A Father’s Dream

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The whole time they are growing up, parents can’t help but speculate on what their child will end up doing with their life. There may come a day when you settle on the dream that's best for your child and everyone around him. This is the latest fantasy from Lunarbaboon.

Spider-Man Knocks Himself Out To Entertain Kids

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Performing as a costumed character at birthday parties can be a tough gig, and when you show up dressed as a superhero you’d better be prepared to wow the kiddos with some sweet superhero moves.

But when you’re performing for peanuts you should avoid bodily injury at all costs, because most companies who hire out costumed characters don’t have injury insurance for their employees.

(YouTube Link)

A springy fellow in a Spider-Man suit discovered how hard it is to act like a webhead without falling flat on your face as he tried way too hard to keep his young clients entertained. Next year they'll be hiring Batman instead...

-Via Uproxx

Hugging Avocado Couple Is Totally Adorbs

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Hanna Dovhan, an artist in Kharkiv, Ukraine, makes wool sculptures that make the ordinary extraordinarily cute. This avocado sculpture has already captured the attention of the internet. Two halves make a romantically adorable couple!

Hold them together to kiss!

May you find an avocado half for your life, too.

The New New Yorker II - It Makes A Great Fry Swatter

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The New New Yorker II by Jango Snow

When the New New Yorker magazine approached Bender about being a cover model he told them he didn't have the time, but when he saw that they were offering a lifetime supply of beer and a brand new pair of Clamp Blockers Mr. Rodriguez couldn't resist. He'd modeled once before, serving as the poster bot for Mom's Mechanical Failures magazine, but this shoot felt more important somehow, so Bender made sure to wear his fancy pants to the studio...

Bring some Futurama fun to your geeky wardrobe with this The New New Yorker II t-shirt by Jango Snow, and share the good news (with) everyone!

Visit Jango Snow's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more fantastically geeky designs:

For Shovelry Lost & Found Toothless Kombat Airship In A Bottle

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This is what happens when you get bored at your office job. Let’s hope Bruno Mosconi Ruy’s boss has a sense of humor when he sees this video go viral. There was a suggestion for improving the monster, but I don’t know how you’d make that work in moving pictures. -via reddit

What The Avengers Actors Looked Like as Kids

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(Image: unknown)

Avengers, assemble! Specifically, assemble in a line by the classroom door. Black Widow is the line leader today. Proceed to the lunchroom to hear an announcement by Principal Fury.

These photos allegedly show what the actors who play the Avengers looked like when they were kids. I suggest that in the next movie in the franchise, the villain reverse-ages the characters so that they are all 6 years old. We need a Marvel version of the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Rascals.' 

-via Geek Tyrant

9 Real Disguises Used By Internationally Acclaimed Undercover Reporter

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Ghanian reporter Anas Aremeyaw Anas has played a wide variety of roles during his career as a journalist, and his undercover mission to uncover the truth about African criminals is the stuff of legend.

However, this mission has also put a huge bounty on his head, so Anas can't show his face in public, a fact which forced him to wear a mask during a 2013 TED Talk where he spoke about some of the disguises he has worn while working undercover.

mental_floss has put together a revealing story about Ghana's greatest undercover reporter for an upcoming issue of their magazine, and they've shared nine of the disguises Anas has worn, with the story behind each bust, to tide us over until the issue comes out.

From homeless man to sheikh, peanut hawker to paper bag on the side of the road, Anas has played each role so convincingly it's a wonder CONTROL hasn't scooped him up yet!

See nine of the disguises worn by this amazing undercover reporter at mental_floss

Dating in 2015

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(Image: Beckett Mufson)

Dating--it's a meat market out there. And you've got to meet someone. That's why four students at Leiden University in the Netherlands invented Tender. This art installation comments on the modern dating scene by showing a slab of meat continuously swiping through simulated profiles on the Tinder dating app.

(Video Link)

Cors Brinkman, Jeroen van Oorschot, Marcello Maureira, and Matei Szabo made the sculpture for a class project. It will be on display at Radion Amsterdam this Saturday.

-via Daily of the Day

Twin Peaks Diner To Be Restored For New 18-Episode Series

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Double R Diner in Twin Peaks

It's time for black coffee and cherry pie lovers to rejoice!

For the new David Lynch-directed season of cult classic Twin PeaksTwede's Cafe in North Bend, Washington, AKA the 'Double R Diner," will be restored. The diner's interior was destroyed in a 2000 fire and is now being restored to look like it did in the original 1990s series.

Original actors from the show, Sherilyn Fenn and Sheryl Lee, revealed this tasty bit of news at the recent Crypticon in Seattle. Shooting for the new Showtime series --which was announced will be 18 episodes long-- begins in the Pacific Northwest in September. It will feature new music by Angelo Badalamenti.

image via IFC

That’s a Good Dog

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The moral of this story is that if you give a dog some meatballs, he’ll do anything for you. I don’t know what that has to do with banking, but it’s a cute story from a Thai bank ad.

(YouTube link)

(Checks tranlastion) Oh, the moral of the story is that a small investment can pay off big in the future. I didn’t get that the first time around because I’m not particularly savvy about finances. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Fangirls Travel the World to Photograph Their Favorite TV and Movie Locations

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The Walking Dead, Atlanta, Georgia

The fangirls at Fangirl Quest have a mission: to screenframe their favorite TV shows and movies across the world. That means that they take iconic shots from these visual stories and frame them within photos of the locations where they were shot.

These fans, who are from Finland, began their quest with a 2013 road trip across the United States and into British Columbia. They've also extensively documented scenes shot in the UK. It's an ongoing and fun project for them to compose and us to watch! Their subjects include Game of Thrones, Sherlock, Star Trek, and Forrest Gump.

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Art Takes Over Real Life

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Lorenzo Castellini calls his series Art Lies. It's all about "great masters having great times." The subjects of famous paintings, such as Picasso's The Young Ladies of Avignon, invade real life, which is the only place where they can relax and party. Castellini made his images by carefully cutting out paper copies of people and objects in these classic paintings, then juxtaposing them over people that he meets in public. The resulting photographic collages can be both funny and alarming.

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Adults Eat Things They Used To Eat As Kids

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Childhood is a time of discovery and learning, and as we grow up we learn what we should or shouldn’t put into our mouths.

We usually arrive at these conclusions when we're chomping down on a rotten piece of fruit or eating something gross that triggers our revulsion reflex, and that bad food memory makes us pay more attention to what we eat in the future.

As we get older and leave those days of discovery behind us it’s fun to take a look back at the way we were, and wonder how the heck we could have eaten such strange things as a child.


BuzzFeed presents a tasteful video with a self explanatory title- People Eat Weird Things They Used To Eat As Kids. Hopefully you won't find this trip down memory lane to be too revolting!

A Pox On The Phony King Of England - God Save The Toons

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A Pox On The Phony King Of England by ClayGrahamArt

Robin had started a revolution, revealing that the tyrant Prince John was nothing but a cowardly lion beneath all the pomp and posh robes. And yet they called Robin a hood, denounced him as nothing but a punk and a squatter living unlawfully on the king's land, but the people of Nottingham knew better. They knew a scoundrel when they saw one, and with Sir Hiss as his advisor the people were even more wary of the Prince's treachery. But Robin wasn't alone in his quest to dethrone the dummy, and with some big help from Little John and the fair Maid Marian he would rock the kingdom and spread the wealth.

Add some animated awesomeness to your geeky wardrobe with this A Pox On The Phony King Of England t-shirt by ClayGrahamArt, and fight for your right to wear cool cartoon themed clothing!

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Barnacles! Hail E.V.I.L. Thestral Motors Wakin' And Bacon

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A Short Animated History Of Weapons

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They say ever since man discovered he could club his fellow man to death with a rock he's been making bigger and deadlier weapons on a daily basis, but I say man learned to strangle and bite before he went clubbing.

We’ve come a long way from the good old days of slings and stone axes, and our ability to create bigger and deadlier weapons has helped shape human history, for better or worse.

(YouTube Link)

The Atlantic created an animated short that succinctly reveals the evolution of weaponry, using data from the book A History Of The World In 100 Weapons by Chris McNab. The minimal animation probably won't blow you away, but you'll have plenty of dates to drop at your next NRA meeting!

-Via Laughing Squid

Horror Movies That Seemed to Actually be Cursed

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If you're even a little familiar with film history, you know there are a number of films that people have claimed to have been cursed -the most famous of which is perhaps Poltergiest. While some stories are simply urban legends, other production histories are so frought with accidents you have to wonder if they truly were the subject of a hex. The stories seem even more creepy when they involve horror flicks, which is why this Flavorwire article featuring 10 jinxed scary movies is so darn intriguing. 

24 Really Strange Scientific Studies

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(YouTube link)

Can pigeons distinguish between good and bad art? Does a full bladder make you more confused? Is yawning contagious …in tortoises? John Green tells us about scientific research that makes you want to scratch your head, but often the aim is to determine ideas -or even parts of ideas- that aren’t evident on the surface. Another question: does John Green have as much trouble saying “dental floss” correctly as I do?

Cute or Cringe-Worthy: Little Hamsters for Your Cups

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Many things seem like a good idea as long as you don't actually put much thought into them. These adorable hamster cup accessories certainly fit into that category. After all, hamsters are simply precious and watching one climb into a cup is cute as all heck -but that doesn't mean you want to drink out of a glass adorned with a rodent. If the deeper concept doesn't bother you and you simply must have the cute, they can be yours for a very reasonable $2.50 each -though shipping from Japan can add up quickly.

Via That's Nerdalicious

Funny And Clever Panhandling Signs

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(Image Link)

Panhandlers are an inherent part of civilization, getting by on donations they cull from charitable folks with an outstretched hand and a plea for spare change.

It’s uncommon to see a panhandler that doesn’t use a sign to help garner donations nowadays, and those signs range from the stereotypical “need a buck for a beer” to the heartstring tugging “hungry homeless vet”.

(Image Link)

But there’s one kind of panhandling sign that has proven far more effective than the rest- the funny sign.

Everybody appreciates a good laugh, and those funny signs often change the way people see panhandlers, helping them avoid becoming an invisible part of the city streets.

(Image Link)

Homelessness and poverty are absolutely not laughing matters, but making the best of a bad situation can often mean the difference between getting sneered at or getting donations for those in need.

See 25 Hilarious Panhandling Signs here.

Amazing Movies That Were Never Made

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(Video Link)

There are tons of movies out there that make you shake your head and wonder "how did they actually green-light something that stupid?" But sadly, there are also tons of movies that should have been made that just weren't. For example, while John Carter was a great movie, but an animated version that would have predated Snow White as the first full-length feature film could have been even more amazing and may have even changed film history.

Learn about nine other awesome movies that should have been made in this TopTenz article, or just watch the video above.

The Last Words of 24 Famous People

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Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

Some are funny, some touching, some fitting. Always interesting. The final words of 24 famous people.

“I’m bored with it all." -Winston Churchill

“Love one another." -George Harrison

“I love you, honey. Good luck with your show.” -Desi Arnaz (said on the phone to ex-wife Lucille Ball)

“Is everyone else alright?" -Robert F. Kennedy

“I’m going away tonight" -James Brown

“That's funny" -Doc Holliday (Looking at his bare feet. As a gunslinger, he always thought he would die with his boots on.)

“Is it not meningitis?" -Louisa May Alcott

“Water" -Ulysses S. Grant

“This is absurd, this is absurd." -Sigmund Freud

“Okay, I won't" -Elvis Presley (Replying to his girlfriend who told him not to fall asleep in the bathroom.)

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Sweet! A Solid Chocolate Nike Air Max 90 Sneaker

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The All Chocolate Nike Air Max 90 Sneaker

Hold onto your sweet tooth, a design student in London has made an all-chocolate Nike Air Max 90. Milan Miladinov created the sneaker at a time when the iconic running shoe is celebrating its 25th anniversary.

Sole Collector reports

The all-chocolate version of the shoe was created by using a silicon mold of the Nike Air Max 90. Miladinov painted the inside of the mold in order to better recreate every line of the shoe, poured a bunch of liquid chocolate into it, waited 15 hours, and came up with this.

Thanks, Lucas Mast! photos by Milan Miladinov

How to Build a Living Summer Shade Structure

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There’s something very relaxing about a rose-covered arch, a pergola festooned with wisteria, or a leafy arbor. Here’s another way to make a shady place to sit and enjoy nature: a willow dome. The structure support itself is alive! Willow branches have a particular feature that makes building a dome or other garden structure fairly easy.   

Willow trees have an unusual trait: freshly cut branches will sprout roots and grow into new trees when merely plunked into the ground and watered. By taking cuttings from an established willow tree, “planting” them strategically and weaving the supple young branches together as they grow, any number of structures—such as a gazebo, pergola, play hut, party dome, sweat lodge, art cave or even a shady area for your livestock—can be created on your land.

Now I really want a willow tree! You can buy cuttings or a kit or even hire someone to build a willow structure for you, but you can also do it yourself with some guidelines from Modern Farmer.

(Image credit: Flickr user Steve James)

Spoonstruck - I Said Cher, Not Chairface!

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Spoonstruck by Matt Sinor

The Tick had become a big blue bug of happiness ever since he'd been introduced to his soulmate, the radiant beauty known only as Spoon. She was shiny all over, and curvy in all the right places, and when she took a dip in a bowl of cereal Tick couldn't help himself- he'd been Spoonstruck! He soon forgot all about fighting crime, as found he preferred to spend his evenings shining his sweet spoon and eating all sorts of yummy things with her. It was love at first bit!

Bring some superheroic ha-has to your geeky wardrobe with this Spoonstruck t-shirt by Matt Sinor, it'll have your fellow tick fans smiling like Arthur on laundry day!

Visit Matt Sinor's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

All The Butts Now I Know My BMO's Fistful Of Burgers Flyboys

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Ain't No Thang, Just Newborn Baby Goat Triplets in Sweaters

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YouTube Link

Yes, nothing to see here except three adorable baby goats  a two sister, one brother trio  being kept warm on a chilly day in colorful li'l goat sweaters. Then they're snuggled together in a basket. Then they're getting a baby goat bath. So move along, lest you be temporarily paralyzed by the cuteness kryptonite that is bouncing baby goat triplets in sweaters, baskets and baths. -Via Laughing Squid

YouTube Link

Taking the Plunge

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A young man gets a little nervous as he prepares to propose to his girlfriend. Well, a lot nervous. He shakes so bad the ring falls into the sea! That’s when the real adventure begins.

(vimeo link)

Thaddaeus Andreades, Marie Raoult, Nicholas Manfredi, and Elizabeth Ku-Herrero made this as their senior project at the School of Visual Arts. -via Digg

KITT the 'Knight Rider' Car To Be Auctioned (H)Off

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KITT car with David Hasselhoff, aka Michael Knight

As part of the The Gumball 3000 motor rally, Christie's is auctioning off David Hasselhoff's personal K.I.T.T. car. Yes, that's right, his own black 1982 Pontiac Trans Am from the Knight Rider television series will be put on the auction block on May 30th, 2015.

Don't get your hopes up, this K.I.T.T. won't drive itself or talk like the one in the 1980s series. Also, it is expected to fetch six figure$ in auction. 

TIL: K.I.T.T. stands for "Knight Industries Two Thousand."

via Popular Mechanics

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