If I Had Known My Mother Back Then

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Graphic artist Danielle Delph shows us a very personal project in which she combed through old family photographs and matched some from her childhood with those of her mother’s childhood. And then combined them.

I've always wondered if my mom and I would have been friends had we grown up together. Would we be in the same classes? Would we have the same sense of humor? Would people tell us we're inseparable? After seeing myself in her childhood photos, I'm pretty sure we would have been great friends..

Melding the images gives us a pair of intergenerational best friends. See the sweet results in six images at Delph’s website. You can tell who is who by the hairstyles and clothing. -via mental_floss

Horror Short: Mockingbird

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The helplessness of an infant is something most horror writers and directors wont even tread on. They know it is too much for some people to even try to fathom, so they don't touch it. For that reason, when someone does finally tread, it can be even more terrifying a thought because we so rarely "go there".

This leads us to Mockingbird. An amazing little horror short from the crew over at FEWDIO. It takes the idea of the helplessness of a child to new heights, all while never showing us a thing. Just using the simplicity of a haunting nursery rhyme and great sound design to drive the horror home. Don't worry, it's not gory. It's very disturbing, but not gory. When horror is this scary, it doesn't have to be gory.

I have said this about Fewdio's work before (seriously, go spend a few hours on their YouTube page after you spent a few hours here) and I will say it again: they do more with horror in two minutes than most full length, big budget, million dollar films. Hell, here they only needed a minute and a half.

TARDIS Console Jack-o'-Lantern

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This exquisitely carved jack-o'-lantern by Melissa, the Empress of Squee, shows the main control room of the TARDIS. The console is an orange with seeds for the controls. Very clever!

Hopefully someone expands on this idea and creates a jack-o'-lantern that shows all of the other rooms of the TARDIS, including the swimming pool, the bedrooms, the wardrobe, and the armory.

-via That's Nerdalicious!

A Complete List of What Every U.S. President Drank

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(Photo via Kate Shapiro)

If you're the President, you may feel the weight of the nation and the world on your shoulders. But that doesn't mean that you can't pour yourself a tasty alcoholic beverage and rest a bit.

Most Presidents of the United States drank alcohol. What drinks did they like? In his book Mint Juleps and with Teddy Roosevelt: A Complete History of Presidential Drinking, Mark Will-Weber describes what Presidents have knocked back. He wrote a summary for the New York Post. Here are a few selections:

George Washington
Washington sold whiskey (made near Mount Vernon), but he probably rarely, if ever, drank it. The formula was about 60% rye, 3% corn and a very meager amount of malted barley. As for his favorite drink — he loved dark porter (laced with molasses) that was made in Philadelphia. […]

Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson’s huge wine purchases helped bring him to the brink of financial ruin. […]

Andrew Jackson
When he wasn’t fighting Indians or the British, the Hero of New Orleans made and sold whiskey. He offered and drank whiskey as a matter of social routine when guests visited him. […]

Chester A. Arthur
When a representative of the Temperance movement tried to pressure Arthur into a no-liquor policy in the White House, he thundered: “Madam, I may be the president of the United States, but what I do with my private life is my own damned business!” […]

Grover Cleveland
Grover mostly drank beer, and lots of it. He and a fellow politician once took a vow to hold themselves to four beers a day. When they found this too arduous a task, they simply switched to larger beer steins. […]

Teddy Roosevelt
Teddy liked Mint Juleps and used them to entice his cabinet to come play tennis with him at the White House. He used fresh mint from the White House garden:

10 to 12 fresh mint leaves “muddled” with a splash of water and a sugar cube
2 or 3 oz. of rye whiskey
¼ oz. of brandy
Sprig or two of fresh mint as a garnish […]

Warren G. Harding
Even though Harding was president during Prohibition — and it was unlawful to transport liquor — he habitually stashed a bottle of whiskey in his golf bag and thought nothing of taking a pop before he teed up. (He rarely broke 100, so that might explain it.)

Calvin Coolidge
“Silent Cal” drank very little, but he was very fond of Tokay wine. The Coolidge Cooler was concocted by Vermont Spirits on Cal’s birthday:

1.5 oz. of Vermont White vodka
½ oz. of American whiskey
2 oz. of orange juice
Club soda

-via Ace of Spades HQ

How to Give a Panda His Medicine

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(YouTube link)

You think trying to work on a computer with a curious cat around is hard? This poor zookeeper needs to dose two young pandas with medicine, but they have other things in mind- like climbing, cuddling, and playing! It appears akin to trying to teach something important to a roomful of preschoolers at their peak energy time. And you can’t give medicine during a nap! -via Daily Picks and Flicks

MacReady Exterminating - They Ain't Afraid Of A Thing

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MacReady Exterminating by Joefixit2

Do you have a pest problem that requires some specialized attention? Is your compound crawling with things? Then you need to call MacReady Exterminating, the only game in town that knows how to handle radical pest problems that would send the other guys running for their lives!

MacReady Exterminators are equipped with the latest thermo tracking devices, fast acting poisons and high impact traps, and if that's not enough they're also armed with flamethrowers and explosive charges, to make absolutely sure those pests stay gone for good.

Add some horrifically fun advertising to your geeky wardrobe with this MacReady Exterminating t-shirt by Joefixit2, and let your t-shirt do the talking!

Visit Joefixit2's official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more horrifically fun designs:

Guardian Escape Plan Blue Box Petrol Pink Fiction Humungus Premium Gasoline

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President of Belarus Declares His Nation's Sausage Free of Toilet Paper

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(Photo: government of Belarus)

Comrades, our moment of liberation is at hand! Alyaksandr Lukashenka, the President of Belarus, has declared that toilet paper is completely absent from the sausage that his nation produces. This, he says, is in sharp contrast to the sausage of neighboring Russia. The dictator, referring to himself in the third person, told reporters that Belarus has kept the food standards that it maintained while it was in the Soviet Union. Radio Free Europe reports:

He told Russian reporters on October 17 that Russia had lowered its food-quality standards after the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union "while we, thanks to Lukashenka, retained state standards."

"Belarusian [food] is of substantially higher in quality. There is no toilet paper in the salami and never was," he said.

He added that "such facts have been discovered at Russian enterprises -- toilet paper, soy, all kinds of additives."

-via Popehat

Ten Cool Products Invented by Kids

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Hart Cain of New Philadelphia, Ohio, pictured above, was thirteen years old in 2010. At the time, his sister was selling candles for a school fundraiser. Hart didn't like the girly scents of his sister's wares. It made him reflect on candle scents that would appeal to men. He went on to produce the candles, called "man-cans," which feature scents such as leather baseball mitt, gunpowder, freshly cut grass, bacon and pizza. 

Hart's candles are also unique in that they are contained by soup cans, the soup from which he donates to soup kitchens. Thus far, this enterprising young man has donated 80,000 cans of soup to feed the disadvantaged.  

Read about nine more kid innovators here.

Image: man-cans.com

Artist Gives Grandma's Ceramic Figurines A Black Metal Makeover

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Thrift store shoppers come across ceramic figurines all the time, figurines which probably remind them of their grandma’s house, but one savvy shopper saw those tchotchkes as an opportunity to make some seriously cool art.

Portland based artist Tom LaBonty started purchasing those ceramic thrift store treasures and giving them ghastly makeovers, and the results are spook-tacular! 

They no longer look like something that would fit in at grandma’s house, unless your grandma has a dungeon in her basement, but their new life as harbingers of doom somehow makes them look even more precious.

Just look at how cute this little girl is carrying around a scythe that's twice her size!

-Via Dangerous Minds

Forecast: Dog Takes Over Weather Report, Variable Conditions Expected

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YouTube Link

This hilarious footage shows a Canadian weather report that goes to the dogs when Edmonton weatherman Mike Sobel attempts to give the forecast while holding Humane Society visitor Ripple on a leash. Ripple, a mastiff mix only wanting to play, plays too powerfully for the television personality to handle while explaining weather conditions and gesturing at the screen. The forecast might indicate "calm conditions," yet in the studio it's a different story! Make sure to watch at around 1:20, when things really start to get wild. -Via Viral Viral Videos

New Unicycle Design Promises to Make One-Wheeled Travel Easier

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This is a unicycle? But where's the flame throwing bagpipes? As counter-intuitive as it may seen, Shane Chen's Lunicycle is a highly-functional unicycle.

Besides the conspicious absence of a set of flame throwing bagpipes, Chen's stripped-down design also lacks a seat. What it does have leg supports which permit the rider to squeeze his/her legs against the fame. This provides additional stability.

(Video Link)

-via Inventor Spot

Spicing Up Supreme Court Coverage

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(YouTube link)

News from the Supreme Court is extremely important, but since cameras are not allowed during hearings, the audio-only TV coverage is far from interesting. John Oliver has a wonderful idea to get people to watch SC news stories: use footage of dogs! To that end, his production team made an entire reel of “stock footage” which can be used to illustrate any sound bite from Supreme Court hearings. Each individual Justice is included, as well as lawyers and other court employees. 

(YouTube link)

And in case you like that idea, here is the entire reel, which can be excerpted as necessary. There is no soundtrack, but once you start watching, you won’t want to stop. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

24 Outrageous Stories about Prince

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Tastes in music are subjective. One person's musical trash is another's treasure. Some much prefer one or two genres over any others. Some like music across nearly all genres. To some music lovers, Prince Rogers Nelson, known as Prince, is a musical genius. When his music must be fit into a category, such as in a music store, Prince is often labeled R&B. But his musical style is actually a blend of many genres and influences, including pop, rock, jazz, rap, funk, new wave and even gospel. 

This year is the 30th anniversary of his album Purple Rain. Particularly after that 1984 release, Prince has been considered by those in the industry as a musical force with which to be reckoned. The recording is often listed among the best music albums in history.

But as the saying goes, there's a fine line between genius and madness. "Madness," in that context, ranges from simple eccentricities to severe phobias and behaviors that few could understand. Strange stories abound about Prince, as over the years, he's established himself as one odd, purple duck. Some dismiss him as a jerk. Others give him a wide berth, accepting his quirks.

One story related by his ex-wife Mayte Garcia involved Prince installing a beauty salon in their extravagant, Spanish-style home. Yet Garcia was instructed by her husband not to use this in-home service. "I always went out if I needed my hair done," she said. "The salon wasn't for me, it was for my husband. Prince needed his space."

Read 23 other outrageous Prince stories here. See Prince perform live on the November 1 episode of Saturday Night Live, in which he will be the musical guest to host Chris Rock.

The Horror Movie House Quiz

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When you watch a horror film, you can be excused for not remembering the details, like the architecture. But maybe you’ve seen these movies more than once, or maybe even recently. Can you identify the houses, haunted or not, from Hollywood’s biggest horror movies? The first one in the Buzzfeed quiz is a gimme, especially if you’ve followed Neatorama for a few years. The rest, well, you’re on your own. I scored eight out of ten, which is more of the movies than I’d actually seen, because I’m a good guesser.

Butter or Margarine?

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YouTube Link

You're cooking a meal for the one(s) you love, thus you'd like to serve them and yourself the healthiest versions of delicious foods. One recipe calls for butter. As you do the grocery shopping, you stop and look at all the possible versions of that ingredient. Butter. Margarine. Low-cal and low-fat. Which one is best for you? ASAP Science provides information that can help make the healthiest choice, if we so choose. -Via Science Dump

R.V. Invaders - Why Walk With The Dead When You Can Ride In Style?

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R.V. Invaders by Gordon Brebner Designs

They used the Winnebago as their mobile safe zone, a travelling compound that would shelter them from the apocalyptic storm and act as a barrier between the living and the undead. When things got extra hairy, with too many of the walking dead for the Chieftain to simply drive over, Dale would take to the roof with his rifle and pop off some head shots until the coast was clear. Just having the R.V. around made Dale feel a little safer, and somehow it felt like home in a world where the living had to roam like nomads...

Add some apocalyptic pixel art to your wardrobe with this R.V. Invaders t-shirt by Gordon Brebner Designs, and get your geeky game on!

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Don't Call Me Chicken Animals Crossing My Jaeger Totoro How To Train Your Dragonborn

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Whodunit: An Attack of Gas

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The following is a Whodunit by Hy ConradThese mysteries are from The Little Giant® Book of Whodunits by Hy Conrad and Matt LaFleur. Can you solve the mystery before you read the solution?

(Image credit: Flickr user Ann Fisher)

The island of Canary Rock had no police force and none was really needed—not until the fateful morning when Gerald Espy was found dead in his bed. The millionaire had been laid up with a broken leg, and although the local doctor was adept at setting bones, he was not well versed in murder. It wasn't until he saw the dead cat curled up in a corner that he even suspected foul play.

"Poison gas," the inspector guessed when he arrived. An empty glass container on the table was the primary evidence. "Pour one chemical on another." He pointed to the dead flies on the windowsill at the east end of the room. "In less than a minute everything in the room would be dead."

The body had been discovered by Espy's son, Melvin. "I was out with some friends on my boat. I dropped them off at about midnight, then motored back to Canary Rock. There were no lights on at the house, but every now and then the moon would peek through. I figured Dad was asleep. So I locked up the house and went straight to bed. This morning, I went to check up. He was dead."

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Anonymous Hero Carries Man out of Burning House, Then Disappears

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This is Dodgers Fan Man, a hero whose identity remains a secret. He is known only for his L.A. Dodgers ballcap and for, more importantly, carrying an elderly man out of a burning house.

(Video Link)

On Saturday, a duplex in Fresno, California caught on fire. Beth Lederach was driving in the area when she noticed it. She parked and recorded the video above. The rescue occurs at the 1:28 mark. There are shouts of alarm when the people in the area realize that an elderly and infirm man is still inside the building. But, suddenly, Dodgers Fan Man appears, carrying the old man over his shoulder! He put the man down, then disappeared. Carmen George writes for The Fresno Bee:

“I couldn’t believe it,” Lederach said. “I was so relieved, I just wanted to cry.”

The rescued man — whose identity also was not released — was transported to a hospital for smoke inhalation, said Kris Townsend, a spokesman for the Fresno Fire Department.

The rescuer appeared to have "come out of nowhere,” Lederach said. “He just calmly walked right in there and then came walking right back out with this guy.”

Lederach said the rescued man “was visibly shaken and wiping his brow; very sweaty.”

-via Huffington Post

Al Crego Animates Street Art

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Original street art and photo by Artestenciva. Animated GIF By A. L. Crego.

Laughing Squid put together a list here of some street art that artist A.L Credo ended up animating, and it is stellar. While the works themselves are remarkable, seeing just a dab of animation added to them seems to breathe even more life into the already staggering work. 

They are small touches in every piece, but just enough to breathe a little life into them all.

A Tale of Momentum and Inertia

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(vimeo link)

A rock creature does what he has to do in this really short story from House Special. I love how expressive his face is; it's the exact opposite of the “stone face” you’d expect. And since it’s just animation, you can laugh without feeling guilty. -via reddit

Movie Posters Superimposed over Real Life

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Jaemy Choong is a graphic designer in Malaysia. Lately, he's been posing people behind movie posters, expanding these famous scenes to provide additional details to the stories. You can view them all on his Instagram account.

The E.T. poster is brilliant. Hopefully it inspires J.J. Abrams as he works on Star Wars.

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The Dead Are Walking Again...Better Blend In With These Cool Zombie T-Shirts!

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It seems people are growing accustomed to seeing the dead rise from their graves and walk amongst the living, and when folks make a TV show about it the population goes nuts! 

But don't forget- a real life zombie apocalypse is no laughing matter, and you're better off being prepared to either smash some zombie skulls or blend in with the walking dead.

Good thing the Neatoshop has a mighty fine assortment of zombie themed t-shirts and merchandise, so you can gear up and stay alive in style!

The zombie apocalypse doesn't start with a roar- it always starts quietly, with a hungry look in the eye of the infected

Tea Time of the Living Dead by Doodle Dojo

Suddenly people around town start looking mighty strange

Zombie Punk by Jesse W. Campbell

They start getting all handsy, and toothy, with you, as the infection starts to spread

A Cold Welcome by BinaryGod

And before you know it people all around you are hungry for human flesh

Flesh of Zombie by bykai

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This Cool Induction Plate Heats Any Size Container In No Time

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Water, milk, hot coco can all be heated with this cool induction plate and rod set that works for any size and any liquid. It saves energy by turning off as soon as the liquid reaches the proper temperature and by heating only as much as you need -no more. 

The rods simple design means it's easy to clean, even if you use it to heat up soup, chocolate syrup or any other messy substance.

Read more about the neat design over at Homes and Hues: This Cool Electric Kettle Lets You Heat Only What You Need

The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872

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The following is an article from Uncle John's Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader

(Image credit:  Flickr user  kawaiikiri)

 Most stories have the moral at the end. But we’ll put it right up front: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


One evening in February 1871, George Roberts, a prominent San Francisco businessman, was working in his office when two men came to his door. One of them, Philip Arnold, had once worked for Roberts; the other was named John Slack. Arnold produced a small leather bag and explained that it contained something very valuable; as soon as the Bank of California opened in the morning, he was going to have them lock it in the vault for safekeeping.

Arnold and Slack made a show of not wanting to reveal what was in the bag, but eventually told Roberts that it contained “rough diamonds” they’d found while prospecting on a mesa somewhere in the West. They wouldn’t say where the mesa was, but they did say it was the richest mineral deposit they’d ever seen in their lives: The site was rich not only in diamonds, but also in sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other precious stones.

The story sounded too good to be true, but when Arnold dumped the contents of the bag onto Robert’s desk, out spilled dozens of uncut diamonds and other gems.


If someone were to make such a claim today, they’d probably get laughed out of the room. But things were different in 1871. Only 20 years had passed since the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in California spiked the greatest gold rush in American history. Since then other huge gold deposits had been discovered in Colorado, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. A giant vein of silver had been found in the famous Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1859, and diamonds had been discovered in South Africa in 1867- just four years earlier. Gems and precious metals might be anywhere, lying just below the earth’s surface, waiting to be discovered. People who’d missed out on the earlier bonanzas were hungry for word of new discoveries, and the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 opened up the West and create the expectation that more valuable strikes were just around the corner. When Arnold and Slack rolled into town with their tale of gems on a mesa and a bag of precious stones to back it up, people were ready to believe them.


The next morning the two men went to the Bank of California and deposited their bag in the bank’s vault. They made another big show of not wanting anyone to know what was in the bag, and again they let some of the bank employees have a peek. Soon everyone in the bank knew what was in it, including the president and founder, William Ralston. He had made a fortune off the Comstock Lode, and had his eye out for the next big find. Ralston didn’t keep the men’s secret, and neither did George Roberts: Soon all of San Francisco, the city built by the Gold Rush of 1849, was buzzing with the tale of the two miners and their discovery.

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Deep Fried Candy Corn

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Amy of the wonderful food blog Oh, Bite It! is committed to proving that anything can--and therefore should--be deep fried. We've previously seen her deep fry Twinkie spring rolls, tequila shots, and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. More recently, she took on candy corn, a traditional Halloween candy.

The process was straightforward. Amy made circles of canned crescent roll dough, then wrapped them around a few kernels of candy corn. Then she deep fried the dough balls and dusted them with powdered sugar.

Adventure Tee - All The Components Of A Cool Cartoon Show

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Adventure Tee by Tom Trager

Every adventure is made up of many different parts- people you meet along the way, items and weapons you use to complete your quest, and the bad guys who try to stand in your way. These are all the parts that make up one totally awesome adventure, the factors that run through your head as you prepare for action. It's a good idea to keep these things in mind when you're battling your way across this dangerous world, because then you'll be ready for whatever craziness comes your way.

Bring the elements of an amazing cartoon show to your geeky wardrobe with this Adventure Tee t-shirt by Tom Trager, it's mathematical!

Visit Tom Trager's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty cool designs:

The Scoobies Stewart For President Quinn Of Hearts Breaking Xmas Sweater Style

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OSU Marching Band Does Classic Rock

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(YouTube link)

When Ohio State played Rutgers on Saturday, TBDBITL marched and gave us a tribute to classic rock. The complicated formations include a pinball machine (during "Pinball Wizard," of course) and a musician smashing a guitar onstage. Honestly, we really don’t post the Ohio State Marching Band’s halftime show every week, just when it’s awesome. -via Uproxx

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