Here's What Vegetarians Came Up With When Asked To Draw A Turkey

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Becoming a vegetarian means giving up meat for eating, but does it also mean giving up meat for thinking?

Clickhole, the Onion’s annoying little cousin site, asked twelve vegetarians to draw a picture of a turkey, and the bizarre images they came up with seem to prove that you can have a vegetarian brain.

Some of the victims participants came pretty close to creating a drawing of what could be mistaken for a turkey across a crowded bar, after you’ve had a few drinks of course.

And then there’s this guy, who didn’t even come close!

His crappy artwork proves that his meaty brain has begun to turn into a mélange of freshly picked greens, mandarin oranges and candied almonds tossed in a light white peach vinaigrette, in other words disgusting.

Do yourself a favor and keep your brain meaty by eating lots of turkey this Thanksgiving, or else keep a photo of a turkey with you at all times to remind your leafy brain what meat looks like!

Click here to see the rest of those wacky vegetarian turkey drawings

The 25 Biggest Box Office Bombs Of All Time

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When you make lists about failed movies, you might focus on how bad they are, like The Room, or how few people went to see them, like Zyzzyx Road, but if you really want to define a box office bomb, you focus on how much money was lost. Most of the movies on the list of box office bombs at Buzzfeed are fairly recent, because no one spent a hundred million dollars to make a movie more than a couple of decades ago. Plus, a huge marketing and advertising budget will add to the cost that must be made up in ticket sales. Therefore, a movie you may have seen and liked can still be a bomb if it cost more than it earned. That said, you will see movie on the list that you’ve never heard of, despite advertising. They died out that quickly. Cowboys and Aliens, shown above, came in 25th.

Bad Lip Reading of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

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YouTube Link

The more dramatic and serious the movie is, the funnier these bad lip reading videos are. I don't know how they come up with some of this stuff, but it never fails to make me laugh. I hope you enjoy it as well. And, on an unrelated note, happy Thanksgiving, readers! (I'm sure I could work that into the bad lip reading somewhere.)

The Collegiate Raccoon Coat

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There was a fashion craze on college campuses in the 1920s of wearing a full-length raccoon fur coat. Probably the only reference you’ll see to those raccoon coats these days is in vintage cartoons, where they were a device used to identify a character as a college student at a football game. The luxurious coats were visually stunning, but in reality, the fad was mostly confined to Ivy League schools.

I had stumbled upon a snapshot of a moment in fashion history when American Ivy league-ers and young college undergrads began sporting heavy, full-length raccoon coats, which set the trend in 1920s & 30s men’s fashion and sparked a voracious demand for the extravagant garment across the country. If a man could afford a fur coat, he had one; bankers, salesmen and students alike used the style to signify or improve their social status.

They were expensive- several hundred dollars, which was out of reach for most students. That in itself made the raccoon coat a status symbol to be flaunted. Messy Nessy Chic relates the rise and fall of the collegiate raccoon coat in an article with plenty of pictures. The images capture the spirit of the prosperous, carefree Roaring Twenties.

Lasagna King - Hakuna Matata, Except On Mondays

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Lasagna King by Legendary Phoenix

John had always felt like Garfield was a very special cat, but he had no idea about that fat cat's royal heritage until a letter arrived from Africa addressed to His Royal Highness Prince Garfield of Mumbutu. The letter was an invitation to a coronation ceremony where Garfield would be pronouced Lasagna King, lasagna being the most prized food product in Mumbutu. John was happy to escort the royal furball to Africa, and Garfield was happy to eat every bit of lasagna in the kingdom!

Bring a touch of animated adventure to your geeky wardrobe with this Lasagna King t-shirt by Legendary Phoenix, it's way better than Mondays and sure to earn you lots of free lasagna dinners!

Visit Legendary Phoenix's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more deliciously geeky designs:

Toror-O The Spider Hero Super Paranoid Android 42 Murray Christmas To You

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Dinosaur Dress-Up

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Long-time Neatorama readers might remember Dug, the lawn dinosaur in Redwood City, California. Dug gets dressed up for holidays, so right now he is sporting his turkey costume for Thanksgiving. And in case you didn’t see it, here’s a picture of him in this year’s Halloween costume. Redditor sarcasticonomist, who lives with Dug, says the chain is to keep him out of traffic. The human foot under his left leg was a gift. Happy Thanksgiving, Dug!

Wampa Kitty's First Thanksgiving

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YouTube Link

Ir's Wampa kitty's (previously at Neatorama) first Thanksgiving dinner, and she's sporting a pilgrim hat for the festivities. Her pal the chihuahua is around to keep her company as she samples the holiday treats on a special table made for the occasion. Wampa gets busy creating her own traditions, too, as she tramples the Thanksgiving table and makes the food go flying. Wampa instinctively knows that the coolest cats always manage to keep the party interesting! -Via Tastfully Offensive

Ten Of The Best Thanksgiving Themed Episodes From Animated Shows

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(Image Link)

It’s a Thanksgiving tradition for kids of all ages to sit down in front of a screen and watch an animated tale of turkeys, families and craziness unfold before their eyes.

TV fans can’t wait to see their favorite animated friends go on a Thanksgiving themed adventure each year, making viewers feel like they're along for the ride with their extended animated family.

Here's a review of ten great Thanksgiving themed animated TV episodes:

1. The Simpsons- Bart Vs. Thanksgiving-

(Image Link)

Bart runs away from home and finds himself on the wrong side of the tracks, making him consider how much he has to be thankful for, even his Neanderthal father Homer.

The Simpsons have always approached holiday themed episodes with a fresh perspective, and this episode from season 2 manages to both poke fun at and show the true meaning of the holiday.

(YouTube Link)

2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force- The Dressing-

(Image Link)

The food monsters next door celebrate Thanksgiving a week later than everyone else, when suddenly a robotic turkey called Turkitron shows up and spins a yarn about traveling back in time to save the great, great grandfather of Goblox, the leader of the turkey rebellion.

(YouTube Link)

3. American Dad- There Will Be Bad Blood-

(Image Link)

The Smiths aren't your typical American family, but that doesn't mean they don't deal with the usual problems.

Take Stan's half-brother Rusty for instance- he's more American than Stan because he's Native American, and he's got more money than Stan and his family will ever make in their lives. So how does Stan deal with a family problem like Rusty? With a little lifestyle switcheroo, of course!

4. Bob's Burgers- An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal-

(Image Link)

Bob puts down the spatula and picks up a baster in this Thanksgiving themed episode full of deception, dirty little secrets and dinner theater.

Bob is hired by his landlord to cook a Thanksgiving meal, but this catering job comes with a price- Bob must let Linda and the kids pretend to be Mr. Fischoeder's family. Can Bob keep it together long enough to pull off this turkey day trick, or will he crack up before dinner is served?

(YouTube Link)

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23 Facts About Thanksgiving Foods

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(YouTube link)

You might be busy preparing your turkey and dressing as you watch this, and you might make the best pumpkin pie eve, but if you learn these fascinating facts about Thanksgiving food, you’ll have something more to say besides “Thank you,” when your dinner guests compliment your cooking. John Green uses this week’s mental_floss List Show to share some trivia about turkeys, dressing/stuffing/filling, potatoes, corn, cranberries, and other traditional Thanksgiving dishes. -via mental_floss

Unusual, Adorable Animal Friendships

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Mani the wild boar piglet and Candi the dog | Images: 

Bored Panda asked readers to submit photos of special animal friendships, and the collection is heartwarming. Clearly, animals of all types, if they have a mind to, are capable of enjoying each others' companionship. Whether bonded by chance or special circumstance, the animal friends' joy in being with each other shows in these charming photos. See the entire collection here. 

Bubbles the African elephant and Bella the black Labrador | Images: Cat and goat | Image: 

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Strange Case Histories

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The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research.

An Author's Query
by Harold P. Dowdl, Expectorant Author2
Centerville, USA

I'm plannning to write a book about strange case histories called Strange Case Histories. If possible, I hope to compile six strange case histories, in which case the book will be renamed, Six Strange Case Histories.

Left: Master portrait of rock star Jon Bon Jovi, including hair, nose, mouth, two eyes, one ear, and a well-trimmed beard, seen in full-face view from a vantage point directly in front of him. Possibly from the collection of H.P. Dowd. (Image credit: David Shankbone)

This book could make an important contribution to human unconsciousness given that case histories, to paraphrase an infamous analysis!' are "skylights to the attic's sole." They provide razor·sharp insights into the human mind- i.e., "what makes him tick?" or, to site another well·trod example, "kids do the darndest [sic?] things." In this era of neo·Victorian restraint, it is no longer fashionable to bore into the human skull as a means of fathoming the mysterious interplay between dozens (hundreds?) of neurons, as they go through their familiar, yet not-so- familiar, mating rituals. Fortunately, there is another route to the unconscionable- those rare individuals who speak so clearly, and indeed shamelessly, as to leave nothing concealed, no "skeletons in the closet," so to speak.

I already have one such case history that meets these adjectives. [lt was recovered by my friend Joe Martin who works every third Saturday at the Centerville Recycling Center.] I need at least five others to reach my penultimate target of six. Does anyone else know of any strange case histories they'd like to share -particularely those involving obsessions with rock stars from New Jersey (i.e. Bruce Stingspreen would do in a pitch).

A Better Idea
To give you a better idea of what I'm looking for, I shall briefly summarize the first case history, "Bon Jovi and Me," in its entirety. Other uninspired case histories would be sorely appreciated, preferably concocted to Bon Jovi in some way, shade or form.

Spirited evocation of a sculpture of rock star Jon Bon Jovi. Possibly from the collection of H.P. Dowd. (Image credit: Flickr user Fernanda Stéphanie R Carvalho)

Summary by Harold P. Dowd3
Summary [by Harold P. Dowd3 again]: The author of this article, clearly delusional, claims to have had several "close encounters" with Bon Jovi in his gym and grocery store, while infantasizing about future meetings in Atlantic City, an "airplane," and other locales besides the Wisconsin Dells.

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Mathematical Model Explains Why All Hipsters Look Alike

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There’s a strange phenomenon that occurs when a guy decides to give his soul over to the lame side and become a hipster- he starts to look just like every other hipster in the world.

(Image Link)

From the beard to the super skinny jeans to the cheesy hat, there’s a definite similarity found in the style of all hipsters, even though they claim to eschew trends and societal norms.

If Hipster congruity has been keeping you up at night then worry no longer, because thanks to the hard work of neuroscientist Jonathan Touboul we now have a mathematical model to explain why all hipsters look alike. 

He calls it the "hipster loop", a model based on neurons that "fire when every neuron around them is quiet, or fall silent when every neuron around them is chattering", because they were busy firing before it was cool. -via io9

Read more about the hipster effect here

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Weekend TV Guide

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The TV marathon has become a holiday custom in America, whatever the holiday. For the four (or five) day Thanksgiving weekend, there are plenty, whether you want to binge on Law & Order: SVU episodes, Pawn Stars, Indiana Jones movies, or Thanksgiving episodes of Friends. That’s just the beginning: 13th Annual National Dog Show follows the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, as it always does. A TV guide at The Daily Beast lists Christmas movies and specials as well as marathons.

DeLorean 2.0 - Time For A McFly Makeover

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DeLorean 2.0 by Donnie

Doc and Marty came across an old, and seemingly abandoned, police box behind the movie theater, and they liked the look of it so much they decided it would make the perfect replacement for that rusty old DeLorean. They towed the box to Doc's warehouse and drew up plans for a time machine 2.0, complete with flashing lights on top and whirring sound effect. The only problem with the scenario was that they couldn't open the door of the box, but then they discovered a strange handheld sonic device that resembled a screwdriver...

Share the sci-fi crossover sequel that will never be with this DeLorean 2.0 t-shirt by Donnie, and ask yourself- who is the coolest time traveler ever?

Visit Donnie's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Mini Dark Lord Pacturtle Migeta

Say My Name

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History Teacher Explores Historical Accuracy Of Skyrim

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Video game developers typically have some sort of time period in mind when they’re creating the look and feel of their world, a historical reference point which is easy to spot in the fantasy genre.

Fantasy is all about swords and sorcery, castles and dungeons, and kingdoms at war, so there has to be some historical truths behind our favorite fantasy games, right?

Destructoid community member and History Teacher RedHeadPeak asked himself this question with regards to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,  and decided to explore the reality behind in-game elements such as wolves, weapons and armor, and the abundance of books you see everywhere.

It’s a fascinating read that may make you see things differently when you play your next fantasy RPG. Read RedHeadPeak's Skyrim analysis here

How the World’s First Computer Was Rescued From the Scrap Heap

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ENIAC stands for Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, and the machine that bore the name is often considered the first true electronic computer, although that depends on how one defines “computer.” It weighed 27 tons, contained 17,468 vacuum tubes, and consisted of 40 huge interconnected metal panels. When ENIAC was deemed obsolete in 1955, it was dismantled, separated, and parts went to various locations, where the machine’s historical value was sometimes considered, sometimes not. Then in 2006, Ross Perot wanted a piece of computer history for his Plano, Texas, headquarters. Libby Craft was in charge of the project, for which her team decided to track down what was left of ENIAC. It was not an easy task.  

Craft was on the verge of ending her search when an Army functionary dug up documents indicating that some panels had once been shipped from the Aberdeen (MD) Proving Ground to Oklahoma’s Fort Sill, home to the Army’s field artillery museum. When Craft contacted Fort Sill to inquire, the museum’s curator was stunned to discover that he did, indeed, possess the world’s largest trove of ENIAC hardware—nine panels in total, all stored in anonymous wooden crates that hadn’t been pried open in years. Fort Sill officials are unclear as to how they ended up with nearly a quarter of ENIAC, pieces of which also came to Oklahoma from the Anniston (AL) Army Depot.
An ENIAC technician changes a tube.

Craft struck a deal to borrow eight of Fort Sill’s panels in exchange for a promise to restore the hardware to some semblance of its former glory.

Read the story of just how they did that, and what happened to the remains of ENIAC (hint: you can go see it) at Wired. -via Digg

Jack Nicholson's Prep Before Shooting the Ax Scene in The Shining

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YouTube Link

This clip shows Jack Nicholson preparing for a scene in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining. In the scene, Nicholson's character Jack Torrance chops into a locked bathroom door to get to his wife, for whom he has a violent plan. To prepare for filming the scene, Jack gets amped up by jumping up and down in place like a boxer would, grabbing the ax and vocalizing. 

The clip is from The Making of the Shining, which is a short documentary film made during production by Stanley Kubrick's then 17-year-old daughter Vivian. The documentary is packaged with The Shining Two-Disc Special Edition as a special feature. Another documentary about the making of the movie is Staircases to Nowhere: Making Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining' by Howard Berry, which is a fantastic series of interviews of people involved with the film. The aforementioned Kubrick-endorsed documentaries, as well as the (previously featured at Neatorama) Room 237, make interesting viewing for any fan of Kubrick's horror masterpiece.

Bill Cosby And The Ultimate Crowdsourced Memes Fail

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Bill Cosby recently learned a hard lesson about crowdsourcing when his social media people decided to invite the 'Net to take images of Bill and turn them into memes.

(Image Link)

Their site showed silly, and very gentle, examples of what they were looking for, but what they actually received was a torrent of rape accusations and bitter sarcasm in meme form.

(Image Link)

Bill has been accused of multiple counts of rape, for which he has yet to have been found guilty, so why would his social media camp open him up to so much online heat?

(Image Link)

My guess is they were trying to bring back that Cosby Show love and prove there's an audience for a new show, a gamble that backfired spectacularly, in other words in typical internet fashion.

So what's the lesson to be learned by Cosby's epic meme fail? Don't go fishing for compliments online, especially when you've got some (alleged) skeletons in your closet!

-Via New York Post

The Dinosaurs of Jurassic World

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(YouTube link)

Now that the trailer for the movie Jurassic World is out, let’s all find problems with the dinosaurs in it. It happened with the first Jurassic Park movies, I think there were three of them. Movies, that is, not problems. Since the first Jurassic Park movie came out, we found out that dinosaurs often had feathers and probably quite a bit of color. And scientists have already weighed in with their criticisms of Jurassic World.

But see, the filmmakers expected this, and did an end-run around such quibbles by giving us a “hybrid,” genetically-modified, improved dinosaur. That could be anything, not necessarily tied to any real dinosaurs that ever lived.  

In today’s xkcd comic, Randall Munroe references Jurassic World and its “improved” dinosaur, which looks strangely like the T.rex from Dinosaur Comics. Hey, it could be worse.

The L.A. Locations Where Famous Horror Films Were Shot

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Horror movies are rarely set in Los Angeles, preferring to use fake city names like Springwood and Cuesta Verde, and yet the vast majority of them are filmed within a hundred miles of Hollywood.

Making viewers believe that they’re seeing a location from Anywhere, U.S.A. is all part of movie magic, but when you discover the real life locations scattered around the City of Angels Google maps replaces magic.

Take a snapshot tour with LA Weekly as they reveal The L.A. Spots Where Your Favorite Horror Movies Were Filmed, including this famous bridge from the 80s classic The Lost Boys. 

With a little storytelling, and an audience's willingness to believe, these everyday locales across Los Angeles transport the viewers to another place and time, but isn't it surprising how mundane most of these locations are in real life?!

Batman vs. Darth Vader

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(YouTube link)

It’s the ultimate showdown of badass fictional characters in black! Never mind the odd crossover of the Disney and DC universes -at least there’s no problem with the style of music for these two. Who will win when the Caped Crusader goes against the Sith Lord with light sabers? Enjoy this Super Power Beat Down video from MachinimaPrime. -via Gamma Squad

Classic Authors' American Houses on Google Maps

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Mark Twain
351 Farmington Avenue, Hartford, Connecticut 

It's often said that writers' desks are important, in that they reflect their approach and routine. Thus, the homes of famous writers have always been of interest to people, particularly those immersed in the literary world, because they are an extension of that space. Short List assembled a collection of famous writers' former abodes, visible on Google maps. First they put together a list of Classic Authors' British Houses On Google Maps, and in a follow-up, they have a list of houses in the U.S., some of which are pictured here. 

Check out the rest of these former homes of classic writers here.  

Jack Kerouac
1478 Clouser Avenue, Orlando, Florida

Edgar Allan Poe
203 N. Amity Street, Baltimore 

Is Your Flight Delayed? Siberians Laugh at Your Misery

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This sounds like a setup for an “In Mother Russia…” joke, but it happened at the Igarka airport above the Arctic Circle. The flight to the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk was in danger of being cancelled because the plane was frozen to the ground! Technicians said that the plane’s landing gear was greased with a lubricant that was not suitable for Arctic temperatures- and at 52 degrees below zero, that’s important. The airport’s tractor didn’t work, either, because its brake pads were frozen. What to do? The 70 or so passengers waiting for the flight were mostly oil field workers who wanted to go home, so they did what they had to do: they pushed the plane.  

(YouTube link)

Ivan Ivanov caught this footage of the procedure. They managed to free the plane from the frozen tarmac, and the flight to Krasnoyarsk was completed without further problems. Read the story and see more pictures at The Siberian Times. -via Digg

Ten Facts About R.E.M.

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Formed in 1980, R.E.M. enjoyed a lot of critical acclaim and success — particularly for a band whose roots were firmly in the alternative genre  before they disbanded in 2011. The referring article is a collection of ten facts about the band, the original members of which included frontman Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry. 

One fact that, in my mind, is completely understandable is the detestability of Shiny Happiness. The band's 1991 album Out of Time featured the song "Shiny, Happy People," which featured vocals by the B-52s' Kate Pierson. The single was released the same year. Yet how long can one reasonably remain shiny and happy, particularly when proclaiming they are such is a regular part of employment? For Michael Stipe and the band, the answer was several years or less. By 1995, Stipe publicly pronounced that he hated the song, as did the rest of the band. 

Read more facts about R.E.M., including the origins of the album names Out of Time and Automatic for the People and an unfortunate tantrum of Peter Buck's on an airplane, here.

Image: Wikipedia 

Black Friday: Then and Now

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(YouTube link)

When did people start losing their minds over Christmas shopping? Maybe it was a gradual process. Thirty years ago, shopping centers promoted Black Friday as a good day to get your Christmas shopping done, and a lot of folks listened. Here are a couple of news reports from WLOX, on Thanksgiving Day and then on Black Friday in 1983. The money quote: “It  gets a little crowded.” People were happily enduring the crowds, and indeed, at least one shopper just wanted to join the crowds for holiday cheer.

Compare that with what we’ve seen in the past few years, as shopping has become a competition to see who can score one of those “limited supply” electronic gadgets at half price. Here’s a supercut uploaded last year.

(YouTube link)

The money saved on items we really don’t need does not justify the time, hassle, and danger of injury to oneself or others involved in the modern version of Black Friday. There’s still a month left to shop, smaller stores to visit, online sales that involve no hassle at all, and one’s sanity to consider. -via Uproxx

Neverball - The Lightning Rat Guide To Grunge

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Neverball by Wirdou

There were all sorts of fun games going on when Ash and his friends showed up at the Poke Master Mega Block Party, like pin the tail on the snorlax and bobbing for Poke balls, but Ash knew Pika would only want to do one thing- take a dip in the pool! Ash uttered the phrase "I choose you!" and tossed Pika and the Poke ball right into the deep end, and when Pika emerged underwater it felt like nirvana. However, the rest of the pocket monsters and trainers who were swimming in the pool didn't appreciate Pika's electric feel...

When your friends say "here we are, now entertain us" you can show them this clever Neverball t-shirt by Wirdou and watch them roar with laughter!

Visit Wirdou's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

Daddy's Home Veggie Hot Dog Red Panda Thorium - Chemical Avengers

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Optical Illusions Accidentally Created By Animals

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(Image Link)

It’s only natural to see optical illusions in the world around us, and nature likes to unintentionally serve up some real mind-benders that force you to take a second look in order to wrap your mind around what your eyes are seeing.

(Image Link)

Some animals incorporate optical illusions into their body markings on purpose, but most animal based optical illusions are simply a matter of seeing things from the right angle at exactly the right moment.

(Image Link)

Little Things has put together a fun collection of 22 Optical Illusions Created Accidentally By Animals, an assortment of odd animal pics sure to make you think your mind is playing tricks on you!

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