Brilliant Idea: Reverse Bowling

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(Photo: Joe King)

Tripp and Tyler are the comedians who previously brought email cliches into real life and developed a subtle way to get people to pay attention to you. In this video, they introduce a great idea for a sport: reverse bowling.

(Video Link)

In bowling, your goal is to knock down as many pins as possible. In reverse bowling, your goal is to knock down as few pins as possible without landing your balls in the gutter. Their description begins at the 2:13 mark in the video. The scoring system doesn't change, except that a gutter ball is worth 10 points and the winner is the person with the lowest score. You can play in a regular bowling alley so as long as you keep up with your gutter balls.

Just Food - Take That Tink!

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Just Food by Ouno

She seems like a such a big presence on the screen, all full of moxy and attitude, but many creatures in the Hollow see her and her fellow fairies as nothing but food. Tinker and try as they might to make their lives safer in the Land of Never those fairies are just no good with tools, and magic has dulled their sense of creativity. So don't be surprised if a fairy tries to hitch a ride on you while you're travelling around Never, take it as a compliment that fairies would rather ride a stinky human than be eaten by a mantis!

Bring some deliciously dark humor to your geeky wardrobe with this Just Food t-shirt by Ouno, it's totally magical!

Visit Ouno's official website, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightful designs:

Dexter White The Last Move The Capture

Logic Evolution

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Woman Sees Her Dead Brother's Face on Another Man for the First Time

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(Image: 9News)

Rebekah Aversano says, "This is the face I grew up with."

(Photo: AP)

In 1997, Richard Norris's face was blown off in a terrible accident. Five years later, plastic surgeons attempted a revolutionary new type of treatment: a full face transplant. Surgeons have performed this operation since 2005. 23 of the 27 transplants have been successful. In this happily successful surgery, the donor was 21-year old Joshua Aversano, who died in a car accident.

Recently, the Australian news program 60 Minutes introduced Norris to Aversano's family. He met his donor's sister, Rebekah. 

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Thirteen Best and Worst Modern Horror Movie Remakes

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The Ring, Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th, Everett

In this heavy atmosphere of Hollywood remakes, popular seventies and eighties horror movies are a logical place for the rebooters-that-be to mine for potential ticket sales. Depending on their general attitudes toward remakes, some horror fans may already be skeptical or even dreading the "new and improved" versions of their seminal favorites. 

In this article, three writers evaluate a dozen remakes of modern horror classics and give their take on how the films measure up in terms of quality. Check out their opinions and feel free to weigh in with your own. 

Elite Ladies Earn "Wife Bonuses" for Being Stay-at-Home-Moms

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Wednesday Martin is an anthropologist who is currently studying the natives of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. She and her family are living amongst the locals, trying to integrate into tribal life in order to better understand them. Martin has discovered a unique phenomenon among the elite mothers there: wife bonuses. These are annual financial incentives that mothers earn from their husbands in exchange for reaching certain performance benchmarks. Martin writes in the New York Times:

And then there were the wife bonuses.

I was thunderstruck when I heard mention of a “bonus” over coffee. Later I overheard someone who didn’t work say she would buy a table at an event once her bonus was set. A woman with a business degree but no job mentioned waiting for her “year-end” to shop for clothing. Further probing revealed that the annual wife bonus was not an uncommon practice in this tribe.

A wife bonus, I was told, might be hammered out in a pre-nup or post-nup, and distributed on the basis of not only how well her husband’s fund had done but her own performance — how well she managed the home budget, whether the kids got into a “good” school — the same way their husbands were rewarded at investment banks. In turn these bonuses were a ticket to a modicum of financial independence and participation in a social sphere where you don’t just go to lunch, you buy a $10,000 table at the benefit luncheon a friend is hosting.

Women who didn’t get them joked about possible sexual performance metrics. Women who received them usually retreated, demurring when pressed to discuss it further, proof to an anthropologist that a topic is taboo, culturally loaded and dense with meaning.

I read Martin's article when it came out 2 weeks ago. I considered posting it at Neatorama, but passed because the story seemed to fanciful to be real. But now a woman who earns a wife bonus has come forward to confirm the story. Polly Phillips, the wife of a wealthy petroleum engineer, writes in the New York Post that she earns every penny of her wife bonus. Most recently, she spent her bonus on new shoes:

These pricey pairs of designer footwear will join a lineup of Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Diane Von Furstenburg and Rupert Sanderson heels and a closet crammed with handbags from Prada, Chanel and Anya Hindmarch. Every single one was bought with one of my annual bonuses — the nod from a happy boss for a job well done.

But, in this case, the boss in question is my husband, Al. The role he’s rewarding me for is my work as a stay-at-home wife and mother. And the luxury labels are purchased with the “wife bonus” — 20 percent of his own company bonus — that I’m proud to receive for putting his career before my own, and keeping our lives together.

After all, he readily admits that, without me staying at home with our 19-month-old daughter, Lala — not to mention the support and understanding I offer when his work intrudes on our home life — he couldn’t do his job. And he also knows that if we hadn’t followed his career abroad, I might still be doing very well in my own.

Phillips does insist that her bonus isn't tied to her activity. It's just a fixed portion of her husband's bonus. I'd like to hear from one of the moms that told Wednesday Martin about her wife bonus.

-via Marginal Revolution | Image: Amazon

The Best Game Of Thrones Infographics Money Can't Buy

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In the world of fandom related infographics there are the crappy advertising type infographics that don’t contain well researched information, or any real info at all, and then there are the awesome visual info charts that tell you lots of good stuff quickly and please the eyes to boot.

(Image Link)

The more popular a fandom franchise becomes the more infographics seem to pop up online, and since everyone in the world seems to be suffering from Westeros flu at the moment it makes sense that Game of Thrones themed infographics are as popular as a rain poncho at a red wedding.

(Image Link)

But how can you find a bunch of infographics that will tell you what you want to know about the show and won’t make your eyeballs bleed?

You check out this collection of 15 Incredibly Important Game Of Thrones Infographics and watch your geeky world become a paradise of visual information!

(EDIT: As I looked closer at this collection I noticed that a few of the infographics included are indeed used to advertise stuff like cable TV and internet ad software. But they're all posted in a very viewer friendly size on Dorkly so you can enjoy looking through them there without clicking on advertiser links!)

Slave Leia Tinker Bell

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(Photo: David Ngo)

Cosplayer Jessica--the internet's Maid of Might--has made a niche by altering Princess Leia's iconic slave outfit from Return of the Jedi with Disney characters. In the past, she's done Rapunzel, Elsa, and Ariel. Now she's working with Tinker Bell from Peter Pan. Cosplay builders Mantinum Industries made this outfit for Jessica, which she wore last week to FanimeCon in San Jose, California.

Suggestion: let's see a slave Leia version of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.

300 Rockets at Once

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Inventor Colin Furze, who you might remember from his pneumatic Wolverine claws, jet-powered bike, and many other videos, wanted a special video to celebrate his million YouTube subscribers. So he set of 300 rockets at once in a short but spectacular fireworks display that I hope he warned the neighbors about.

(YouTube link)

There’s no mention of a visit from the police, so I guess the fallout was benign. You can also see a video about preparations for the stunt. -via Viral Viral Videos

New Chrome Extension Changes Word "Millennial" to "Snake People"

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No matter what you think about Millennials chances are you don’t think of them as snake people, but if you do, and you use Chrome, then this is your lucky day!

A crafty new Chrome extension created by Eric Bailey hunts down and transforms the word “Millennial” into the words “Snake People” in every document you encounter online.

Eric either has an axe to grind with Millennials, or he's a Millennial who's just having a bit of fun with the net. Either way, you’ll never have to see that terrible word online again if you don’t want to. 

The extension also changes "Generation Y" into "Serpent Society" and "digital natives" into "Parseltongues", both of which are vast improvements in my book.

-Via Mashable

Want: A Cat Library

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Redditor Loocylooo works for a county government in the southwestern United States. The county animal shelter has a facility in the front lobby of her office building: a cat library. Employees who work in the building can check out a cat for up to an hour at a time. They can also adopt a cat from the cage, which has led to so far over 100 adoptions.

This is brilliant! And regular libraries could do this, too! Most library management systems have reserve modules, so it's just a matter of barcoding the cats, adding them to the circulating reserves collection, then making them available to library patrons. When the lending period is over, patrons could return the cats at the book/cat drop or the circulation desk.

Standard reserve requirements would stand: no interlibrary loan or in-system transfer. Heavy fines would apply for late returns.

-via Tastefully Offensive

From Donation Bin to Sotheby's: How a Rare 19th-Century Bible Almost Got Away

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John Marks volunteers with the group Friends of Knight Memorial Library, and found himself pricing donated books for a vintage book sale to benefit Knight Memorial Library in Providence, Rhode Island. Last year he priced a five-volume Torah called The Law of God at $100, since there were no guidelines for the set. Luckily, no one bought it.

Marks: On Saturday, it went out for the live sale. A couple hundred people walked right past it. Doug and I thought it had potential, so we stood off to the side and watched, but nobody even looked at it. So Doug asked me if I would put it up on eBay using my personal account, since I buy and sell stuff all the time. I said, “Sure, but I can’t do it immediately because I’m not going to put something on my own eBay account unless I really know what I’m talking about.”

I must have been having writer’s block or something because I started looking into it that Monday. I started on eBay, looking up the completed sales, but there was nothing. I thought, “This thing didn’t come from a UFO, let’s see what Wikipedia has to say.” And it was there that I learned that “The Law of God” was the first English-Hebrew, facing-page translation by a Jew rather than a Protestant. This was major; this had to be worth something. Since the book had been published in Philadelphia, I did a search of all the Jewish booksellers in Pennsylvania, and sure enough, I found one that had sold a Leeser Pentateuch—for $6,500.

The Law of God is going up for auction in June, and is expected to bring between $4,000 and $6,000. Marks went deeper into the history of the five volumes, printed in both English and Hebrew, and of Isaac Leeser, who wrote the translation. We also get a look at what it was like to be Jewish in America during the Civil War, at Collectors Weekly.

Farmer Is Breeding Pigs with More Ribs

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(Photo: Edwin)

Look at the barbecue photo above and imagine a better future--if such a thing is even possible!

Jeff Braun, a farmer in Mount Gambier, South Australia, has bred pigs for the past 30 years. Pigs are unusual in that they can vary in the number of ribs, ranging from 13 to 17 ribs. Braun wants to breed pigs to have 16 or 17 ribs, which increases their meat capacity. Additionally, longer sows have larger udders that produce more milk. ABC reports:

"A sow has double the butter fat and double the milk solids in its milk compared to a dairy cow and when we look at the 21-day litter weights we are now achieving, it has to produce more milk solids in a day than the best dairy cows in the world," Mr Braun said.

"We can alter the length and the capacity of that udder as we change the length of the middle.

"By selecting for sows with 16 to 17 ribs we can get 30 per cent more udder capacity."

Most sows at Myora Farm now deliver 21-day litter weights of more than 100 kilograms.

"Europe is typically averaging 80 kilograms," Mr Braun said.

"This has enabled us to now produce a 100 kg live weight animal by 16 weeks of age, which is also some of the highest growth rates of animals in the world."

Myora Farm pigs are also resistant to E. coli and the next goal is to eliminate all respiratory diseases, along with the need to administer vaccinations.

-via Modern Farmer

Royalty - Cross The Drawbridge And Take Your Place On The Throne

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Royalty by Wooded Illustrations

You've been walking around with the blood of the royals pumping through your veins all this time and yet you haven't had a t-shirt that reflects your regal heritage. Well, all that's about to change when you slip on this Royalty t-shirt by Wooded Illustrations and make your life a fantasy wonderland!

This mysterious and majestic shirt invites viewers to take a trip to another time, when stone castles towered above the landscape and life wasn't complicated by technology. And with such a fantastically unique design on your shirt you're sure to wow the masses wherever you go!

Visit Wooded Illustrations's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more wondrous designs:

Lost In A Book Congo Stranger In A Strange Land Drag

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Duck is Excited to See Jonny

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(YouTube link)

Jonny has a pet duck named Nibbles. But Jonny has to go to school and leave Nibbles at home. When Mom goes to pick Jonny up at the bus stop, Nibbles goes along and is ecstatic to see Jonny get off the bus. That’s a good duck. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

7 Tricks For Appearing Smarter Than You Are

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Are you looking for a way to alter people’s perception of your intellectual capacity? Tired of people thinking you’re “not the brightest bulb in the box” simply because you don’t wear glasses and you always have a beer in your hands?

Then you need 7 Tricks For Appearing Smarter Than You Are, a guide to brainy bluffing that doesn’t require the use of more brainpower.

This handy dandy illustrated guide created by Samantha Lee for Business Insider will walk you through amazing perception altering tricks like- wearing glasses, not holding a beer in your hands, wearing a tailored suit, and many (exactly four) more!

Remember folks- infographics like this shouldn't be taken too seriously, because you're only as smart as you think you are!

See the full version of 7 Tricks For Appearing Smarter Than You Are here

Swimming Through Millions of Jellyfish

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(Video Link)

In the Pacific island nation of Palau, there's a seawater basin called Jellyfish Lake. Approximately 13 million jellyfish live in its waters. Most of them are Golden jellies (Mastigias papua etpisoni) and Moon jellies (Aurelia aurita), both of which sting so softly that they effectively can't harm humans.

So it's a popular diving spot. Visitors swim in the pristine blue waters surrounded by millions upon millions of these beautiful creatures. YouTube user mikeyk730 was among them. He shot this video showing himself immersed in a blue universe of jellyfish. The music that accompanies his footage is Ludovico Einaudi's "Nuvole Bianche."

-via Colossal

Free Hugs? Let's Try Free Slaps Instead!

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Perhaps you've occasionally seen a man standing on the street corner offering free hugs. Don't judge me because I'm lonely.

The Japanese comedy troupe Guts and Death offers a different take on the practice. Its members stood in a busy area of Tokyo and offered to let people slap them--for free! Some people hesitated to slap with any force. Others seemed to enjoy it a bit too much.

(Video Link)

I want to see if this works in America. Let me go find one of Neatorama's interns.

-via Lawrence E. Forbes

China's Top 10 Fake Foods

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(Image Link)

Even though China has contributed all kinds of good things to the world, from fireworks to pasta, the country has become known as the home of fake- fake products, fake companies and the place to go when you want an imitation product made for cheap.

Usually this fakery is limited to valuable goods like electronics and fashion accessories, but China is apparently also home to some ingeniously inedible fake foods.

(Image Link)

There are street vendors peddling cement chunks in walnut shells, which are wrapped in paper so they don’t rattle around, fake rice made out of potatoes and plastic, and fake eggs made out of various chemicals and gelatin. Oh the lengths people will go to just to make a buck!

See China's Top 10 Fake Foods here

MIT’s Cheetah Robot Lands the Running Jump

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MIT’s Biomimetic Robotics Lab created the Cheetah. Now it has become the first four-legged robot to “see” and jump over hurdles in its path while running. When you think of the many instant calculations that a flesh-and-blood animal must do to accomplish this (even though they do it quickly and constantly), this robot is all the more impressive.

(YouTube link)

It won’t be so cool when these things are chasing you. Take some comfort in the fact that robotics engineers type in anagrams the way I do and “algorithms” comes out as “algrotihms.” -via reddit

Stayin' Alive With The Electric Knife Orchestra

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Most orchestras merely bore you to death, or bore through your skull with cymbal crashes and French horn blasts, but this deadly mechanical orchestra of knives can slice you to bits as it lulls you into a musical coma!

(Vimeo Link)

These cutting edge orchestral devices were created by artist Neil Mendoza, a guy who knows a thing or two about sharp notes.

His keen machines crank out a rather robotic rendition of the Bee Gees hit "Stayin' Alive", hypnotizing the viewer to come in for a closer look, so the music can really sink in...

-Via Boing Boing

20 Excellent Scientists in Mainstream Film and TV

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Who are the best pop culture scientists? Meaning, the ones that are smart, accurately portrayed, and are not trying to take over the world. Den of Geek ranks twenty of them on intelligence and ethics, plus how they represent real scientists. There are some caveats, because movies and TV differ so much. How do you compare a character on a sitcom who happens to be a scientist to one who saves the world in a film? You may disagree with the results, but it’s nice to take a closer look at the scientist characters they selected and an explanation of why they ranked where they do.

10 Of The More Quotable Kramer Moments On Seinfeld

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Cosmo Kramer may not be the best employee, or the best neighbor, but he’s aces when it comes to doling out bad advice, dressing like a hipster dufus and spouting super quotable sayings.

You probably shouldn’t live by Kramer’s words or follow his example in terms of lifestyle, but ever Seinfeld fan knows it’s easy for quotes coined by Kramer to come up in conversation.

(YouTube Link)

From the ever popular"These pretzels are making me thirsty!" to the lesser known "If I had a kid I'd name him Isosceles. Isosceles Kramer", they're (not quite) all here for your viewing pleasure!

See 10 Quotable Kramer Moments at Uproxx

12 Great Pieces of Avengers-Themed Home Decor

Jill Harness 1

Can't get enough Marvel movie merch to satiate your obsession? Then head over to Homes and Hues, where we rounded up 12 awesome pieces of home decor inspired by The Avengers. 

From light switch covers to cutting boards, there are pieces to enhance every room of your home with geektastic Marvel goodies. We're particularly enamored with this desk loaded with movie props by Tom Spina Designs.

So if your home could use a little more heroism, visit Homes and Hues for the full list: 12 Awesome Decor Pieces Inspired by The Avengers

I Made This One Week Friends Light

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I've just completed my latest crafting project: an acrylic edge LED light inspired by the anime series One Week Friends.

One Week Friends is an endearing 12-episode romance. It's about Yūki Hase, an anxious high school student who befriends a lonely girl named Kaori Fujimiya. With a compelling story, charming characters, and great music, it's easily one of my favorite animes.

Yūki in particular is a well-told character. He's truly realistic in that although he's heroic, he's also a teenager. Yūki is immature with tendencies toward jealousy and insecurity, so he's remarkably human. I decided to make him the subject of my latest project.

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Ultraviolence Raiders - Bezoomny Ballers

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Ultaviolence Raiders by Buby87

Sports have become mega brutal since the world went to orange hell, and the only people still interested in participating in these bloodsports are the gangs that used to roam the city ruining lives. Thugs spend their young lives training for their own kind of ultraviolence, and they get used to taking hits and tackling their problems head-on, which makes them perfect for arena ball. There's just one problem with this new wave of players- every game, like clockwork, somebody ends up dead!

Root for your favorite fictional sports team with this Ultaviolence Raiders t-shirt by Buby87, and when your droogs viddy you wearing this horrorshow koshtoom the next round of Moloko plus will be on them!

Visit Buby87's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more scary good designs:

Cologne Kali Maaa Frog Brothers- Vampire Hunters Tardis Airlines V2

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Being An Artist Is A Lot Like Playing Skyrim

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Many artists live a unique lifestyle that their 9 to 5 friends don't comprehend, and as a result creatives can sometimes feel like lone Dovahkiin, out of sync with the "normal" world and constantly seeking new artistic adventures.

You gain experience about the world the hard way, trying to earn some coin with the point of your sword (in this case a pen) and stay on the good side of humanity when lazy townies are constantly trying to get you to work for free.

The life of a creative is full of highs and lows, years of eating mammoth steaks and Colovian brandy and years of living lean and hungry, when you’d practically kill to eat at a sit-down restaurant.

Dorkly’s Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman use pretty pictures to reveal how the life of a creative is a lot like playing a game of Skyrim. Now how do I develop my own Dragon Shout?

See How Skyrim Perfectly Describes The Life Of An Artist here

Norwegian Navy Beard Application

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According to internet rumor, this photo shows a form that sailors in the Royal Norwegian Navy fill out if they wish to grow beards. A sailor completing this form will explain why he wants one, then draw a picture of what it would look like when fully grown. Redditor alleguta offers this translation:

On the top it says "BEARD APPLICATION", then it's rank/ military ID-number, full name and platoon/ division. Then it says "Reason:" to which I wrote "I get irritated skin from daily shaving and it's starting to get cold outside." Under the sketch I drew, it says "DRAW HERE!" and at the bottom the Lieutenant has written that he will inspect it after the next excercise (which gave me about 2,5 weeks) followed by a stamp to show my application was accepted.

Beards are serious business in Norway (as is proper). In 2011, the worldwide beard champion wove a moose and the Norwegian flag into his beard.

-via Weird Universe

Misconceptions About Disney

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YouTube Link

Disney: it's such an institution that it's not surprising urban legends, rumors and other debatable truths often surround its legend. From Walt himself (what were the circumstances of his death and was his body interred after death?), to the origins of beloved characters' names and images, to whether there have been any deaths in their theme parks, Elliot from Mental Floss discusses common misconceptions about all things Disney.

(older posts)