Priestly Dance Battle

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A group of seminarians are entertaining the crowd at a fundraiser at the Pontifical North American College in Rome. We have a musical number going when things go all Jimmy Cagney. The Rev. David Rider (of Hyde Park, New York) starts tap dancing. He is challenged by the Rev. John Gibson of Milwaukee, who shows off his Irish dance. The two try to one-up each other until they come to a moratorium and stage a duet. It was a real crowd-pleaser!  -via Buzzfeed

Classic Horror Works of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe, Available For Free Online

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The writings of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe played a part in laying the groundwork for tales of modern horror. Stephen King called Lovecraft "the twentieth century's greatest practitioner of the classic horror tale." Both Poe and Lovecraft's real life hardships lent to their ability to delve into darkness.

Poe, born in 1809, was a predecessor of Lovecraft, and an influence on his writing. As a child, Poe was abandoned by his father and a year later, his mother died of pulmonary tuberculosis (referred to then as consumption). He was taken in and raised by another couple, John and Frances Allan. His relationship with the former was stormy. Poe enjoyed success from his writing during his lifetime, unlike Lovecraft. An early success was his celebrated poem "The Raven."  Poe married his 13-year-old cousin Virginia when he was 26 years old. She died of tuberculosis at age 26. Poe's already present alcoholism worsened after the death of his wife, at times leading to professional setbacks and failures. Poe died at age 40 of unknown causes, though a number of explanations including complications of alcoholism, heart failure, cholera, syphilis and even rabies have been suggested. 

Lovecraft, born in 1890, was only three years old when his father had a psychotic episode and was committed to a mental asylum for the remainder of his life. Once his father was committed, Lovecraft was raised primarily by his domineering mother, with help from two maternal aunts and his maternal grandfather, all of whom lived with the mother and son. Lovecraft, though a prodigy, was prone to ill health, anxiety and night terrors as a child, and suffered from anixiety and self-imposed isolation at times throughout his life. His mother was eventually committed to the same institution as his father after suffering mental health problems of her own. Like Lovecraft's father, his mother died in the asylum. H.P. Lovecraft died of cancer, nearly penniless, at age 46. Unfortunately, his talent wasn't duly recognized until after he died. 

Lovecraft and Poe are today highly acclaimed for their macabre tales of horror, of which there are too many notable titles to name. Luckily for those interested in becoming more familiar with the works of both Poe and Lovecraft, many can be accessed online. These stories are perfect for the time of year when darkness comes early and there's much talk of the horror found upon midnights dreary.

Visit this link for the works of Edgar Allan Poe

Visit this link for the works of H.P. Lovecraft

-Via Open Culture | Image: Made from portraits on Wikipedia

The Tolkien Fan

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Even if you couldn’t see their faces, it should be obvious which of these Tolkien fans is the older one. Sigh. This comic from CommitStrip is labeled “a true story.” Share this with someone young and let us know if you have to explain it. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Freddy And Jason Get Murderous Makeovers In Lady Killers

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Freddy and Jason went from two ordinary names to monikers synonymous with pure evil thanks to horror movies, but these average joes of the slasher world are in desperate need of a makeover.

Freddy revamped his scare tactics by making real life feel like a movie in Wes Craven's New Nightmare, and when Jason X went to space he got a snazzy new mask and cybernetic implants, but these changes simply aren't enough.

(YouTube link)

Thankfully, Nerdist and Andrew Bowser knew exactly what to do with those classic killers to bring them back to life in style- they gender swapped 'em.

Lady Killers stars Adrianne Curry as Freddy, and cosplayers Abby Dark Star as Jason and Leanna Vamp as Ash, and it's the perfect combination of cheesy, geeky and slasher-y to get you in the Halloween spirit!

(Barely NSFW due to language)

Jimmy Kimmel Identifies Anonymous Hero

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(YouTube link)

Remember the stranger who ran into a burning house to save a man? He left the scene without talking to the media, and managed to lay low for a couple of days. But Jimmy Kimmel found out his name is Tom Artiaga and invited him to a taping of Jimmy Jimmel Live! That’s when Artiaga’s cover was blown, so he could receive some recognition -and appropriate rewards for an avid baseball fan. -via Viral Viral Videos

More Mesmerizing Glass Sculptures from Ben Young

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In June, we showed you some of the amazing sculptures that Ben Young, an artist in New Zealand, makes by carefully cutting and layering sheets of glass. His medium is an especially effective way of conveying the texture and movement of water. Some of his recent work, such as this sculpture of a lighthouse, illustrates Young's skill.

Young calls this piece "Lonesome Light." The waves of glass appear to pound the lighthouse, which juts above the sea on a mound of rock that appears both solid and fragile in the raging storm.

Mystery Busters - A Shaggy Ghost Dog Story

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Mystery Busters by Legendary Phoenix

They're the original mystery solving teens, who enjoy a good unmasking and are always stylin' when they're profilin', but what would those meddling kids do if they encountered an actual ghost? They wouldn't stand around like a bunch of busters, they'd pick up some proton packs and battle those ghosts until they ran out of Scooby snacks. One thing's for certain- after years of battling bad guys they ain't afraid of no ghosts, or a king sized sandwich!

Add a supernatural cartoon crossover to your geeky wardrobe with this Mystery Busters t-shirt by Legendary Phoenix, it's tastier than a scooby snack and way cooler than wearing a cravat!

Visit Legendary Phoenix's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more frightfully good designs:

Navi 2.0 Life Found Vault Buster Magnetism Problems

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Celebrities And Their Historical Twins

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It’s not uncommon for celebrities to become famous based largely on their looks, and even the best actors can have their careers boosted by the fact that they’re good looking.

(Jennifer Lawrence and Zubaida Tharwat/Image Link)

These famous faces are chosen because they appeal to the masses, but what if that visual appeal is somewhat subconscious?

(Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rose Wilder Lane/Image Link)

Maybe the studio heads are choosing their next A list faces based on familiarity, a feeling they’ve seen that face somewhere before?

(Ben Schwartz and Leon Trotsky/Image Link)

Check out these pictures of 20 Celebrities and Their Historical Twins and you’ll see that famous faces tend to come back around after a while, and while some of the similarities are arguable many are too close to be denied.

Ebola (A “Lola” Parody)

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Ebola jokes can be tasteless or scary, and could cause offense among those who are truly frightened of the virus. But no one takes public health more seriously than ZDoggMD, the musical alter ego of Dr. Zubin Damania.

Too soon, you say?

Actually, not soon enough. The US media hysteria around this illness is ripe for ridicule and it’s time we stepped up before someone else does it even more tastelessly.

Yeah, it’s a clever song parody, but the purpose of it is to warn against misinformation and panic regarding the disease. The duet features Devin Moore from the band Rabbit! (Incidentally, a Z-pack will do nothing against a virus.) Read more at ZDoggMD.

The Quotable Doctor Zoidberg

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In the world of Futurama there is only one Decapodian doctor you should call when you need your limbs snipped off, or a tongue depressor shoved in your ear- Zoidberg.

He’s the lonely lobster with the funny accent, and even though he seems like a total dweeb he actually has some wise words to share with the world, if you can stand listening to him long enough to hear them!

Zoidberg isn’t a philosopher, or a sage, he’s just an ordinary guy looking for the occasional dumpster sandwich to nibble on as he makes his way through the world of the far flung future.

Take a look back at Zoidberg’s beautiful mind with these 20 Hysterical Dr. Zoidberg 'Futurama' Quotes, and the next time you're looking for a quote to bust out at a dinner party you'll think "why not Zoidberg?"

Disney Princesses Are My (Imperfect) Feminist Role Models

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As I grew up in the 1970s, I recognized that the Disney princesses I’d enjoyed at the movies were not good role models for my own future daughters. But by the time I had daughters, there was a whole new generation of princesses, and they were each progressively a bit more relevant to real life. Of course, each was criticized, but then the protagonist was usually improved upon in the next princess movie. Caroline Siede looks at the different ways the princesses are role models for young girls.   

Belle is defined by her intelligence and love of reading. Princess Jasmine—the only supporting character in the entire princess line—openly declares she’s not a prize to be won. Mulan disguises herself as a man and saves China from invasion. Tiana goes from waitress to business owner thanks to her own determination. Merida and Rapunzel reject the limiting lifestyles their parents try to force on them. Like Snow White, these female-driven films found massive success at the box office, and like Frozen they actively subvert expectations of Disney princess storytelling.

And while Moana deserves ample praise for centering on a woman of color, Disney has actually done a fairly good—if delayed—job diversifying its princess line. So far the company has turned a Middle Eastern princess, a Native American chief’s daughter, a Chinese warrior, and a black business-owner into four of the most recognizable characters in pop culture with remarkably little fanfare. Meanwhile, we’ve yet to have a single superhero movie centered on a character of color.

Even looking back at the three classic era princess movies: Snow White, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty, they were breakthrough films when considered in the social context of their time. As the progressive arc from Snow White through Frozen continues, we are looking forward to Disney’s next princess movie, Moana, in 2016. Read Siede’s full article at Boing Boing.

Faces of Fright: Scary Halloween Makeup

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  "Creepy Monster" | Image: The Painting Lady

Killer makeup jobs like these can take an average costume to the next level. Bored Panda asked for creepy makeup user submissions; these are a few of the 117 submissions thus far. From oozing flesh wounds to evil, toothy clowns to pierced and punctured zombies, these makeup masks are a wide range of nightmare fodder. See more unnerving makeup art here. 

  "Terrifying Zombie" |  Image: Imgur

"Ripped Flesh Wound" | Image: redeyedemon

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Life in Paris

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When Rosecrans Baldwin, the author of Paris, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down, took a copywriting job at a French advertising agency and relocated from Brooklyn to the 3rd arrondissement, he imagined a life of baguettes, croissants, and other fine carbohydrates. The reality of expat living in Paris, he soon learned, was a little bit more complicated.

1. There’s an actual psychological disorder called Paris syndrome. It occurs when a tourist arrives in Paris and is so distressed to find the city does not meet his or her romantic expectations that it causes a breakdown. It strikes about a dozen people each year. Japanese visitors are particularly susceptible, possibly due to the über-romantic image that Paris holds in Japan. The Japanese embassy once repatriated several sufferers with a doctor or nurse aboard the plane.

2. Parisian doctors work from home. Not all of them, of course, but the physician I saw did. It’s unsettling to walk through a doctor’s living room, past her children’s things, to reach an examination room full of medical equipment. She also answered her own phone and could always see me within a few hours. At the time, I wondered if she was really a doctor.

3. McDonalds is perceived by lots of people to be a wholesome restaurant. But the French still eat their takeout in classic French style: over several courses. Lots of my French co-workers would get takeout from there nearly every day. A few chicken nuggets to start. Then a burger, possibly two burgers -un Big Tasty or un Royal Deluxe- plus fries and perhaps a beer. This was followed up by a small house salad, then dessert (no French meal is complete without dessert). All of this was consumed over the course of 45 minutes, with plenty of time for casual conversation.

4. The French are very polite, especially to one another.

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366 Weird Movies You Need To See

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            Image Credit: Audubon Films

The first weird film I ever remember seeing was Eraserhead when I was just a teenager, and man did it mess with my head.  What I had noticed days after watching it was, unlike most films, Eraserhead stuck with me. It seeped like black oil into my subconscious and just seemed to stay there. From that moment on, I have had a bit of an obsession with weird movies. Movies that are not afraid to tell unconventional stories. Movies so strange and surreal, most would ignore them. So you can only imagine my delight when I found the site 366 Weird Movies. I feel lot like Charlie when he got his golden ticket today.

On most sites, you may get one or two top ten lists of weird movies, but this a site devoted to them. Now if you don't mind, I need to go spend the rest of my life going through this website and finding wonderfully twisted movies to lose myself in.

Endangered Species Postage Stamps for 2014 Released

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U.S. stamps

The United Nations Postal Administration (UNPA) has released a set of 12 stamps illustrated with beautiful artwork of endangered species. For the last 21 years, the UNPA has issued this stamp series in order to raise awareness of the need for protection of endangered animals across the globe.

The sets for 2014, all of which are pictured here, were released yesterday. Each 2014 stamp features a marine animal. There are three sets: United States, Swiss and European. The U.S. stamps depict Denise's pygmy seahorse, the whale shark, scalloped hammerhead and the Asian arowana. Swiss stamps include the arapaima, basking shark, largetooh sawfish and Siberian sturgeon. European stamps feature the humphead wrasse, great white shark, giant manta ray and the paddlefish. 

American artist Amadeo Bachar created the artwork for the 2014 series. His background in marine biology and scientific illustration made him a particularly qualified artist to handle the task. Bachar's work has been featured in National Geographic and Scientific American, among other prominent publications.

See more of Bachar's work at his website. The stamps can be ordered here.

-Via i09 | Images:

Swiss stamps

 European stamps

Five Nights At Freddy's 2 Trailer Ups The Scares Considerably

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(YouTube Link)

Last week, we posted a video of adults reacting to the video game, Five Nights at Freddy's. A PC game where you essentially play as a security guard working at a place where the old-school animatronic characters come to life at night and try to hunt you down when you're not looking at them. It is a tense and twisted game filled with awesome jump scares, and is somehow even more enjoyable when you are watching someone else play it and try not to pee themselves.

Well, good news for people who appreciated the great game and appreciated the joy of watching others scared by it, as it seems we will be getting a chance to experience more of it very soon.

And you thought YOUR job was bad? 

Cheese Whoopie Pie Is Wonderfully Disgusting

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A whoopie pie (pictured below) is a cookie that consists of vanilla creme inside two little chocolate or gingerbread cakes. Nash Ruin, the Vulgar Chef, made one out of cheese-like food products (content warning: foul language). He shaped the shell out of macaroni and cheese, added in egg yolk, then microwaved it until it kept a solid form. Then he used Easy Cheese for the creme filling.

(Photo: seelensturm)

Pirates Only Want You For Your Booty - Shiver Me Timbers!

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Pirates Only Want You For Your Booty by Odysseyroc

Pirates are a mighty singleminded group, and their main mission in life is to get their hands on some booty. Some plunder treasure troves looking for a payday, others storm villages and shake down residents for their share of the loot, and then there are those who have a totally different definition of booty. These swingin' swashbucklers know the value of a bird in the hand, and they can't wait to get some alone time with a damsel in distress so they can show her that pirates really know how to pillage!

Bring some yar matey yucks to your geeky wardrobe with this Pirates Only Want You For Your Booty t-shirt by Odysseyroc, eye patch and parrot not included.

Visit Odysseyroc's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more ridiculously cool designs:

Skeleton Jack's Halloween Town Pumpkin Ale You'll Shoot Your Eye Out Time, Space, Graffiti Ken and Ryu's Street Fighting Academy

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Photographer Reveals The Cheesy Glory Of The Holy Land Experience

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Portland based photographer Daniel Cronin made a pilgrimage across the country to Orlando, Florida and beheld the glory that is The Holy Land Experience theme park, and he discovered a religious theme park is an extremely amusing place after all!

The Holy Land Experience is fully of kitschy biblical experiences, like watching Jesus “walk on water”, and plenty of horrifying experiences too, like witnessing the crucifixion all up close and personal-like.

The one thing THLE is lacking, however, is rides, because who needs rides when the whole park is such a moving experience?!

THLE is run as a non-profit by the Trinity Broadcasting Network, which was co-founded by Tammy Faye Bakker and is now run by equally cheesy "religious personality" Jan Crouch.

Jan couldn't help but put a cardboard cutout of herself in the park, standing right next to Jesus, because modesty is clearly one of her strong suits.

Daniel's photographic journey through this horrifyingly tacky theme park is shot in a very tongue-in-cheek manner, which seems like a natural way to shoot the park, because how can anyone take this place seriously?

-Via Juxtapoz

13 Halloween Costumes That Fail So Hard They Win

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                       Image Credit: The guy who took it and will never admit to it so we'll never know.

You ever see a Halloween costume that is SO awful, it transcends that status and becomes its own work of art? I have, and it is amazing. A costume that is so bad it is awesome can sometimes be better than a costume that is just plain awesome. Does that make sense? Just look at the Homer Simpson above as a perfect example of this ideology. It is awful, it is terrifying, but if you were at a Halloween party with that and went home, that would be the costume would you be most likely to remember still, days later. That says something. Good or bad, I'm not sure, but it says something.

So if you take as much pleasure in Halloween faux-pas as I do, this list of 13 Halloween Costumes That Fail So Hard They Win will be right up your alley. You have to give these people credit for trying. Not a lot of credit, mind you, but at least some. D for effort seems fair.

Men Try On Ladies’ Sexy Halloween Costumes

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(YouTube link)

Have you ever heard the saying, “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander"? Well, take a gander at these guys who are willing to try on sexy Halloween costumes designed for women. Sure, the costumes are overly revealing, poorly-constructed, and mostly just dumb. But at a few points, the fellows start to enjoy it. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Conan O'Brien and Madeleine Albright Get into a Hilarious Twitter Fight

John Farrier 2

Conan O'Brien is a comedian and late night talk show host. Madeleine Albright was the U.S. Secretary of State from 1997 to 2001.

At the age of 77, Albright is not known for stunning good looks. But, then again, neither is O'Brien. Nonetheless, O'Brien decided to make fun of Albright's appearance in a recent Tweet.

Albright responded and clearly bested him in the verbal duel. 

-via Popehat

13 Classic Scenes that Explain How Horror Movies Work

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There are certain aspects of horror films that tend to get used over and over because they just work. If you want to craft a good story, you need to know how to harness the power of darkness, the long tracking shot, the juxtaposition because ordinary life and the nightmare, the suspenseful reveal, and other aspects of storytelling on film. But honestly, you don’t have to care about filmmaking at all to enjoy this article, because it’s got video clips of classic scenes narrated to illustrate each concept, so you don’t even have to read anything. -via Metafilter

Canadian Hero Receives Standing Ovation in the House of Commons

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(Video Link)

Kevin Vickers, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Parliament of Canada, ended the terrorist attack in Ottawa yesterday by shooting the killer.

Many of Vickers's duties are ceremonial, such as carrying a decorative mace into the chamber of the House of Commons when it opens. But the more important responsibility of protecting the members of Parliament, employees, and visitors from violence is also his. Vickers took that duty very seriously yesterday when he retrieved a handgun from his desk, ran toward the gunfire, and slew the terrorist.

Parliament reconvened today. Vickers entered as he usually does during the ceremony. But this time, those assembled gave him a long, standing ovation for his service.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

Gritty Television Shows Get A Niceness Makeover

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In the entertainment worlds of movies and television nice almost never appeals to viewers, unless the viewers are young and easily entertained.

Grown folks like a bit of grit with their story sandwich, which is why shows like Breaking Bad and Game Of Thrones have become mighty popular in the world of televised entertainment.

So what would our favorite shows look like after receiving a niceness makeover?

Probably a lot like these comic strips created by Tony Wilson of Dorkly, in which he presents nicer versions of four favorite TV shows- Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Hannibal and the most radical remake of them all- Thomas The Nice Engine. 

-Via GeekTyrant

I Can Has Brain Burger - This Cat Has Some Strange Cravings

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I Can Has Brain Burger by Stephanie Jayne Design

Mister Mittens was hooked on cheeseburgers, and as you can imagine this addiction was ultimately his undoing. One day Mister Mittens choked on a cheeseburger and died, but a zombie virus running rampant through the feline populace brought him back to life hungrier than ever. He found himself craving a different kind of cheeseburger, something with a more unique flavor. Ground beef wasn't going to cut it any more- Mittens needed some grade A ground brains on a bun, and the humans all around him didn't seem to be using theirs...

Add some cerebral humor to your geeky wardrobe with this I Can Has Brain Burger t-shirt by Stephanie Jayne Design, it's deliciously dark and creepy cute!

Visit Stephanie Jayne Design's Facebook Fan Page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more frightfully fun designs:

Occupy Stomach There's A Walking Carpet On My Starship Master Sword In The Stone Hello Dragon

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