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Earlier this week I posted a video showing a New Jersey black bear on his best behavior. These two New Jersey black bears are in an all-out brawl, knocking things over in a front yard of a home in a residential area. Occasionally stopping to rest and stare each other down while breathing heavily from the exertion, they eventually take the fight out into the street, as drivers pull their cars over to catch the action.

A Game Of Bones

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In the canine quest to become the alpha dog only one will be able to sit on the Throne of Bones, and that ruler is destined to be Daenerys Targaryen, the mother of dragons. 

With her cute mug, flowing blonde hair and three dragon children at her side there’s no stopping this adorable little one from becoming queen of Woofsteros. 

Will the other canine kingdoms be able to stop her from assuming, and then chewing on, the iron bone throne? I don’t think they stand a cat’s chance in doggie heaven!

This amazing act of canine cosplay was created by Cynthia Martin, Samantha Watt and Dorothy Bernard, and it took the team two months to assemble the throne and construct the costumes. 

The trio put so much detail into every bit of this cosplay, and the amazing set pieces, that it's a shame these doggy pals can't play Game of Bones every day!

-Via Fashionably Geek

The Japanese Navy's Crazy Plan to Bomb Texas

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(Photo: Max Smith)

Other than a handful of submarine-mounted artillery bombings, a brief air raid by a single submarine-launched seaplane, and a few balloon-floated bombs, Japan was unable to directly attack the 48 contiguous United States during World War II. The Japanese did, however, have larger ambitions against the US heartland.

Pictured above is a surviving Kawanishi H8K, a seaplane operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy. 30 of these planes would have been the strike force of an extraordinary plan to bomb Texas.

(Map: NOAA)

Note that Texas does not have a Pacific coastline.

That did not dissuade the Japanese. They wanted to damage the oil fields then active in Texas. So they planned to fly 30 H8K seaplane bombers across the Pacific, refueling them with carefully-staged submarines. After refueling a final time off the coast of Baja California, the bombers would fly across northern Mexico and strike Texas.

Fortunately, the Japanese developed this plan too late in the war to make it feasible. They cancelled it and similar plans to bomb the Panama Canal.

-via Ace of Spades HQ

It's Tyson Versus Tyson On The Tonight Show

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Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers of all time, and his short but sweet career will forever be remembered as being controversial, powerful and the inspiration for a classic video game…sort of.

You see, Mike never fought sluggers like King Hippo and Don Flamenco in real life, so his career did nothing for his video game skills, and Mike probably had better things to do than fight himself on the NES.

(YouTube Link)

Jimmy Fallon challenged the former champ to a game of Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! On The Tonight Show, to see if Tyson could beat Tyson on national television.

As anyone who has played Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! knows beating the big boss is no easy task, and the pixelated version proved to be more than a match for the real life version. Somebody get that man a Game Genie!

-Via BJ Penn

The Wrong Mouse - Food For Thought

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The Wrong Mouse by Alberto Arni

Mickey was out wandering around the studio backlot and enjoying the sunshine when he wandered a bit too far. Suddenly set lots and trailers were replaced by shrubs and trees, and he heard menacing sounds coming from the greenery all around him. His years of acting hadn't prepared him to play the role he was born to play- a real life mouse. It's too bad they don't teach you stuff like that in acting school, or else he might have escaped becoming a snake's lunch!

Add a touch of dark cartoon comedy to your geeky wardrobe with this The Wrong Mouse t-shirt by Alberto Arni, and watch where you're walking!

Visit Alberto Arni's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Always Angry Powerpuff to the Future Bran Needs Cookies Shaun Vs. Zombies

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The Martian Invasion of 1938

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On October 30, 1938, Orson’s Welles presented an episode of the radio drama anthology The Mercury Theatre on the Air. The offering was an adaptation of H. G. Wells's 1898 novel The War of the Worlds. The broadcast went down in history, as there were some people who mistook the staged alien invasion for a news report. Neatoramanaut Ron Geraci’s mother remembers that broadcast from her childhood.

“I was little. If it was on Halloween in 1938, then I was four years old. I was little but I have some vivid memories from that night. We were in my grandparent’s farmhouse in Ferrell, New Jersey, and my grandmother and grandfather were listening to the radio as usual. Their names were Mary and George. They were my father’s parents. All of a sudden there was a lot of confusion in the house and the next thing I know we were down in the cellar. But it wasn’t a normal cellar, it was just a dug-out hole. It was all dirt. Not just the floor, everything was dirt. I don’t know what it was used for. I had never been down there before. I left that house in the fourth grade and I never went down there again. The house is still there.

“My grandpop didn’t tell us why he brought us down there, though I remember him saying something like ‘they were coming.’ It was dark except for one light, probably a gas lamp. I remember watching my grandparents talking while me and my little brother Billy sat there. Billy would have been about three. They couldn’t take the radio down there since there was no electricity, so it was quiet except for them talking. They were both telling us to be quiet, to not make any noise, though I don’t remember me or Billy saying anything.

But that’s only the beginning of the story. Her grandfather guarded the family with a shotgun, and they came up with an idea for protecting themselves from poison gas. Read the full story at The Minty Plum. -Thanks, Ron!

Romanian Headmaster Is Still Hanging Around School Long After His Death

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Private school headmasters often keep their jobs for a really long time, sometimes to the point where they feel like they’ve spent their whole life in school.

Alexandru Grigore Poescu spent fifty years as teacher and headmaster of the Puchenii Mosneni Elementary School in Romania, and when he passed away in the 1960s he left his skeleton to the school, so his kids could use it in their science classes.

(YouTube Link)

Health officials recently decided the skeleton was a risk to student health, so they took it away to have it specially treated, which caused a wave of outrage from students and teachers who felt like they were taking away a friend.

The skeleton was promptly replaced in a protective glass case, and the story of the skeletal headmaster was shared with the world, which proves that some educators make an impact on their students long after their death!

-Via RT

College Soccer Player Not Bad at Basketball

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(YouTube link)

Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee, offered $10,000 in tuition for performing an amazing basketball stunt: sink a layup, free throw, three-pointer, and a half-court shot, all within 30 seconds. Gustavo Angel Tamayo, a soccer player for the Lions, won the opportunity to try it. Tamayo grew up in England, and never played on a basketball team. Watch him rush through all four shots, ending with a Hail Mary toss from half court -and the crowd goes wild!

"It's just football [soccer], that's all I do," he said. "And I had a broken finger on my left hand."

Tamayo is a senior and his tuition is already paid, so he will take the prize money in cash. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Prison Life Hacks That Would Make MacGyver Proud

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If there’s one thing MacGyver proved again and again on his hit TV show it’s that he can't be tied up for long, especially if there’s a stick of gum and a battery laying around.

He made escaping captivity look like child’s play, but in real life very few prisoners ever make grand escapes, despite what movies and TV shows would have you believe.

Since they’re stuck in prison for the duration of their sentence prisoners have to become MacGyverish in their own right, to bring some of the comforts of home to their cell.

Got a battery, some tape and a bit of wire? You’ve got the makings of a lighter, and if you combine fire with a roll of TP you can make your own in-cell stove

The TP is rolled into a cylinder, folded in at the ends, and lit so it burns from the inside out. That slows it down and intensifies the heat. Inmates hold their undercooked meal above the flame, and voila, you can get it as hot and crispy as you like. 

Want to learn more tricks created by cons? Read 7+ MacGyver Tricks People Have Learned In Prison here

15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About A Nightmare on Elm Street

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Wes Craven’s 1984 horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street became an instant classic- not particularly because of the cerebral plot or the sublime acting, but because of the terrifying villain Freddy Krueger. Not only is he a killer, but weare all vulnerable to the monster because we all sleep -although after watching the movie, we tend to stay awake for as long as possible. Even if you’ve seen Elm Street quite a few times in the past thirty years, there are some behind-the-scenes trivia you might not know, like

2. The movie was inspired by real-life events.

Craven decided to make A Nightmare on Elm Street after reading a series of L.A. Times articles about a group of teenage Khmer immigrants who, after moving to the U.S. from refugee camps, died in their sleep after suffering from disturbing nightmares.

4. Freddy’s sweater is scientifically scary.

Craven designed Freddy’s striped sweater after reading in Scientific American that the human eye has difficulty recognizing those particular shades of red and green side by side. Therefore, looking at it is subliminally unsettling.

Relive the glorious memories of the first time you met Freddy Krueger while reading the rest of this trivia list at mental_floss.

This Video Proves Street Harassment Is Alive And Well In NYC

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There are always battles brewing about what is and isn’t considered racist, classist, or sexist, but those that argue for either side of the issue have a hard time presenting concrete evidence to prove their case.

Well, it turns out all you need to do to prove sexism is alive and well on New York City sidewalks is walk around as a woman for a full day and record all the ridiculous remarks that come your way with a hidden camera.

(YouTube Link)

That’s what actress Shoshana Roberts and filmmaker Rob Bliss did in an effort to raise awareness about street harassment in NYC, and the results of their social experiment are shocking to say the least.

Ever feel like you didn’t get those catcalling construction worker comedy sketches? That’s probably because you don’t live in New York City!

-Via Cheezburger

Your Pumpkin Can Also Be A Disco Light

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Ready to party this Halloween? Then head over to Homes and Hues, where you can learn how to make a fun disco ball with nothing more than a pumpkin, a flashlight, string and either a screwdriver or a drill. The effect is particularly cool if you happen to have access to a flashlight with a strobe effect on it.

Learn how to make your own cool light over at Homes and Hues: Ready Your Home For Halloween With This Cool Pumpkin Disco Ball

Lemp Mansion: Tales of a Cursed Family and Their Haunted House

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Funeral procession of William Lemp Jr. in front of the Lemp Mansion, 1922 | Source

Often, when a structure or area is rumored to be haunted, the explanation offered is a chapter from local folklore. A beautiful, Native American princess was said to be murdered by a warring tribe there. “Legend has it” that star-crossed lovers were killed on the spot. A cemetery may have occupied an area near the grounds. The reasons offered for the paranormal activity are as nebulous as the reported ghosts.

Yet the story of a mansion in St. Louis, Missouri, a property declared in a 1970 issue of Life magazine to be one of the nine most haunted places in America, is no undocumented tale. In fact, the Lemp family, one of nineteenth-century beer barons, was plagued with as many suicides and untimely deaths as they were blessed with wealth and power. So much so, that many Lemps believed their family was cursed.

Johann Adam Lemp left Eschwege, Germany to try his luck in America. He settled in St. Louis in 1838, opening a grocery store in which he sold beer that he brewed himself from a family recipe. By 1840, demand for Lemp’s beer became so great that he closed the grocery store and established Western Brewery.

The beer of German immigrants such as Lemp was new to America, as it was lager. The term is derived from the German “lagern,” meaning “to rest” or “to store.” Lemp, like other German brewers who moved to St. Louis, did so primarily due to a large system of limestone caves that ran for miles underneath the city streets. Lemp bought a property above a natural cave, in which he stored and aged his lager. In this time before refrigeration, the cave was a perfect, cool environment for the task, made cooler by ice blocks carved from the frozen Mississippi River. Adam was the first brewer in St. Louis to manufacture this light, effervescent beer called lager, and its appeal was not lost on the citizenry.

By 1860, Adam Lemp was a leader in St. Louis beer brewing. He brought his only son William into the business, who proved to be an even more astute businessman than his father. When Adam died in 1862, William was there to ensure the business would continue to prosper.

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This Simple Strip of Paper Can Detect the Ebola Virus

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(Photo: Wyss Institute/Harvard University)

There is now a great need to test large numbers of people for the Ebola virus. James J. Collins and his colleagues at Harvard University's Wyss Institute for Biological Inspired Engineering have developed a simple tool that can help do that. It's a strip of paper embedded with chemicals that change colors when exposed to Ebola. Douglas McCormick of IEEE Spectrum reports:

It took them less than a day to produce a slip of paper that can detect the Ebola virus. Armed only with that slip and smartphone camera, a healthcare worker in the field could know within two hours—and sometimes in as little as 20 minutes—whether a patient is infected or not. And the doctor, nurse, or volunteer could do this without advanced skills, extensive sample preparation, expensive reagents, laboratory instruments, or even refrigeration.

-via Ian Chant

Millennial Horror Story

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(YouTube link)

A thoroughly modern horror film shows us what really instills fear into the hearts of young adults. You know you’ve stepped into another dimension when there’s suddenly …no cell service! The spoof from Paul Gale Comedy contains NSFW language. -via Time 

Come With Me...If You Want To Die - Sandman's Little Sister

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Come With Me... If You Want To Die by Saqman

She's got a smile that warms your heart, and a personality that seems unusually chipper given her lot in life, but when she asks you to take her hand and come with her you should know that you're already dead. Unlike the reapers of old this Death doesn't scare newly dead souls into submission, she'd rather take a kinder approach to showing you the ropes. She was with you when you were born, she'll be with you when you pass on, so don't take her hand until your time has come!

Share your love of classic comic book literature with the world, wear this Come With Me...If You Want To Die t-shirt by Saqman and show your fellow geeks what they should be reading!

Visit Saqman's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more fantastically geeky designs:

An Endless Dream Sean Insists Giant Size Doctors Han's Revenge

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The Doctor Who Starved Her Patients to Death

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Dr. Linda Hazzard ran the Institute of Natural Therapeutics in Olalla, Washington, in the early 20th century. People looked to her clinic for alternative medical care, which mainly consisted of fasting as a cure-all.

Despite little formal training and a lack of a medical degree, she was licensed by the state of Washington as a “fasting specialist.” Her methods, while not entirely unique, were extremely unorthodox. Hazzard believed that the root of all disease lay in food—specifically, too much of it. “Appetite is Craving; Hunger is Desire. Craving is never satisfied; but Desire is relieved when Want is supplied,” she wrote in her self-published 1908 book Fasting for the Cure of Disease. The path to true health, Hazzard wrote, was to periodically let the digestive system “rest” through near-total fasts of days or more. During this time, patients consumed only small servings of vegetable broth, their systems “flushed” with daily enemas and vigorous massages that nurses said sometimes sounded more like beatings.

An extended stay at the Institute was only affordable to those who were well-off, and only desirable to those who were desperate to improve their health. But when Claire Williamson died while staying with Hazzard, her childhood nurse came to investigate and found that Claire had only weighed 50 pounds when she died. Furthermore, she’d left her estate to Hazzard. And Claire’s sister Dora was still at the facility. It then came to light that Claire wasn’t the first patient to die under Hazzard’s care. Read the story of the “doctor,” her bigamist husband, the mortuary that may have been in cahoots with them, and the sister held prisoner, at Smithsonian.

This Self-Stabilizing Boat’s Deck Stays Level, Even in Rough Water

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(Photo: Josh Valcarcel/Wired)

This is the Martini 1.5, an innovative boat design by Velodyne Marine. As it whips across the waves at high speed, the deck remains level. That's because the Martini has an active suspension system that adjusts as the pontoons rise and fall. The boat can stay level in 5.5-foot waves at speeds of up to 30 MPH. Alex Davies of Wired explains how it works:

Each corner, where the arm meets the hull, has a linear accelerometer, a pneumatic airbag, and a DC servo motor. To match the movement of the ocean, detected by the accelerometer, the motor turns a ball screw that pushes or pulls the control arm, lowering and raising that end of the hull as necessary.

Velodyne is working on a model that will have two larger hulls closer together, but working independently. This will permit the boat to carry a much larger cabin.

(Video Link)

'Tis the Season for Tons of Horror Webcomics

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This i09 article hooks readers up with "tons of horror webcomics" to keep bones chilled and blood curdled. "From post-apocalyptic epics filled with monsters to anthologies packed with serial killers, alien invaders, and nightmares come to life, here is something for every sort of horror fan." 

Image: Zombiehunters / Jenny Romanchuk

29 Web Ads Ruined by Extremely Unfortunate Placement

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Do you trust a computer program to determine where your ad goes online in order to maximize its visability?

Well, considering how many companies have human-generated public relations disasters, maybe it's not a bad idea. Still, sometimes ad placements go over poorly. 22 Words has screenshots of 29 web ad placement failures.

Which Halloween Candy is the Least Healthy to Eat?

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This animation by Daniella Urdinlaiz supplies information about popular candies containing ingredients that are more harmful to the body than others. In watching it, I learned what I could have guessed before I pressed play: if I like it, it's most likely on the "worst" list. Isn't that pretty much the way it goes? Oh well. Scary, dangerous edibles fit right in with Halloween theme. -Via Laughing Squid

Pineapple Jack-o'-Lantern

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This pineapple looks much more frightening than an ordinary jack-o'-lantern! Cory Doctorow of Boing Boing saw it at a Trader Vic's in Portland, Oregon. It would be great for a Halloween party with a Tiki theme.

-via Make

The Difference Between Foods

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(YouTube link)

The difference between fruits and vegetables depends on whether you are talking to a botanist or a cook, but Daven at Today I Found Out gives us a decent short course in telling the difference. He also explains the difference between jelly and jam, kosher salt and table salt, and the different colors of pepper. What blew my mind was the difference between green olives and black olives. I thought they were different kinds of olives! Personally, I much prefer the taste of green olives. -Thanks, Daven!

Which Wine Pairs Best With Your Halloween Candy?

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Image Credits: Jackie

So the kids come in Halloween night, and they pour the contents of their bag on the floor to pick out their favorites. They slowly eat themselves into a sugar coma, and this is when the adults strike. They grab the stash and put it somewhere safer so the kids wont have diabetes in a few days. Thing is, mom and dad reach in and take a few treats because, well, don't you think they've earned it? But when they sit down to eat their mini-Snickers, they freeze. Why? Because they don't know which wine would best accentuate it. 

Well now, thanks to Bustle, they do. In the article all of us have been waiting for for most of our lives, they tell us which wine pairs best with which Halloween candy. Though some may know at its most basic that chocolate goes well with red, this list runs much deeper than that. Put it this way, when you crack into that Reese's Cup, match it with a bold red, like a malbec. They will accentuate each other perfectly.

I mean, come on. We all knew that, right? (I totally didn't know that).

Grand Theft Stapler - The Birth Of An Office Badass

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Grand Theft Stapler
by Grafx-Guy

Milton was always getting pushed around at work, he was the butt of every joke and the only person in the office who didn't have his own space for more than a week at a time, but he'd learned to live with these unpleasantries. However, when he discovered the theft of his favorite stapler something in Milton's head snapped, and his quiet office life took a grand turn towards the dark side. Milton hopped into his auto and waited for his fellow employees to file out of the office, and as he slammed his foot on the gas pedal and turned the wheel towards his enemies he muttered "don't touch my stapler"....

Warn the world about the dangers of office prankery with this Grand Theft Stapler t-shirt by Grafx-Guy, and don't mess with another worker's office supplies!

Visit Grafx-Guy's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more action packed designs:

MinionAngelo Pikachuthless Cookie Wookie Some Men

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Things We Wish We Could Say at the Gym

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The gym: for those of us who go regularly, there are certain thoughts trapped in our heads during workouts that aren't a good idea to verbalize. The part I could relate to most in this video is being annoyed when someone picks the machine sandwiched right next to mine when almost every machine of that type is not being used. Can you identify with anything in the video? Or, maybe you skip the gym to work out another way. Or perhaps you do arm curls on the couch with cheese curls. Weigh in (bad pun intended) in the comments. -Via Viral Viral Videos

Ghost Islands: Eight of the Eeriest Abandoned Places on the Seas

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There are uninhabited islands and abandoned islands, and then there are these: ghost islands, with a past that sinks over you like a specter. There are mostly sad reasons these islands aren’t inhabited, like Poveglia Plague Island.

Poveglia served as a plague quarantine station for Venice from 1793 to 1814, and some rumors state that 50% of the soil is composed of the remains of the dead. A mental hospital was later opened, and remains in ruins in the overgrowth of ivy. It's also not the only ghost island in the Venice area, which is spotted with these abandoned relics of eras gone by.

Other islands were abandoned due to war, starvation, industrial decline, border disputes, and there’s even one that sank too much to live on. Read about all eight at Atlas Obscura.

(Image credit: Flickr user ntenny)

Honest Trailers: Saw

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Here is the thing about the Saw movie franchise. It has a lot of cuts and holes. HAHAHAHAHA, get it? That works on TWO levels. As a fan of horror, we tend to look past those holes and do our best to just sit back and enjoy a movie, no matter how mindless. But the guys at Screen Junkies have a special gift for dissecting films, and this time, they are going after the movie  Saw, just in time for Halloween.

(YouTube Link)

Pay attention to the line at the 00:44 mark. Pure genius.

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