Dengar Bail Bonds - A Name You Can Trust, A Face You Can Fear

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Dengar Bail Bonds by ArtistXero

People are always talking about the Fetts, like they're the only bounty hunters in the galaxy, but they're the stars of their own reality show now and aren't really putting much effort into bringing in bounties anymore. But there's one guy still bringing in the big bounties and keeping the universe safe for free enterprise- Dengar of Dengar Bail Bonds. He ain't pretty, but he gets the job done fast!

Show some love for the universe's fifth most famous bounty hunter with this Dengar Bail Bonds t-shirt by ArtistXero, and make sure you stay on the right side of his blaster rifle.

Visit ArtistXero's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more far out designs:

The White Orc Luigi Death Stare L'il Batman Groot's Tree Service and Landscaping

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Cigarette Pack Life Hacks From 100 Years Ago That Still Work Today

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Life hacks have always been around, but before the internet they were called tips, tricks, or helpful hints.

There’s a common misconception that people are just now coming up with a lot of these helpful hacks, like this simple method for removing splinters:

"Fill a wide mouthed bottle with hot water nearly to the brim, and press affected part of hand tightly against mouth of bottle. The suction will pull down the flesh, and steam will soon draw out the splinter."

Simple, ain't it? This tip came from a card included with a pack of Gallaher's Cigarettes around the turn of the 20th century, so if you've ever wondered where people posting hacks online came up with the idea it might have been from a hundred year old pack of smokes:

The life hacks presented on these cigarette cards were generally split into two categories- outdoor survival and household hints. The household hints are still pretty helpful, like this recipe for a homemade fire extinguisher:

"Dissolve one pound of salt and half a pound of sal-ammoniac in two quarts of water and bottle the liquor in thin glass bottles holding about a quart each. Should a fire break out, dash one or more of the bottles into the flames, and any serious outbreak will probably be averted."

However, the survival set will probably only come in handy if you're an avid outdoorsperson, or you're trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world:

Redditor Ryno3639 posted a gallery full of these great Cigarette Card Life Hacks From 1900 to 1910 on Imgur, full of many tips which are just as useful today as they were over 100 years ago.

Ark-Like Whales Carry Whole Worlds on Their Backs

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From Visual News comes this lovely sculptural series called "DREAMS-ark." There's little information available about the artist, Ruilin Wang, or what he's trying to express. But I think that he's tapping into the myth from many cultures that the entire world lies upon the back of a giant animal moving through the ether. All of the sea and land is just a blanket over a whale, a turtle, or an elephant. In this case, it's whales all the way down.

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How Do They Make Decaf Coffee?

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(YouTube link)

Craig Benzine explains how decaffeinated coffee is made. The answer is, of course, chemicals. The bigger question in my mind is why would anyone make decaf coffee. That's akin to non-alcoholic beer, which seems to defeat the purpose.

This is the premiere episode of mental_floss video’s new show The Big Question. Each Monday, we'll hear the answer to one burning question from readers.

America's Oldest Intact Warship, The Land Tortoise, Is 256 Years Old

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(Photo: Dr. Russ Bellico/Bateaux Below)

That headline requires a bit of unpacking. If you do some math, you'll find that that number gives us an origin of 1758, which is 18 years before the United States came into existence. Also, it's been underwater at the bottom of a lake for those 256 years.

The Land Tortoise is America's oldest intact warship because it's inside the borders of the United States and it remains, despite its two centuries submerged, in one piece.

(Image: Tom Bacig, University of Minnesota at Duluth)

The Land Tortoise is located at the bottom of Lake George, a lake in New York that is 32 miles long and 3 miles wide. You might think that an enclosed lake is a strange place to build and launch a warship, but it wasn't in 1758.

At that time, the colonies that would become the United States were still loyal to the British Crown. Lake George formed part of the vague frontier between British and French-claimed lands in North America.

During the French and Indian War, which is what the Seven Years' War is called in North America, the British tried to capture the French-held Fort Carillon, a site later known as Fort Ticonderoga. Fort Carillon lay at the southern end of Lake Champlain and near the northern end of Lake George. In preparation for this battle, the British built a flotilla of oar-propelled vessels.

Among them was a ship known as the Land Tortoise. It was 52 feet long and 18 feet wide. The ship had stout, sloped wooden walls that the designers hoped would deflect musket and cannon fire. There were 7 gunports cut into the walls for cannons that would fire 24-pound balls.

Although the Land Tortoise was far from seaworthy, it was quite capable of moving through the lake, providing support for British troops assaulting Fort Carillon.

The British attack force outnumbered the French 5 to 1, but the French prevailed that day and held Fort Carillon. Fearing that their position on Lake George was untenable, the British decided to temporarily retreat from the region. So they sunk their radeaus, including the Land Tortoise. They planned to raise the ships and put them back into action later, when they had a larger army in the area.

The next year, in 1759, the British routed the French in three different theaters of the war, including the Lake Champlain-Lake George valley. They did not need the Land Tortoise for this task, which remained at the bottom of the lake.

(Video Link)

The Land Tortoise rested there, forgotten, for two centuries. Then, in the 1960s, underwater archaeologists began exploring Lake George and its roughly 200 shipwrecks. A sonar team confirmed the location of the Land Tortoise in 1990. The ship is in remarkably good condition. The hull is solid and the wood well preserved. It's a unique time capsule showing colonial life and naval warfare.

(Image: The Lost Radeau)

Underwater archaeologists Russ Bellico and Joe Zarzynski made a 57-minute documentary about the ship called The Lost Radeau: America's Oldest Intact Warship. The trailer for it is embedded above.

Everything That Went Wrong On The News In August

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August has drawn to a close, and over the last month the broadcast journalists we know and love have tried their best to keep us in the know, but some of the on-screen talent had a hard time keeping their minds on reporting.

These valiant newscasters attempted to cover all kinds of crazy stories last month, from Facebook going down (2:45) to the Apparently Kid taking the mic (4:23) and everything in-between, with afew spectacular fails along the way. (NSFW due to language)

(Video Link)

The newscasters of today make me long for the good old days of puppet based news reports, when Kermit the Frog created on-the-spot news reports and, according to Gary Gnu, no gnews was good gnews.

One thing you can say about newspuppets- they don't mess up their lines!

(Video Link)

-Via Cheezburger

Pyro Pet Candle Melts Away To Metal Cat Skeleton

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Image Via

Candles are slowly beginning to realize they can melt away and leave awesome (and in this case, kind of creepy) surprises for adults. Sort of like a flaming Cracker Jack box. The Pyro Pet Candle is just such a creation. Initially, the candle just sort of looks like a pink cat. But as the waxy facade starts to melt away, the real creature is revelealed!

Well, not so much the real creature as a thin, metal skeleton of a cat. It may sound morbid (and kind of is) but it is also an undeniably cool conversation starter. "Excuse me, but is your cat candle slowly turning into a metal skelton? Why yes, yes it is!". I didn't say it would start long conversations.

But hey, with Halloween just around the corner, seems a perfect time to get a pyro pet candle. Or just get one to show your cat who's boss.

Laughing Squid

A Remote Controlled, Steam Powered Tank

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This is not just an electric RC tank that has been decorated in a steampunk style. This is an authentic steampunk tank because it's powered by real steam engines!

Ian's tank has a steel model Tiger II tank as a chassis. The two steam engine and the boiler are ones used in model railroading. A mixture of propane and butane from a 120 ml tank heats the boiler. Ian built the armor, turret, and aesthetic finishes with brass, steel, and aluminum.

Battery-supplied electric power provides lights and sound effects. As you can see in this video, it's visually impressive.

(Video Link)

-via Hack A Day

The Best Cosplay from Dragon Con 2014

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Iron Totoro and Hawkeye

A Total Fangirl

The Littlest Nightcrawler

Amy Ratcliffe of Adafruit is at Dragon Con in Atlanta, where she's snapping photos of some really creative and skilled cosplayers. You can see more photos that she's taken here and here.

I adore the Fangirl outfit. That's a fantastic pun.

Chillin' Like A Villain - It's Poser Time!

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Chillin' Like A Villain by Jango Snow

The Ice King has really gotten into playing the role of wizardly villain, and he's mastered everything from kidnapping princesses to destroying candy villages with his penguin posse, but there's one villainous move he's still trying to perfect- chillin'. You'd think something with the word chill in it would come easy to the Ice King, but he's so restless all the time that chillin' just don't come easy...

Add some wicked flair to your geeky wardrobe with this Chillin' Like A Villain t-shirt by Jango Snow, it's cool as ice and great to wear any time, especially during an adventure!

Visit Jango Snow's Facebook fan page, official website, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more adventurous designs:

Anarchy Kart Klub Charbucks Coffee ValenTIME! CakeBoy

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500 Years of Female Portraits in Three Minutes

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Vimeo Link

First featured on Neatorama in 2007, this video classic by digital artist and St. Louis, Missouri native Philip Scott Johnson is once again making the rounds online, for good reason. Fine art lovers are sure to enjoy this video of famous female portraits from some of the most revered painters over the past 500 years. The feminine faces morph into each other in a hypnotic sequence. From the Italian Renaissance to Impressionism to Surrealism, Johnson's video has a portrait for practically every art enthusiast to love, regardless of their preferred movement. See how many you recognize and then verify your guesses here.

Freaky Panoramic Photo Fails

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There’s an art to taking a good panoramic photo, and a proper technique for every type of smartphone that will help ensure you end up with a clean panorama pic.

However, even with the best software and newest smartphone sometimes things can go horribly wrong when you’re trying your best to properly pan and shoot:

(Image Via Digital Spy)

It's not your fault that the subject keeps moving while you're trying to shoot, but maybe after they see the resulting panoramic nightmare they'll try to stay still next time you're shooting:

(Image Via Imgur)

But if you're into surreal photography, and you've figured out how to properly glitch a panoramic photo, you can take some pretty unusual shots

(Image Via We Heart It)

See more Failed Panorama Photography Turns The World Into A Creepy, But Interesting, Place

Colorful Animated Tribute To Dia De Los Muertos

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Dia De Los Muertos is a celebration of life and contradictions- colorful skeletons symbolizing the beauty of death, freshly made food eaten graveside, and a party thrown in favor of those who can no longer celebrate with us- the dearly departed. 

Cemeteries are a big part of the celebration, and the vibrant colors of life are juxtaposed against the solemn, earthen tones of the graveyard forming the backbone of the Dia De Los Muertos folk art aesthetic. 

(Video Link)

Mexico City based animation studio Llamarada created this vibrant animated short, capturing that colorfully creepy Day of the Dead feel by projecting animated characters onto tombstones in Mexico’s largest cemetery, Panteon de Dolores

-Via Juxtapoz

The Last Passenger Pigeon

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On September first, 1914, one hundred years ago today, the very last passenger pigeon, named Martha Washington, died of old age at the Cincinnati Zoo. It's hard to imagine that once  there were billions of passenger pigeon in the U.S. An account from 1860 described a flock that took 14 hours to fly overhead.

It is testimony to humankind’s great powers of destruction that within 50 years of this event, only a single captive pair remained, named after the US’s first president and lady George and Martha Washington. George perished in July 1910 at Cincinnati Zoo. Martha survived for four more years, sufficient time for her to garner celebrity as the sole-surviving member of her species. When she eventually died on 1 September 1914 “at 1 P.M. of old age”, she was frozen in a huge block of ice and sent by train to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

Read about the passing and the preservation of the last passenger pigeon at The Guardian.

Moiré Paintings by Anoka Faruqee

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These moiré patterned paintings by Anoka Faruqee are mesmerizing displays of color that almost appear to be moving, depending on the viewer's perspective. Moiré is two or more sets of lines or dots superimposed so that they intersect and create undulating optical effects. This Michigan native and Yale professor of art does amazing things with the technique. Faruqee commented on the paintings in a recent interview:

"While these paintings draw from tradition, these paintings are not traditional. The paintings speak to an industrial/digital logic. The notched trowels I use have the logic of the screen embedded within them: it is an on/off binary system: notch/tooth, notch/tooth. Wielding the tool is like holding the screen in your hand. The paintings aim to approximate not only the surface of the screen, but also the structure of the screen. The programming behind the screen is intimated by the trowel as well as a growing set of prosthetic devices emerging in the studio.


Moiré itself is a self-generating phenomena: the layers of patterns self-sort as they overlay and interfere with one another. The paintings thus they have a life and mind of their own. They are not images of interference: they are interference. This is the wonder and anxiety that much of contemporary life provokes: a hint of animation and sentience inside the technology."

See additional pieces and read more of the above-quoted interview with Faruqee here. 

Kids Who Totally Stole The Show On Picture Day

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Most kids don’t look forward to school picture days, the pictures are taken for their parent’s sake after all, but those wonderful kids who look forward to the experience are destined to grow up to be superstars:

(Image Via DailyDawdle)

They have the look, the attitude, and after these photo sessions their respective schools decided to shut down picture day, because they knew it would get no better than this:

(Image Via Awkward Family Photos)

However, not all kid pics are taken at school, parents love to take their kids in to the studio for some really special photo sessions:

(Image Via Last Laugh Group)

After all, karate masters and roller dancing superstars aren't allowed to do their thing on school grounds, and when parents let their superstar kids shine after school the photographic memories are priceless!:

(Image Via Bon Apprenant)

Check out the rest of the 21 Kids Who Shut Down Picture Day over at BuzzFeed

Steampunk Prosthetic Leg

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(YouTube link)

Snell’s O & P has been in business since 1911, and Chris Snell is the fourth generation of his family to make orthotics and prosthetics. Chris recently made this steampunk leg that has gears controlled by a microprocessor and powered by movement. It creates the illusion that a presumably steam-powered set of gears is moving the leg! He also posted a gallery of some pictures taken during the building process. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Pay Japan's Apology Agencies When You Can't Bring Yourself to Say "I'm Sorry"

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(Photo: Rocket News 24)

Let's admit that mistakes were made. We both made some inadequate choices, said words that were best left unspoken, and pantsed people in public when it would have been optimal not to do so.

Is that enough, Alex? Can't you just let it go?

Apparently not. But if I lived in Japan, I'd have another option. Rocket News 24 reports that in that country, there are companies that will issue apologies to people you've offended so that you don't have to do it yourself. It's outsourcing humility.

A face-to-face apology may cost $240 each or $33 per hour for an extended interaction, depending on which company you use. It costs extra to have your stand-in cry or provide other emotional effects while apologizing. You can read more about this industry here.

King Of The Dinosaurs - Kiddie Kaiju

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King of the Dinosaurs by Cory Freeman Design

That god like 'Zilla lizard may be the King of the Kaiju, but for the wee ones nobody big, green and scaly beats their favorite- Reptar, King of the Dinosaurs! With his posable arms and legs, crushing springloaded jaw, and realistic screeching sound he's the mightiest plastic dinosaur to ever rampage through the toy chest.

Let your imagination run wild with this King of the Dinosaurs t-shirt by Cory Freeman Design, and make every day a fantastic adventure!

Visit Cory Freeman Design's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty cool designs:

Wade's Taco Shack Jones Moonlit Knight

Super Plumber

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Edvard Munch's The Scream Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge

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At one shocking moment, the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch suddenly felt the icy existential horror of the human experience. Then he wrote:

I was walking along the road with two friends
The Sun was setting – the Sky turned blood-red.
And I felt a wave of Sadness – I paused
tired to Death – Above the blue-black
Fjord and City Blood and Flaming tongues hovered
My friends walked on – I stayed
behind – quaking with Angst – I
felt the great Scream in Nature
So I challenge the Mona Lisa and Whistler’s Mother

-via Simon N. Ricketts

Fifteen Cereal Brands Breakfast Fans Want Back

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People are mighty passionate about their breakfast cereal, and whether they eat it for breakfast, a late night snack or all day, every day like an adult-sized kid every cereal eater has their favorite brands. 

The only problem with being so enamored with cereal is the fact that your favorite brand might disappear from the market one day, leaving your bowl empty and alone and your spoon without a purpose in life. 

(Image Via Flickr)

This cereal changeup was especially hard on 80s kids, who were spoiled by the amazing selection of cartoon and celebrity endorsed cereals we thought we couldn't live without...until they were pulled from the shelves:

(Image Via ModernCollecting)

Take a trip down memory lane with these 15 Cereal Brands We Want Back, they'll make you hungry for a bowl of fun shaped crunchy corn and oat, and you'll see how boring most cereals have become by comparison.

How to Change a Roll of Toilet Paper: An Instructional Video

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(Video Link)

Will Reid is a devoted and loving father to his teenage children. He's trying to raise them to be independent, self-sufficient adults by teaching them essential life skills. Among those skills is how to change a roll of toilet paper.

What do you do if you run out of toilet paper? Some people simply remain there on the toilet and give up on life. But there's another option: you can get another roll of toilet paper.

Not everyone knows this trick, including Reid's children. So he made this instructional video showing step-by-step how to get a new roll of toilet paper. He's considering also making an advanced-level video showing another helpful technique for toilet paper roll management.

-via Tastefully Offensive

27 T-Shirts That Will Help You Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Labor

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Labor Day is a time to hang loose with friends and family, kiss summertime goodbye and enjoy a day in the sun before going back to your day job:

Work Sucks by Ronan Lyman

Even though summer seems to fly by, the work days always seem to drag along no matter what you do for a living:

Its a dirty work, but... by Lopesco

Plumbers and city road workers get to work with their hands, but the days still drag by...:

We'll Dig up the Road! by Russ Jericho

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The Dog Found Grandma's Dentures

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Twitter user @riekun1011 visited her grandmother and brought her dog along. Puccho, the Pomeranian, got into a bit of mischief. While snooping around the house, he found the grandmother's false teeth!

But Puccho didn't have them for long. Sorry, pup. You'll have to buy your own.

"We Own The Future" Shepard Fairey Mural Appears in Manhattan

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Image Via

It has been amazing to witness the leaps and bounds street art has come over the course of the last 20 years. What started as something that was shunned and misunderstood has completely evolved into a respetable and appreciated art style (by most), with more and more street artists reachng superstar status. One of those street artists is Shepard Fairey, who most know best from his Obama, two-toned HOPE poster, though he has been doing this for most of his life.

A recent new piece sprung up on the Lower East Side of Manhatten that was created by Shep. It bodly states: We Own The Future, and seems to harken back to his OBEY days (old schoolers will understand that his Obey pieces are what initially made him known).

In my opinion, all that does is make the city more beautiful. It adds splashes of color and ecourages free thought. What is better than that?


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