More Than A Droid - A Robotic Force For Good

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More Than A Droid by Dr. Monekers

R2 constantly faces a frustrating dilemma in his droid life- everybody treats him like he's just another piece of machinery. Even those who recognize that spark of life in him still treat him like a lesser being, ignoring his beep boop bop barrages and putting him in harms way because why not? He's just a droid who can always be fixed again, right? But has anyone ever stopped to consider that he's more than just a droid, and treating him like nothing but a bucket of bolts really hurts his feelings receptors?

Help get the word out about how special R2D2 really is with this More Than A Droid t-shirt by Dr. Monekers, it's a work of art just like everyone's favorite R2 unit!

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Space Nightmare (Horror Purple) Forest Spirits Sumi-E I Am The Merc The Witcher Sumi-E V.2

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This Leech Specializes in Feeding on Hippo Rectums

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(Photo: Wired)

All things bright and beautiful; all creatures great and small. They are wonders to behold, including the majestic hippo butt leech. It burrows into a hippopotamus anus, plants itself deep inside its rectum, then feeds on the blood vessels along the wall.

Like the yeti, the hippo butt leech was once a creature of mystery. It was in only 2003 that explorers in South Africa confirmed the existence of the Placobdelloides jaegerskioeldi. You see, the hippo butt leech has very specific tastes. It will not live in any rectum, but only hippopotami rectums. Wired describes how these adventurers tracked down the hippo butt leech in its lair. The hunt reached its conclusion with the help of a local game warden:

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Metaphysical Map

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You are here …and here. This is, apparently, the directions to Schrödinger’s elevators in the Möbius building. Or maybe you are there to meet yourself traveling back from the future, in which case you should run -or take an elevator- to avoid a paradox. Which one? Who knows! With just a few “corrections,” this map went from metaphysical to philosophical to fantastical to portal. -via reddit

America's Oldest Military Unit in Continuous Operation Dates Back to 1771

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(Photo: Connecticut National Guard Foundation)

Pictured above are a few of the members of the First Company of the Governor's Foot Guard of the Connecticut State Militia. It is now a ceremonial unit. But when it was formed in 1771--while Connecticut was a colony, not a state--it was trained and equipped to protect the Governor and capital city of Hartford.

In 1775, then Patriot leader Benedict Arnold led a mob into the Foot Guard's armory, demanding arms necessary to raise a second company to defend the state against the British menace.

(Video Link)

Aside from brief and uneventful deployments during the American Revolutionary War, the Governor's Foot Guard has maintained a quiet and peaceful existence. The members march in parades in old style uniforms and offer military honors at appropriate events. They do, however, remain a part of the military forces maintained by the State of Connecticut and so are hypothetically subject to more hazardous duties. Presumably these infantrymen might be accompanied by the Governor's Horse Guard, which is Connecticut's horse cavalry force.

Lincoln Park Zoo's First Red Panda Cubs Get a Checkup

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The Lincoln Park Zoo welcomed their first-ever birth of red panda cubs, a litter of a boy and a girl named Clark and Addison, respectively. The cubs were born to mama Leafa and papa Phoenix on June 26, and are every bit as typically adorable as all cubs of the species.

The video footage below shows Addison and Clark as they received their second medical exam. The two are thriving; Addison's weight has nearly tripled since last weigh-in and Clark's has doubled. See additional pictures and read more about Lincoln Park Zoo's growing red panda family at Zooborns.

YouTube Link

Cop Houses Homeless Mother and Baby in a Hotel with His Own Money

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(Photo: Prince George's County Police Department)

Corporal Che Atkinson of Prince George's County, Maryland was at his police station doing paperwork when he learned that a homeless woman and her baby were in the lobby. There was no shelter available for them and they had nowhere to go. So Atkinson contacted a social worker and headed out on patrol.

When he got back, he found the mother and baby still there. There had been no progress on finding them shelter. So Atkinson packed them and their belongings into a patrol car and took them to a hotel. He paid for the room out of his own pocket.

While he was doing so, his sergeant surreptitiously photographed him. Then he posted the photos with the story on Facebook. The public response has been, to say the last, positive. WUSA9 reports (auto-start video):

"I'm a little overwhelmed and shocked. And the reason why is it didn't seem like a big deal to me because I see other officers do stuff like this all the time,” Atkinson said "It's not a big deal."

People online said what he did was far from ordinary, they say it was a "beautiful act of kindness."

"This is a helpless child so it's our duty to help and that child was definitely in need," Atkinson said.

Police said the woman and her child are now with relatives.

-via Huffington Post

An Overview of Live-action Superhero TV Shows

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When you think of live-action superhero TV shows, you think of Superman from the ’50s, Batman from the ‘60s, Wonder Woman from the ’70s, and, um, you might be surprised at how many superhero shows you watched and don’t think about anymore.

(YouTube link)

The good news is that we are experiencing a Renaissance of superhero shows, and there’s more to come. Enjoy this video from Vulture's Secret History of Television series. -via Laughing Squid

Rogue Runner Leaves Pack in Weiner Dog Race, Takes a Bite Out of Life

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YouTube Link

Pacific Coast League minor team the El Paso Chihuahuas got more race than they bargained for when they hosted the Wiener Schnitzel weenie dog race on the field before their game last Saturday. Apparently no one at the park anticipated the soaring spirit of a dachshund running on his own personal Field of Dreams. The desire to break free of all constraint was just too strong to keep in check. As is evident from the video, the joyfully naughty canine was eventually apprehended after a chase. Nice run while it lasted, little guy. Via Bark Post

This Just In: Straw Monsters Ravaging Japan

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(Photo: amymauscd)

Every year, in the Niigata Prefecture of Japan, people build enormous, often frightening creatures made of straw. It's part of the Wara Art Festival. Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku has a roundup of some of the best and most ferocious straw monsters now menacing Japan. They include a giant crab, dinosaurs, a cobra, and a praying mantis. In short: choose another vacation spot.

Sssingapore Ssstreet Fight: Cobra vs. Python

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YouTube Link

Nothing like a down and dirty Singapore street fight in which two formidable snake species, a python and a cobra, go at it in a showdown for supremacy. One of them wins, but I won't spoil it for you by saying which, just in case you haven't yet watched this standoff. The winning snake sticks around, possibly to check for admirers and/or groupies, but his only hookup is what appears to be several gentlemen from animal control. Via Uproxx

HAIL TO THE KING! - Boomsticks Rule, Deadites Drool

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HAIL TO THE KING! by Skullpy

Being a hero with a chainsaw hand can be a groovy feeling, but hacking your way through the dead, some of which used to be your friends, can make you feel straight up evil! Luckily, Ash has a pretty good head on his shoulders about which side of the graveyard he's on, and when he's called back into action he's happy to hack away at the deadites plaguing the town and show the world what a real hero looks like.

Shop S-mart smart and geeky, bring home this HAIL TO THE KING! t-shirt by Skullpy and show the world you're an Evil Dead fan for life!

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The Sixties Nostalgia Burnout Cheat Sheet

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For the past few years, we’ve have 50th anniversaries for an awful lot of things: assassinations, protests, movies, TV shows, concerts, toys, art, songs, comics, sports, and more. Each one makes me feel older (as if I wouldn’t feel older each day anyway). Yeah, the ‘60s were an eventful decade. To save you some surprises in the future, Collectors Weekly has put together a list of all the 50th anniversary celebrations you may see in the next four years. You very well may see them right here!

Baby Cries When the Storybook Ends

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(Video Link)

Little Emmett Stevers loves books! And like all bookworms, he finds the end of a great story to be a very sad moment. Whenever his parents finish reading I Am a Bunny by Ole Risom and Richard Scarry, Emmett cries out in anguish. All of us bookworms feel the say way, Emmett. The only comfort is in reaching for a new book.

-via 22 Words

New Book Takes A Look At The Exploitation Movie Posters Of Yesteryear

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Hollywood has been using exploitation films as money making vehicles since the very beginning, but the features we generally think of as exploitation films are those schlocky sci-fi and horror flicks shown in grindhouse theaters beginning in the 1960s.

These films set the precedent for shocking audiences with the use of sex, gore and rock n roll, and they also changed the face of that most important piece of print advertising- the movie poster.

Nicolas Winding Refn, director of Bronson, Drive and the upcoming Neon Demon, has been collecting exploitation movie posters for so long he doesn't know what to do with them all.

So when a friend suggested he share them with the world he decided the best way to do that would be with a book.

His upcoming book The Act Of Seeing will feature over 300 full color plates showing off those colorful early exploitation film posters in all their cheesy glory, with recaps and color commentary by journalist Alan Jones.

See more of these amazing exploitation movie posters at io9

Sesame Street: Nosh of the Titans

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In this Sesame Street parody of Clash of the Titans, Cookie Monster is Fursius, and must pass Moo-dusa to reach Mt. Olympus Diner. To quote Cookie, “Oh, dat weird.”

(YouTube link)

And for Sesame Street’s original audience, there’s a lesson in observation and focus. And an appropriate punch line at the end. -via Geeks Are Sexy

Five Ways The Federation Is Actually An Evil Empire

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The Star Trek saga is presented in a way that causes viewers to assume the Federation is a force for good, helping anyone in need and spreading messages of hope and peace throughout the universe.

But humans aren't very good at taking care of their own planet, so what makes people think they'd be of much use defending other planets throughout the galaxy?

(YouTube Link)

Cracked's Luke McKinney has compiled 5 Ways Star Trek's Federation Was An Evil Empire, including their blatant human elitism, their valuable resource hoarding ways and the fact that they're basically piloting giant antimatter bombs.

Let the geeky debates begin!

Read 5 Ways Star Trek's Federation Was An Evil Empire here

28 Unusual Political Parties

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(YouTube link)

Got a beef with the government? Maybe some other people do, too. What can you do? Start a political party! It’s been done so many times, and some of the parties that popped up throughout history are pretty strange. But then again, the parties we are used to probably seemed odd when they first began. Learn about 28 of the strangest in this week’s episode of the mental_floss List Show.

14 Hilarious Vintage Sci-Fi Movie Posters from the 1950s and 1960s

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Forbidden Planet, 1956, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The kitsch and camp of the old science fiction pictures continue to entertain in ways some of which may not have been initially intended. Hapless and helpless, cartoon curvy and colorful damsels droop in the arms of danger. How can one not be curiously charmed? See for yourself and take a look at this collection of vintage sci-fi movie posters from the 1950s and 1960s. Days-of-old-inspired smiles abound. While some now decry them as politically incorrect, they are simply a sign of the times in which they were created.

Attack of The 50 Ft. Woman, 1958, Allied Artists Pictures

The High Strangeness of the Original Walking Tall Trilogy

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I well remember watching the 1973 movie Walking Tall at the theater. I don’t recall the sequels, but years later I had some professional dealings with Buford Pusser’s daughter in west Tennessee. The late sheriff had a thoroughly interesting story, which was made into a movie that was more or less accurate story of his life, but when it was a hit, the producers were compelled to make a sequel. And that meant the “true story” has to extend past reality, because the reality was, um, complicated. Joe Don Baker didn’t want to star in a sequel, so they hired Buford Pusser to portray himself.   

Well, a few hours after signing the contract, Pusser went to the local county fair and apparently had a few to celebrate his forthcoming movie stardom. On his way home in his supercharged sports car, he slammed into a median, flying through the windshield before the car burst into flames. He was declared dead at the scene. Despite the reported blood alcohol level (twice the legal limit), to this day more than a few still insist the accident was the result of sabotage.

Pusser's death was incorporated into the second movie, which was also a hit, so somehow they came up with a third movie, which was even weirder. Read the strange and complex saga of the Walking Tall trilogy at Den of Geek.

Sauron's Plan For The One Ring Made Easy To Understand

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Sauron is the ultimate antagonist in the Lord Of The Rings series, aka the guy controlling that fiery floating eyeball atop the Dark Tower of Barad-Dur who keeps sending dark forces after our favorite little furry footed halflings, the Hobbits.

But behind that pyrotechnic peeper is a necromantic mastermind with a mighty malevolent plan to rule all of Middle Earth with a little help from the One Ring.

(YouTube Link)

YouTube champion CGP Grey continued his series on Middle Earth Mythology (the first installment of which Miss C. posted here on Neatorama) with this video entitled The One Ring Explained.

It's perfect for those who have watched the movies but haven't read the books, or those who simply can't stand reading when there are thousands of videos online that still need to be watched!

-Via Dorkly

70 Years Ago Today: Japan Surrenders, Ending World War II

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70 years ago today, the bloodiest, most destructive war in all of human history ended.

After the destruction of 2 cities from atomic bombs and reason to believe that even more were coming, the government of the Japanese Empire communicated on August 15, 1945, that it would surrender. The free world responded with a jubilation known as V-J Day--Victory over Japan.

Formally, though, the surrender would take place more than 2 weeks later. On September 2, 1945, the battleship USS Missouri steamed into Tokyo Bay with Allied emissaries. Japanese representatives boarded and signed the formal capitulation. You can read the document here.

(Video Link)

This video shows newsreel footage of the surrender ceremony.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

King Of The Grill - Father Of The Fryer

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King Of The Grill by HandsOffMyDinosaur

When the Grand Duke of Ground Beef passed away and the chain finally went out of business Bob was left with a choice- either step up and take his place as the official King of the Grill or pack up his spatula and close up shop. Burgers had been Bob's passion since before he could even work a grill, but heavy is the head that wears the fast food kingdom's crown, for he has a responsibility to serve his heart up sizzling hot between two buns, hold the mayo.

Add some animated flavor to your geeky wardrobe with this King Of The Grill t-shirt by HandsOffMyDinosaur, it's Belcher family approved and the only thing Linda wears to bed...

Visit HandsOffMyDinosaur's Facebook fan page, official website, Instagram and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal Time Traveller Video Game God X Is For

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Six Of The Strangest Things Found In Locked Safes

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People get awfully excited when they find a sealed safe, and even though the odds of finding anything great in the safe are slim the nagging question of what’s inside demands an answer.

(Image Link)

Most of the time money is spent on a locksmith only to discover the safe is empty, but sometimes people get lucky and find something valuable...and sometimes they find something horrifying.

Here are six of the strangest things ever found in a locked safe:

1. A Whole Lotta Heroin-

(Image Link)

Once upon a time a dumb drug dealer took the idea of "safe keeping" too literally, thinking his stash would be best kept in a locked safe in the trunk of his car.

When he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, drug dealer Dustin denied knowing anything about the eight bricks of heroin being held by his passenger Crystal.

But the safe key in Dustin's possession gave him away, and the cops opened the safe in his trunk and found 100 bricks of heroin inside, valued at over $50,000. Now Dustin is safely locked behind bars...

2. Child porn and live grenade-

(Image Link)

Redditor cakegirl8 thought she was getting a killer deal on a fun, and potentially valuable, mystery when she bought a locked safe on Craigslist for a mere $100, but the contents proved to be most unsettling.

Upon opening the safe she discovered a live grenade hanging from the door, and a bunch of SD cards inside. Ever curious about what she'd bought, cakegirl8 took a peek at those cards and found they were full of child porn.

She quickly turned the entire safe and its contents over to the police, discovering that $100 buys you a strange story to tell and a bunch of disgusting images you can't unsee.

3. A Crying Baby-

(Image Link)

When playing hide and go seek it's probably best you don't use a hotel safe as a hiding spot, because if that door accidentally closes somebody might suffocate in there.

A Brooklyn couple staying at a hotel in Niagara Falls discovered their infant had been locked in the room's safe by the baby's older sibling.

A maintenance worker was able to free the child after about twenty minutes, but something tells me those kids won't be playing hide-and-seek again anytime soon!

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Physicist Calculates Yoda's Weight

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(Images: Lucasfilm)

Judge Yoda by his size, do you? Well, Dr. Rhett Allain does. He's a professor of physics at Southeastern Louisiana University. In the past, he's calculated Darth Vader's weight and how long it would take for an AT-AT to hit the ground. He wanted to know how much Yoda weighs. And since the Jedi Master is shy about the issue, Allain had to calculate the results from The Empire Strikes Back.

Allain assumes that Dagobah has the same gravity as Earth, that Luke Skywalker is 5'9" and weighs 150 pounds, and that The Force is not in play against gravity while Luke is carrying Yoda. You can read all of his equations and rationale here. Yoda, Allain argues, weights 43.7 kilograms.

-via Lost at E Minor

The Rise and Fall of NASA’s Beloved Worm Logo

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It was the battle of the “meatball” and the “worm.” Or, not so much a battle, but a resistance against modernization. NASA had been using the logo that came to be known as the “meatball” for years when the Federal Graphics Improvement Program tried to modernize many of the old, ugly logos that various government agencies used, starting in 1972. Richard Danne and Bruce Blackburn unveiled their design for NASA in 1974. It was a sleek, minimalist, modern design eventually called the “worm.” It came with a 90-page manual for its use. The public loved it, but the engineers at NASA didn’t think much of it. They were busy exploring space, and really didn’t understand graphic design. There was an exchange recalled later that occurred between NASA administrator  James Fletcher and his deputy George Low:

Fletcher: I’m simply not comfortable with those letters, something is missing.
Low: Well yes, the cross stroke is gone from the letter A.
Fletcher: Yes, and that bothers me.
Low: Why?
Fletcher, after a long pause: I just don’t feel we are getting our money’s worth!

But NASA used the new logo until 1992, when they suddenly scrapped the worm and reinstated the meatball.

Read the story of the worm and why NASA now uses the retro 1950s-era meatball at Wired. -via Metafilter

Mastiff Swimming Lessons

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Mastiffs make effective guard dogs due to their massive size and deep barks, and their giant frames also make them ideal steeds for kids, but they're not generally know for their swimming skills.

(YouTube Link)

Some mastiffs can't even doggy paddle without swimming lessons, but as you can see in this video if you try and try again, and treat your mastiff like a big ol' baby, they'll get the hang of swimming with just a few lessons.

(YouTube Link)

You gotta give it to Sailor the mastiff for keeping a cool head, and his human Brad H is not only a calm and caring owner, he's also quite the doggy swimming instructor!

-Via ViralNova

The Ultimate in Camouflage?

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Watch this bale of hay high-tail it across a field. I didn’t know they could go that fast!

(YouTube link)

Okay, it’s a vehicle. Not something from a movie, even though you've seen this kind of thing in comedies. This is a Japanese military …something or other. A Ghillipillar? You’d think a huge hay bale would be conspicuous just by moving, but from a distance, it probably blends into the background.  -via Digg

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