What are Your Chances of Surviving a Plane Crash?

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Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website or at Facebook.

What are your chances of surviving a plane crash? Contrary to popular belief, they're actually very good indeed: especially if you're in the cheap seats.

In the United States, between 1983 and 2000, there were 568 plane crashes. In 90% of them there were survivors, and out of the 53,487 people onboard, 51,207 survived. (Of course, the 9/11 tragedies changed all of our considerations about crashes. nonetheless, "deliberate" crashes are, of course, an infinitesimal possibility.)

According to Popular Mechanics magazine, the safest place to be in the event of a crash is at the back, well behind the wings, where there is a 69% survival rate. Sitting over (or just in front of) the wings reduces your chances of getting out alive to 56%. The worst place to be is right up in front in first class, where the survival rate falls to 49%. (A bit of dark irony there, as the VIPs and most affluent people are actually in the least safe, highest risk seats.)

According to the world's leading fire safety engineer, professor Ed Galea of the University of Greenwich, the biggest danger is actually seat belts. In an emergency, passengers panic and revert to what they are familiar with: they struggle to open them like a seat belt in a car, resulting in (sometimes fatal) delay.

Fire is, of course, a major problem, largely because of smoke inhalation. Your safest bet is to sit on the aisle close to an exit. Before takeoff, make a note of how many rows there are between you and the nearest exit. That way, even if the cabin is filled with smoke, you'll still be able to crawl your way out by feel.

Until recently, it was thought impossible for a passenger airliner to make a successful emergency landing on water. To prevent the plane from breaking up on impact, the pilot must slow down as much as possible -but without losing lift- so that the tail of the plane hits the water first.

The wings must be perfectly level: if one wing hits the water before the other, the plane will cartwheel and break up. The fuel must be used up or dumped: it's weight would cause the plane to sink, even if it did land successfully. Then there's the weather, and sea conditions, either of which could wreck the plane, no matter how calmly the pilot behaves.

Despite such unnerving obstacles and such a low margin for error, there have been at least a half a dozen successful emergency landings by airliners on water. The most recent and spectacular example occurred in January 2009, when an Airbus A320, US Airways Flight 1549, ditched in the Hudson River in New York.

Shortly after takeoff, the plane hit a flock of geese and had to make a forced landing on the water. The pilot did this perfectly, saving the lives of all 155 people on board.

(Image credit: Greg L)

Airline statisticians like to say that you are ten times more likely to be hit by a comet than to die in a plane crash. This is because, once every million years or so, an extraterrestrial body collides with earth. The next time this happens, it will probably wipe out half the earth's population. But as far as they know, the last time anyone was hit by a comet was 12,900 years ago.

It is definitely the case, however, that you are many times more likely to die in the taxi cab on the way to and from the airport than you are on the flight itself.

You Can Go Trick-or-Treating at George Washington's House

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(Portrait by Rembrandt Peale)

Mount Vernon is the estate of George Washington. It's a historical site open to the public that features year-round events. This Halloween, children can go trick-or-treating there! Visitors can listen to Halloween-themed storytelling, play colonial-era games, and take a wagon ride. They can also sample chocolate as it was experienced during Washington's lifetime. 

(Photo: Mount Vernon)

The organizers will offer prizes to guests who have the best George and Martha Washington costumes.

-via Marilyn Terrell

Eight Things You May Not Know About The Terminator

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With the thirtieth anniversary of James Cameron's The Terminator now here, some people are looking back to the earliest days of the franchise. In addition to this excellent, early celebration of the film's anniversary over the summer, here are another eight facts about Cameron's tale of a cyborg assassin wreaking havoc. 

For now, I'll leave you with number six on the list, a dubious fact regarding casting. Disgraced former NFL player O.J. Simpson was considered for the title role. At the time, Simpson had a fair amount of success as an actor, having appeared in Roots, The Towering Inferno and the Naked Gun trilogy, among other movies. As the story goes, the studio suggested O.J. Simpson's name to James Cameron as a possibility for the role. Ironically, Cameron felt that no one would believe O.J. as a killer. 

-Via Uproxx | Image: CNN.com 

Air New Zealand's New Flight Safety Video

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(YouTube link)

Air New Zealand is the official airline of Middle-Earth. And they take full advantage of the title, with a new flight safety video thst has an overwhelming Hobbit theme. This was directed by Taika Waititi, with appearances by Peter Jackson and Elijah Wood and cameos by Sylvester McCoy (Radagast the Brown), Dean O’Gorman (Fili),  and Weta Workshop co-founder Sir Richard Taylor. -via Hilary Gilbert

8 Realistic Sexy Halloween Costumes for Moms

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It is trendy these days for people to wear sexualized Halloween costumes. I confess that I will succumb to the trend this year.

What will you wear? If you're a mom, you've got a lot of options. Suzanne Fleet has photographed 8 wonderful possibilities that reflect actual parenting. They're all really easy to make. You can probably assemble them from your everyday gear. What will you be--the Crazy Carpool Mom or the Dirty Delouser?

Maymo and Penny the Beagles Trick-or-Treat

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YouTube Link

Maymo and his little sister Penny (previously at Neatorama) want more than one offering of treats this Halloween. Their safest bet is to make a number of canine costume changes. After all, some treats they receive may be less than delicious. (I'm all for Richard Simmons, but I'd rather have a Snickers than a framed portrait of him.) -Via Laughing Squid

Fuzzy Wuzzy Logic - A Bald Bear's Existential Dilemma

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Fuzzy Wuzzy Logic by Mark Heath

Fuzzy Wuzzy's life is one big existential conundrum, and although he has a keen intellect he has been stuck in a perpetual state of confusion for years, watching everythign he holds dear slip away as he tries to solve the logic puzzle that is his life. It's true that he is a bear, and immediately apparent that he has no hair, but what people don't know about Fuzzy is that he was a married family bear until someone asked the question that would change his life forever- "Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't fuzzy, was he?" From that day forward he spent all his time trying to prove that his life hadn't been one big lie...

Bring the story of one mixed up bald bear into the twenty first century with this Fuzzy Wuzzy Logic t-shirt by Mark Heath, and watch the "was he or wasn't he?" discussion begin!

Visit Mark Heath's official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightful designs:

Homeopathy Skeptic Entropy Seminar Pair O'Normal Events Poorly-Punctuated Equilibrium

View more designs by Mark Heath | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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The Refrigerator Candy Dispenser

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Deric Peace said he’d replaced the ice in his refrigerator door dispenser with candy. He even posted this picture to reddit. It sounds like a great idea, but some were a bit skeptical as to whether it worked, so he had to show us a video.

(YouTube link)

Imagine getting a cup of Reece’s minis, peppermint patties, M&Ms, and Skittles anytime you want! He says,

Literally just came to me the other night, and I said, I don't really use the ice maker for ice, and I wonder...the next morning I spent about 40 dollars at Rite-Aid, and the woman who checked me out thought I was an idiot. Probably still am, but when I poured in the first batch of reese's cups, and they just poured out like I hit the candy jackpot, I was beside myself. I love candy, I love making things easier, and making non-useful things (to me) more so. That's really it.

But he has ideas for improving on his innovation.

Wash out the bin, and then fill with candy that is not wrapped. This is my next step, and I have a lot of candy to eat quickly. Good thing I have friends to share the burden with. I am not going back to ice, this usage is permanent.

He even posted another video to apologize for shooting the video in portrait mode -and to answer some more questions. In case you are wondering, Peace has no children. But I’m sure he will have lots of visitors!  

How I Killed The Spider - A Tale Of Immense Bravery

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Are you one of those people who gets mighty proud every time you kill a pesky spiders in your house?

Then you’ll probably relate to this delightful comic strip by Poorly Drawn Lines, although you may want to take a more direct approach to your insect eradication.

How I Killed The Spider tells the harrowing tale of a man whose home has been invaded by a brown recluse spider, and the extreme bravery involved in his battle against the beast.

It made me rethink my policy on scooping the little buggers up and putting them outside unharmed, because any spider that can beat two counts of possession with intent to sell in a court of law is a force to be reckoned with!

Read the rest of this riveting comic strip here

-Via Cheezburger

Dachshund's Creek

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(YouTube link)

Dawson’s Creek was a 1990s TV show about “life, love, and growing up.” And so is the remake Dachshund’s Creek, except this time around, the roles are played by weiner dogs named Gandalf, Winnie, Mocha, and Aurora. You don’t have to be a fan of the show, or even have seen it at all, to enjoy this version directed by Michael Immerman.  -via Time

25 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes You Can Make Last Minute

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Are you ready for Halloween yet? Don't worry if you're not -there's still plenty of time left to get ready. Even if you put things off as long as possible though, you can still create a great DIY Halloween costume in no time. Here are a few ideas in case you have to make your own Halloween costume last minute.

Silent Movie Stars

Here's an easy one for men or women. All you need is a black and white suit or dress (if it's 1920's style all the better), some gray cream makeup and some black eyeliner and black eye shadow to add some accents. To really sell the concept, it helps to bring along a title card too like this couple from Shrimp Salad Circus did.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Just about every gal has a sleeveless black dress. Add a tiara, some long black gloves, a chunky necklace, a tiara and a long cigarette holder (available at most costume stores) and you have a Holly Golightly costume. Of course, you need to have some serious hair styling skills to pull this one off as well as Redditor CampingIsIntense.



You may not be able to paint like her, but you can easily look like Frida with only minimal effort. Just grab a peasant blouse, put your hair up with a few flowers and then draw in a bit of a unibrow. Megan Rose shows how simple it is.

Van Gogh

For red-headed male fans of art, you can always go as Vincent Van Gogh. Paint a few thick, impressionist brush strokes on a jacket, sport a collarless button up shirt and then apply a some broad streaks of makeup along your neck and face to complete the look. This cool costume was created by a friend of Redditor josh1510.


If you don't have any time to get tulle, but have crepe or tissue paper available, then consider making a pinata costume. Glue strips of the paper to a body suit and trim to make frills. For more detailed instructions, don't miss this post by Camille Styles.

Rosie the Rivetter

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New McDonald's Restaurant Looks Like a Lunch Box

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(Photo: McDonald's Australia)

(Photo: McDonald's Australia)

To promote new menu items at McDonald's, the advertising agency DDB Sydney built a pop-up restaurant that looks like a lunchbox in the iconic McDonald's red and yellow. It's touring major cities in Australia, including Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, and Melbourne. McDonald's is particularly interested in using this facility to promote its new rump steak wraps.

(Video Link)

Here's a time-lapse video showing the lunch box restaurant being assembled.

-via Brand Eating

5 Scariest Haunted Toys

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(YouTube Link)

I believe it was Poltergeist that triggered my fear of toys in me, and I have carried it with me since I was a child. Something about a little, lifeless, object we play with that could come to life at any point is scary (and implausible, and silly, but go with it for a second because it is almost Halloween). 

The scariest part is, as you will from this list, there have been cases throughout history when toys have allegedly been possessed or haunted. With haunted dolls becoming so "in" again (wait, where they ever "in?"), seems a perfect time to drop this list on you of 5 toys that were said to be haunted. Now I know as much as the next guy that the likelihood of any of these stories being true is slim-to-none (a haunted N.E.S? Come on), like I said, it's Halloween. Just let go with it and have some fun for a moment. Oh, and if you are interested, I have a haunted Frisbee I am selling. 

Freaking thing just goes wherever it wants. Must be demons, right? Five bucks or best offer. Hit me up here, we can make it happen.

The Stone Dolls of Kuklica

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In Macedonia, there’s a rock formation called the Stone Dolls of Kuklica. They look like a crowd of people standing (although much larger). The legend behind the stones goes like this:

Once upon a time, long, long ago, a village girl was anxiously awaiting her wedding, which was scheduled for the afternoon. Having prepared everything days in advance, the girl wasn’t sure how to fill the morning hours. She’d heard about another wedding in the neighboring village and decided to see the happy couple who were sharing her special day…

Imagine her surprise upon discovering her groom-to-be, marrying another woman! Furious, she interrupted the wedding, and her betrothed sputtered, trying to explain. He loved both women, but for different reasons: one for her beauty and one for her wealth. In the end, he’d decided to marry the uglier, richer woman. The pretty young girl, betrayed, spat out a horrible curse, instantly turning the groom, his new wife, the priest, the wedding guests, and even herself into stone.

But there’s a perfectly logical, if not quite as magic, explanation for the formation. Still, you can pick out which stone pillar was the bride, groom, and the officiant, as well as their wedding party and guests. Take a tour of the the Stone Dolls of Kuklica with Jürgen Horn and Mike Powell; they’ve got plenty of pictures and video, at For 91 Days.  

New Darts Team Consists Entirely of Blind People

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(Photo: West Briton)

The Dolphin Inn, a pub in Grampound, Cornwall, UK, has a new darts team. The players, who call themselves the Optimists, are all blind. Pictured above is team member Richard Pryor and pub owner Joe Fryer in front of the dartboard. Pryor and his friends will compete against other teams affiliated with the pub.

(Image: SWNS)

How does a blind person play darts? Carefully. Also, the players tie a string from the bullseye. This string helps the player aim in the right direction. Don't worry about safety. Pryor says that they're taking appropriate precautions:

We're shutting the door to the toilet just in case someone comes through and gets a dart in the rear.

(Video Link)

Pryor describes an ideal scenario for his team: an electrical blackout. This would put the Optimists on equal footing with sighted teams.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

25 Halloween T-Shirts That Are Way Easier Than Making Your Own Costume

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The Great Pumpkin King by Blueswade

Forget fancy Halloween costumes! Here's something far easier: just wear these spooky fun pumpkin-inspired Halloween T-shirts from the NeatoShop. And with free shipping worldwide available, these shirts won't put a scare on your pocketbook.

Best of all, with cool artwork designed by the web's best indie artists, you can wear these ghoulishly awesome T-shirt all year round!

Take a look at 25 Halloween T-shirts to wear this coming Halloween:

Pumpkin is Coming by WereAllMadDesigns

That's No Pumpkin by Robotic Ewe

Who Halloween by Kellabell9

Howloween by Captain Sunshine

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Bowels And A Nap - Link Is Looking A Bit Long In The Tooth

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Bowels and a Nap by William Renn

For some reason the game designers always depict Link as a young man, even though he's been hacking and blocking his way through Hyrule for decades. So why do they keep showing him that way? Because in reality Link is fairly advanced in age, and nowadays he looks forward to his morning constitutional and an afternoon nap instead of fame, rupees and a grand adventure. Real life Link proves that with old age comes a lot less responsibility, and a lot more leisure time!

Commemorate Link's transition into his twilight years with this Bowels and a Nap t-shirt by William Renn, and keep your geeky wardrobe full of old school style!

Visit William Renn's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

The Walking Ted Justin Beelzebieber Rope F*#k The Princess

View more designs by William Renn | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Show Your Cry Face on #crydayFriday

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If you listen to StoryCorps on NPR's Morning Edition, or have watched the videos posted here at Neatorama, you know how they affect you. I start to tear up as soon as that music starts, because I know a heartbreaking or heartwarming story is coming. StoryCorps knows how you feel, and they’ve started a campaign to see how you feel, called Cry Day Friday. You’re invited to snap a picture of your “cry face” after you listen to a StoryCorps segment during Friday's broadcast, and post it to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram with the hashtag #crydayFriday. And you can check out other cry faces- there are already plenty of them.

In case you aren’t familiar with StoryCorps stories, you can listen to past stories from their archives, or watch one of their videos. StoryCorps is dedicated to archiving and sharing family stories from all kinds of people. -Thanks, Krisi!  

Man Builds Custom TARDIS for Marriage Proposal

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Redditor muffinman5423 built a TARDIS in order to propose to his girlfriend. It's a perfect model of the original that, from the outside, is a 1:1 scale replica. And it worked: she said yes!

What would he have done if she said no? Muffinman5432 had a backup plan.

(Video Link)

Here's a video of the actual proposal. It's really sweet and touching.

My own proposal was less complex (you know, the KISS principle). My wife and I are both librarians and I coincidentally proposed to her at a library. She loved it anyway, despite the absence of a TARDIS. But she has informed me that if the Doctor ever offers to take her away on an adventure, she's going to accept.

-via Nerd Approved

11 Household Items You Can Use to Decorate Your Pumpkin

Jill Harness 2

What do you use to carve your pumpkins? If you still use regular kitchen knives and a spoon, maybe you should try something a little different this year. You don't even need to buy fancy pumpkin carving tools -there's plenty of stuff around your home that you can use instead.

From power tools to spaghetti, you'll be surprised what you can use to decorate your Jack-O-Lantern. There's even a great way to make your pumpkin last longer so it doesn't become a mold-laden biohazard.

Check out all of the fun household items you can use to make your pumpkin look amazing over at Homes and Hues: Using 11 Common Household Objects to Decorate Your Pumpkin

29 Dumb Facts About Dessert

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(YouTube link)

I’m not sure why facts are “dumb,” especially about dessert, because that’s a very serious subject. Find out about the most expensive sundae, the biggest gingerbread house, who invented the popsicle, where to find a pickle-flavored snow cone, and so on, in this week’s mental_floss List Show video. Am I seeing something that’s not there, or does John Green look a bit under the weather? That’s what I look like when I have a bad cold.

Society of Biology's Best Biology Photographs of 2014

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"Spider like from another world" by Krasimir Matarov
Shortlisted for Photographer of the Year category 

The London-based Society of Biology recently announced their top picks for best biology photographs of 2014. The competition is for amateur photographers. The theme for 2014 was "Home, Habitat, and Shelter." Winning photographs were selected from approximately 800 entries. 

See all the winning photographs at the Society of Biology site.

-Via i09

"A Shelter Designed by Nature" by Robert Cabagnot
 Shortlisted for Photographer of the Year category

"Meal Time" by Boris Barath
Highly commended, Young Photographer of the Year category

How To Visualize Music Differently

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(YouTube Link)

You listen to music, but do you see it? Do you hear it in the raindrops around you, or realize that there is a rhythm to everything? The way our brains visualize and process musical patterns factors into both how we hear music and how we "see" it. I wont even keep going and pretend I am smart enough to trick you into thinking I have any idea what I am talking about. Instead, I will just let the always-brilliant Ted Ed series of Ted Talks teach you how to visualize music differently. Who knew something as simple as a wheel would change our perception of music?

That last line will make sense after you watch the video.

Now if you don't mind, I am just gonna flip on the blacklight and visualize some Pink Floyd music.

A Look Back At Former Disney Theme Park Rides And Attractions

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Disneyland first opened its doors over fifty years ago, and in that time Disney Imagineers have done their best to keep the park fresh by constantly updating and adding to the park, but with progress comes destruction.

Many rides and attractions have been torn down over the years- some, like the Submarine Voyage's upgrade to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, were revamped for the good of the park, while others like the Flight To The Moon/Mission To Mars are sorely missed to this day.

Take a look back at Disney theme park history with 11 Wonderful Former Disney Rides, compiled by Mental Floss, and see if you remember seeing any of these rides and attractions before they were sent to the scrapyard.

Minions, Adventure Time, and Old Simpsons on The Simpsons

RemyCarreiro 1

As many of you know, The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors is a real treat every year, often blending The Simpson's perfect pop culture prowess with some twisted humor and horror elements. I found a clip recently that I thought might have been faked. Come to find out, it's not. This is actually a scene from the forthcoming Halloween episode of this long-running show.

Rather than ruin just how magical it this clip is, I will just sit back and let you watch it (while I watch it myself about 300 more times).

(YouTube Link)

I wont lie. The Adventure Time alt-world reality of the Simpsons made me squee with delight.

The Higgs-Boson

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News flash: subatomic particles are really small. That’s why we had to build a 17-mile tunnel under two countries to look for it. Scientists are only human, after all. This is the latest from Randall Munroe at xkcd. Head over there to see the hover text that always accompanies the comics.

Have Mercy - The Power Of Uncle Jesse Compels You

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Have Mercy by Kellabell9

The blessed words of the 90s television star turned patron saint of full houses known as Uncle Jesse are here to guide you, and one mighty catchphrase in particular should get you through even the darkest hours of a life without cable - Have Mercy. Jesse uttered these mighty words as the blessed sister Rebecca laid her lips upon his, and although he'd uttered the phrase many times before he'd never felt the power of the holy father Elvis pass through him before that fateful kiss...

Add some blessedly funny humor to your geeky wardrobe with this Have Mercy t-shirt by Kellabell9, and show the world you worship retro TV sitcoms!

Visit Kellabell9's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more inspirationally geeky designs:

Who Halloween Adventure Alphabet Skull Slayer Regular Buddies

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