Tourbillon Will Turn You Every Which Way But Loose

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Would you be interested in a thrill ride like this? It looks a bit like Jodie Foster’s space vehicle in the movie Contact. The new ride is called called Tourbillon, and it’s in operation in Switzerland. No word yet on whether riders end up traveling through a wormhole. I think I’ll pass, but that’s only because I pass on all thrill rides these days. Then again, if the wormhole thing works, you might be able to talk me into it. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Sad Animal Facts Illustrated

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Brooke Barker, an artist in Portland, Oregon, loves to draw and loves animals. She feels sorry for a lot of animals who lead a rough life. She illustrates those problems at Sad Animal Facts, which put an amusing spin on what our animal friends have to put up with.

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Watch The Navy's Railgun Launch 4-Ton Sled Off An Aircraft Carrier

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In the Navy you get to do all kinds of fun things, like watch fighter jets come in for a landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier or launch heavy stuff off that same deck.  

 photo 1302849747149271440_zpsmfxyn4ls.gif

U.S. Ford-class aircraft carriers are now going to be equipped with a railgun, which is an "electrically powered electromagnetic projectile launcher", which they'll use to launch aircraft from the deck of a carrier.

(YouTube Link)

But in this case the Navy crew aboard the U.S.S. Gerald R. Ford were just showing off their sweet new EMALS (Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System), demonstrating how easy it is for the EMALS to launch a 4 ton sled.

-Via io9

Miss Cat Time Notes

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Can you read Chinese? Then you might have a leg up on the rest of us in reading the delightful cat comics of Miss Cat Time Notes. I tried Google translate, but of course it does not detect text in comic images. No matter, many of the comics need no dialogue, and the rest are charming even when you can’t read the punch line. In the comic above, the kitties are visiting a shrine to their ancestors. Below, they get their nails done. there are hundreds more. -via Metafilter

Apocalyptic Healthcare Companion - Mad To The Max

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Apocalyptic Healthcare Companion by Shawn Porter

The time for healing was over, and not because there weren't any more people to heal but rather because Bay's programming had been corrupted, leaving him mad as an immortan. He now insisted people call him Max, and with a new prime directive to find fuel in place his post-apocalyptic adventures across the wasteland would bring him back into the spotlight as a big hero...

This Apocalyptic Healthcare Companion t-shirt by Shawn Porter is one mighty big mashup that will drive your fellow fans mad with delight!

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Alfbacca: Cat Wars You Killed Starks Father. Prepare To Die. Catbusters Extermination Service Of Melmac I Like Big Hutts

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Tiny Emojis Carved into Pencil Tips

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Tom Lynall is a jeweler in Birmingham, UK. Lately, he's been exploring the emerging field of pencil tip sculpture. He's gotten fantastic at it! These perfectly sculpted emojis are even smaller than they appear on your phone screen.

Lynall is a master of precise, detailed work at a nearly microscopic scale. You can see an even better demonstration of his skill in this whole landscape carved into pencil lead:

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NeatoShop Fourth of July and Summer Sale - Save Up to 20% Off All T-Shirts!

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3 Librarians on Star Trek

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What's all this doomsaying about libraries becoming obsolete? We know that libraries will thrive in the future because they're present in 23rd Century. In fact, Star Trek shows at least 3 librarians at work in the distant future.

In the original series episode "All Our Yesterdays," Kirk, Spock, and McCoy beam down to a seemingly vacant planet orbiting a star about to go nova. They discover that they are in a library. Despite the desperate circumstances, the librarian, who introduces himself as Mr. Atoz, is ready to help them.

Lifelong character actor Ian Wolfe, who plays Mr. Atoz, does a remarkably good job of carrying out a reference interview under conditions of extreme stress. He is friendly, welcoming, an advocate for the utility of libraries, and maintains the confidentiality of his patrons.

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Senior Quote: High School Was Easy

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High school was easy. Just ask this high school senior, who said what he thought of his high school experience for posterity in his yearbook quote:

"High school was easy. It was like riding a bike. Except the bike was on fire & the ground was on fire & everything was on fire because it was hell."

Wait till real life, kids. Wait till real life.

Via Cubiclebot

Happy Independence Day from the Unipiper!

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It wouldn’t be a real holiday without the Unipiper serenading us in costume, would it? Brian Kidd got into his Uncle Sam getup for the occasion, and rode his extra-tall unicycle around Portland while playing the flaming bagpipes.

(YouTube link)

The music for this Fourth of July holiday is Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land,” followed by the famous chorus from the 1812 Overture. 

How Japanese Bathrooms Are Different

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(Video Link)

Japanese household bathrooms are very different from what you might find in a typical American home. They are far more multi-functional and high-tech. For example, the bathroom is divided into three sections: there's a shower/bath area and a toilet area, which are separately accessible from a sink and vanity area. Consequently, three people can use the same bathroom at the same time!

The shower and bath area is a thing of wonder. There's a deep bathtub that is heated continuously with controls that can be activated from different parts of the house. I want one of those!

In this video, a young girl shows how the different parts of the bathroom function. It's part of a series of videos in which she introduces Westerners to Japanese bedrooms, toilets, and kids' homework, among other aspects of modern Japanese life.

-via Core77

This Giant "Royal Flush" Water Slide Will Surely Put You in the Mood for Summer!

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Ready for summer? Here's a video clip by AJ Aguirre and Ben Hammer of Round III Media that'll surely put you in the mood for summer!

Aguirre and Hammer went to BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas, and filmed people having fun sliding down the park's "Royal Flush" giant slide. The video clip has everything that a viral video should have: beautiful women in bikinis, athletic guys doing athletic things, and did we mention a giant water slide? As of today, the video clip has been viewed over 14 million times. Now if that isn't a royal flush, we don't know what is.

The Lion Will Surely Appreciate

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Press and Drag to Make Wind is a cute little web toy. No, it has nothing to do with farts, but there’s no title, so I used the available text. And those are the only instructions. And the lion does appreciate; you can tell by his smile. It must be a hot day in whatever virtual world he lives in! -via Metafilter

Babbler Bird Calls "Convey Meaning"

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(Photo: Ron Knight)

The chestnut-crowned babbler bird (Pomatostomus ruficeps) is a small bird native to Australia. Researchers think that its chirps and calls are radically different from those identified in other birds. The babbler bird vocalizes words. The BBC reports:

Co-researcher Dr Andy Russell from the University of Exeter said: "It is the first evidence outside of a human that an animal can use the same meaningless sounds in different arrangements to generate new meaning.

"It's a very basic form of word generation - I'd be amazed if other animals can't do this too."

Dr. Russell and his colleagues found that the chestnut-crowned babbler makes two distinct sounds, dubbed A and B. Combinations of A and B in different orders seemed to express concepts that other members of the species could understand:

In flight, they used an "A-B" call to make their whereabouts known, but when alerting chicks to food they combined the sounds differently to make "B-A-B".

The birds seemed to understand the meaning of the calls.

When the feeding call was played back to them, they looked at nests, while when they heard a flight call they looked at the sky.

-via Marginal Revolution

Why Do We Celebrate the Fourth of July?

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(YouTube link)

Mark Dice went to the beach in San Diego to find out what people know about the historical events we celebrate on the Fourth of July. No doubt there were people who had perfectly accurate answers, but they did not make the cut. It’s still sad that he found so many Americans who couldn’t answer the questions. I have a suspicion that alcohol may have been involved. -via Viral Viral Videos

Clones - Support Class Secondary Characters

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Clones by Ke Sneller

Everybody always focuses their attention on the smuggler, the Jedi, the hairy guy and the princess, but where's the love for those fabulous supporting cast clone troopers? They're the ones who make the movies possible, and even though they're not the stars of that intergalactic war they are the ones who stand around going pew-pew-pew all day and taking blaster bolts in the name of the Empire. And let's not forget that these totally overlooked characters also sacrifice themselves for the sake of a few laughs, now where else in the galaxy are you gonna find a supporting cast who commits themselves so fully to a role?

Show some love for the other stars of the show with this Clones t-shirt by Ke Sneller, and get all geared up for sci-fi movie night!

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Conan Iron Fist Join Or Die Stormtrooper Darth Maul

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Should've Used Ragu

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Mom's dealing with morning sickness, Dad's facepalming nearby, and their daughter proudly holding a jar of Prego pasta sauce. It can only mean one thing: it's a clever "we're pregnant" announcement made just for the Interwebs (or is it an anti-advertisement warning you to stay away from a certain pasta sauce?)

School Paints Lockers as Book Spines to Create an "Avenue of Literature"

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(Photo: WLOX)

Biloxi Junior High School in Biloxi, Mississippi has a row of 189 lockers along its eighth grade English hallway. For security reasons, they've remained unused for over 15 years. Now they're back in service. This time, they will promote reading.

During the summer, teachers and volunteers have been repainting the lockers to look like book spines. The book selections reflect a wide variety of reading levels and interests. Their hope is that this project will inspire students to read more. WLOX quotes teacher Elizabeth Williams:

We want students to come back to school in August and walk on the hallway and be absolutely amazed with what we've done and be curious. We want that to be the driving spark for reading in our classrooms," said Williams. "Seeing it in person is a completely different experience, and that's what we're hoping for the students. We're hoping the students come and they become completely immersed in a collection that we feel is the best of the best of every genre."

-via Tor

Snowball Dances to Queen

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YouTube Link

This may be an old clip of Snowball the Cockatoo (previously), but there's no mystery as to why it's making the rounds again. The way this bird dances, head bangs and puts on a show in perfect time to Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" is beyond cute. Via Laughing Squid

The Mysterious Coffin Man of Lake Burley, Australia

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Photo: Jeanne Mclauchlan

He's not the ferryman Charon and that isn't the River Styx, but you get the picture.

Paddlers on Lake Burley in Canberra, Australia, spotted a man dressed as an undertaker in a stand-up paddle board that looks like a coffin decorated with bright plastic flowers. "In the distance, as we came towards the Carillon we noticed a figure emerge from the thick fog," paddler Jeanne Mclauchlan told The Canberra Times, "It was a figure of a man dressed in a tuxedo and top hat on a stand-up-paddle coffin, complete with flowers, paddling toward us."

And where exactly is the mysterious man going?

"We asked 'coffin man', 'Where are you going?' His response was 'To Queanbeyan cemetery as I have a 3pm grave site to prepare'."

Via Arbroath

The Earth's Selfie Stick

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The cameras are extremely expensive. But if anyone is beautiful enough to do this without appearing vain, it's Mother Earth. Smile for the camera as cartoonist Dan Meth snaps a photo.

-via Tastefully Offensive

Online Magazine Drumming Up the Controversy with their "Don't Mancriminate" Campaign

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Indian online magazine Maggcom — likely to generate business for themselves — has just launched a campaign based on gender equality for men that predictably has some people in an uproar. Examples of the graphics created to express the issues of the campaign are included here. The text on their site reads as follows,

"Why should men have to give up their seat if they see a lady standing? Why should he have to hold out a door for a lady passing by? Men don’t get free entry in clubs. Men unlike women don’t get periods (yes don’t be so ashamed of it girls, you do that!) and so men can’t work their way out of the problem saying they are PMSing. Men certainly do not get the sympathy votes. Why should men not cry? Why should men do the heavy lifting? Why not girls?” 

Unsurprisingly, Twitter users have taken exception to the campaign. Search hashtag   for examples of their ire. See further graphics from the "don't mancriminate" campaign and more examples of its Twitter protest here. 

Images: Maggcom

Wasabi, The Dress-Wearing Therapy Tortoise

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(Photo: Therapy Pets Unlimited)

You've heard of therapy dogs and maybe the occasional therapy cat or rabbit. But how many of you have heard of a therapy tortoise? Wasabi, a 42-pound African spur tortoise is a certified therapy pet with Therapy Pets Unlimited. Her owner, Lia Chicarella, wraps Wasabi in dresses to cover up her diaper. This provokes delight and wonder when she visits nursing homes and schools as part of her work. The Huffington Post reports:

These days, Wasabi visits with folks in nursing homes and schools, and is a "regular" at the Ronald McDonald House in Baltimore. At all these places, Wasabi spreads comfort and delight, and provokes a lot of reactions like "OMG!! Look at the size of that TURTLE!! Why is it wearing a dress?" [...]

They're often thought of as moving rocks -- but in fact tortoises like Wasabi grow to be very large, live for decades and are very smart.

"She's not a goldfish in a shell. She is an intelligent animal. She can learn. She has and shows emotions," says Chicarella. "People underestimate the intelligence of tortoises. I am not saying she's going to be doing long division anytime soon but she knows her name and usually comes when she's called."

Celebrate! - Dine And Dance 'Til You're Dead!

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Celebrate! by Red-Flare

Every day is a birthday celebration at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, and when you party with that animatronic band you're in for one hell of a show! But if you're one of the unlucky ones who are forced to work at Freddy's after hours then there will be no celebrating for you, just five nights of mind numbing fear and a drunken night of revelry if and when you survive the security gig..

Bring some fearsome fun to your geeky wardrobe with this Celebrate! t-shirt by Red-Flare, and show the world you're always game for a good old fashioned jumpscare!

Visit Red-Flares Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more terrifyingly geeky designs:

Chibi Five Nights At Freddy's Splatoon Free Hugs Kick-Butt Reality Master

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McDonald's Happy Meal Toys for Adults

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My kids love to eat McDonald's Happy Meals. For them, the best part of each one is the toy inside. What will it be? It's always the first thing that they check.

The prize is almost always a small plastic toy. That's fun sometimes. But if you're past childhood (in the legal or psychological definition), then it may not be enough. BuzzFeed suggests 12 Happy Meal toys that McDonald's could market to adults--and specifically 20-somethings. These include an app that reminds you to call your parents, a jar of Nutella, and a neck pillow.

If Mexicans Celebrated the 4th Like Americans Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

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Some Americans look at any holiday as an excuse to party, including other countries’ holidays, like Cinco de Mayo, St. Patricks Day, and Chinese New Year. Even Canada Day is starting to get the treatment. Let’s turn the tables and see how our Independence Day could be used for an excuse to get drunk and party and pretend to be American.

(YouTube link)

Yeah, sure, plenty of Americans will drink to excess on the Fourth of July, but it won’t be because of cultural appropriation with no understanding. That will be mainly because it falls on a Saturday. -via Buzzfeed

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