day an animated TV legend was born- The Simpsons are now officially the longest running scripted prime time series on television, and creator Matt Groening's life is hell no longer.

(Image Link)

The Simpsons are named after Matt's family members, namely his father Homer, his mother Margaret (who was a Wiggum before she became a Groening), and sisters Lisa and Margaret (Maggie), but decided the character based on young Matt should be named Bart. Matt probably didn't want to be associated with Bart's bad deeds, especially if his family tuned in to the show!

Read 25 random facts about The Simpsons

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