Bohemian Aliens - Will Play For Reese's Pieces

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Bohemian Aliens by Burgernator

They came together as the oddest quartet ever formed in the history of rock and roll, but when they let their voices unravel the rhapsody the entire galaxy came along for the ride. Even though Gordon and Xeno had a checkered past their musical talent made the universe cry for their forgiveness, and even those who lost a limb or a furry family member while fighting them in an intergalactic war loved their music. Their shows were extraterrestrial extravaganzas, until a Hutt took over as their manager and made ALF the star of the show...

Rock or rock not, there is no try with this Bohemian Aliens t-shirt by Burgernator covering your torso, it'll turn you into a funny force to be reckoned with!

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Robin The Fellowship Modern Zombie Don't Stop Meow

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Man Knocks Out Robber Who Interrupts His Marriage Proposal

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(Photo: WCNC)

All Nicholas Anderson wanted to do was propose to his girlfriend, Deanna. He worked out a plan with Brighton, who is Deanna's son. They would take her to Salsarita's, a local restaurant. He would pop the question there.

But before Nicholas could do so, a man tried to rob the restaurant. A manager locked the front door to trap him inside. The robber tried to push his way through the door. That's when Nicholas stepped forward, put the robber in a chokehold, and knocked him out.

Then Nicholas proposed to Deanna. And she said yes!

-via Glenn Reynolds

Slang From The Front Lines Of World War II

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We’ve all heard the standard slang from the World War II era, like calling Germans Jerrys or Krauts, but like any good slang the use of those words is a timely thing, and their meaning tends to fade away as years go by.

There were lots of fun slang terms thrown around on the battlefields of World War II that most of us haven't heard before, but thanks to the efforts of Paul Dickson and his book War Slang we're hep to the jive some seventy plus years later.

Now we can be in the know about a “bayonet course” being a slang term for a hospital treatment for venereal diseases, and that Sack Rats and Bunk Lizards (lazy soldiers) are the last to take on a Tough Row of Buttons to Shine (hard job). Have fun speaking World War II to everyone!

Read WWII Slang From The Front at The Art of Manliness

Why Did This Glass Break?

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Redditor xclever_name_user writes "Pouring a beer last night at work and part of the glass just kinda fell out." He says that the edges aren't sharp at all but "smooth as butter."

I've broken many glasses, but I've never seen one pop out a smooth section without further fracturing. How did this happen?

Insanely Expensive Versions of Normal Things

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Summertime is a great time for munching hot dogs, but if they just aren't classy enough for your tastes, you can always try heading to Washington where you can get your hands on a $169 dog that features wagyu beef, foie gras, shaved black truffle and caviar. 

Food that fancy shouldn't exit your body into a normal toilet, so you'd better have this $6,500 toilet equipped with an air deodorizer, heated seat, and even a nightlight. 

These are only a few of the many absurdly expensive versions of normal products featured in this great  TopTenz article.

Man Calls Police to Arrest Cat for Stealing His Bacon

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(Unrelated photo by Cara Fealy Choate)

The emergency services dispatcher for the West Yorkshire Police answered the call. The man on the other line explained that a cat in his home had performed a nefarious crime:

Me girlfriend has let the cat eat my bacon . . . I want to press charges.

The dispatcher asked for clarification: did the man want police to arrest his girlfriend or the cat? Both. She responded:

Sir, it's not an offence to let your cat eat your bacon. Okay? And we don't arrest cats, I'm very sorry.

She should be! The dispatcher refused to do anything about this brutal act of thievery. The tabloid The Mirror reports:

He starts to protest and insists it's the girlfriend's fault for allowing the cat to do it.

But when he is finally told it's not a 999 emergency, he finally concedes and ends the call.

(Video Link)

You can listen to a recording of the call in this video. It's a disgraceful act of negligence by an alleged "civil servant."

-via Dave Barry

An Upcoming Frozen Parody To Die For

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Frozen parodies are a dime a dozen on the interwebs, and aside from a few purposely funny performances they’re pretty standard fare.

Then along came a fun little song called "Do You Wanna Kill The Batman?", as written by Hesychia7 and performed by SydneyAmber S.

(YouTube Link)

It made us believe in Frozen parodies again, and now it’s getting an animated treatment thanks to the efforts of animator Michael Smith.

Michael only has a little bit of the song animated so far (and way too much time to breakdown his animation) but we'll keep you posted when he finishes up this fun project!

-Via The Mary Sue

Pooping Is Logical: A Potty Training Book for Vulcan Kids

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Potty training story books are an entire genre of young children's literature. But, sadly, most of those books are directed at human children and feature only human characters. That's why Gary Whitta is writing Pooping Is Logical: Potty Training Your Child the Vulcan Way.

Whitta is a screenwriter, most famous for writing The Book of Eli and Star Wars: Rogue One. His book, which is ilustrated by Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik, tells the story of a little Vulcan boy who is learning to shed his diapers. Geek Dad reports:

Fortunately his parents, who are wise and loving, are on hand to help him through this transition and assure him that pooping on the potty is a perfectly natural, safe, and grown-up thing to do. In a society based on logic, what could be more logical than pooping?

At the moment, Whitta is facing difficulty getting copyright permission from the owners of Star Trek. Hopefully that will be resolved before the next generation of Trekkies is ready to learn how to use the potty.

-via The Mary Sue

Classic Viral Videos That Put YouTube on the Map

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"Charlie Bit My Finger"
YouTube Link

Considering the impact the existence of YouTube has had on the internet experience as we know it, it's hard to imagine that the service is only ten years old. Founded on February 14th, 2005, the largely individual-based video sharing service has a content that is as varied as the human experience. From the absolutely bizarre to the epitome of human talent to the unbelievably obscure, it can be found on YouTube.

This grouping of classic viral videos that helped to put YouTube on the map run the gamut of that variety. The two videos featured here were chosen primarily due to being SFW; some others in the collection are not, despite their entertainment value.

Sneezing Baby Panda 
YouTube Link

Nichelle Nichols Will Fly on a NASA Mission

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(Image: CBS)

Actress Nichelle Nichols played Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek television series. Now, at the age of 82, she's leaving Starfleet for service with NASA. The tabloid The Mirror reports that Nichols will fly on NASA's SOFIA space telescope. This modified 747 flies at an elevation of 50,000 feet to observe strange new worlds. Nichols told fans about this mission during a reddit AMA. She writes:

SOFIA does not, sadly, fly into space. It's an airborne observatory, a massive telescope mounted inside a 747 flying as high as is possible. I was on a similar flight, the first airborn observatory, back in 1977. It's an amazing experience, you get a totally different perspective than from earth.

I do hope someone gets some great pictures.

-via The Geek Twins

Just The Br'er Facts About Song Of The South

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Song of the South is one of the most controversial animated films ever made by Disney, and because of the controversy the animated adaptation of Joel Chandler Harris’s Uncle Remus stories has never been released on home video.

Although Joel Chandler Harris’ stories aren’t meant to be racist (they’re tales told to him by Southern African Americans during the mid to late 19th century) The Song OF The South was perceived as such by some, including the NAACP.

(YouTube Link)

But while they didn’t like the film’s “dangerously glorified picture of slavery” the African-American actors in the film, including James Baskett and Hattie McDaniel, held the film in high esteem.

And speaking of James Baskett, who stars as Uncle Remus in the film, did you know that Disney himself campaigned for Baskett to win an Academy Award? He received an honorary Oscar in 1948 and died just three months later.

Read 10 Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Facts About The Song Of The South at mental_floss

Dead Fusion - Dragon Balls Don't Work In South Park

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Dead Fusion by Akairos

Kenny was getting used to being an immortal superhero when the Dragon fighter Yamcha arrived from outer space. The two immediately hit it off, mostly because Yamcha couldn't understand a word Kenny had to say and Kenny had no real friends left in South Park since the invasion of the Crab People. They came up with a plan to join forces and rid the Earth of all abominations, including that jerk Scott Tenorman, a plan that involved uniting their supernatural energies into one mega blast. But Kenny was unaware of Yamcha's death pose, and Yamcha had no idea how many times Kenny had died...

Power up your geeky wardrobe with this Dead Fusion t-shirt by Akairos, it's one mighty cool mashup!

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Best Friends

Safe In Summer Pixel Invasion Baymax Nurse Pokemon

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Owl Given Library Card

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(Photo: University of Bath)

Yoda is an owl with a job. A handler brings him to the library of the University of Bath to drive off seagulls that settle on the building and cause mischief for students and staff. Yoda has diligently kept these troublemakers from nesting there, so the library administration recognized his work by granting him an honorary library card. The Guardian reports:

The library management team decided to issue a library card to Yoda in recognition of his “valuable service” to the university. The card, which is valid until 2020, features a photograph of the bird, described as Prof Yoda The Owl.

A spokesman said: “The university has invited Yoda and his handler Marcus to visit the campus twice a week as an environmentally friendly method to control the seagull numbers on campus and thereby limit the potential adverse effects a large gull population can have.

-via Jessamyn West

Things Kids Misunderstand

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No matter how thoroughly parents think they explain the world to their children, they can’t cover everything, because it’s difficult to remember what a context-free life is like. But that’s what children have. Everything is a new experience, and it’s easy to get the wrong idea. A roundup of these childhood misconceptions had me giggling.

8. “I thought the cops would come get me.”

“When I was younger I saw an accident on the side of the road and my mom said, ‘If you have an accident, the cops come.’ I thought she meant that if I peed my pants in the car the cops would come get me.”

—Kate Heidenreich, Facebook

14. “I am too young! I am too young!”

“When I was in the first grade a lot of my school’s teachers were pregnant. One day I ran home to tell my mom that my teacher announced that she was expecting a baby, too, and my mom said, ‘I guess she drank the Kool-Aid.’ The next day we were served Kool-Aid for a kid’s birthday and I freaked out, screaming, ‘I am too young, I am too young!’”


There are dozens more in the comments.

My mom used to tell me that hairspray was used to "keep your hair from flying away". I thought that without hairspray your hair would going flying off your head like a bird and you'd be bald.

Janell Ebel

Well, we all have these. I refused to eat cotton candy because I thought it was made of the same material that was stuffed into the top of aspirin bottles. My daughter just recently told me that she’d watch me put dryer lint in a “magic pink box” when she was very young. It was a small wastebasket on a shelf. She thought it was magic, because when it got full, it would “magically” disappear. It was years before she figured out I just emptied it. Read the roundup of childhood misconceptions at Buzzfeed. And if you remember a funny one, share it with us!

(Image credit: Flickr user Pete Bellis)

A Cone Is the Perfect Way to Eat Spaghetti

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(Photo: Devon Knight/The Guardian)

The Spaghetti Incident, a new restaurant in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, has devised an ingenious way to get people to buy its spaghetti. Besides offering several tasty varieties, the restaurant offers its spaghetti for takeout in cones. The result is that people wandering the neighborhood for amusement can grab a cone and a fork and eat it as they stroll. Spaghetti, a food that is normally messy to eat, becomes completely portable by this method. Dave Bry of The Guardian explains:

Eating spaghetti out of a cone is, oddly, easier than eating it from a plate. This is because of the well-known “twirl method” that sophisticated humans have learned to use to eat pasta. The cone shape facilitates the trick by giving natural purchase to the tines of the fork as they twist. The curved sides of the cone help guide the strands of spaghetti into a ball around the fork. (Emily Post recommended using a spoon to achieve the effect). The twirl negates the need for spearing any bit of food with the fork.

-via Carmen Jade

NBC Explains KISS To The Viewing Audience Of 1977

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(Image Link)

KISS seems fairly tame by today’s standards, since Black and Death Metal have taken rock to far darker places than KISS ever could, but back in 1977 those four guys in the facepaint and crazy getups caused quite a stir.

Parents didn’t want their kids listening to that filth, church groups didn’t like hearing about a group of guys acting like demons on stage, and the moral majority found their act repugnant.

(YouTube Link)

In an effort to explain away the scariness NBC created a mini-documentary entitled KISS: Land of Hype and Glory, which revealed that Gene Simmons and the gang are just a bunch of regular guys with a gimmick.

-Via Dangerous Minds

Vintage Family Photos of Young Celebrities with Their Moms

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Brooke Shields

This collection of family photos capture moments between mothers, sons and daughters, many from show business or high-profile families that have one generation of celebrity after another. Some, like Brooke Shields above, were pushed into show business by their aggressive stage moms. Others, like Demi Moore and Rumer as well as Susan Sarandon and Eva, are daughters with high hopes following their famous actress mothers into the business. See the entire 25-photo collection here.  

 Miley Cyrus

Sarah Silverman

Justin Timberlake

The Most Embarrassing Moments In Iron Man's History

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Iron Man is a wisecracker when he wants to be, super serious and soldiery when he needs to be, and generally a good tempered fellow.

Of course, it’s easy to be in good spirits all the time when you’re a billionaire playboy in a supersuit of your own design, and cracking supervillain skulls has got to make you feel good too.

What doesn’t feel good is having your embarrassing moments exposed to the world, and for that we apologize to Iron Tony Stark Man in advance.

However, he should be able to handle the negative exposure, seeing as how most of the incidents on the list involve an alternate Tony and not the original. But always needing to be charged like a cell phone battery? Yeah, that's the Tony we all know and love!

See The 5 Most Embarrassing Moments In Iron Man Comic Book History at Dorkly (contains NSFW language)

Every Day for the Past 2 Years, This Man Has Played "Taps" to His Neighborhood

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(Video Link)

It has become a familiar, even expected experience in a neighborhood of Tacoma, Washington. Every day, Don Brittain, 78, checks to see when sunset will occur. When it does, he stands on his back porch and plays "Taps" slowly on his trumpet.

His neighbors now walk out to their own porches and silently stand at attention while the 24 notes flow out across Puget Sound. It is a shared experience of reverence:

"[I want to] support our guys who are over there fighting" said Don. "I had polio as a kid so I couldn't serve."

For him, that was one of the worst things about getting polio.

"I would have served in a heartbeat," he said.

Yet, Don's daily ritual is not just for the soldiers, it's also for his neighbors. They now take it as seriously as Don does. As soon as Don begins to play, his neighbors come outside and stand at attention.

"It seems to move people," said Don. "It has an effect on them."

In our everyday, hectic lives there is almost nothing that gets people to stop like this and reflect, but in Tacoma, under Don's leadership, people spend twenty-four notes nightly doing exactly that.

You can read more at CBS News (warning: auto-play video).

-via American Digest

Guy Asks Internet To Increase The Size Of His Girlfriend's Catch, And They Bit

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You’d think people would know better than to ask the internet for some photoshopping help when the results are nearly always disastrous.

And yet people continue to let the 'Net photoshop their photos for them, like a masochistic photo manipulation ritual they know 

Or maybe, just maybe, they’re looking for their pic to be a part of some online tomfoolery, so they offer it up to the internet gods in the hopes of being in on a joke for once.

This time around some guy asked the interwebs to Photoshop his girlfriend’s frail fish into something worthy of a mighty fishing fable, and as expected they created something crappy to carp about, just for the halibut.

See more images the Internet "improved" here

Nineteen Days, Half a Million Miles, Expenses $33.31

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At the beginning of August in 1969, Colonel Edwin Aldrin, Jr. submitted a two-page travel voucher for expenses. The trip the previous month was from Houston, Texas, to Cape Kennedy, Florida, to the moon, to the Pacific Ocean, to Hawaii, and back to Houston. The total expenses were $33.31, which was approved.

It’s hard to read, but I believe there was a $1 per diem for 19.25 days, minus two meals at $2.25 each, 56 cents for travel from his home to Ellington Air Force Base and back, $10 for travel around Cape Kennedy, and $8 for something I cannot read. Now, if only there were a frequent flyer program in those days, he would have really racked up! Buzz Aldrin posted this to his Facebook feed. -via Bits and Pieces

Bottle Caps Fever - Better Than The Pip Boy Plague!

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Bottle Caps Fever by Olipop

Ever since the bombs fell and blighted the Earth people have found themselves infected with all kinds of fevers, from the radioactive rattles to the super mutant shakes to the dreaded Deathclaw drips, but nothing had affected quite as many people as bottle cap fever. People were so hooked on collecting that cannery currency that even nuclear fallout wasn't enough to keep them from scavenging the wastes. And once the news that Sunset Sarsparilla was giving away a massive mystery prize to those who collected enough Star bottle caps people started leaving their vaults in droves to dig up some caps!

Cash in some post-apocalyptic currency for this Bottle Caps Fever by Olipop, it's the easiest way to collect smiles from your fellow Fallout fans.

Visit Olipop's Facebook fan page, Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Imperial Initiative Kodamax Daddy Travel Agent Catrina Greetings From San Fransokyo V2

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The Smallest Post Office in the US is the Size of a Closet

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(Photo: Global Reactions)

In 1953, the general store and post office of Ochopee, Florida burned down. So local residents converted an irrigation pipe shed on a tomato farm into a temporary post office. It stayed there and remains in business to this day. 

(Image: Kris555000)

It serves residents of 3 counties and was once a bus stop. A single Postal Service employee works there, sorting mail into slots on the back wall. In addition to being a functional service point, the Ochopee Post Office is also a popular tourist attraction as it is the smallest Post Office in the United States.

This is 1 of 7 of America's smallest civic institutions rounded up by Atlas Obscura, including the smallest national forest (33 trees) and a police station the size of a phone booth.

A Man Grows A Magical Beard In This Charming Stop Motion Short

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When a guy successfully grows a thick, long beard it can feel like magic on his face, or it can feel like an itchy bird’s nest and cause him to suffer for his manliness.

When you’ve got a magical beard on your face it can make you feel like a changed man, a man whose face is never cold and doesn’t need to take off his shirt to prove he’s super hairy.

(YouTube Link)

But growing a magical beard is a journey in itself, as demonstrated in this clever and charming stop motion video by “Petey BoyPete Simon.

He uses his buddy Tom Offer-Westort’s face to tell the tale of the Fabled Whiskers, which grow as Tom reads a book full of magical adventures.

-Via Laughing Squid

When Congress Looked James Smithson's Gift Horse in the Mouth

Miss Cellania 2

Have you ever wondered about the person the Smithsonian Institution was named after? It’s a rather peculiar story.

James Smithson (1765-1829) was a well-to-do English scientist who had never visited the United States. In his 1826 will, he left his estate to his nephew. But he ended his will with an odd clause that said if that nephew died without heirs, legitimate or illegitimate, the estate would go “to the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an Establishment for the increase & diffusion of knowledge among men.”  When Smithson’s nephew died without heirs in 1835, the peculiar clause went into effect. On July 28, 1835, Smithson’s solicitors notified the United States government of the bequest. An 1835 article in the National Intelligencer told the public that a “gentleman of Paris” had left a bequest to the United States, for the purpose of endowing a National University.

That seems all very nice, but this was 1835, and the government of the Unites States didn’t know what to do with the bequest, or even whether they should accept it. The president handed the matter over to Congress, where they weren’t sure of the procedure for taking the bequest, or even if it was allowed by the Constitution. Some politicians had objections to receiving money from an Englishman. Read about the conundrum Smithson caused at (where else?) Smithsonian.

Our Robotic Overlords Have Learned How To Play Ping Pong

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 photo 1363586558041662605_zpsrjtb4fii.gif

Professional ping pong players take the game very seriously, but they wouldn’t put their life on the line to win a tournament.

Ping pong playing robots are programmed to win at all costs, and places no value on human life, so if one of these machines asks if you’d like to play a game politely refuse then run like hell!

(YouTube Link)

This cutting edge commercial by Omron Automation & Safety was created to show us how robots will serve a variety of functions in the future, posing the question 'can automation make us happy?'

Only if we make the automatons happy first, and keep them happy by oiling their gears and gently singing "Mr. Roboto" to them while they recharge. Yay for automation happy fun time!

-Via io9

Dad Builds the World's Longest Seesaw to Play with His Son 730 Miles Away

John Farrier 2

(Image: CCTV News)

Liu Haibin, 30, is an engineer who works in Xiamen City, China. His work takes him away from his family, which lives 730 miles away in Tengzhuo City. He dearly misses his 8-month old son in particular. So Liu built two matching seesaws equipped with motion sensors, cameras, and display screens. With them, Liu and his son and seesaw together in real time. The Daily Mail reports:

'I want to leave some good childhood memories for my boy.

'Hopefully he will remember when he grows up that his father has tried to make him happy.'

Speaking of his inspiration for the project, Liu added: 'Every time I think about my childhood, I remember my father coming home early to play with me on the seesaw.

'This memory always gives me strength, so I want to give my son memories that fill him with love.'

Five Substances Dramatically Misrepresented In Movies

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 photo tumblr_lzd3ax2rVX1rp79qco1_500_zpsxceqmkpx.gif

We recently posted a video about the real effects of chloroform versus the effects according to pop culture, and that got me to thinking- what other drugs are often misrepresented?

(YouTube Link)

Chloroform is the first to come to mind, but what about truth serum, laughing gas and that drug that temporarily paralyzes you they love to use in movies and TV shows- how are these drugs misrepresented on the screen?

(YouTube Link)

This article published by HellaWella a few years back reveals the truth about 5 Real, but Dramatically Misrepresented, Drugs from TV & Film.

It’s an interesting read that totally busts the pop culture myths of how those mighty convenient drugs work on the human mind.

The Short Story That Started It All

Miss Cellania 1

If Dad hadn’t shot Walt Disney in the leg, it would have been our best vacation ever!

In 1979, National Lampoon magazine printed a short story called “Vacation ’58” by John Hughes. He wrote it while snowed in by a blizzard in Chicago. The story is told from the point of view of the Griswold son, as it was based on a real vacation trip Hughes had taken with his family when he was a child. The trip starts off badly and becomes worse.

Mom pleaded with Dad to stop at a motel when we got to Springfield, Illinois. Several times he crossed completely over the median lines and drove in the opposite lane. Once, while going through a little town, Dad drove up on the sidewalk and ran over a bike and some toys. Mom accused him of being asleep at the wheel, but he said he was just unfamiliar with Illinois traffic signs.

He took off his shoes, rolled down the window, turned the radio way up, and made us all sing the Michigan State fight song. But after a few minutes we were all sound asleep, our new station wagon racing down U.S. 55 like a bedroom on wheels. I don’t know how far we traveled like that. Fortunately, there wasn’t much traffic at that hour so we didn’t hit anything. We finally woke up when Missy asked Dad to get her a drink of water and Dad said, “Go ask Mommy, Daddy’s sleeping.” I heard that and so did Mom, and she screamed and Dad slammed on the brakes, and the luggage tumbled forward onto the back seat and Dad’s golf clubs scattered all over the highway.  

“Vacation ’58” was Hughes’ big break, and led to him writing the screenplay for National Lampooon’s Vacation. He would later go on to write, produce, and/or direct movies such as Home Alone, The Breakfast Club, and Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. You can read the entire story “Vacation ’58” at The Hollywood Reporter. -via Digg

(Image credit: National Lampoon Inc.)

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