The Kid Who Played Gregory Goyle In Harry Potter Movies Is Now An MMA Fighter

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The cast of the Harry Potter movies have moved on to the next phase of their lives (meaning adulthood), and those eight movies are now just a fond memory and an entry on their IMDB page.

But for some those movies gave them a stigma they've been fighting to shake off ever since, as they try to prove how grown up and manly they are now.

Daniel Radcliffe admitted to a drinking problem and took multiple roles that required him to get naked, and Jamie Waylett, who is pictured above playing Vincent Crabbe, was arrested for participating in the 2011 London Riots.

And what about Josh Herdman, the guy who played Draco Malfoy's other cronie, Gregory Goyle?

The 28-year-old Herdman is now trying his hands in the Mixed Martial Arts arena, battling like a badass to prove he's not just "that kid from the Harry Potter movies".

-Via Esquire

Not What They Seem - Bob And The Black Lodge

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Not What They Seem by Barrett Biggers

The owls sit in the trees and stare off into the night, watching and waiting to see what cards fate will play for the people in the town of Twin Peaks below. Some will find an ace up their sleeve, able to elude capture and save face, while others will find playing a One Eyed Jack to be more of an ordeal than a boon, as they struggle to stay alive after playing what is essentially a wild card. But the truly in tune, those who listen to logs, have giants to help them and dance in the Red Room like there's no tomorrow, they know what to say when the owls ask "who?"

Only the wisest geeks will see this Not What They Seem t-shirt by Barrett Biggers for what it is- one damn fine Twin Peaks themed tee!

Visit Barrett Biggers's Facebook fan page, official website, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more fantastically geeky designs:

The Future Z Fighter Wolf Pride Surreal Nature Go Big Or Go Home Smash Taunt Bomber Girl Bounty Hunter

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The “Scandalous” Women of the ’90s

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Monica, Marcia, Tonya, and Anita were household names in the 1990s for widely varying reasons, to the point that we didn’t even need to use their last names. What they had in common was the media circuses that grew up around them. The tabloids relied on them for headlines, no matter how shallow. Every facet of their lives were picked apart, but only the most outrageous bits were printed or aired.     

In the past, we have been all too ready to assume that, if the media pillories a woman for being bad, trashy, pushy, slutty, greedy, greedy, crazy, or just—the most evergreen dismissal of all—a bitch, they must be right. Now, more than ever, we are beginning to wonder: How many times has a woman been made to suffer not because of anything she has said or done, but simply because she was the only girl in the room?

And all this happened decades after the beginning of second-wave feminism. Looking back at those headlines now, twenty years later, we might be horrified by the way women connected with a scandal, no matter how tangentally, were treated. But then again, how much has really changed? Sarah Marshall writes about the scandalous women of the ‘90s from the viewpoint of a later generation at Fusion. -via Metafilter

Love Walt Disney World? Now You Can Live There!

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(Image Link)

Do you love Disney theme parks so much you wish you could live in them?

Six year old me would totally agree, but nowadays I'm not so sure I could handle dealing with all the people who visit Disney theme parks on a daily basis.

However, if you're someone who wants to live like a Disney Cast Member without having to work then you'll love Disney Golden Oak, the new gated community located inside Walt Disney World in Florida.

The designs for the 290 single-family homes at Disney Golden Oak are inspired by Caribbean and Mediterranean architecture, because when you pay at least 2 million dollars for a home it had better not look like ToonTown.

Read Yes You Can Actually Live At Disney World! Here's How here

Cracking the Voynich

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A bizarre medieval manuscript written in a language no one can read has baffled the world’s best cryptologists, stumped the most powerful code-breaking computers, and been written off as a masterful hoax. Can the hive mind finally unlock its secrets? 

The breakthrough, when it finally came, happened in a most unremarkable way. Stephen Bax was in his home office late at night. It was April 2013, and he’d spent the previous 10 months poring over reproductions of a 15th-century manuscript bursting with bizarre drawings: female figures in green baths; astrological symbols; intricate geometric designs; plants that seemed familiar but also just slightly off. Strangest of all—and the reason Bax, a 54-year-old professor of applied linguistics in Bedfordshire, England, had become obsessed—were the 35,000 words in the manuscript. Written in an elaborate, beautiful script, the language has never appeared on any other document, anywhere. Ever.

At his day job at the University of Bedfordshire’s Centre for Research in English Language Learning and Assessment, Bax focuses on English language learning. Decoding ancient manuscripts is not in his purview. But ever since he’d heard about this mysterious book, he’d been fixated on it: scouring the web, talking to scholars, analyzing 14th-century herbal manuscripts at the British Library. And he was fairly confident he’d identified a few words in the document: juniper, cotton, the constellation Taurus. But before he could go public with his findings, he needed more.

On this particular evening, he was looking at the first word of script on a page numbered f3v, which contained an illustration of a plant that looked like hellebore. According to the scheme Bax had worked out, the word spelled out kaur— a word he wasn’t familiar with. So Bax did what anyone would do: He pulled up Google and typed “hellebore” and “kaur.” Then he pressed enter.

The Voynich Manuscript—a soft-bound, 240-page volume—has baffled cryptanalysts, linguists, computer scientists, physicists, historians, and academics since it was rediscovered in the early 20th century. To date, no one has deciphered it, and no one knows why it was made. Experts don’t know what to make of it: is it a cipher, a code, a long-lost language?

There’s been plenty of speculation, both inside and outside academia. Over the past century, the case of the Voynich has been cracked and debunked, cracked and debunked again, and even—rather convincingly!—exposed as a hoax. Even the book’s acquisition is a mystery.

The story starts with a London-based book dealer named Wilfrid Voynich, who discovered the book in 1912. From the beginning, Voynich was evasive about how he acquired the tome—he claimed he’d been sworn to secrecy about its origin, and the story he recounted changed often. In the one he told most frequently, he’d been at “an ancient castle in Southern Europe” when he found this “ugly duckling” buried in a “most remarkable collection of precious illuminated manuscripts.”

For a book dealer, it was like stumbling onto treasure. Back in London he dubbed his acquisition the “Roger Bacon cipher,” after the 13th-century English monk and scientist, and put it up for sale. A letter that came with the book suggested Bacon was the author; whether Voynich actually believed it, or whether he simply believed that associating the book with Bacon would help him fetch a higher resale price, is unclear.

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For the 7th Year in a Row, 100% of Students from This School Are Going to College

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(Photo: Urban Prep Academies)

Urban Prep Academies is a 3-campus all-boys school in Chicago. Six years ago, we told you about an impressive achievement of the school: every one of their graduating seniors was going to college.

That was followed by another year, and other. It's 2016, and for the seventh year in a row, every single senior has committed to a 4-year college. CBS Chicago (auto-start video) reports:

Founder and CEO of Urban Prep Tim King says the students have been admitted to more than 220 colleges and universities this year.

“We’ve got two guys going to my alma mater, Georgetown University, we have our first admit to Yale University this year,” said King. “We have students who’ve been admitted to University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, Morehouse College, schools all over the country. It’s a huge level of diversity in terms of the types of schools these young men will be going to in the fall.” […]

“Every year, I’m just wowed by these young men by what they are doing,” King said. “They really make me proud. We started Urban Prep with the goal of moving the needle when it comes to black male achievement and these guys proved to me, the city and the world every year, that we did the right thing when we founded Urban Prep ten years ago.”

-via Huffington Post

Everything Wrong With Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

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I’ve always subscribed to the idea that real Star Wars fans hate Star Wars, and they live to pick apart everything George Lucas ever did. That is apparently transferring to Disney. Now that the warm glow of a new Star Wars film has worn off, and critics all over have their hands on the home video, we get to hear about everything possible they can pick at. Hang on to your seats, the critique of The Force Awakens takes a whopping 19 minutes.  

(YouTube link)

Cinema Sins found quite a bit to criticize, while the best part of the video is just reliving those moments we recall from the first theater experience of Star Wars in years. -via Tastefully Offensive

Beetle Named After Chewbacca

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A group of scientists have described four new species of weevil beetles found in Papua New Guinea. One of them was named Trigonopterus chewbacca, after the Wookiee we all know and love from Star Wars. The other beetles have names that don’t relate to any pop culture franchise. The names were reported in the journal ZooKeys.  

Researchers said that they named the weevil after the Wookiee because of its dense scales on the head and legs, which “reminds the authors of Chewbacca’s dense fur.”

Yeah, right. Dense scales. They were just looking for an excuse to name a species after a Star Wars character. But that’s a legitimate desire, as far as I’m concerned.  

(Imagecredit: Van Dam, Laufa, Riedel)

How the Tank Got Its Name

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(Photo: Mark Holloway)

During World War I, warring nations developed large, heavily armored, self-propelled vehicles that could support infantry attacks. They called these war machines "tanks." Why?

It was the British who came up with the name. The engineers wanted the vehicles to remain a secret from the Germans, so they told workers assembing them that these machines they were building would be used to carry water onto the battlefield. They were mobile water tanks. The History Channel (auto-start video) explains:

To keep the project secret from enemies, production workers were reportedly told the vehicles they were building would be used to carry water on the battlefield (alternate theories suggest the shells of the new vehicles resembled water tanks). Either way, the new vehicles were shipped in crates labeled “tank” and the name stuck.


16 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Plastic Surgeons

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Unless you yourself are a plastic surgeon, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about what they do. The specialty was born to help those who were wounded in war, but is now heavily supported by people who want to look better. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but most of us will never be able to afford such surgery, or else are unwilling to undergo surgery without a medical reason. But you might very well be interested in this fascinating career and the details that go with it.


Watch enough reality television and you’ll eventually spot a plastic surgeon taking a black marker to the bare torso of a patient. Matthew Schulman, M.D., a plastic surgeon based in Manhattan, says that surgeons are basically acting as topographers, marking areas of the body that may change shape or become less visible when a patient is lying down. “We’re drawing landmarks for ourselves because a person looks different when on the table,” he says. “I might circle where the fat is thickest, or where the nipple is while standing.” No special medical ink is used: It’s just a Sharpie.


That gangster-movie cliché of having to modify your face to avoid being spotted after offering damning testimony? It’s true. Kress has operated on several government witnesses, and they can forget about follow-up visits. “I’ve had Federal Marshals come in and tell me, ‘This is the only time you’re going to see this guy, so give him whatever instructions he needs,’” he says. Kress has also worked on covert military operatives who have had their name and image published in media and run the risk of being recognized.

Those are just two of the 16 secrets of plastic surgeons that you can learn about at mental_floss.

(Image credit: © Photographer - James C. Mutter/Facial Plastic Surgeon Babak Azizadeh, MD)

A New Watership Down Movie Is in Development

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When Richard Adams's first novel was published in 1972, one critic wrote "I announce with trembling excitement the looks of an exceptional story." This was Watership Down, a masterfully crafted tale of adventure, courage, tyranny, and freedom.

The characters are rabbits.

This surprised readers, especially those who suspected that they were reading a children's novel. But there is war, death, and cruelty in Watership Down, a thoroughly adult story. It enthralled an entire generation and became a bestseller.

Watership Down became a movie in 1978 and an animated television series in 2001. Now Adams's famous story is returning to the big screen. Deadline reports that Neflix and the BBC plan to turn it into an animated miniseries. They've recruited the best actors for it, including John Boyega of Star Wars, James McAvoy of X-Men, and Ben Kingsley of Ghandi.

As a devoted fan of Richard Adams's work, I'm thrilled. Watership Down, though not deep, is a truly perfect novel. If you've enjoyed it, I suggest also reading Adams's greatest and most neglected novel, Shardik. You may also enjoy Adams's autobiography, which describes the real-life people that inspired Hazel and Bigwig.

-via The Mary Sue

Regular Double Date - Last Night I Dreamt Of A Cartoon Picnic In The Park

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Regular Double Date by Prime Premne

It's hard to enjoy a day at the park with all those critters hanging around, but at least their antics are hilarious to watch. Wait- did that bluebird just say "Mordecai" and "Rigby"? What kind of park critters are these?! Oh, according to the info center these critters are special, and used to star in their own TV show. And we're not supposed to feed them or they may become manic and hostile...whoops!

Don't add some regular old cartoon shirt to your geeky wardrobe, bring home this spectacular Regular Double Date t-shirt by Prime Premne instead!

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Bikini Bottom Benthos Attack The People Primorpha Dracozordus The Verminator

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Heroic Dog Rescues 2 Children from House Fire

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The home of police officer Margo Feaser of Longwood, Florida caught on fire on Monday night. Neighbors smashed in windows to give Feaser an escape route from the home, which was rapidly filling with smoke.

Feaser got out, as did her dog and her husband, who promptly collapsed on the front lawn. But their 4 and 2-year old children were still inside.

Maxx, the family's German Shepherd mix, led firefighters back inside to the location of the kids. The entire family, including the dog, suffered severe smoke inhalation. But they're all alive, thanks to Maxx the dog. The Orlando Sentinel quotes Deputy Sheriff Dennis Lemma:

"The family canine was just absolutely remarkable leading firefighters inside," Lemma said. "It absolutely saved their lives."

Lemma said the Sheriff's Office is grateful for the quick-actions of neighbors and fire crews, but also called the deputy a hero.

"She came out and her No.1 concern was to get back in there and save those kids," Lemma said. "She's a hero and acted as such."

-via Ace of Spades HQ

An Indoor Castle Fort

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That area of your house that has a slant roof over it is pretty useless. It’s often only good for storage, and in this case it had two closets, but they didn’t hold much. So MetalMan83 transformed that spot into a castle fort as a gift for his daughter’s fifth birthday, with doors and lights and a lookout tower! See a series of images from the building process at imgur. He’s a pretty handy dad. Look at how he decorated the nursery for his younger daughter.

Firefly Dungeons & Dragons Character Sheets

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I think that Captain Mal Reynolds is more likely to be chaotic good, or possible chaotic neutral (he did kick a guy into a running engine). But I agree that you shouldn't cross him when he's equipped with his pretty floral bonnet.

Geek and Sundry, which previously created Dungeons & Dragons character sheets for Harry Potter characters, now brings Firefly into the Dungeons & Dragons universe. Here you can find stats for Jayne, Inara, and Kaylee. 

-via Nerd Approved

Homemade Hoverbike

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Inventor and crazy man Colin Furze has built himself a dual-rotor hovercraft out of two gas engines and a couple of fans. It has no seat, no steering, and no brakes, but it flies! Do I have to add that you shouldn’t try this at home?

(YouTube link)

Why doesn’t it have those things? They couldn’t add an ounce more weight, or it wouldn’t have been able to take off. You can see his plans in this video and some of the early tests in this one. -via Digg

Traveler Shares Photos Of North Korea's Rarely Seen Pyongyang Metro

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A few different sets of photos taken in North Korea have been shared online lately, and these rare pics are shaping the way we see life in that mysterious country we know so little about.

And even though we're inclined to believe photos taken in North Korea will be full of horror and suffering the pics show a country functioning much like any other.

Pyongyang even has a metro system which Kim Jong-Un will occasionally talk about with pride, an underground railway which few foreigners have ever seen until Elliott Davies shared his photos online.

Elliott begins his photographic tour of the Pyongyang metro with this video showing what it's like to enter the station and ride the 110 meter long escalator down into the nuclear bunker/subway station.

(Vimeo Link)

See Stopping All Stations - The Pyongyang Metro here

Bald Lamb Given Fluffy Sweater

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A lamb born without fleece at a farm in Chilton Foliat in Wiltshire, UK, was rejected by his mother. It was just too odd. Farmhand Sally-Ann Fisher says they named the lamb Skippy because he looks like a kangaroo. He’s now being hand-raised by humans.

Ms Fisher, who farms with her partner near Ramsbury, said the lamb had been born 10 days ago but they were "not aware" that its lack of wool was a condition or a "health problem".

"He's just unlucky, but he's doing great," she said.

They don’t yet know whether Skippy will be hairless for life, but he’s already got the next best thing -a coat made out of a fluffy old white sweater. It will not only keep him warm, but may make him look more like the other sheep on the farm. -via Arbroath

Ten Things You Should Know About The Reptilian Elite Conspiracy

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Conspiracy theories don't come much more cold blooded than the Reptilian Elite theory, which states that members of an ancient reptilian bloodline secretly rule the world.

The theory was posited and popularized by former BBC sports writer turned “son of God” David Icke back in 1999, and now an estimated twelve million Americans believe lizard people are pulling the strings.

Believers don't agree on where the Reptilian Elite came from (some say a distant planet, others say they've been on Earth since before mankind), but they all agree the Reptilian Elite are the scaly bastards behind the New World Order.

Read 10 Things You Should Know About The Reptilian Conspiracy Theory here

Rotating Bookcase Made from Recycled Sinks

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There’s a lot going on here. This is the Sink-Wall, a pivoting room divider (also called a “door”) made from 20 stainless steel kitchen sinks. Each sink also serves as a storage or display unit for books or other objects. Lot-ek Architects designed and built two of these units for Edizioni Press in Chelsea, New York City. The users no doubt learned that you can’t pivot a bookcase quickly, or you’ll have to pick up books from the floor. This is just one example of recycling odd castaways into new furniture. See more of them in the post Five Incredible Pieces of Furniture Made from Recycled Parts.

Everyday Objects Look Virtually Unrecognizable In Macro Photos

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It's funny to think that all we have to do to render something we see every day unrecognizable is zoom in real close to the object with a macro lens.

We're not used to seeing foods, toiletries and other things hanging around our house from a bug's point of view, but when you see that everyday object from way too close it becomes an awesome alien world.

Experimental artist Pyanek has been exploring the worlds we can only see with the help of a macro lens in his series Amazing Worlds Within Our World, see if you can guess which everyday items are featured in the video.

(YouTube Link)

See more Stunning Unrecognizable Macro Photographs Of Everyday Objects here

The Pork Awakens - A Fleece Force For Good

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The Pork Awakens by Kenny Durkin

The rest of the gang were a bit hesitant about the merger, but Miss Piggy was really looking forward to linking up with the big D for one reason and one reason only- the opportunity to star in her favorite sci-fi movie series. She'd been doing Pigs In Space on the Muppet Show for years, but the premises were never about wars or powerful women with psychic powers so she felt like her acting abilities were being underused. But when Kermit came to her all worried about the new corporate merger Piggy got stars in her eyes and forced Kermit to sign the paperwork immediately!

Show the world the fleecy side of the SW universe with this The Pork Awakens t-shirt by Kenny Durkin, it's spicier than a kissing scene with Link Hogthrob and sure to earn you more than a few fans!

Visit Kenny Durkin's Facebook fan page, official website and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more action packed designs:

Prawn Solo The Amphibian Candidate The Big Bowwowski Rowlf's Tavern

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Firefighters 1, Police 0

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A group of Kansas City, Missouri, police officers found themselves stuck in an elevator. We can only speculate how long they sat there discussing their situation before they broke down and called emergency services. The Kansas City Fire Department responded, and couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the rescue. This picture will no doubt be on the wall of every firehouse in the midwest. If Kansas City puts out a fireman’s calendar, it will be on that, too. -via reddit

Update: the icing on the cake was that the elevator stalled because it was over its weight limit

Pop Culture Characters Looking Right At Home In The Real World

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When pop culture characters become a part of our lives we wish they were real so we can hang out with them, knowing full well they'll never make the leap into our real 3D world.

But imagination is what brought these characters to life, so perhaps a bit of imaginative thinking is all it takes to bring them out of the land of 2D, well, that and a little digital image compositing.

A bunch of Russian artists have been contributing amazing composite images to a community page called 2D Among Us, and their creations are nothing short of spectacular.

Their shared images run the full gamut of fandom, including live action movies, video games and, of course, classic 2D animation, all of which looks right at home in the real world.

Stuck In The Real World: Characters From Cartoons And Movies Placed In The Real World

Desert Critters

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A desert fox only wants to devote his time looking for something to eat, like most wild creatures do, but this annoying young fennec fox kit named Nibbles wants to be buddies or something. What’s a fox to do?

(vimeo link)

The story is simple and classic, the desert animation is lovely, and the foxes are cute. Enjoy CalArts student Li Wen Toh’s latest film. -via Digg

Laura Keeble's Stained Glass Pop Art

John Farrier 1

Laura Keeble, a British artist, takes stained glass from old churches and turns it into everyday objects. This McDonald's Happy Meal becomes a symbol of the Eucharist titled The Glass Supper. In other pieces, memorial church glass becomes a security camera and a phone booth becomes a confessional.

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Making Your Bed is a Total Waste of Time

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Neatorama is proud to bring you a guest post from Ernie Smith, the editor of Tedium, a twice-weekly newsletter that hunts for the end of the long tail. In another life, he ran ShortFormBlog.

(Image credit: Flickr user Fygget)

Making your bed every morning is the most dumb, useless waste of five minutes ever created. You should stop right now because you’re wasting your time.

It’s one of the most annoying possible tasks out there—a chore with limited value that gets undone every single night. Unlike tying your shoes, making your bed doesn’t protect you or significantly improve your life. It’s an aesthetic task at best. Yet, for some reason, we as a society value this form of busywork way too freaking much. There are people who swear by folding their blanket over two sets of sheets, perfectly creasing the top sheet under the mattress, but I’m not one of those people. And by the end of this piece, I hope that you too will leave your comforter lumped in a pile on top of your bed, just as disorganized as you left it the night before. I’m like the Howard Beale of bedding over here.

Who Needs a Bed?

“I realize it might seem crazy for a thirty-year-old to exist without a bed, but I just can’t get myself to buy one; it never seems worth it, because all I would use it for is sleeping (and once I’m unconscious, what do I care where I’m lying?). I get by fine with my ‘Sleeping Machine,’ sort of a self-styled nest in the corner of my bedroom.”

— Author Chuck Klosterman, discussing his sleeping habits at the time of the writing of his breakout book Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs. Klosterman’s rebellious screed against sleeping in traditional beds came up in a section of the book where he highlighted the requirement that, in The Sims, the characters must own a bed. Klosterman eventually admitted that he changed his sleeping habits, telling a Redditor in a 2014 IAmA session, “I have a bed now. You can’t be married while still sleeping in a sleep machine.”

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6 Oddly Perverted Easter Eggs Hidden In Famous Video Games

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When gamers discover Easter Eggs hidden in their favorite video games they expect to find homages to pop culture, self referential jokes the game's developers put in for hardcore fans to find and perhaps a punny joke or two.

However, finding perverted Easter Eggs just doesn't seem possible in a game like Pokemon or Legend Of Zelda, you know, games that are almost always rated E for everyone.

But some game designers try sneak naughty stuff into any game they can, which is why they made young trainers battle the Pokemon equivalent of human genitalia in HeartGold And SoulSilver and included hippo boobs in the Japanese and European versions of LOZ: Link's Awakening.

Of course, including dirty content in a game rated T for teen doesn't make it any less wrong as Final Fantasy VII proved with a scene that finds Cloud stuck in a bathhouse dressed like a woman and surrounded by perverts.

 photo 528506_v2_zpsesq15gtm.gif

Read 6 Oddly Sexual Easter Eggs You Missed In Famous Video Games here (contains NSFW language)

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