2014 Supreme Cat Show

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More than 800 cats were paraded and judged at The Supreme Cat Show in Birmingham, England, yesterday. The event, held for thirty years now, is one of the largest cat competitions in Europe. Exhibitors brought longhairs, shorthairs, Persians, Sphinxes, and more with fancy names like Sugartump Supremo Disaronno, Adzwosh Darling Doris Day, Bleugems Believe-in-me, and Leadpruuf Pruby Doo. The overall winner was a British Lilac Tortie named Premier Pinemarten Tina Sparkle, owned by Penny Hopgood.


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Why Elephants Never Forget

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YouTube Link

I love animals, but elephants are some of my favorites. They are soulful, smart and sweet to their species and others. This video provides facts about the intelligence of elephants and lists some common behaviors in the context of their brain capacity and function. I continue to hope for a world in which these noble animals are free of captivity, habitat destruction, cruelty and poaching.

Purr - The Legendary Feline Foursome

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Purr by Paula Garcia

The kittehs were looking to put the band back together, but they needed a style makeover because folk was out and metal was in. They decided to go with a classic face painting motif to give them the purrfect amount of fright, and kitty friendly instruments to keep Purr playing their pawsitively awesome brand of rock and roll all night. They landed a gig in Rock City's seediest underground club The Tomcat and proceeded to blow the audience's mind with their fantastically furry-ous basslines, mewsically melodious choruses and derp inducing drumming. Purr was off to a good start, that is until the Starchild and Catman came looking for them after the gig...

Add some kittie metal mania to your geeky wardrobe with this Purr t-shirt by Paula Garcia, it's the rockinest cat shirt in town!

Visit Paula Garcia's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more purr-fectly geeky designs:

Fire And Blood Don Vito Maneki Metal This Is Halloween

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Cargo Bikes That Quickly Turn into Power Generators

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Portal Bikes is a not-for-profit organization that wants to help people rise out of poverty by giving them a machine with multiple purposes. That machine is a bike. The founders of Portal Bikes believe that bikes "are the most incredible invention the world has ever known." They provide transportation of people and cargo, as well as a power source.

Ordinary bikes can do this, but Portal Bikes designed a low-cost bicycle specifically to enhance the lives of the poor.

It's a bicycle, so it can transport people on the front or the back. Owners can also add panniers to provide for additional cargo-hauling capacity.

Some bicycle owners have adapted their bikes to power stationary machines. The Portal Bike has that feature built-in with no loss to the use of the bike for transportation. Whenever the back wheel is turning, so is the power take off device in the rear, which can be used to crank anything which turns, such as a grinder or a mechanical washing machine.

-via NotCot

Clearing the Driveway

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Be careful! A guy in Corbett, Oregon, was going to remove the snow from his driveway. Turns out he didn’t need to worry about snow at all. He needs to worry about the ice! The driveway is on a hill, and from the looks of it, no vehicles should attempt to drive down. Or walk down, for that matter. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Spider Man Gloves are Real, and They're Spectacular

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Researchers at Stanford have developed gloves inspired by the climbing movement of geckos that give users under 200 pounds the ability to climb a smooth, vertical surface. Their research is published in this week's issue of the Journal of the Royal Society Interface

Popular Mechanics' William Herkewitz discussed the project, 

"Hawkes and his colleagues developed a dry-adhesive called PDMS microwedges. Unlike duct tape or super glue, this reptile-inspired adhesive works via clingy hair-like nanofibers. These nanofibers flatten out when pulled downward against a surface and grip via electromagnetic attraction (called the van der Waals force) but can be pulled off easily with a perpendicular tug.

Using springs, they anchored 24 microwedge patches to a flat plate that a person could grab with their hand, the idea being that the 24 patches distribute the force of a climber. However, this is actually a well-tested recipe for failure. Normal springs won't distribute weight as evenly as you'd need. Worse, when a single patch is pulled past its breaking point, the failure can avalanche across the entire plate.

Here's the key to Hawkes' system: Instead of using ordinary springs to anchor the adhesive patches, they used springs made of a shape-memory alloy. While normal springs become tenser as you pull them like a rubber band, the scientist's shape-memory alloy springs actually become softer and less tense, like stretching bubblegum.

Anchored by these weird springs, each of Hawkes' microwedges distributed the weight of a clinging climber across the plate with near perfection. Hawkes could easily scale a glass wall, and the scientists have calculated that the gloves could be used by anyone up to around 200 lbs. And if one wedge ever fails, the plate simply self-corrects."

Read more in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, Popular Mechanics and Science News.

Via i09 | Image: Elliot Hawkes

Behold the Power of Telekinesis Cat

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(Video Link)

Fluffy was an ordinary cat. Then, late one night while roaming through the neighborhood, he encountered a crashed alien spaceship. Now he can . . . do things . . . with his mind.

His power is growing every day. Soon the house cat lifestyle will not be enough for him.

From YouTube user Super Epic Cats comes the first episode of "Telekinesis Cat." Other videos in the series include "Mad Scientist Cat" and "Hover Cat."

-via David Thompson

Let It Go, Bruce

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So, did Batman watch Frozen, or did he become familiar with the entire story by osmosis, like I did? I finally saw the movie, or most of it, about a month ago. This comic is from DeviantART member nebezial. And there was a great comment underneath:

:iconbatmanplz: :iconsaysplz:Clark? :iconmusicnotesplz:Do you want to save the planet? Come on lets go today. We don't save people anymore, come out the door, and up up and away. We used to be best allies, but now we're not and it's all DC's fault. Do you want to save this planet? It doesn't have to be this planet.:iconmusicnotesplz:

:iconsupermanplz::iconsaysplz:Go away Bruce.

:iconbatmanplz::iconsaysplz::iconmusicnotesplz:Okay bye.:iconmusicnotesplz:

-via Geeks Are Sexy

Why Is Coffee More Likely to Spill Than Beer?

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If you walk around with a glass of beer and a glass of coffee, you're more likely to spill your coffee than you beer. Why? 4 physicists think that they have an answer. Alban Sauret, Francois Boulogne, Jean Cappello, and Howard Stone recently presented their findings at a conference. Their studies suggest that the foam on the surface of beer dampens movement. The thicker the foam, the less movement and less spillage. Rachel Nuwer writes for Smithsonian:

Just as solid foam reduces noise by absorbing sound waves, liquid foam does the same for motion. The researchers discovered foam's insulating effects by performing controlled lab experiments on coffee and beer. They used high speed cameras to record the waves of motion that rocked through the surface of coffee, an amber beer and Guinness. The more foam that was present, they observed, the more energy was absorbed and the less sloshing occurred.

(Video Link)

-via David Thompson

23 Facts About Steel Magnolias

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The movie Steel Magnolias turned 25 years old this past week. Where did the time go? Just the mention of the movie reminds me of getting my hair done and crying along with the movie characters as we watched on VHS. The star-studded film was based on a successful play and became one of the biggest hits of 1989. Let’s learn some more about Steel Magnolias.    


Writer Robert Harling wrote Steel Magnolias as a way of coping with the passing of his sister, Susan, who died from complications related to diabetes in 1985. In the play, Susan became Shelby.


Bette Davis saw the play in New York and immediately began a push to be cast in the film as Ouiser (Shirley MacLaine’s part). She also thought that Katharine Hepburn could make a fantastic Clairee and Elizabeth Taylor would be a perfect Truvy. In 1989, Harling told The Morning Call how Davis had invited him to tea to lobby for the part. As he left, Davis told him, “You may give the role of Ouiser to someone else. But you and they will hear from Bette Davis.”


But the guys are lucky there were any roles for them in the film at all. Though the men are often talked about in the stage play, no men appeared on the stage at any time. In his review of the film for The New York Times, Vincent Canby noted that “The men in their lives are played by Sam Shepard, Tom Skerritt and Dylan McDermott, among others, but the male characters are no more substantial now than when they were invisible.”

Treating male characters as tokens with barely any substance may be a flaw, but women are used like that in movies all the time. Steel Magnolias turned a spotlight on women and showed that a man is just one of many things they care deeply about. Read the rest of 23 Facts About Steel Magnolias at mental_floss.    

Misconceptions About Pets

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YouTube Link

Mental Floss addresses a number of commonly repeated bits of information about pets that aren't necessarily factual. What is best for your cat to eat and drink? Is your dog really hypoallergenic? And if that dog happens to be old, should you just pack it in instead of teaching him a new trick? Learn the answers to these questions and others in this video.

Ten Television Characters Who Were Never Fully Revealed On Screen

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In the television world there are characters like Kramer or Gilligan who keep the slapstick humor alive on a show, and then there are those wonderfully compelling mystery characters.

These characters never fully appear on screen, and yet they have a big impact on the lives of the main characters as they give them guidance and help them learn a lesson, without revealing too much about themselves, of course.

We can only guess what Wilson from Home Improvement or Norm’s wife Vera on Cheers actually look like, but there’s no denying they make the entire TV program that much more entertaining to watch.

Check out this list of The Best TV Characters Who Never Actually Appeared On Screen and explore one of television's most enduring, and least abused, tropes- the faceless mystery character!

Hermit Crab Housing Chain

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In this clip from the BBC One series Life Story, Sir David Attenborough narrates a hermit crab housing chain. If you’ve ever had pet hermit crabs, you know they are always on the lookout for the perfect shell, one slightly larger than the one they have because they are growing. But a shell that is too big will be hard to carry around. In the wild, they’ve worked out their own system for exchanging shells of the proper size. Everybody wins! I love how each of them "claimed" the shell they really wanted, as if they had been watching it for some time. After seeing this, I have to wonder if they leave the smallest shells strategically placed near crab eggs for newly-hatched hermits. -via b3ta

Embrace Your Demons - The Darkness Within Us All

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Embrace Your Demons by Brittany Brown

Do you have dark forces raging inside you? Don't try to supress them, or wait for them to go away on their own, you're better off just embracing your inner demons and becoming all the bad you can be! With your inner demon on your side you'll be unstoppable, and people will learn to respect your wishes...or else! Take it from someone who knows a thing or two about the dark forces at work within us all- it's better to embrace your demons than to let them sink their claws into your heart!

Spread the word about the monster that lurks within us all with this Embrace Your Demons t-shirt by Brittany Brown, it's one horrifically fun design!

Visit Brittany Brown's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more inspirationally geeky designs:

Dapper Demon Artsy Owl (Color Version) Meowth's Payday Green Evolution

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Friends of the Galaxy

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(YouTube link)

Robert Jones brings us a mashup of the TV show Friends and the film Guardians of the Galaxy! Yes, it’s the every-so-familiar intro to Friends re-edited with selected relevant clips featuring Peter, Gamora, and Rocket celebrating their friendship, despite how different they are. -Thanks, Robert!  

Xavier Puente Vilardell’s Twisted Wood Sculptures

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Xavier Puente Vilardell is an artist in Brussels, Belgium. If you examine his wood sculptures, you’d swear that he makes them by twisting reality rather than carving wood. He says that his work reflects “a strong Mediterranean tradition, where carved holes in the wood turn into light beams caressing amazing shapes.” You can view more of Vilardell’s work here.

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Shark Attack Men's Sock

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Shark Attack Men's Sock

Are visions of sharp and piercing winter swimming through your head? Take bite out of the cold with the Shark Attack Men's Socks from the NeatoShop. This ferocious pair of socks makes a fierce fashion statement. 

Hungry for more fashionable Footware? Be sure to check out the NeatoShop!


Shark Cats

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The great question is clear: should I get a filter feeding shark cat, such as a basking tabby, because it's safe, or should I get a more hazardous shark, such as a great white calico, because it would be cool?

Brynn Metheney, an artist in Oakland, California, drew 12 shark cats for a shark cat-themed monthly calendar. You can see the other shark cats in that calendar here.

-via io9

Sleepy Ferret Collapses into Zzzs

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YouTube Link

This ferret has obviously had an exhausting day of ferret play and is at his consciousness' end. His human's lap seems like a perfect place to collapse (not that he spent a moment of ferret decision-making time considering the issue). All's well that ends well. -Via Tastefully Offensive

Artist Reveals How Superheroes Are Celebrating Movember

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We’re in the midst of Movember 2014, when guys grow out their facial hair for the sake of spreading awareness about men's issues, like prostate cancer, and raising money for charity.

You might find it dorky when your friend grows a grizzly adams beard, or a handlebar moustache, but there’s nothing dorky about superfolks like Wolverine, Ghost Rider and Dr. Manhattan growing out their manly facial hair for a good cause. 

Illustrator James Bousema has created three heroic portraits that reveal what some of our favorite superheroes would look like with facial hair, the first in a new project he's working on to beard 'em all.

Wolverine is usually depicted sporting a pair of mutton chops, but seeing him with a long beard and moustache kinda makes him look like a hobo in disguise.

Dr. Manhattan went the hipster handlebar moustache route, of course, since he was superpowered way before it was cool, but the biggest surprise reveal of all is Ghost Rider- who knew his beard would be made out of flames! -Via GeekTyrant

Deep Fried Thanksgiving Dinner

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In just a few days, we'll have one of the best holidays of the year: the Day after Thanksgiving. It's all of the good things about Thanksgiving (the food) with none of the bad things about the day (the workload and pressure).

You've got a lot of leftovers left over from the previous day's feasting. What are you going to do with them? Well, if you're like me, then you've already eaten an entire pumpkin pie while standing in front of the open refrigerator door at 6 AM before anyone else has woken up.

But Amy of the great good blog Oh, Bite It! is not like me. She wants a creative alternative to cold leftovers. So she took samples of some of the classic Thanksgiving foods, such as cranberry sauce, candied yams, turkey, green bean casserole, and stuffing. Amy placed these between 2 4-inch circles of canned crescent roll dough, then deep fried them. The result is a quick, hot meal that will increase your gravitational attraction.

It’s What’s Inside that Counts

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This is a nice-looking house for sale in Sweden. It looks quite normal from the outside, but inside… well, the kitchen looks quite normal, modern, and well-equipped. Really nice living room! Wait, are those trophy heads on the walls aliens? Then we get to the hallway, and there’s a full-size Predator! Just wait until you see what’s behind that fancy carved door... Yes, this house is for sale, and you can see a lot more pictures of it at the real estate ad, but I don’t believe you’ll get much out of the text unless you can read Swedish. -via Everlasting Blort

Rainbow Cat

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Twitter user @smellyghostgirl writes, “my stepdad makes sundials that make a rainbow go thru ur house when the sun hits it and.”* Rainbow Cat brings a technicolor grumpiness to everyone he meets. Rainbow Cat, tell us the secret of eternal grumpiness.

-via Colossal

*She might mean suncatchers instead of sundials.

Ten Places You Definitely Don't Want to Go Swimming

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Mumbai, India

I know a lot of people in our Neatorama readership are concerned about environmental issues, nature and conservation. Unfortunately, not everyone in the world shares our priorities. This article highlights areas in which we would not want to partake in swimming or other recreational activites in the local bodies of water. Whether it's due to pollution, dangerous wildlife or other risks to our person, we might want to make mental notes of these areas in which we'd be better off locating our nearest jetted bathtub or private pool in which to relax and refresh instead. 

10. Mumbai, India
While there is no shortage of beaches in India's most populous city of Mumbai, none are fit for swimming, and the goverment has made those warnings abundantly clear. The water and shoreline is polluted with a vast amount of untreated sewage. Despite the existence of a sewage treatment facility, much of the city's waste never sees it, and is discharged into the waterways. The cause of the problem is attributed to residents dumping raw sewage into storm drains.

Knowledge of the problem has done nothing to curtail it, and levels of animal and human fecal bacteria at beaches continue to rise, with readings at the most popular beach, Girgaon Chaupati, at four times the acceptable limit, and reports of skin rashes from bathers after contact with the water.

New Smyrna Beach, Florida

9. New Smyrna Beach, Florida
While the water at New Smyrna Beach in Volusia County, Florida, is clean and would, in theory, make for wonderful surfing as well as swimming, there is one major problem: sharks. The waters are rich with fish, which makes them targets of sharks as prime areas for feeding. In fact, the International Shark Attack File considers New Smyrna the "shark attack capital of the world."

Experts in the field estimate that every swimmer at New Smyrna Beach is destined for a close encounter (within 10 feet) of a shark. In the year 2008, over one-third of all shark attacks in the world occurred in the waters off that county coast. Astoundingly, the state of Florida recorded more attacks in the years 2004–2013 than in both Australia and South Africa combined.

I think the only time I'd take a dip in the water of New Smyrna Beach would be with Brody, Quint, Hooper and their "bigger boat."

Read numbers eight through one on the list of places you definitely don't want to go swimming here. 

Images: Wikipedia

Life Is A Joke - Laugh Now, Cry Later

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Life Is A Joke by Saqman

The clown prince of crime took to the stage and announced his retirement from supervillainy, stating that his entire career as a crook had been one big joke. The crowd gasped, their faces locked in expressions of disbelief, but as that joker started cracking up gas began to seep out of the theater's ventilation system. The audience had only a second to realize that this had all been part of his plan, and once again he'd succeeded in being two steps ahead of everyone else, and as they felt their faces lock in a maniacal smile the Joker took the mic and announced "laugh it up, kiddies! Life is a joke, and you're all the punchline!"

Share a laugh with your fellow batfans by wearing this Life Is A Joke t-shirt by Saqman, it's funny haha and won't make you funny looking when you wear it!

Visit Saqman's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Han's Revenge Giant Size Doctors Rodian Petition Exterminate All Folks

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How to Make Doritos-Flavored Mountain Dew at Home

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“Oh my God!”


“Do you have to make a mess?”

“Science is generally very messy. Yes, you should know that. You can’t make an omelet unless you break a few eggs.”

With that, Francis pushes forward to make his own Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew.

(Video Link)

As we’ve recently mentioned, Pepsi is currently testing an official version of this product. But Francis doesn’t want to wait until it’s on the open market. He’s making his own and, in this video, showing how you can, too.

The recipe is surprisingly simple. There are only two ingredients. I’ll let you guess what they are. Combine them in a blender. How does it taste? Francis says, “You know that’s going to be good when you see the chunks in it.”

I recommend watching the entire video. The verbal interaction with the woman holding the camera is very funny.

-via VA Viper

Ten of the World's Ridiculously Decadent Homes

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Sometimes wealthy people build monuments to their success that are so ostentatious they border on obscenity. This collection of ten such homes lists some contenders for most over-the-top architectural displays of wealth. Number five is described below.

5) Fairfield, The Hamptons

Billionaire Ira Rennert's house, built on 68 acres of property facing the Atlantic Ocean, is worth $198 million. The buildings that make up the complex equal approximately 110,000 square feet; the main house alone is 66,000 square feet, has 29 bedrooms and 39 bathrooms. Amenities include a basketball court, a bowling alley, two tennis courts, two squash courts, a hot tub worth $150,000 and its own power station.  

See this article for descriptions of nine more ridiculously decadent homes here.  

Via The Presurfer | Images: Imgarcade.com 

How to Make Girl Scout Cookie Shots, Get Drunk

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Girl Scout Cookies—especially Thin Mints—are delicious! They do, however, have low alcohol content. That’s in sharp contrast to Andrea Romano and Laura Vitto of Mashable, who created this video showing you how to make shots that taste like popular Girls Scout Cookie flavors.

(Video Link)

After making their shots, Romano and Vitto immediately consume them. So they become increasingly intoxicated through the video. Thus they follow a classical rule of videography: shoot drunk, edit sober.

-via That’s Nerdalicious!

Japanese Pet Owners Discover IKEA Doll Beds Are Cool For Cats

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Kitty beds don’t have to cost a fortune, especially because most cats would rather hang out in a cardboard box than on some fancy bed, but if you’re looking for purr-fect style on a budget you can’t do much better than the Duktig doll beds made by IKEA.

(Image Link)

These wooden doll beds are all the rage among Japanese cat owners who don’t want their kitties sleeping on the floor like some stray, and there’s nothing cuter than a sleepy kitteh all curled up on a miniature pine bed complete with pillow and blanket.

(Image Link)

Cats of all sizes are able to curl up quite comfortably on a Duktig bed, and some clever owners have even come up with ways to accomodate multiple kitties, because cat sleepovers are pawsitively awesome!

(Image Link)

-Via Bored Panda

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