A 2-Bedroom House With A Sixteen Car Garage

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What do you do when your life centers around collecting cars and you have an ever growing collection of vehicles but not enough room to park them all in your driveway?

You build the ultimate shrine to the automobile, a home that truly showcases your passion and proves you're willing to give up living space to continue expanding your collection.

This Bellevue, Washington home valued at $4 million may not look like it's worth the price, especially considering it only has two bedrooms and two and a half baths, but the real money is in the garage.

That's where sixteen amazing automobiles stay dry, get lifted and serviced in the full mechanic's workshop onsite, and generally serve as the heart of a home built for full blown car freaks.

See more of this amazing auto lover's home here

Natural Camouflage: How to Disappear in the Wilderness

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First, strip naked. Then rub wet mud all over your body.

Well, not right now. This is all about how to use natural materials to disguise yourself from visual observation. Creek Stewart is a wilderness survival expert. In the past, he’s brought us 10 survival uses for a cell phone and a tampon. Now, at The Art of Manliness, he shows us how to disappear like Rambo did in First Blood Part 2.

You can read his full instructions here. The wet mud is a foundation. Apply loose debris, such as leaves and twigs, before it dries. Roll around on the ground, because that’s what you’re trying to look like. You’ll find this method makes you so invisible that even animals will unknowingly approach you. Stewart writes:

A few years back while giving natural camo a stab while hunting I actually had a squirrel run down the tree I was leaning against and eat a nut while sitting on my leg. I kid you not. I could tell he knew something wasn’t quite right but he had no idea he was sitting on a human! It was an amazing experience and that squirrel was delicious (just kidding, I didn’t kill him). And, yes, at that distance I could tell it was a “him.”

-via American Digest

SUPER SMASH GREEN - Mario Make Hulk Angry!

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SUPER SMASH GREEN by Fernando Sala

Hulk's life isn't complete without stuff to smash, but the citizens of Earth don't appreciate his destructive ways so he has to look elsewhere for smashable stuff. He soon discovered a virtual world that was similar to our own, a place called the Mushroom Kingdom where an incredible array of breakable stuff was just hanging around waiting to be smashed. There was only one problem with that Kingdom- some turtle shelled tyrant was holding the people hostage, and he kept interrupting Hulk's smashing good time by sending stupid little Koopalings after him. Hulk didn't come to the Mushroom Kingdom to play hero, but he soon found himself saving the day just so he could get back to smashing blocks!

Add some comic book color to your geeky wardrobe with this SUPER SMASH GREEN t-shirt by Fernando Sala, wear it and watch people marvel at this awesome mashup design!

Visit Fernando Sala's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:



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Fist Bump Crosswalk Button

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The crosswalk is your bro. He's here to keep you safe. Offer your greetings with a friendly fist bump. Alfredo Adan, a Spanish designer in Los Angeles, molded this silicone fist, then glued it to a crosswalk button. He calls it the Walkbump.

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“Firenado” Over Bourbon-filled Kentucky Pond

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This happened in 2003, but the unlikely confluence of events and a video of it are something special. The Weather Channel has the footage.  

(video link)

First, lightning struck a Jim Beam storage facility. The resulting fire led to a bourbon spill, and 800,000 gallons of the whiskey spilled into a retention lake and burned. The storm wasn’t over, though, and a small tornado swept the flames up into a “firenado,” or a whirlwind of fire. It’s a rare occurrence,and even rarer to catch one on video. A spill of that much bourbon -well, that’s just tragic. -via Fark

Previously Banned TV Show Episodes You Can Now Stream Online

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Having an episode banned from airing is a fairly common phenomenon in the world of television, and as times change so do the reasons why episodes are yanked.

Usually it's the network censors who pull an episode, such as Fox's censors refusing to air the Family Guy episode "Partial Terms Of Endearment" because it features Lois deciding whether or not to have an abortion.

But sometimes the show's creators make the decision to pull the episode due to tragic events that have taken place around the time the episode was supposed to air.

Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller ran into this problem with episode 4, which featured Molly Shannon as a psycho who brainwashes kids into killing other kids.

The episode was set to air soon after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, so rather than risking the home audience "have a negative experience" while watching the show he opted to skip the episode.

We recently shared a mental_floss article from a few years ago featuring 27 temporarily banned TV episodes, and now they're back with a new collection of 26 Previously Banned TV Episodes You Can Stream Right Now that features a few repeats and a bunch of new entries worth checking out.


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If wishes were dollars, we’d all be rich. Except for the cat, who has no use for a dollar and wouldn’t know what to do with one anyway. If we could just be contented like that, we’d suffer less from stress. I’ve always heard there are two ways to have what you want: you can go out and get it, or learn to be happy with what you have. I’ve tried to employ both methods, with rather good results. This onservation is from Lunarbaboon. You can also catch comics by Lunarbaboon at Webtoons.

Watch The Unaired Pilot Episode For The Real Ghostbusters

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The Real Ghostbusters was pretty faithful to the movies in terms of the main cast, but one minor addition made kids go gaga over the Ghostbusters- Slimer, who was friendly on the show and even helped the guys catch ghosts.

That hungry yet cute little ghost made the show a hit with kids, but as you can see in this unaired pilot for The Real Ghostbusters he was originally an enemy just like in the movie.

(YouTube Link)

So if you've read this far you're probably wondering- what's the difference between the unaired pilot and the show we all loved to watch back in the day?

Well, here's the intro to the real show so you can see how the costumes and proton packs changed, and most of all how Slimer was portrayed as a gluttonous creep...as opposed to a gluttonous good ghost.

(YouTube Link)

It is really hard to imagine this show without Slimer as a good guy, and what would 80s kids have done without their Hi-C Ecto Cooler?

-Via /Film

The Mystery of Devil's Kettle Falls

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When water goes down a hole in the earth and doesn’t come out anywhere that anyone can find, where does it go? It’s a deep and dangerous hole that no one wants to climb down into. Surely there's some way to test that.  

A few miles south of the U.S.-Canadian border, the Brule River flows through Minnesota’s Judge C. R. Magney State Park, where it drops 800 feet in an 8-mile span, creating several waterfalls. A mile and a half north of the shore of Lake Superior, a thick knuckle of rhyolite rock juts out, dividing the river dramatically at the crest of the falls. To the east, a traditional waterfall carves a downward path, but to the west, a geological conundrum awaits visitors. A giant pothole, the Devil’s Kettle, swallows half of the Brule and no one has any idea where it goes. The consensus is that there must be an exit point somewhere beneath Lake Superior, but over the years, researchers and the curious have poured dye, pingpong balls, even logs into the kettle, then watched the lake for any sign of them. So far, none has ever been found.

The name Devil’s Kettle implies that the water pours straight down to hell for Satan’s tea. You have to wonder why no one has thrown a waterproof GPS tracking device down there. After all, we tags marine animals with them all the time. Or maybe a GoPro on a long string. But it’s a great story, and the mystery may be solved one day. Meanwhile, you can read some of the untested theories at Mother Nature Network. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Flickr user Captain Tenneal)

Disney Inspired X-Men Doodle Portraits

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There are dozens of Disney inspired character redesigns online, and although some of them seem more Disney than Disney inspired redesign, these treatments by Randy Bishop are what a Marvel-Disney mashup should look like.

Randy's Disney inspired X-Men Doodles series is spot on, and serves to illustrate how good a Disney-Marvel animated movie could look, although without all the singing and dancing and with a little more blood.

Randy's X-Men Doodles series hasn't made it past the portrait stage just yet, but hopefully he'll continue to flesh out these character designs and show us more from this colorful multiverse merging.

-Via DesignTAXI

Ants Suddenly Circling an iPhone

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This sidewalk is swarming with ants. Someone must have dropped a lollipop. So what happens if you put an iPhone down among them?

(YouTube link)

Nothing at first, but watch what happens when the phone rings! Suddenly, all ants are marching in the same direction, circling the phone. Why do they do that? Of course, there’s that one ant crawling on the phone -he’s always been a bit different, they say. HuffPo offers some speculation on what may cause the circling behavior. I think it's fear. I always get a slight feeling of dread when the phone rings, because it's always someone wanting me to do something for them.

The Cartoon Style Evolution Of Robert Downey Jr.

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From the bad boy Brat Pack days in the 80s to the genteel, sober and heroic guy we know today, Robert Downey Jr. has gone through some major changes in both look and attitude during the last thirty years.

These changes inspired Jeff Victor to base his latest cartoon style evolution on Robert Downey Jr.'s character development from 1986 to 2012.

Jeff's use of character acting to show Robert breaking down around 1994 then getting it together again in the early 00s is inspired, and it all culminates with Downey in the role he was born to play- Tony Stark.

-Via GeekTyrant

Keyboard Warrior - An Internet Insurgent Without A Cause

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Keyboard Warrior by Bomdesignz

He can type 100 insults per minute, troll people with one hand buried deep in a bag of cheese curls and make needless corrections with his eyes closed. He's the Keyboard Warrior, and his snarky comments are all the ammo he needs to wage a one man war against those who dare to listen to him online. Who can stop this chucklehead from leaving a bad impression on the entire internet? Perhaps nature will find a way...

Celebrate the internet's most despised basement dwellers with this Keyboard Warrior t-shirt by Bomdesignz, it's the perfect way to poke fun at the trolls who are only mighty heroes in their own minds!

Visit Bomdesignz's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more ridiculously cool designs:

Punisher Flag Son Goku vs Krillin Dino Boxing Club Goku Flying Nimbus

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Man Tries To Rob Female MMA Fighter, Instantly Regrets His Decision

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There are very few ways to qualify someone before you mug them, but thieves often prefer to rob women because they're assumed to be easy targets, an assumption that is often proven to be wrong.

MMA fighter Monique Bastos was headed to the gym with a few friends when a stupid thief tried to steal her phone while riding by on a bike. However, Monique wasn't going to give up her phone without a fight, and the would-be thief ended up with nothing but a hard hitting life lesson.

(Caution- video contains violence)

(YouTube Link)

As you can see in the video, the thief she has locked up in the dreaded "triangle" wished he was dead, and his punishment definitely fit his cowardly crime. Curious about what he's yelling as she chokes him out? Read a translation here

-Via Huffington Post

Myths and Monsters: The Call of Cthulhu

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H.P. Lovecraft keeps getting name-checked in pop culture. Here's why he matters.

(Image credit: Rafal Badan for Pardes publishing house)

Howard Phillips Lovecraft was having a bad summer. Like many newcomers to New York City, the aspiring writer from Rhode Island felt overwhelmed and out of place. He was unemployed, living in a mouse-infested one-room apartment in Brooklyn, and steadily losing weight on a paltry diet of cold canned beans and spaghetti. To make matters worse, his wife, for whom he’d moved to New York in the first place, had taken a job in another city and left him to fend for himself.

It was the first time Lovecraft had ever lived alone— and he was spectacularly homesick. Born in Providence in 1890, he viewed his hometown—with its scholarly atmosphere and dilapidated 18th-century mansions—as an essential piece of his identity. “Providence is me—I am Providence,” he wrote his aunt from his New York exile, inspiring the title of S. T. Joshi’s authoritative biography, I Am Providence: The Life and Times of H.P. Lovecraft. The city suited Lovecraft—a self-taught antiquarian obsessed with the contrasts of New England—in ways that New York could not.

Lovecraft grew up with a neurotic and stifling mother, Susie, and two aunts. (His father had died, probably of syphilis, after a stint in a mental institution.) The family had little of the capital but all the prejudices associated with old New England pedigree, and Lovecraft was never trained for any gainful employment. Nervous illnesses kept him isolated at home for long stretches, during which he joined up with “amateur journalist” groups: organizations of unpaid pamphleteers who—with their in-fighting, trolling, and political ranting that no one would ever hear—would likely feel at home in online forums today.

It was at a convention for such writers in Boston in 1921 that Lovecraft met Sonia Haft Greene, an energetic and attractive Eastern European Jewish widow from New York City, seven years his senior. Lovecraft, still reeling from the death of his mother six weeks prior, was not exactly a catch. He had no income besides a dwindling family inheritance and occasional checks from editorial temp work. He had the frame of a scarecrow, a protruding lower jaw, and a squeaky voice. He was also averse to sex, which he blamed on having read a scientific book as a child. “The whole matter was reduced to prosaic mechanism,” he wrote later, “a mechanism which I rather despised.” Not to mention, he was a virulent racial purist, outwardly disgusted by immigrants, tending to become “livid with anger” when he encountered foreign workers.

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When Leia Isn't Home

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YouTube Link

Jess Bauer, the Australian teen behind the popular YouTube account Bauerbirds, created a series called "When Mama Isn't Home," which stars her father and brother making musical mischief in the kitchen. The latest clip in the series is called "When Leia Isn't Home," a peppy little Cantina Band number.

Earlier videos in the series are shown below. I hope mama doesn't come home to a broken oven door, or the series could be headed for an abrupt and bitter end! Via Laughing Squid

YouTube Link

YouTube Link

Bunnies Wearing Floral Crowns

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The bunnies residing with Japanese twitter user @evo3183 come with a dangerously high level of cuteness. The threat they pose is massively exacerbated by the floral crowns and fairy costumes that they wear while sitting for the photographer.

Their names are Potato, Kurumi, Marron, and Koishi. Remember those names as you look into their eyes and feel their adorableness seared into your retinas.

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Fox News Host Is Suing Hasbro For Naming A Toy Hamster After Her

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Some people would see having a toy named after them as a good thing, but one foxy Fox News host wasn't very happy when she discovered a toy hamster with her unusual name.

Host Harris Faulkner is suing Hasbro for giving a Littlest Pet Shop hamster her name and likeness, and while the likeness element of the lawsuit is up for debate it’s hard to deny Hasbro’s use of her far from normal name.

Harris is suing the toy company for 5 million dollars, claiming the toy stole her likeness via “complexion, the shape of its eyes, and the design of its eye makeup”.

She's probably just angry that the figure named after her is a sidekick and not the main character, no word yet on whether a human named Benson Detwyler plans to sue Hasbro as well.

-Via Cheezburger

Plankton: A Thank You Would Be Nice

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Spongebob Squarepants hosts this little educational video from Nickelodeon and the BBC. What’s the most important creature on earth? Don’t say humans. That would be too easy, and egocentric at that.

(YouTube link)

Sheldon J. Plankton makes a good case for calling plankton the most important living thing on earth. And you haven’t even seen plankton lately have you? -via Tastefully Offensive

Things That Will Happen if I Don't Take My Phone Out Right Now

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Image: Adrian Ilie

They are terrifying scenarios: you're on a first date. You're in a live theater performance. You're at your mother-in-law's for dinner, and she despises any form of modern technology. These situations require you to be mobile phone free. You may have your friend in your pocket or purse, but that's as close as you're going to get to that pretty, colorful glass screen of All Things Interesting. After a while you're getting antsy. You might even break a sweat. Anxiety is building. Over what?  Scaachi Koul for The New Yorker knows: 

"Things That Will Happen If I Don’t Take My Phone Out Right Now:

5. Someone will send me an e-mail marked “URGENT” and it will, for once, actually be quite urgent (probably about free food), and I won’t see it until it’s too late (all the free food is gone).

10. I will have to spend at least one second of my life not agonizing over how everyone else’s life seems better. (How are youalways at a cottage? Who drove you there? You don’t have a car and I don’t understand.)

 15. In-person small talk."

See all nineteen of her identified phone-free tragedies at The New Yorker.

Guess Who’s Playing LBJ

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Surely you recognize Lyndon Johnson, the U.S. president from 1963 until 1969. But it’s not him in the picture, it’s a publicity still from an upcoming HBO movie called All the Way. Who is the actor under all that makeup? You might already know, but if you don’t, take a good look, make your best guess, and then jump over to Uproxx for the answer. That's a darn good makeup job.

Refrigerator Is a Fully Functional Game Boy

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We've seen magnets that make a refigerator look like a Game Boy. But Daniel d'Entremont, who goes by the name ModPurist, has gone much further. He turned a mini fridge into a completely functional, scaled-up replica of the classic Nintendo Game Boy. He added a PC monitor to the door and large wood buttons on the front which work through a Raspberry Pi 2. With an emulator installed, he can play classic Nintendo games and keep his drinks cool in the still-functional refrigerator. That's why he calls it the Cold Boy.

(Video Link)

5 Huge Movies That Shamelessly Ripped Off One TV Show

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Okay, see if you recognize the plot of this story. It all takes place in the Death Row section of a prison.

Like in the movie, it's revealed that the prisoner is magic, and he uses his powers to cure the ailments of a guard with whom he has formed an unlikely friendship…

Despite being treated like some sort of criminal or something, the inmate continues helping those within the prison through the magic of making shit glow.

Eventually, everyone recognizes that the inmate has a miraculous gift and should be spared from his impending execution. In order to prove this point, he heals an otherwise incurable condition within one of the warden's family members.

The warden does everything in his power to stop the magic inmate's execution, but it all proves fruitless because, at the end of the day, he still was convicted of murdering people, and the criminal justice system frowns on that.

If you said The Green Mile (1999), you’d be right. That’s the plot line, but it also is the plot of an episode of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories, a TV anthology series that ran over a decade earlier. That’s just one of five movies that are amazingly similar to tales that appeared on Amazing Stories. Was Spielberg that prescient? Read about all five movies described in colorful language at Cracked. -via mental_floss

Bottom Of The Lake - Slashers > Sharks

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Bottom Of The Lake by Ninjaink

There are lots of nasty things lurking in the ocean, things that chew people up and cause lots of mysterious disappearances, but the only thing lurking in Crystal Lake is a hockey mask clad psycho named Jason. Still, Jason is way more frightening than any shark or giant squid, because he has only one thing on his mind- murder! He's a curse upon the carefree and ignorant campers who flock to the lake for a bit of fun, and he'll continue to haunt the lake until people learn to keep their jaws shut about Crystal Lake being a great place to go camping!

Horrify and amaze your fellow Friday the 13th fans with this Bottom Of The Lake t-shirt by Ninjaink, it's a great way to gear up for a camping trip to the lake or a horror movie marathon.

Visit Ninjaink's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more horrifyingly good designs:

King Of The Orca The Stay-Frost Marshmallow When Pigs Ruled The Earth Alpha Animatronic

View more designs by Ninjaink | More Movie T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Fashion Trend: Tiny Fedoras for Man Buns

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I’ve found my new look.

The fashion design industry—at least for men—might as well close up shop now. The task of making men look awesome has now been perfected. It’s simple, really: get yourself a man bun. Put a little fedora on it. Then go and nail that job interview or first date.

The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog says that this is new style in the trendier parts of the already trendy Capitol Hill neighborhood. And as Seattle goes, so goes the world.

-via Boing Boing

Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon

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Jeremy Bentham was well-respected philosopher in life, but he became even more famous in death. Dylan Thuras has his story.

(YouTube link)

Bentham’s odd plans for his body’s disposition after his death makes plenty of sense when you learn a little about the man. Learn the story of one of the world’s most famous corpses in this episode of the 100 Wonders series from Atlas Obscura. -Thanks, Dylan!

See more in the 100 Wonders series.

Dumb-Sounding Birds Of North America

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This video delivers what it says. No, it’s not the names that sound dumb- it’s the birds themselves.

(YouTube link)

If you’re used to hearing them, you probably never realized how dumb they sound. But they do. This dumb video is from NPR. -via Digg

A Coloring Book for Grown-Ups

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Coloring for Grown-Ups is a series of fun activity books by Ryan Hunter and Taige Jensen for those of us who are still trying to figure out adulthood. Which is pretty much all of us. It's all of the confusion, anxiety, and regret of growing up with the time-killing activities of children's matching games and coloring pages. The books include painfully realistic valentines and seasonal reminders, such as spending Christmas with your extended family. You can find more sample pages here.

-via My Modern Met

Just Dance

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Have you resigned yourself to the fact that you’re the worst dancer in the world? So many people say that, but they don’t know what they’re talking about, because the worst dancer is really me. They say you should dance like no one is watching, but sure as shootin’, you can feel their judgmental eyes upon you. This is the latest from John McNamee at Pie Comic.

(older posts)