Partiers Charge into a Dust Whirlwind

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It's called a "doofnado." Urban Dictionary says that doof is an Australian slang term for an outdoor rave in the countryside. When the electronic music is blasting at a doof, even the weather can't help but feel the energy and respond.

A dust whirlwind appeared at the Earthcore festival in Pyalong, Victoria. Olivier Bonenfant captured this incredible footage of it forming in the middle of the party. Concertgoers got their kicks by running in and out of it. It looks like fun! The festival organizers were very thoughtful for arranging it.

-via Stuff

Texting Snowman

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A snowman in a store window is not all that uncommon at Christmas time. This one is firmly in the 21st century, with a smartphone and a text conversation. He’s obviously conversing with another snowman. I like the way the glass itself is used as a medium for captions. The scene has nothing to do with the clothing being sold in the store behind him, but this would get me to stop and look, and that’s what counts. -via reddit

Images From Moments That Make You Think "I Need An Adult!"

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Most of us outgrow that "I need an adult!" feeling by the time we're in high school, or during our college days at the latest, but sometimes we encounter scary stuff that makes us feel like a kidult in need of adult supervision.

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That's the feeling you get when you see something creepy that makes you want to hide in the closet and count to a hundred, or someone who gives you nightmares like a 5-year-old after watching Gremlins.

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You may find it quite comforting to know there are other grown folks out there who feel like little kids when they encounter something creepy, but try and stifle your screams if you look through this post while you're all alone!

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See 22 Pictures That Will Make You Say "I Need An Adult" here

The Latke Recipe

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Hanukkah is still a week away, but it’s never to early to cook! Or at least get your recipe for latkes.

(YouTube link

The Maccabeats have unveiled their annual holiday parody song for the occasion. This year, it’s set to the tune of “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon. The lyrics are at the YouTube page. This is from their new album A Maccabeats Hanukkah. -via Viral Viral Videos

The Book Of Mormon Missionary Positions

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone must have known they would stir up controversy with their Broadway musical The Book Of Mormon, but they had no way of knowing it would become a sacrilegious smash hit.

Now there's a new wave of controversy following fresh on the heels of the hit Broadway play- The Book Of Mormon Missionary Positions, a SFW sex instruction manual for door-to-door evangelists.

This ridiculous photo series was put together by Portland-based photographer Neil Dacosta as a satirical jab at The Church Of Latter-Day Saints' stance on homosexuality. Oh, I think they got the message!

-Via Dangerous Minds

Star Wars So Far

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We are about two weeks away from the premiere of the seventh episode in the Star Wars saga, The Force Awakens. How long has it been since you’ve seen the six movies leading up to this point? Years? To prepare for The Force Awakens, you could sit down and watch all 13 hours 17 minutes we have so far (plus five more minutes if you’re watching the special editions). Or you could watch this.

(YouTube link)

Master remixer Eclectic Method edited the most essential clips of all six films into three minutes to tell the story up to this point. It’s very quick. I wouldn’t recommend this as a substitute for watching the full movies, in case you haven't seen them all. For one thing, there’s no Han Solo. Is he really that superfluous to the story? But on the up side, there’s no Jar Jar, either. There are no Ewoks, no Chewbacca, no Wampa, no Cantina band, no hints of incest, and no wretched hive of scum and villainy. But it will remind you of what happened, in a hurry. -via Tastefully Offensive    

This Emergency Enema Kit Was the Defibrillator of the 18th Century

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(Photo: Wellcome Images)

We have to act quickly! This person fell into the river and has drowned. But there's still time to save him. First, pull down his pants. Then insert this tube into his bottom. Next, light a cigar. Now pump the bellows!

According to Eighteenth Century British medicine, that it was possible to revive a person who had stopped breathing by blowing tobacco smoke up his rectum. Emergency enema kits like these were the defibrillators of the day: essential lifesaving tools designed by medical professionals. Ella Morton of Atlas Obscura writes:

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, was still centuries away from common usage. Instead of pumping the chest or giving mouth-to-mouth to a drowning victim—a practice that prominent British doctor William Hunter called "vulgar" in 1776—rescuers employed a variety of other dubious methods when attempting to revive those with waterlogged lungs. Rubbing the skin, inflating the lungs via a tube inserted into the trachea, and bloodletting were among the approaches. The most creative technique, however, was rectal tobacco insufflation—piping smoke into the unconscious person’s intestines via a bellows inserted in the anus.

Occasionally the process worked. The medical journal The Lancet repeats a story from 1746:

A man's wife was pulled from the water apparently dead. Amid much conflicting advice, a passing sailor proffered his pipe and instructed the husband to insert the stem into his wife's rectum, cover the bowl with a piece of perforated paper, and ‘blow hard.’ Miraculously, the woman revived.

The Archer - Who Do You Want Watching Your Back?

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The Archer by Machmigo

Who are you gonna follow when the rotten dead come walking into your camp looking to take a bite out of you and your crew? Daryl, that's who, the man who was built for life on the road and whose lifestyle isn't really affected by the zombie apocalypse. He's less likely to trust folks than, say, Rick or Carol, but in the end he'll help folks out if it means mutually assured survival. Oh, and one more thing in Daryl's favor- he's one hell of a fighter!

Pick sides with this The Archer t-shirt by Machmigo, it's sure to make your fellow fans drool with delight, and should be enough to keep those nasty biters away, for now...

Visit Machmigo's Facebook fan page, Twitter and Tumblr, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more mighty geeky designs:

Trust The Law Time Guardian True Meaning Winter Fantasy

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Five-Year-Old Drummer Plays System Of A Down's "Chop Suey"

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Kids are dropping their nursery rhymes and Doodlebop tracks at an early age these days, trying to follow in the footsteps of their rock lovin' parents and get their garage bands started early.

That's all well and good for the preteens, but how are you going to get your kindergartner off to school when they're too busy rockin' out on the drums?

(YouTube Link)

The young drummer in the video is five-year-old Eduarda Henklein-Baterista, the song is System Of A Down's "Chop Suey", and the time is sometime after SpongeBob but before bedtime.

-Via Loudwire

Stormtroopers Assemble a Christmas Tree

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Kyle Shearrer didn’t just put his Christmas tree up. He and his father pulled out the Stormtroopers and gave them the job! In a series of 27 pictures, they unpacked and assembled the tree almost completely before Darth Vader arrived to inspect the work.

But like most projects, the real work was done by a small contingent, while the others goofed off under the pretense that they were “guarding” the work site. Keep your eye on the background, as one particularly dense Stormtrooper experiments with a fork in the electric outlet, while another gets in trouble for sleeping on the job. The background provides several subplots for the main tree chore. What they left at the top for the crowning ornament is a surprise you’ll have to check out for yourself.

You can click through larger pictures slideshow fashion at Facebook starting here. Shearrer said they tried to put a subtle joke into each image. -via reddit

Adam Sandler's 2015 Update For The Chanukah Song

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There's no way Adam Sandler could have known what a big hit The Chanukah Song would become, but now it's such a beloved song that even Gentiles play it as part of their holiday song playlist.

But Adam's original version came out twenty years ago and features somewhat outdated references, so he felt it was time for an update.

(YouTube Link)

Adam recorded this update of The Chanukah Song (the fourth incarnation, apparently) at a show he played with some funny friends in San Diego, and shared it just in time for the holidays on his YouTube channel Happy Madison. What a great gift, thanks Adam!

-Via Memebase

Car Customizer George Barris Laid to Rest in a Batmobile-Inspired Casket

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(Photo: Comic Book Resources)

George Barris was rightfully known as the king of custom cars. When television and movie programs needed a uniquely styled vehicle, they knew to call Barris. Over his career spanning several decades, Barris became famous for building the 1966 Batmobile, the Munsters’ car, and KITT from Knight Rider.

Barris died on November 5 at the age of 89. His funeral on Saturday at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles was a truly grand spectacle. You can see photos of it at the Los Angeles Times. His coffin was no exception to the parade of astonishing customs. It’s modeled to resemble Barris’s most famous car: the Batmobile from the 1960s television show Batman.

-via Nerd Bastards

Australian Police Officers Singing Along To Song From Frozen

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It's that time of year, when people start wearing Christmas themed clothing, everything comes in pumpkin spice flavor, and cops start singing songs from Frozen.

Wait, I think that last one is a new thing, because last I checked this is a tough time of year to be a cop.

I guess it's a good thing these two officers from New South Wales, Australia have found a fun way to relieve stress and keep their spirits bright with a little sing-a-long in the squad car.

(YouTube Link)

Someone should tell these cops that criminals feel better about committing crimes when they think the cops are a bunch of goofballs!

-Via Mashable

Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners?

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The following is an article from The Annals of Improbable Research.

Research looking at looking alike
by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, Improbable Research staff

Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners? Yes.
“Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners?” M.M. Roy and Nicholas J.S. Christenfeld, Psychological Science, vol. 15, no. 5, May 2004, pp. 361-3. (Thanks to Richard Wassersug and numerous others for bringing this to our attention.) The authors, who are at the University of California, San Diego, report that:

Forty-five dogs and their owners were photographed separately, and judges were shown one owner, that owner’s dog, and one other dog, with the task of picking out the true match.… The results suggest that when people pick a pet, they seek one that, at some level, resembles them, and when they get a purebred, they get what they want.

Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners? Maybe Not.
“Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners? A Reanalysis of Roy and Christenfeld (2004),” D.W. Levine, Psychological Science, vol. 16, 2005, pp. 83–84. The author, at the University of South Carolina, reports:

Roy and Christenfeld’s (2004) recent article claimed that student judges were able to match purebred dogs with their owners. The analyses reported fail to support this claim, however, because they rely on statistical assumptions that cannot be met with the experimental design.... the analyses and results presented here demonstrate that it is premature to conclude “dogs resemble their owners.”

Do Dogs Resemble Their Owners? Yes.

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A Real Life Pokemon Gym Opens In Osaka, Japan

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In their quest to completely blur the line between pop culture and reality the Japanese have been busy creating pop culture themed clubs, restaurants and parks, and now a Pokemon gym.

Looking for a way to capture that Pokemon feel so many have now grown up with, the "real life" Pokemon gym has everything a budding Trainer needs to live out their childhood dreams.

The Pokemon gym in Osaka has it all- battles, battles and, oh yeah, more battles!

But there's also areas where visitors can train for battle by learning how to Boxercise with Macho J, that's not quite the same as a battle, right?

And of course there's lots of amazing Pokemon flavored merch to purchase, including these cute Pikachu snack buckets, Pika-Juice and Pika-Pop Nuggets.

The lucky folks at Gigazine were some of the first people to visit the Pokemon Gym, and you can see all the great photos they took here.

Even if you're not a Pokemon fan you should take a look at the pics, because this is what the arcades of the future will look like.

-Via Kotaku

Tortoise Rescues Tortoise

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The poor tortoise got himself high-centered on a rock. What can he do? He can’t get enough leverage on any side to walk himself off.

(YouTube link)

But a larger, and probably older and wiser, tortoise comes to save the day. Tortoises look out for their friends, after all. And a wise tortoise knows he might need to call in that favor someday. -via Tastefully Offensive

Miniature Paintings on Pumpkin Seeds

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Salavat Fidai is an artist in Ufa, Russia. Among other media, he paints tiny images on pumpkin seeds. He features famous works of art, such as the above version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night, as well as characters from pop culture, such as the Star Wars characters below.

Here’s a time-lapse video showing how Fidai made the Starry Night seed. With a nearly microscopic brush, he applies layers of paint from the background to the foreground. 

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An Oral History of the “Bohemian Rhapsody” Scene in Wayne’s World

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Queen’s song “Bohemian Rhapsody” was a hit in 1975, and then was introduced to a whole new generation in 1992 when it was included in the movies Wayne’s World. I was quite surprised to hear the song in such a Gen-X movie. How did that happen? Rolling Stone assembled some of the people behind Wayne’s World to explain how the scene was conceived.   

Mike Myers (writer, "Wayne Campbell"): I grew up in Scarborough, Ontario of British parents. I'd gone to England in '75 with my family and heard "Bohemian Rhapsody" on the radio. We were obsessed with it. Me and my brother, our friends' car was a powder blue Dodge Dart Swinger that had a vomit stain on the side of it that someone chiseled in the shape of Elvis Presley. We'd drive down the Don Valley Parkway, listening to Bohemian Rhapsody. We would time it to enter the Toronto city limits when the rocking part would kick in. I was "Galileo!" three of five. If I took somebody else's "Galileo!" or somebody took mine, a fight would ensue. It's just something that I always back-pocketed. Wayne's World was my childhood. I knew only to write what I knew.

Penelope Spheeris (director): All of us, it was our first studio movie.

Myers: I wanted it to sort of reflect a kind of spirit, a time in your life before you had to do adult things and pay taxes and all that stuff. If the TV show was restricted to the basement, I wanted "Wayne's World" the movie to be as cinematic and in the world as possible. I thought "Bohemian Rhapsody" would be a great way to introduce everybody.

Spheeris: I thought it was an odd choice because if you are headbangers that wouldn't be your first choice to slam to in the car when you're cruising.

The guys who played Garth, Phil, and Terry all joined in to give their recollections of the BoRhap scene, as you can read at Rolling Stone. Oh yeah, Brian May is in there, too. (Link contains autoplay video) -via Digg

Bambi Burster - Ripley's Believe It Or Not

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Bambi Burster by ZombieDollars

So it appears the xenomorphs have invaded the cartoon universe by using some sort of interdimensional travel doohicky they discovered in the recesses of space. It was only a matter of time, really, because those aliens seem like primal killing machines but they're actually quite crafty. Notice how they chose to assimilate one of the cutest characters in the toon world? That was no accident, they simply knew that nobody would suspect that poor orphan deer of being an acid blooded killing machine, heck, even that dumb butterfly don't know the difference!

The wearer of this Bambi Burster t-shirt by ZombieDollars should prepare for people to be delighted and disturbed at the same time by this twisted version of their beloved Bambi, so wear it with caution!

Visit ZombieDollars's NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Iron Jaeger It's Assimilatin' Time! Cantina Jazz Despicable Empire

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Penguin Tries to Bite Dog's Tail

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On the other side of the aquarium glass is a fresh dog tail. In fact, it's so fresh that it's still attached to the dog!

The penguin makes several passes, but is unable to reach the dog with his beak. The dog, long domesticated, has forgotten that he is the prey of penguins in the wild. He is dangerously unaware of his surroundings.

(Video Link)

-via Gifsboom

Cancer, Chemo, Radiation and … Dandelions

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Olivier Bernard is a pharmacist in Quebec with a popular blog, Le Pharmachien. That’s where he posts comics that take complicated medical subjects and breaks them down into everyday language. Usually, that everyday language is French. This explanation of cancer treatments is available in both French and English. First, there’s the analogy that compare cancer to dandelions in your yard. If that’s not clear enough, the analogy is explained in more cute comics. Then he goes into the details not covered earlier.

My initial idea was to write a cartoon entitled “5 toxic beliefs about chemotherapy”. The goal was to take 5 myths about chemo and deconstruct them. In doing this, I wanted to challenge the false notions about chemotherapy that are perpetuated over the internet.

However, along the way something became obvious: it’s absolutely pointless to attack false beliefs on chemo… when the majority of people do not know what cancer really is.

Then, by pure chance, two oncologists appeared out of nowhere and proposed to help me make a comic on cancer! It’s great how things work out.

The result is a lesson that starts out simple, and then gets more in-depth. If you were sharing this with children, you’d find an appropriate place to stop depending on their understanding. For adults, the more you read, the more clear cancer treatment gets. Read the entire comic in English or in French. That’s where I found out that the French word for dandelions is pissenlits -Thanks, Yan!  

Having Trouble Napping at Work? You Need the Chin Rest Arm

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(Photos: Thanko)

Some people are born slackers. Everyone else, though, has to learn that skill through determined and sustained effort.

Technology can help. In the past, we’ve seen padded napping desks, desk with built-in beds, emergency nap kits, and padded helmets designed specifically for sleeping at work.  

These are all good if you want to sleep. But what if you don't want to sleep, but also not, you know, work. Rocket News 24 reports that the Japanese firm Thanko offers a brilliant new product called the Chin Rest Arm. It’s a adjustable clamp-mounted padded arm. You can use it to nap, if you wish. But you can also use it to just slouch, thus preserving precious energy for other, more important tasks once your shift ends.

2015 Salute to Cinema

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It’s that time of year, when video artists, list makers, and bloggers look back over the previous year to bring us the highlights and lowlights. Here is the first of what will be many film tributes to 2015.

(vimeo link)

Benjamin Zuk edited together clips from 164 films for an overview of the year in movies. They aren’t ranked or critiqued in any way, but the one-second clips are arranged artfully in an order that makes the video flow nicely. -via the A.V. Club

The Inexplicable World Of Asian Nazi Chic

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The Nazis are still widely condemned and despised to this day, and yet their influence can still be seen over seventy years after Hitler bit that big schnitzel in the sky.

There are Neo-Nazi hate groups, political organizations preaching Nazi ideology, and dumb racist parents who name their kid Adolf Hitler. And then there's the strange world of Nazi inspired Asian underground fashion, which tends to send mixed messages.

Asian Nazi Chic is possibly tongue-in-cheek, possibly retro militarism, possibly a strange form of cosplay, maybe all three or none of the above.

It's moderately offensive to Westerners, extremely offensive to the world’s Jewish population, but most Asian people don't seem to be offended by Hitler Chic.

In fact swastikas and images of Der Fuhrer are seen as a novelty in many Asian countries, which could lead to misunderstandings when tourists see people doing the Nazi salute on the sidewalk.

Read more about Asian "Hitler Chic" at Dangerous Minds

The Bike Lane in the Sky

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(Images: Steven Holl)

The plan was an ambitious one. The Copenhagen Gate would provide a crossing between two skyscrapers at the mouth of one of Copenhagen’s harbors. People would be able to ride or walk across the glass-walled span while getting a glorious view of the city below.

Steven Holl, an American architect, first proposed the idea in 2008. Sadly, after much discussion among city planners and architects, the project has been cancelled.

Why would they cancel such an awesome idea? Although it looks cool, Copenhagen’s government figures that people won’t actually use it. It would be easier to ride around the harbor than to take a bike on two different elevators to access the crossing. The Guardian reports:

“It would be fun, and a landmark, but it would never be something that would be used every day,” said Klaus Bondam, formerly Copenhagen’s mayor for roads and the environment and now the chief executive of Cyklistforbundet, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation. “You wouldn’t want to cycle, get in a lift with your bike, get on your bike and then get in another lift on the other side. It would be quicker to cycle round the harbour.”

-via Dornob

Kitten Has Snack Attack

Lisa Marcus 3

YouTube Link

This older clip shows an adorable, six-month old ginger tabby kitten named Jed who's developed a love of a certain kind of treats. He may not be able to voice how delicious they are, but he can show his human in other ways. Ways such as vowing to hang on to the bag until it's pried from his cold, dead paws. Or toothy grip. Or both. Either way, Jed's got a lock on the snacks. That is, until he loses traction on the slick floor during his game of tug o' war. It's all downhill and kitty hunger pangs from there. Via Tastefully Offensive

This Museum Asks Visitors to Trade Their Selfie Sticks for Pencils and Paper

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(Photo: Rijksmuseum)

You’re at the Rijksmuseum, a world-renowned art and history museum in Amsterdam. Is it time to extend your selfie stick and take a picture of yourself?

The museum staff gently suggests that the answer is “no.” They want visitors to experience what they see in the museum instead of documenting their visits online. So the staff asks visitors to put away their cameras. Instead of taking pictures, visitors, who are given pencils and paper, should draw what they see. Like previous generations of artists, they should try to copy the famous works of art or even create their original pieces. You can see pictures from the museum’s efforts here.

-via Colossal

PSY’s New Songs

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Will lightning strike twice for PSY? His new album 7 Things You Need to Know is out today. Two videos have been released from the album, and they both have some elements that made “Gangnam Style" so popular. A catchy tune, an overly complicated video, and a goofy dance. First, there's “Daddy,” which is mostly in English. The video is pretty funny, with PSY appearing at all different ages from childhood to old age.

(YouTube link)

The other song released today is "Napal Baji," which resembles "Gangnam Style" in some aspects, especially the goofy dance.

(YouTube link)

As of now, “Daddy” has twice the views of “Napal Baji” on YouTube. Even if either one achieves only a fraction of the success of "Gangnam Style," that's pretty good.

Meet New York's Homeless Fashion Photographer

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New York City has a homeless population made up of around 60,000 people who are virtually invisible to those who pass them by every single day, and their invisibility gives them a different view of city life.

But there's another kind of homeless New Yorker who actually earns a living in the city without a roof over their head, and they wield a different power of invisibility, one that allows them to blend in and go to work just like everyone else.

One of NYC's finest homeless photographers is a man by the name of Mark Reay, who has an eye for fashion photography that landed him a job at Dazed magazine back in 2007.

Dazed had no idea Mark was homeless at first, he was hired simply because he was so talented, but every night Mark would edit his photos at Starbucks then return to the East Village rooftop where he lived.

Mark's story is breaking that stereotypical mold of what it means to be homeless, and his story is the subject of the new documentary "Homme Less", which was filmed by Mark's friend Thomas Wirthensohn. Here's a clip:

(YouTube Link)

Read more about New York's Homeless Fashion Photographer at Dazed

Milton's Revenge - Have You Seen My Stapler Spell?

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Milton's Revenge by MannArt

Milton had been relocated, ignored, handed more paperwork than he could ever possibly handle, ignored again, and made fun of, but the worst blow of all came when somebody stole his stapler. He came up with a way to guarantee he would never lose his stapler again, one that only a part time sorcerer like himself could pull off- he would cast a spell and merge with the stapler. After a few failed attempts and a new pair of glasses he'd finally perfected the incantation, and when Lumbergh came over looking for those TPS reports Milton muttered the words and with a flash he and the stapler were one.

Fans of Office Space and TPS wizards agree- wearing this Milton's Revenge t-shirt by MannArt feels better than owning your own red stapler!

Visit MannArt's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more inspirationally geeky designs:

Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For? Even Gods Bleed World's Greatest Sensei Dad Bobby

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