Spoofing the Son

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You would be forgiven for first thinking this is one of those “30 years later” photo recreations, but no. The phone is a giveaway. Redditor perianderson took his son’s Facebook profile picture and recreated it with his wife. The resemblance is uncanny. He’s already ordered a poster-sized version of this picture to give to his son. Someone did a face swap between the generations, and you really couldn’t tell any difference in the father and son. The resemblance between the mother and the friend is coincidence -or is it? A fine attempt at enjoying one of the great rewards of parenting -embarrassing your kids. If the son is not embarrassed when he sees it, that just means he is as cool as the rest of the family. 

Don't Be Hatin' On My Regeneratin'

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They See Me Regeneratin' They Hatin' by AmdyDesign

When those robots see me rollin', regeneratin', they always get all fired up because they hatin'! Bow ties are cool, regenerating is cool, time travelling doctors are cool, haters are not. Don't be hatin' on his sonic screwdrivin' abilities, he's the lord of time doctorin' and a master of space travellin', word to your mummy.

Keep your fashion hater free with this They See Me Regeneratin' They Hatin' t-shirt by AmdyDesign, it's sure to bring some geek love your way!

Visit AmdyDesign's official Website, Facebook and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more neat designs:

Time and Space - Colour Geronimo Bigger on the Inside The Doctor's Tomb

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11 Weird Varieties of Scotch Eggs

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The Scotch egg is a delicious staple of British pub food. Traditionally, it consists of a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage crumbs, then deep fried. One source traces it back to Eighteenth Century London (sorry, Scotland) where it was a traveler's snack for sale in Piccadilly.

The humble Scotch egg has inspired a lot of creativity in kitchens around the world. For example, pictured above is Jessie Oleson's sweet version made with Cadbury Creme Eggs. We featured it last year. It's one of 11 unusual takes on Scotch eggs. 

If you want to know all about Scotch eggs, then you should consult Forever Eggsploring. It's David J. Constable's website devoted to finding "the very best Scotch egg in the land." Constable exhaustively researches all things related to Scotch eggs.

(Video Link)

It's through his site that I learned about how Fortnum & Mason, a British food company, produced the largest Scotch egg in the world. Its chefs used an ostrich egg as the core. They wrapped 5.5 kg of sausage meat around it. Then the chefs deep fried and baked the assembly. When it was done, their 6.95 kg Scotch egg won a Guinness World Record.

Tom, the manufacturer of Big Butz BBQ Sauce, created what he calls the Bacon Cone Scotch Egg Sundae. He candied bacon, then baked it a lattice around a cone form. Then he served two large Scotch eggs inside as though they were scoops of ice cream in a cone.

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The Cats of YouTube

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(YouTube link)

Artist and filmmaker Richard Swarbrick drew illustrations of the most popular cat videos of the past few years and animated them to make this video. You will recognize them all, because we posted the originals here as they were produced, and because he captured the essence of the originals so well. In other words, this is good. -via Uproxx

An Up Dollhouse

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For the past few weeks, artist James Hance (a Neatorama favorite) has been working on a dollhouse for his daughter Maddy. When she wakes up on Easter morning tomorrow, she'll find this amazingly detailed recreation of the house from the Pixar movie Up. I hope that James has ballasted it properly so that it doesn't float away.

Bagvertising - Creative Shopping Bag Designs

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Shopping isn’t supposed to be a boring chore, it’s supposed to be fun and the whole experience should make people feel good about their purchases.

Part of the retail shopping experience is branding, and a clever design or catchy slogan can really make your company stand out from the competition.

An easy way to spread the word about your company among shoppers is with a clever shopping bag design that's both eye catching and memorable, a bag to bring folks into the store which is often referred to as bagvertising.

Check out this collection of 30 Of The Most Creative Shopping Bag Designs Ever

This Week at Neatorama

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Happy Easter and Happy Passover, everyone! I hope the weather is looking as good for you as it does where I live -the sun is shining, the dogwoods are blooming, and the tomato seedlings can stay outside 24 hours a day. If the April showers will hold of just long enough to plow the garden, I’ll be set. Between family gatherings this weekend, I hope you can find some time to catch up on what you may have missed this past week here at Neatorama. I’ve got some links to make it easier for you.

The pilot episode of the new Twaggies video series debuted here last weekend. It’s called Grammar Nazi’s Rock? featuring animated illustrated Tweets. Look for more episodes soon!  

John Farrier told us 15 Facts You Might Not Know about Murder, She Wrote.

He also gave us a look at 11 Stunning Dune Tattoos.

Tiffany explained what she learned about The Kindergarten Tribes.

Eddie Deezen gave us A Few facts You May Not Know About Mickey Rooney.

We had two book excerpts this week. 3 Awesome Experiments Dads Can Do With Their Kids came from the new Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments.

Over on the Neatorama Spotlight blog, Cannabis Under The Microscope was a sampling of the photographs from Ford MaCann’s book of the same name.

5 Legendary Art Trials was from mental_floss magazine.

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader told us The Origin of the Fork.

John Farrier asked what Miyazaki movie was your favorite in the post If Hayao Miyazaki Films Were Like Other Anime. So far, the poll shows Spirited Away to be the overwhelming favorite.

We have another poll that is also a contest, or actually we need your help to determine the winners of a contest (what power we are giving you!) in the post Help Us Pick A Contest Winner By Letting Us Know What to Write About. Not only are you helping to select a contest winner, but someone is going to have to write that article!

In the What Is It? game, the mystery tool is an ice pick. A serious ice pick. Your funny answers were good, too. One came from tchitchou, who said, “That's an old device used to curve bananas. This version is no longer used because workers were cutting their fingers too often. A round version is now used.” That’s good for a t-shirt from the NeatoShop! Phil and Buster had a winning answer, too: “This is a device my third grade teacher used to demonstrate the difference between a dull ache and a sharp pain.” Ha! Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to everyone who played. See the answers to all of the mystery items of the week at the What is It? blog.

The non-giveaway post with the most comments this week was What The "Average American" Will Look Like In 2050 with 1-Sided Die following.

The most popular post was Gender Swapped Disney Characters. In second place was Incredible Photo: Snake Eats Centipede, Then Centipede Eats Snake and What The "Average American" Will Look Like In 2050 came in third.

The post that got the most ♥s was The Best Beaver Experience of My Life, followed by Artist Unveils Final Design For Edgar Allan Poe Statue. In third place, we had a tie between Bunny Snake Is Ready for Easter and Meet Little Miss Sunshine. The most-emailed post was Librarian Job Posting Has Specific Harry Potter Requirements.

The most popular post this week at Homes and Hues was Camping has Never Looked This Good.

Over at the Neatoramanauts Facebook page, the biggest post of the week was Cooking with Yoda. Make sure to follow Neatorama on Twitter and Pinterest, too!

The list of new independent artists contributing to the designs at the NeatoShop continues to grow. Alex has categories like funny t-shirts, science t-shirts, and sci-fi t-shirts, but there's a lot of combinations and crossovers, so you should look through all of them. I guarantee there's one that's perfect for someone in your circle who is graduating this year!

We've got more great stuff planned for next week here at Neatorama. Have a great weekend!

Caleb Cole Wears Other People's Clothes

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Photographer Caleb Cole is having a bit of an identity crisis, and he’s trying to work through it by becoming other people.

His photographic journey of self discovery knows no bounds, and he’s not afraid to wear a dress or ill-fitting clothes in order to find himself whole once again.

The photos in Caleb's series "Other People's Clothes" are equal parts introspective, absurd and enlightening, somehow showing us more about Caleb than any normal self portrait series ever could.

Here's what Caleb has to say about this fascinating series:

“Though I am the physical subject of these images, they are not traditional self-portraits. They are portraits of people I have never met but with whom I feel familiar, as well as documents of the process wherein I try on the transitional moments of others’ lives in order to better understand my own.”

-Via Beautiful/Decay

Cats in Shades

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(YouTube link)

The Shironekoshiro cats, the most laid-back cats in the world, enjoy a little springtime outside with their fashionable sunglasses protecting their eyes. If you have a couple of minutes, you can watch Tyatora, Shiro, and Chibi soaking up the sunlight. If you don’t have that much time, just pretend this is a still photo. -via Tastefully Offensive

3 Dev Adam: The Bizarre Turkish Film in Which Captain America and a Mexican Wrestler Fight Evil Spider-Man

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The monstrous gangster Spider-Man rules the dark streets of Istanbul. Julia, Captain America's girlfriend, goes to help the police end the web slinger's menace. But when Spider-Man's henchmen capture Julia, it is up to Captain America and Santo, the masked Mexican wrestler, to save her and crush Spider-Man's gang.

You got that? Okay, then you're ready to watch T. Fikret Uçak's 1973 cinematic masterpiece 3 Dev Adam. Read all about it at VA Viper. You can watch a selection embedded below. It includes the unintentionally hilarious use of a guinea pig as a torture device at 2:04.

I'm a bit skeptical that this movie was made with the permission of Marvel Comics.

(Video Link)

Houdini Honey Badger

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(YouTube link)

Honey badger will not be contained! Stoffel the honey badger was raised in captivity and cannot fend for himself in the wild. He now lives at the Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre in South Africa. But he’s too dangerous to let roam around the other animals, and he’s a master of escaping any enclosure they design for him. This is a clip from the BBC2 series Natural World.  -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Charcoal Cheese Is Made of (Guess What) Charcoal

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(Photo: Manor Farm Shop)

It's not just a name referring to the color. The Michael Lee Fine Cheeses Company in West Yorkshire, UK, really makes cheese made with charcoal. The company describes it as a "creamy, mature cheddar blended with charcoal." It won the Best New Idea award at the 2014 Farm Shop & Deli Show.

Amy Birkin, a representative of the company, told the Sleaford Target that it wanted to make a black cheese to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the 1984 miners' strike in Britain.

-via Weird Universe

You Win Or You Die

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You Win or You Die by Tom Trager

War may seem like a game, with knights and pawns taking to the battlefield to wage war for the throne, but in this game there are no winners, only survivors. Four noble houses will battle it out for the fate of the kingdom, who will come out on top in this fantasy war?

You will if you're wearing this You Win or You Die t-shirt by Tom Trager, it's a bold way to declare your allegiance both on and off the battlefield.

Visit Tom's official Facebook page, then check out his NeatoShop for more awesome designs:

Classy Quotes Justice Obey The Mother of Dragons Bending Legend

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Bloody Ludlow

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Sunday is the 100th anniversary of the Ludlow Massacre in the coal mining region of Colorado. In the fall of 1913, 11,000 miners went on strike, protesting dangerous work conditions and low pay. Evicted from company housing, they set up a tent city for months. The mining company, CF&I, responded by patrolling with an armored car with a mounted machine gun, shooting at the strikers occasionally. There was violence on both sides, with company officials and strikebreakers also fired upon. The National Guard was called in, to the relief of the strikers. But instead of providing protection from violence, the Guard was used to escort scabs into the mines and confiscate striker’s firearms. Matters came to a head on April 20, 1914.

No one knows who fired the first shot. Some soldiers would later testify that the strikers’ bullets were already whizzing at them when an officer set off the three explosive charges that had been prepared as a signal for battle. Others would recall hearing the explosions before any shots. Witnesses on both sides remember a lone figure, Louis Tikas, waving a white handkerchief and running frantically back to the tents, trying to head off disaster.

It was already too late. The militia opened fire on the men in the railroad cut. Linderfelt arrived, and the machine gun was installed on a slight rise overlooking the colony. As the day wore on, shots issued from the tents, and the militia returned fire. Officers would later testify that they’d seen women fleeing earlier and didn’t know there were any noncombatants left in the colony, but it seems hard to believe that the soldiers weren’t aware that the flimsy tents contained scores of the defenseless and unarmed.

As troops tried to close in on the shooters in the railroad cut, Private Alfred Martin was shot in the neck — the first and only militia fatality of the day. A passerby, trying to negotiate the road between the colony and the militia, was killed instantly. Eleven-year-old Frank Snyder, who’d left the protection of a cellar during a lull in the shooting, caught a bullet in the head as he sat in his family’s tent.

That night, the tent city burned, and two women and eleven children were found dead of suffocation in a cellar. In response, the miners went on a ten-day rampage, dynamiting mine facilities and shooting. Six strikers and 24 mine employees were killed during this period before President Wilson sent in federal troops. Somewhere between 69 and 199 people were killed over the course of the strike. Read an account of what happened at Ludlow at Westword.  -via Metafilter

Pharrell Williams's "Happy" without the Music

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(Video Link)

Clap along if that's what you want to do. But it will seem a bit odd, especially to people around you.

Pharrell Williams's smash hit song "Happy" has seen many creative variations and editions, including one with Star Wars characters. This one by House of Halo, though, doesn't change the dance routines or the characters. It just deletes the non-vocal music from the track.

-via Nerdcore

The Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum

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May 23rd will mark the 80th anniversary of the ambush in which Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were gunned down by police in Lousiana. In Gibsland, Louisiana, the son of one of those police officers runs a museum called The Bonnie & Clyde Ambush Museum. There, you can see photographs and exhibits from Bonnie and Clyde’s career in crime and of that day in 1934 when they died.

“There’s actually no tellin’ how many times they were wounded,” said “Boots” Hinton, son of Dallas County Deputy Sheriff Ted Hinton, the youngest of six law enforcement officers who ambushed Bonnie and Clyde. Living in Gibsland, Louisiana, where he runs the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum in the rundown town eight miles north of the actual ambush site, Boots insists it was an old school method of detective work that brought the outlaws down: a prescription bottle in the floorboard of an abandoned car in Michigan; testimony from waitresses and store clerks; and major highways and back roads canvassed to catch the gang on the move.

Today, Boots is happy to talk about what he knows with anyone who stops in the Bonnie and Clyde Ambush Museum. He recalls stories his father told him in the years after the final shootout, and he sees his place at the museum as a testament and honor to his father’s wishes: to tell what really happened not only on that fateful day in rural Louisiana, but across the timeline of the Barrow gang’s reign.

You can learn quite a bit of that story without even going to Gibsland, in an article with plenty of pictures at Atlas Obscura.

How to Have An Easter Egg Hunt For Cats

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(YouTube link)

Watch these cats try their paws at an Easter egg hunt -they look confused at first, but there’s catnip and cat treats all over the place! And toys to play with! And these eggs roll around so nicely! It seems like a lot of fun, but my cats would rather be out looking for real bunnies, chicks, ducks, and frogs. One cat keep eyeing the ducks and geese down at the river, but they are all bigger than he is. The cats from Furball Fables enjoyed their hunt, without all the competitiveness you see in human egg hunts. -Thanks, Chase!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Easter Eggs

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(Image: unknown)

The senior officers of the Enterprise-D are ready for the annual Easter egg hunt. Everyone looks happy about it, except for Worf. That's because he's afraid that Riker will once again get the most chocolate eggs.

Nitpick: Data should have 2 and a half rank pips, not 3. He was a Lieutenant Commander, not a full Commander.

-via Between the Pages

College Professor Suspended Over GOT Quote on Daughter's T-shirt

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Francis Schmidt is an art and animation professor at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. He is also a Game of Thrones fan, as is his family. In January, Schmidt posted a picture of his 7-year-old daughter doing a yoga pose while wearing her father’s t-shirt to Google+. The t-shirt had a quote from Game of Thrones printed on it:  “I will take what is mine with fire & blood.” The college dean saw the picture and called Schmidt in to speak to college officials, who asked if the photograph “represented a threat against the dean.”

Schmidt said the Human Resources and security officials who interviewed him seemed unfamiliar with the show, so he searched for the quote on Google and came up with 30.8 million hits.

He said the interview, however, led to his suspension without pay and a trip to a psychiatrist before he was cleared to return to campus.

Schmidt said he asked the officials why they thought the slogan was threatening, and one said “when you see the word fire, then someone shows up with an AK-47 here shooting everybody,” he said.

“I had no idea what to say to that. For God’s sake, I’m a middle-aged art professor,” Schmidt said. “I don’t own any firearms.”

For one thing, the shirt is obviously mass-produced. For another thing, there was no mention of the college or the dean in the Google+ post. And the shirt was worn by his child! One explanation is that the college is going through some struggles: the faculty is working without a contract and have cast a no-confidence vote against the school’s president. The labor dispute must have the entire administration on edge -so much that none of them can watch TV or read about pop culture. Schmidt has since been reinstated, and given back pay for missing the first week of the semester. -via Uproxx

Who Killed Piggy Palmer? - Muppets Dressed As Twin Peaks Characters

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There have been all kinds of strange examples of Muppets mashup art making their way onto the interwebs, from the kinda freaky look of Muppet zombies to the extremely terrifying Muppets as real people, but the latest mashup making the rounds is disturbing both visually and mentally- The Muppets as Twin Peaks characters by illustrator Justin DeVine

Miss Piggy is cold, lifeless and wrapped in plastic, Gonzo is doing his weirdo dance in the Red Room, and Kermit Cooper is too hopped up on coffee to find Piggy’s killer, truly the darkest days ever experienced by the puppet troupe.

David Lynch productions are already pretty strange, but think about how strange Twin Peaks would have been if it had starred the Muppets!

-Via Flavorwire

Hermit In A Half Shell - Dragon Power

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Master of Turtles by Theduc

Have you ever wondered who trained the kung fu fighting rat that trained those mutant turtles in the art of ninja combat? It was that kooky old hermit with the turtle shell on his back, a collector of dragon power and master of martial arts. He's a hermit in a half shell, full of dragon power!

This Master of Turtles t-shirt by Theduc features a cartoon combat crossover sure to take your geeky wardrobe from A to Z.

Visit Theduc's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more masterful designs:

Triangle DB art Yellow Power Toto-Beach

View more designs by Theduc | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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The Ultimate Cosplay Hero - Captain Patch-It

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A new hero has emerged on the swag littered floor of fandom conventions, a selfless superstar who brings much needed supplies to cosplayers weary from a day of posing for pictures and pushing through crowds.

He is Captain Patch-It, and his superpower is being prepared for almost any cosplay emergency, armed with everything a cosplayer in peril might need- glue gun, safety pins, thread and needles, all kinds of tape including duct and electrical, scissors, hair pins and a helping hand.

Captain Patch-It made his first appearance at Supanova Melbourne, and he’s hoping to inspire convention goers to form their own chapter of the International Cosplay Corps, so they can help other cosplayers in need at conventions across the globe.

-Via Kotaku

22 Fun Facts About Clueless

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The 1995 film Clueless was a favorite coming-of-age film for a large section of the internet generation. It made an entire cohort think of “Cher” as a different person from who the rest of us think of. But as for any movie, there are a lot of fun facts behind the scenes you probably didn’t know. For example, as much as writer-director Amy Heckerling studied teenage girls to write the dialogue, not all of the humor came from the script.

3. The "Haitians" Mispronunciation Was All Silverstone.

You know how Cher rallies for America opening its borders to the Haiti-ans? The script read "Haitians" and Silverstone made an honest mistake. But before producers could rush in and correct her, Heckerling demanded they let her go. "I had to stop them," she remembers. "It was much funnier the way she said it. That was Cher."

4. Reese Witherspoon Could Have Been Cher.

Witherspoon already had a few film roles to her credit in The Man in The Moon, A Far Off Place and Jack The Bear. Silverstone only had the Lolita-horror feature The Crush on her filmography. But with no pressure from the studio to cast stars, Heckerling picked the ingénue who she felt had "that Marilyn Monroe thing" that captured "a vague notion in my head of Cher as a pretty, sweet blonde, who, in spite of being the American ideal, people still really like."

There are plenty of video clips to accompany 22 Fun Facts About Clueless at mental_floss.

Peeps Versus A Red Hot Ball Of Nickel

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(Video Link)

Sugary snacks have been an Easter tradition ever since a human-sized rabbit crawled out of a cave and laid a giant pink chocolate egg, or something like that, and one of the most iconic Easter snacks are Peeps- those marshmallow birdies and bunnies that look cute and taste like a giant pile of sugary fluff.

Peeps are very colorful, and therefore fun to watch meet a fiery end, whether blowing up in a microwave or expanding to epic proportions in a vacuum chamber, but this year Peeps are meeting their end in a hot new way- death by red hot ball of nickel.

If you can't eat them, turn them into a giant molten pile of goo!

-Via Geekosystem

5 Legendary Art Trials

Miss Cellania 1

Taking masterpieces to court is a tradition as old as the legal system. So is letting them off the hook.

1. India Balks at Arundhati Roy’s Matchmaking

Released in 1997, Indian writer Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things won Britain’s prestigious Booker Prize. It also won the attention of outraged locals. But it wasn’t the scenes of incest or pedophilia that offended these critics. Instead, the book—a complex tale involving multiple time lines and generations along with plenty of political intrigue—drew jeers because it told a love story between members of different castes.

Roy, an outspoken political activist, was accused of “corrupting public morality” and faced obscenity charges in her home state of Kerala. According to Roy, while the judge didn’t want to punish her, he also couldn’t ignore the local government, which found the book offensive. So he put off making a decision—for 10 years!

THE VERDICT: When a new judge finally took on the case, he dismissed the charges. That may seem like a victory, but Roy’s fiction career ground to a halt in the interim, and she still hasn’t produced a follow-up novel.

2. The U.S. Government Confiscates Underwear

American artist J.S.G. Boggs makes money. Literally. Boggs draws intricately detailed bank notes, crafting whimsical takeoffs of actual U.S. currency. Unlike legal tender, however, Boggs’s bills feature his own signature as “Secret of the Treasury.” One of his works is worth “tan dollars.” Sometimes the bills are bright orange and issued from the Florida United Numismatists (they have FUN scrawled across them in giant letters). Others bear the portraits Boggs believes they should have—Harriet Tubman is featured on one, while Boggs’s self-portrait modestly graces the $5,000 bill.

What makes his art dicier is the performance component. Boggs barters with people, offering to pay for goods and services with his hand-drawn bills but only for items of lesser value—a $10 bill for a $9.75 meal, for instance. Change and a receipt must be provided. He also trades exclusively with people who are unfamiliar with his legend. Unfortunately for Boggs, U.S. law forbids color illustrations of currency unless a big NONNEGOTIABLE is slapped across the front in quarter-inch-tall letters. From 1990 to 1992, Secret Service agents raided exhibits in Boggs’s study, his home, and his Carnegie Mellon University office. They seized more than 1,000 pieces of his artwork. And not just bills—they also took “rugs, cakes, cookies, and underwear with images of money on them,” Boggs says.

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1-Sided Die

John Farrier 4

A 4-sided die is a pyramid. A 2-sided die is a coin. What's a 1-sided die? It's a Möbius strip. No matter how you throw it, the die will always land on its only side. Awesome Dice developed it for role-playing games, such as Dungeons & Dragons.

Now to the obvious question: why would you ever need a 1-sided die?

It's a way of resolving conflicts that come up in gaming sessions. Sometimes there are argumentative players who press a game master to randomly roll outcomes rather than verbally lead the players along a storyline. When you have such a player in your group, get out your 1-sided die.

The creators put it this way:

Imagine this all too common scenario faced every day by D&D DMs around the world: your group is in a dungeon crawl. There’s a room with a pie in it, and the pie is guarded by an orc. If the characters open the door, one of these things happen:

1. The orc attacks

That’s it, there’s only the one option. So the characters do indeed open the door and the poor DM consults the chart. Unfortunately the smallest die type he has is a d4, so our DM has no choice but to roll the d4 over and over until he gets a 1 before he knows what the orc is going to do.

This is exactly the situation that 1-sided dice are designed to solve. Now the DM can grab the d1 and quickly roll just one time, see what the orc will do, and get on with the action of the game. In this way 1-sided dice make your game move faster and better.

-via Marcel Ledbetter

Dancing on a Street Corner

Miss Cellania 3

(YouTube link)

Andrew Wilcox lost a basketball game to his brother, for the first time ever. They had a bet on the game that the loser had to dance on a street corner in Provo, Utah, to whatever music the winner selects. He thought it was going to be humiliating, until people started joining him! The obvious reaction: “And that, kids, is how I met your mother.” -via reddit

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