Art Museum Offers a Replica of a Van Gogh Painting on Airbnb

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It's like stepping inside the actual painting!

The Art Institute of Chicago is conducting an exhibit of Vincent Van Gogh paintings that depict bedrooms. They include The Bedroom, an 1899 painting of Van Gogh's own room in Arles, France.

To promote the event, the museum has created a nearly perfect replica of the room that Van Gogh rented--or how Van Gogh saw it in his mind and painted it on his canvas. You can rent it on Airbnb for $10.

What historical painting would you like to spend a day in if it was recreated like this?

On a side note, I learned something interesting about this painting while writing this post. It was owned by Japan, but ceded to France as a war reparation under the Treaty of San Francisco, which formally ended the Pacific War.

-via Colossal

An Aerial View of CuraƧao

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Jürgen Horn and Mike Powell took their very first helicopter ride to see a bit more of their temporary home in Curaçao. While the cities are beautiful, there are still plenty of beaches and uninhabited areas to explore. And for some of those places, the only way to do it is from the air.  

Lifting off was strange at first — this is a totally different experience to flying in an airplane, but we adjusted quickly. The tour was perfect. The entire southeastern section of Curaçao, a huge swath of land known as Oostpunt, is private property — the owner has steadfastly resisted selling it off, and has prohibited access to practically everyone. The result is a pristine, untouched natural environment, and one of the few ways to see it is from the air. We flew high above the region, and then came down low to inspect some of the highlights. Once, hovering just a few meters above a large lagoon, we saw a turtle swimming along, undisturbed by the giant machine whirring above its head.

See a video of Curaçao from above, and lots of pictures, at For 91 Days.

When This Developmentally Disabled Basketball Player Landed a Basket, Everyone Reacted Perfectly

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Robert Lewis, who has Down Syndrome, is the team manager for the basketball team of Franklin Road Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. In the final minutes of a game against the University School of Nashville, he stepped onto the court to play.

Guarding him on the opposing team was Matthew, his own brother. In the final few seconds of the game, Robert landed a perfect 3-point shot. Both teams and the spectators charged the court, surrounded Robert, lifted him on their shoulders, and carried him around in celebration.

(Video Link)

Who won the game? Yes.

-via Huffington Post

America's Oldest Shopping Mall Is Now An Apartment Building

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When the economy goes bust retail stores are often hit the hardest, because people who don't have a lot of extra money to spend tend to stay away from malls.

Couple that with the fact that online shopping is cheaper, easier and faster to deliver than ever and you've got the makings of a mall massacre.

But what is a town supposed to do with their giant, and often quite nice looking, mall carcasses?

Do like the Arcade Providence, America's oldest shopping mall, and turn a shopping center that would otherwise be abandoned into an apartment building.

The Arcade Providence in Rhode Island was in danger of being closed down for good when the Northeast Collaborative Architects decided to let some new life into the building by converting the top two floors into low cost apartments.

Each of the 48 one bedroom units in the Arcade Providence start at $550/month, and the seventeen stores on the ground floor get to stay open for business proving that, for some, shopping really is a lifestyle. 

-Via My Modern Met

Cadbury Creme Eggs Restaurant Opens

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(Images: Cadbury Creme Egg)

What animal lays the Cadbury creme egg? I don't want to know. I am satisfied that it is a wonderful animal.

You can do anything with a Cadbury creme egg, including deep frying it, making a Scotch egg, a toad-in-a-hole, or eggs Benedict. It's Nature's perfect food, so I'm glad that Cadbury has chosen to open a restaurant in London that serves it in everything.

The Evening Standard described the project in January:

The ground floor is designed for those busy egg-ophiles who are short on time, and will serve Creme Egg toasties to go. Yes, you read right, that’s: Creme. Egg. Toasties. They’ll sell for just £2 a pop.

Up on the first floor there’ll be more of a restaurant vibe, with four Creme Egg dishes on offer to eat in. As well as the toasties, these will include: egg and soldiers, Creme Egg tray bake, and strawberries and creme (egg).

All dishes on the first floor will cost £4, which we'd say is well worth shelling out for the novelty alone. Tea, coffee and water will be available — no Creme Egg cocktails, alas.

On the second floor there will be an interactive ball pool — which, as far as we’re aware, won’t contain any actual Creme Eggs. It's a good opportunity for adults to splash around in a ball pool without scaring little kids and alarming their parents, though.

-via NotCot

A Tiny Safari

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A bunny rabbit goes on an African safari to see the wildlife. But since he’s a bunny, what he sees (with his hilarious fake arm and binoculars) are guinea pigs dressed as various wild animals.

(YouTube link)

This is the latest from HelloDenizen, the folks behind the Tiny Hamster series. Their greatest accomplishment is figuring out how to make a living by dressing up little fluffy pets. -Thanks, Joe and Elijah!

If More Internet Companies Built Physical Shops

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(The Very Near Future), a company which was founded as an online retailer, recently built its first brick-and-mortar store. The company sees a market for traditional in-person experiences. What if other online companies made similar choices? The Very Near Future makes proposals for Netflix, Dropbox, Spotify, and Imgur.

And what would we do at the world-famous Neatorama? The good news is that we have some institutional memory. Back in 1887, when Alex's great-great-grandfather founded Neatorama, we delivered cat .gifs by telegram. And except for that brief experiment with carrier pigeons in 1915, we kept that model running through 1953, when we made the switch to radio--a move that was far more successful than that costly 1978 foray into mail-order View-Master slides.

In short: we could do it. Should we is a different question.

-via Tastefully Offensive

METROID: OTHER Y - She's Way More Super Than Mario

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Samus was tired of running, tired of having to jump and spin her way across every planet she visited, so she decided to look into buying some transportation. But mechanical transports were doomed to encounter failure, and horses were too easily spooked by the strange creatures she was constantly battling, so she looked to the Mushroom Kingdom for an alternative. There she found Mario's secret weapon of a steed, the creature known as a Yoshi that was not only brave and fast but also fond of gobbling up metroids with one flick of its tongue!

Grab a gaming mashup like no other on this METROID: OTHER Y t-shirt by OhHeyDJ, it's the super way to keep your fashion game tight and show some love for those console classics.

VisitOhHeyDJ's Facebook fan page, official website and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more gamer-iffic designs:


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The Worst TV Neighbors

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American family sitcoms always have a wacky neighbor, since he is so useful in bringing in zaniness when the family starts to seem almost normal. They’re also really handy when a character wants to talk about wheat’s going on in the family. While some of these neighbors end up being best friends, others are the type you’ve never want near your home. Read about five TV neighbors who would be total nightmares in real life, from the last 30 years of TV sitcoms, at TVOM.

Ripley The Toucan Thinks She's A Lap Dog

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I will be the first to admit that my knowledge of toucans is largely based on Toucan Sam from the Fruit Loops commercials and that little plaque in front of their cage at the zoo that tells you where they're from and what they eat.

But despite my ignorance on the subject I don't think I've ever heard of toucans being particularly cuddly birds before I saw this video starring Ripley the toucan, who seems to think he's a lap dog rather than a long billed bird.

(YouTube Link)

Ripley's proud owners love sharing their silly bird with the world via the official Ripley the Toucan Facebook page and of course by sharing videos of Ripley's odd behavior on her YouTube channel.

-Via Cheezburger

Matt the Radar Technician Tattoo

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First there was the skit, then the t-shirt, then the action figure. Now tattoo artist Bill DeNovio unveils his artwork of Adam Driver’s SNL character Matt the Radar Technician. This character is giving Kylo Ren a run for his money! You have to think that Driver will be invited back to Saturday Night Live to reprise the character soon. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Florida Man Arrested For Hurling Live Alligator into Drive-Thru Window

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A Palm Beach, Florida man hurled a live alligator through a Wendy's drive-through window in October of last year, and after eluding the authorities since then, is now being arrested for his stunt. Local news station WPTV is reporting that 23-year-old Joshua James, after a Wendy's employee handed him a beverage through the drive-through window and turned her back to him, threw the 3.5 foot gator inside the window. James had been hiding the gator in the back of his truck.

After a search for James, U.S. Marshall used video camera footage to catch up with him, finally taking the creative criminal into custody yesterday.

Learn more on this story at WPTV. Via Uproxx

Mexican Sayings That Sound Ridiculous When Literally Translated Into English

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(Que Pedo= What The Fart?, actually translates to "What's happening?")

Most idioms can't be easily, or coherently, translated into another language because they're meant to be said in the original language and may not even make sense to people who speak another language.

(Sepa La Bola = The Ball Knows, actually means "I have no idea")

Even people who speak the same language but are from different regions of the world can't understand each others idioms, so it makes sense that a Mexican idiom translated into English would come out sounding all sorts of strange.

(Estoy Encabronada = I have become a goat, actually means "I'm pissed off")

See 13 Mexican Sayings That Sound Really Weird When They're Translated Literally here

Awesome Alternate History Artwork By Jakub Rozalski

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Alternate history stories are compelling to read or watch, and they also make for really fun video games, but creating alternate history art seems hard for an artist to do well.

For one thing the viewer would have to know which historical period or event the artist is referencing, and then the whole thing would have to be rendered realistically enough to visually tell the tale for you.

Jakub Rozalski's paintings have all of the elements of a perfect alt history art piece in place,  visually transporting us to another time that never truly existed, at least not in our dimension.

For instance- what would Poland's January Uprising of 1863 against Russian rule have looked like if the Polish insurgents used mechs to help them fight for freedom?

See more of Jakub's alternate history artworks here

Making a Simpsons Murderer

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What if you took the popular Netflix series Making a Murderer and put Homer Simpson in suspect Steve Avery’s place? That’s what the latest Vulture remix is all about. It combines audio from the true crime series and video from the TV show The Simpsons.

(YouTube link)

They had a lot of footage to select from, as The Simpsons is now in its 27th season. Homer seems to have been arrested more than his share of times in all those years. -via reddit

"Mobile Confession Unit" Rolls out after Receiving the Pope's Blessing

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(Photo: Diocese of Salford)

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Salford, UK built the Mercy Bus--a vehicle capable of carrying the diocese's will across Britain's roads. After receiving an official blessing by Pope Francis during his visit to the UK, it's ready to roll out. It includes a built-in confession booth to offer the sacrament of reconciliation to those in need of it. Father Frankie Mulgrew (right), a priest and comedian, is taking it out on tour. The Irish Post reports:

A spokesperson for the Salford diocese said: “Father Frank presented images of the Mercy Bus to Pope Francis in Rome, much to the Holy Father’s interest and delight!”

Father Mulgrew said: “We were inspired by the Pope who, when he was as cardinal in Argentina, would celebrate open-air Masses in the poorest areas of his diocese.”

It's not entirely clear what other features the Mercy Bus contains or what it looks like after transforming into robot mode.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

Inertia Makes the World Go Around

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The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research, now in all-pdf form. Get a subscription now for only $25 a year!

A mini-opera in four acts
music by Georges Bizet
words by Marc Abrahams

This mini-opera had its premiere as part of the 16th First Annual Ig Nobel Prize Ceremony, at Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, on Thursday evening, October 5, 2006.

Original Cast
Narrator: Karen Hopkin
The Boy: Pierre Fontaine
Eb: Margot Button
Flo: Gina Beck
The Dog: Maggie McNeil.
Pianist: Scott Nicholas
Friends: The new Ig Nobel Prize winners, the Nobel Laureates, and all the other ignitaries who were on stage.

EB and FLO, who are sisters. EB is always at rest. FLO  is always in motion. Each girl has a cellular phone always held to her ear.
The BOY.
The boy’s DOG (a biting, but non-singing, part). The DOG appears in Acts 1, 3, and 4.
FRIENDS— the neighborhood children (this role is played by guest scientists). They appear in Act 4.

ACT 1: “A Natural Leader”

NARRATOR [spoken]:Tonight’s opera is about a boy, and his ego, and his inertia. This little boy thinks he’s the most popular boy EVER. Here in Act 1, he has JUST moved into town. Right next door live two sisters. The boy expects the two sisters to come over and play with him. But that may not happen. You see, one sister NEVER leaves the house — and the other sister is ALWAYS running  around. Let me clarify that: One sister is at rest, and she tends to stay at rest — and the other sister is in motion, and she tends to stay in motion.

Now let’s meet the little boy, and his little dog. The boy explains how he’s going to get the two sisters to come admire him. Inevitably, the boy comes to realize, as he always does, how very wonderful he is. Let’s listen.

Continue reading

Solo's Stout - Best When Served Extra Cool

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Solo's Stout by Barrett Biggers

If you're looking for a brew that will shoot first and leave you feeling a bit smarmy then you need to crack open a tasty bottle of Solo's Stout, made from the finest swamp water Dagobah has to offer. Solo's Stout has a bold flavor that will stick with you through all of your adventures, and the alcohol content is low enough that you can still pilot your ship after tossing back a few beers, not that Han is condoning drinking and piloting mind you. Oh, and if you happen to find any Wookiee hairs in your beer just consider them good luck charms courtesy of Chewie!

Add some bold flavor to your geeky wardrobe with this Solo's Stout t-shirt by Barrett Biggers, it's the classic way to show some love for your favorite smuggler and your favorite kind of beer.

Visit Barrett Biggers's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty smooth designs:

Gotham Rogues Gallery YOUR NEIGHBOR TOTORO Just A Hero For Fun Heroes Of Lylat

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Beautiful Pots Made by Blasting Music Below a 3D Printer

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Think of it as a way to 3d print a song. 

Olivier Van Herpt, a Dutch ceramics artist, worked with Ricky van Broekhoven, a sound designer to develop this novel interpretation of music. They call their project Solid Vibrations.

(Video Link)

The build platform of the 3d printer rests over a speaker. As music plays, it shakes the build in progress so that the imperfections in the laying of material match the sounds. You can see and feel the music in the finished ceramic pots.

-via Fast Co Design

Pet Pantries are Food Banks for Poor Pets

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(Photo: Cookie and his human by Nicole Bengiveno/New York Times)

In rapid succession, you’ve lost your job, incurred high medical expenses, and suffered a house fire. You’re out of money, but need food. So you head to the local food bank. That’s good for you, but what about your cat?

Now some food banks and animal care centers are offering food services to pets in need. They’re called pet pantries. Owners can go there to get cheap, healthy food until they can get back on their feed and support their pets themselves. The New York Times reports:

Cookie, a snow-white pit bull with light gray spots, knows the hand that feeds her. She has become a regular visitor at a new pet food pantry in the Bronx that sends free Costco-size bags of kibble home with owners who may not have enough money to feed themselves, let alone their animals.

Animal Care Centers of NYC, a nonprofit that runs the city’s animal shelters, opened this pet food pantry in December, and in the first month alone, the pantry gave out more than 2,000 pounds of food for 71 dogs and 50 cats.

-via Marginal Revolution

It's A Shark Eat Shark World Out There

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Sharks are known for being big eaters, seemingly made to munch any and every thing they can possibly sink their hundreds of razor sharp teeth into.

Seeing as how they're large predators they prefer lots of protein, as in huge quantities of meat, and they apparently have no love for their fellow shark when their stomachs are empty.

(YouTube Link)

Visitors to the South Korean aquarium where this video was shot had no idea they'd be learning a lesson about nature's cruel sense of humor that day, but now they know the aquarium stocks their tanks with the freshest seafood money can buy!

-Via FAIL Blog

Classic Paintings + Tattoos

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Nicholas Amiard adds unexpected touches to familiar sights. In the past, we've seen his Star Wars ships crashed into Earth. Most recently, touched up famous figures from European paintings with tattoos. Now the lady from Manet's Le Déjeuner sur l'Herbe attends her picnic graced with vividly rendered tattoos.

You can see other images from the series here, including the da Vinci's Mona Lisa and Ingres's La Grande Odalisque.

Content warning: artistic nudity, because let's not kid ourselves about Jean-Léon Gérôme's The Birth of Venus.

-via Khool

Atlas the Homeless Rabbit

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The Glasgow center of the Scottish SPCA is looking for a home for Atlas the rabbit. As you can see, Atlas is not a typical rabbit; he’s a continental giant rabbit. At seven months of age, he is still not fully grown! Not just any home will do. Manager Anna O’Donnell says they are looking for a home that is equipped to take on such a large bunny.

“We are looking for a specific home for Atlas due to his breed and size. A standard rabbit hutch won’t do so his new owner will need plenty of space for him.

“Atlas needs an owner with the knowledge to properly care for him, so ideally someone who has kept a continental giant before.

Atlas is mischievous and inquisitive, and loves to be petted and cuddled. -via Metafilter 

(Image credit: Scottish SPCA)

4000-Passenger Cruise Ship Sails into Hurricane-Force Storm

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For reasons passengers don't know and administration hasn't fully explained, Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas cruise ship sailed into a storm with conditions equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane on Sunday. The ship, making its way from New York City to Port Canaveral, Florida, sustained all kinds of damage, some of which can be seen in the video above. 

One passenger posted on an account of his at

“Captain tried to turn ship but waited too long. Captain said they are in communication with the coast guard, struggling to point ship into wind but can’t move forward. All passengers told to stay in cabins; water entered ship on upper decks, large white structure broke off top of ship, landed in pool... Some passengers sitting in muster stations.”

Muster stations are designated areas on ships where passengers go during emergencies, generally in preparation for evacuation. The passenger said that in the most harrowing moments of the storm, waves broke over the tops of the life boats and the entire ship listed to almost 45 degrees. 

See additional pictures and read the story in full at the Washington Post.

Some Of The Wackiest Urinal Designs From Around The World

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When an establishment decides to go with an overall theme they like to make sure the theme runs through the entire place, including the bathrooms.

Making the bathroom fit the theme might entail hanging some fun pictures on the walls, or adding dispensers and other machines to give the place that arcade feel.

Or you can just install a urinal shaped like that guy who lurks around and creeps everybody out, like this monstrosity spotted at Universal City Walk in Osaka, Japan.

Maybe your bar is full of musicians and band geeks rather than circus folk?

Install a urinal they'll remember, like these brassy basins found in the Bell Inn in Sussex, England, and patrons will be tooting their horns to everyone they know about your awesome urinals.

And you can still convey a strong theme without going too crazy with your urinal budget, like this guillotine setup found in Rheinfels Castle, Germany that makes you appreciate all that you still have in this world.

Take A Pee(k) At The World's Weirdest Urinals here

Chocolate Orange Armadillo

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Miss Insomnia Tulip of the internet-famous Lou Lou P’s Delights bakery makes amazing pastries that look like real objects, such as naked Burt Reynolds and naked David Hasselhoff. But she can do more than just show aging male celebrities undressed with cake. Her most recent project is a chocolate orange. She reveals hidden in its form an armadillo curled up to protect itself from your appetite.

Tongue in a Mousetrap

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A spring-loaded mousetrap is designed to kill a mouse on contact by breaking its neck. So why would you put your tongue in one? Because you have a popular YouTube series and your viewers suggested it. We’re talking about the Slow Mo Guys.

(YouTube link)

Which will it be, Dan or Gav to endure the tongue-lashing? It’s quite a sacrifice, just so we can see what it looks like in slow motion. And the effects last quite a while after the stunt ends. Let’s hope by now his voice has returned to normal. -via Tastefully Offensive

Bacon-Wrapped Deep Fried Twinkies

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It's just basic science: any food can be improved by adding bacon and/or deep-frying. Amy of the wonderful food blog Oh, Bite It evidences this fact continously.

Her latest demonstration is the ideal breakfast food: Twinkies, wrapped in bacon, then deep fried. It's the right way to start the day, especially if you eat them as I do: with powdered sugar and chocolate syrup on top.

Winnie The Hutt - Taking Pooh To A Whole New Level Of Silly

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Winnie The Hutt by Kenny Durkin

Just when you thought Jabba was the most horrifying and repulsive creature in the universe along comes Winnie, the Hutt who can eat an entire planet's supply of honey in one sitting! Okay, so he's not quite as gross looking or intimidating as that slug Jabba, but you haven't seen him when his honey supply runs dry. Winnie has far more star power than his fellow Hutts, and he's actually seen as cuddly by some of his slave girls, but there's a war raging inside that silly, willy, nilly old slug of a bear, and his humongous appetite is a force to be reckoned with...

Add some cute yet creepy sci-fi color to your geeky wardrobe with this Winnie The Hutt t-shirt by Kenny Durkin, it's an adorable way to show support for the galaxy's cuddliest crimelord!

Visit Kenny Durkin's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more fantastically geeky designs:

Together Again...Again! Don't Open, TOONS Inside The Big Bowwowski AT-IG

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