Howl's Moving Castle - Adventures In Real Estate

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Howl's Moving Castle by Coconut_Design

Howl had separated himself from society long ago, and yet he still existed in our world, his strange castle still moving across the world still forced to contend with civilization. Most people found the structure strange, and avoided Howl's marvelous monstrosity like the plague, but those who had the curiosity and the nerve to actually see what lie inside the structure were greeted with a wonderland of imagination and magical delight that made the outside world seem like an extremely mundane place to live.

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May All Your Bacon BURN!! My Neighbor Totoro! Ghoul Life Choose Well

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An Honest Trailer for Interstellar

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I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Interstellar yet, but I don’t mind spoilers, and this Honest Trailer certainly has them. I did see Contact. However, if you’ve seen the movie, you will no doubt get more humor out of the video. And I got enough even without seeing the film! Honestly, I have no qualms about okra going extinct. -via Tastefully Offensive

A Toilet Seat Inspired by the MacBook Air

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(Photos: Pinkhouse, Tim Malabuyo)

It’s sleek, elegant, surprisingly durable, and you use it in the lobby of a Starbucks.

It’s the MacBook Air, a laptop popular not only for its capabilities, but also for its visual design and physical properties. Pinkhouse, a design studio in New York City, used it as the basis for its new toilet seat. Core77 describes why you would want to sit upon it:

It was the brainchild of Tan, who envisioned a toilet-seat chair that would translate the same comfortable experience one spends in the bathroom idly flipping through Instagram to anywhere else in the home. Using a standard store-bought toilet seat as the seating surface, Tan created bent-laminated wooden legs to hold the plastic structure. While the design certainly stirred up conversation in classroom critiques, Tan found himself frustrated with both the quality and shape of the standard seat and wanted to push the design further.

Unlike Instagram, though, this toilet seat does not come with filters.

How Old Is She?

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(YouTube link)

Wong Fu Productions shows us how difficult it can be to scope someone out, as a guy tries to figure out exactly how old an attractive woman is. Is she jailbait? His Mom's age? You don't just ask a stranger how old she is, but why didn’t he just ask her if she’s in school? That wouldn’t have hurt any feelings. As it is, we get way too much other information about her. But there’s a twist: as he is scoping her out, she’s also trying to figure him out! -via Daily Picks and Flicks

What Happens When You Plate Junk Food Like Gourmet Meals

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Opinions on junk food vary greatly, but few people argue that most of them look particularly tasty in their native environments. When junk food is in the hands of chef Jacques Lamerde though, it becomes just as beautiful as the most gourmet meal. 

His descriptions take things a step further, making the plates sound like something you'd see on a fine dining restaurant's menu, not just simple Pop Tarts or Hot Pockets.


Via That's Nerdalicious

Trailer For Live Action Adaptation Of Bambi, Starring The Rock

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Disney Studios have been busy creating live action adaptations of their most beloved animated features, and they’ll continue to do so until movies no longer exist or they run out of money, whichever comes first.

We know live action adaptation of the films that star humanoid characters are coming, such as Snow White and Peter Pan, but what about the animated features with an animal protagonist? How would Disney’s live action adaptation of an animal flick like Bambi play out?

(YouTube Link)

SNL provided the answer with a little help from host Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who dared to don the deer makeup and throw down in one of the most ridiculous SNL sketches of all time.

-Via Huffington Post

Play Pac-Man in Google Maps

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Google Maps has added a Pac-Man game for April Fools Day! The game is available now for you to play. Just go to Google Maps, and set it to your neighborhood if you like. Then click on the small Pac Man square at the bottom left. The streets become the maze for Pac-Man! Shown here is my neighborhood, but you can pretty much go anywhere that Google Maps goes. If you want to play, you DO need roads. -via Daily of the Day

A Man, a Plan, a Palindrome

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(vimeo link)

Mark Saltveit writes palindromes. In fact, he is the Palindrome World Champion. In this video, he tells about how he became interested in palindromes, started a magazine devoted to them, and won the championship. His story is part of a planned feature documentary about the history of palindromes and palindromists. Learn more in an interview with director Vince Clemente at mental_floss.

One-Two-Three-Four I Declare A Star Thumb War

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Thumb wars are fun and all, but sometimes they just aren't enough. When you want to really up your thumb game, it's time to bring out the Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling Kit. Now even your fingers can weild a lightsaber and even experience the sights of various Star Wars settings. Just don't tell your other fingers -they're bound to get jealous.

The Ballad of Holland Island House

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(vimeo link)

Holland Island sits in Chesapeake Bay, near Wenona, Maryland. The five-mile-long island was settled in the 1600s, and at one time had a population of 360 people and 70 buildings. Erosion ate away at the island, which sat on silt and clay, and the residents moved away between 1914 and 1918. The island’s church was moved in 1922, and only one house remained standing. It was built in 1888. For decades, the water ate away at the island, and the last remaining house finally collapsed in October of 2010. What’s left of the island is now a marsh, home to hundreds of sea birds. See pictures of the island and the house -and the cemetery- at the Baltimore Sun.

The Ballad of Holland Island House is a song and video by Lynn Tomlinson, with music written by Anna Roberts-Gevalt and Elizabeth LaPrelle. The animation was done by manipulating a thin layer of oil-based clay. It tells the story of the house, from its beginnings as a home for woodland creatures as a tree, then generations of people, then birds, and finally fish. -via io9

Beauty With A Vengeance - Stylish And Deadly

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Beauty With A Vengeance by xKireiDesigns

The Uchiha Clan made a name for themselves by battling their way to the top with a grace and beauty not seen in most clans. Of course, their mastery over the Great Fireball skill didn't hurt their standing, but in the end it wasn't enough to keep Uchiha alive. It seems beauty is a fleeting thing, even among the timeless shinobi, and the best thing a clan can do to retain their dignity is know when to gracefully bow out of the game...

Bring some anime color to your geeky wardrobe with this Beauty With A Vengeance t-shirt by xKireiDesigns, it's the perfect attire for a day on the town or an afternoon spent watching Naruto!

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Mars Power! How Heartless Venus Power! Yuri Fangirl!

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Abandoned Art Deco Gas Station from the 1930s Restored as a Starbucks

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(Photos: Starbucks)

This gas station in Hollywood, California was built in 1935. It was designed in a classic Art Deco style and was, consequently, featured in movies, including 48 Hours and L.A. Story. In 1992, the City of Los Angeles designated it a Historical Cultural Monument. But that status didn’t stop it from being closed down.

It was abandoned for two decades until now. Starbucks acquired the property and renovated it, converting it from a gas station to a drive-through coffee shop. Starbucks executive Jon Alpert says that the company tried to keep as much of the original material and design as possible. The result of their efforts is beautiful! You can see more photos at Thrillist.

-via Messy Nessy Chic

How Making a Silly, Six-Second Video Changed a Man's Life

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Approximately one year ago, when Matt King and his brother Kevin were stuck in traffic on the way home from college for the weekend, a bored Matt made a silly video of himself making high-drama faces while lip syncing to a Beyoncé song. He had a Vine account. He thought the video was stupid, but his brother encouraged him to post it anyway. He did. It was the first Vine Matt had ever posted. 

What a difference a year and six seconds can make in this fast moving and strange digital world. Matt now has over 550,000 Vine followers, and his internet fame has changed his life. He's moved from Austin, Texas to Los Angeles. Corporations began to offer him money for his internet consulting services. All of the contacts he made netted him a dream job at Apple, and the story doesn't end there. 

Read the rest of Matt's trajectory to internet fame here. It's enough to make one want to sit around dreaming up stupid six-second video clips.

32 Insane Stadium Foods

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(Photo: Battle Creek Bombers)

In the highly competitive sport of stadium food, sports concession stands are constantly trying to outdo each other by producing wonderfully ridiculous food-like products. Ideally, stadium food is highly fattening, packed with sugar, and is simultaneously delicious and disgusting. This motive is why the Battle Creek Bombers, a college baseball team in Michigan, invented the Twinkie dog. It’s a hot dog set inside a split Twinkie, then covered with appropriate toppings, such as ketchup, whipped cream, and sprinkles.

This is 1 of 32 preposterous foods sold at sports stadiums across America. You can view the rest at 22 Words.

Evolution Research Review

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The following is an article from the Annals of Improbable Research.

Research about, or said to be about, evolution
compiled by Katherine Lee, Improbable Research staff

Human Face Recognition of Machines (Autos)

 Detail from the study “‘Cars Have Their Own Faces’: Cross-Cultural Ratings of Car Shapes in Biological (Stereotypical) Terms.”

“‘Cars Have Their Own Faces’: Cross-Cultural Ratings of Car Shapes in Biological (Stereotypical) Terms,” Sonja Windhager, Fred L. Bookstein, Karl Grammera, Elisabeth Oberzaucher, Hasen Said, Dennis E. Slice, Truls Thorstensen, Katrin Schaefer, Evolution and Human Behavior, vol. 33 , 2012, pp. 109–120. (Thanks to Ig Nobel Prize winners Richard Wassersug and Chitteranjan Andrade for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at University of Vienna, Austria, bEFS Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Vienna, Austria, University of Washington, USA, University of Addis Ababa, Museum of the Institute of Ethiopian Studies, Ethiopia, and Florida State University, USA, explain:

It was recently shown that Austrians associate car front geometry with traits in a way that could be related to face shape geometry mapping to those same overall suites of traits.... Adult subjects in two countries (Austria and Ethiopia, n=129) were asked to rate person characteristics of 46 standardized front views of automobiles on various trait scales…. Car shapes for perceived maturity, maleness and dominance were highly similar in both countries, with patterns comparable to shape changes during facial growth in humans: Relative sizes of the forehead and windshield decrease with age/growth, eyes and headlights both become more slit-like, noses and grilles bigger, lips and air-intakes are wider. Austrian participants further attributed various degrees of some interpersonal attitudes and emotions, whereas neither Austrians nor Ethiopians congruently ascribed personalities.

The Descent of Cookbooks
“The Nonequilibrium Nature of Culinary Evolution,” Osame Kinouchi, Rosa W. Diez-Garcia, Adriano J. Holanda, Pedro Zambianchi and Antonio C. Roque, February 2008. (Thanks to Claudio Angelo for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, at Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil and other institutions, report:

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Scientists Recreate Medieval Medicine, Find That It Kills MRSA

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(Photo: British Library)

Pictured above is Bald’s Leechbook, a 10th Century Latin and Anglo-Saxon manuscript owned by the British Library. It’s a reference manual for what passed for pharmaceutical science at that time. And it’s holding up pretty well, even though it’s a thousand years old. Scientists made a salve using a recipe in the Leechbook. In laboratory experiments, that salve killed the deadly MRSA infection.

The drug is called “eyesalve.” It consists of two species of onion, wine, and cow bile. When prepared according to the instructions, eyesalve proved highly effective in treating MRSA-infected mice. The Daily Telegraph reports:

None of the individual ingredients alone had any measurable effect, but when combined according to the recipe the MRSA populations were almost totally obliterated: about one bacterial cell in a thousand survived in mice wounds.

Researchers believe the antibacterial effect of the recipe is not due to a single ingredient but the combination used and brewing methods. Further research is planned to investigate how and why this works.

Microbiologists at Nottingham University said they were ‘genuinely amazed’ by the discovery.

“We thought that Bald’s eyesalve might show a small amount of antibiotic activity, because each of the ingredients has been shown by other researchers to have some effect on bacteria in the lab,” said Dr Freya Harrison who led the work in the laboratory.

“But we were absolutely blown away by just how effective the combination of ingredients was.

-via Weird News

A Decade of Doctor Who

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YouTube Link

To mark the recent tenth anniversary of Doctor Who, visual effects expert John Smith created this montage, which he designed for fans so they can take a look back at some of the more memorable moments. -Via Laughing Squid

4-Year Old Takes 3 AM Bus Ride to Buy a Slushie

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A 4-year old girl in Philadelphia woke up in the middle of the night feeling hungry. She wanted a Slushie. Not unreasonably, she decided to acquire one. She got dressed and left her home. It was raining heavily outside, but that did not deter her from walking to a bus stop. When a bus arrived, she boarded. The scene was captured by security cameras.

(Video Link)

The bus driver, Harlan Jenifer, called the police, who took the girl to a hospital. Her parents picked her up and took her home. She didn’t get a Slushie and her parents changed the locks on their home to prevent a future escape.

-via Stuff

The Creative Processor

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Have you ever stopped to analyze how you create, whether it's for work or hobbies? Grant Snider of Incidental Comics explores the creative process, likening it to an appliance of sorts, with his web comic "The Creative Processor." This is only a portion of the comic.

See the rest of The Creative Processor here, and purchase prints from Grant Snider here.

Rube Goldberg's Passover Seder

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(YouTube link)

How would Rube Goldberg serve the Passover feast? In the most complicated way possible, of course! This seasonal device incorporates dominoes, fire, liquid, Tinker toys, origami, food, and plenty of imagery of Biblical proportions. Together, it tells the Passover story in moving parts. Students from the Faculties of Mechanical Engineering and Architecture and Town Planning at Technion in Israel made this contraption, using everything they had and more. There’s a behind-the-scenes video about how they did it, too. -via Digg

The Bit Wars 2.0- Pixels From Heaven

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The Bit Wars 2.0 by RetroGamerAddict

Pixelated invaders from space started coming down in rows, launching rectangular laser beams at the Earth and breaking our stuff to an 8-bit beat. The Bit Wars had begun, and now it fell to Earth's mightiest heroes to defend the planet and repel those super square space invaders. Street fighters abandoned their matches mid-round and began lending a hand wherever needed, because even though the Invaders could defend against our bullets and missiles they had no idea how to block one of Ken's mighty dragon punches!

Take the geeky tee battle back to the old school with this The Bit Wars 2.0 t-shirt by RetroGamerAddict, it's super stylish and way more fun than getting punched in the face!

Visit RetroGamerAddict's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more ridiculously cool designs:

Born Survivor MR. BALBOA The Hunter Who Ya Gonna Call

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Police Officers Buy Family a Car Seat Instead of Issuing a Ticket

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(Photo: ABC News)

Officers Jason Pavlige and James Hodges of Fruitport Township, Michigan stopped a couple in a car. The mother was holding a 10-month old baby in her arms instead of securing her properly in a car seat. The officers realized that this couple couldn’t afford to buy a car seat.

So instead of writing them a ticket, they took the family to a nearby Walmart and bought a car seat. They showed the couple how to install it properly, then left. The incident would have escaped further notice, except that a Walmart employee called the police to praise Officers Pavlige and Hodges for their generosity. ABC News (warning: auto-start video) reports:

“It was only brought to our attention by a clerk at Walmart who saw it and thought they should be recognized,” Fruitport Township Police Lt. Bruce Morningstar told ABC News. “They were doing it on their own without any recognition.”

Hodges says the incident was just another day on the job in the life of a police officer.

“We made the decision that was what we needed to do to solve the issue,” Hodges said. “When we left we went onto the next call.”

“It’s just part of what police officers do on a daily basis,” he said.

-via Popehat

What Really Happens When Someone Enters the Witness Protection Program

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Longtime Department of Justice attorney Gerald Shur was the man behind the creation of the U.S. Marshall Service Witness Security Program (WITSEC). Shur has also co-written an informative book on the topic, Witsec: Inside the Federal Witness Protection Program. More than 18,000 people have been protected from harm under WITSEC since it was initiated in 1971.

This article is a brief yet interesting read that includes details about WITSEC, particularly about its setup and what that means for people entering the program. 

Confessions of an Idiom

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(vimeo link)

What happens when the elephant in the room confronts the skeleton in the closet? That’s far from the only turns of speech that go head-to-head back-to-back in this sequence. Someone who is just learning English would be completely baffled! This award-winning video was made by Amanda Koh and Mollie Helms at Ringling College of Art + Design. -via Metafilter 

79-Year Old Fashion Model Looks Better Than Men a Third His Age

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(Photos: Tencent)

This is Wang Deshun, a model and actor in China. He's 79 years old. But aside from the gray hair and beard, he doesn't look it at all. Shanghaiist reports that last Wednesday, during China Fashion Week, he strode down the runway in Beijing, impressing the crowds with his youthful physique. He wore selections from designer Sheguang Hu's Autumn and Winter line for 2015.

-via Brian Ashcraft

Tower of Hammocks

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It’s all fun and games until the guy at the top has to pee. Whether he climbs down over all the others or just tries to aim away, either could be a disaster. Even worse if he doesn’t wake up! There was also mention of bears starting at the bottom and birds of prey starting at the top. However, my first thought was the scene of everyone trying to climb into bed at once. That should have been recorded on video (and would rival a Three Stooges short). This picture was posted by ravenpride at reddit.

Spread Some Smiles With These 30 Utterly Adorable T-Shirts (And Win One Too!)

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Cuteness is a powerful thing, an irresistible force of happiness and warmth, able to thaw the frozen heart and bring a smile to the stoniest of faces. There are many grades of cuteness, but none more powerful than the utterly adorable, the cuteness that truly knows no bounds!

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