This Cool Induction Plate Heats Any Size Container In No Time

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Water, milk, hot coco can all be heated with this cool induction plate and rod set that works for any size and any liquid. It saves energy by turning off as soon as the liquid reaches the proper temperature and by heating only as much as you need -no more. 

The rods simple design means it's easy to clean, even if you use it to heat up soup, chocolate syrup or any other messy substance.

Read more about the neat design over at Homes and Hues: This Cool Electric Kettle Lets You Heat Only What You Need

The Great Diamond Hoax of 1872

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The following is an article from Uncle John's Curiously Compelling Bathroom Reader

(Image credit:  Flickr user  kawaiikiri)

 Most stories have the moral at the end. But we’ll put it right up front: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.


One evening in February 1871, George Roberts, a prominent San Francisco businessman, was working in his office when two men came to his door. One of them, Philip Arnold, had once worked for Roberts; the other was named John Slack. Arnold produced a small leather bag and explained that it contained something very valuable; as soon as the Bank of California opened in the morning, he was going to have them lock it in the vault for safekeeping.

Arnold and Slack made a show of not wanting to reveal what was in the bag, but eventually told Roberts that it contained “rough diamonds” they’d found while prospecting on a mesa somewhere in the West. They wouldn’t say where the mesa was, but they did say it was the richest mineral deposit they’d ever seen in their lives: The site was rich not only in diamonds, but also in sapphires, emeralds, rubies, and other precious stones.

The story sounded too good to be true, but when Arnold dumped the contents of the bag onto Robert’s desk, out spilled dozens of uncut diamonds and other gems.


If someone were to make such a claim today, they’d probably get laughed out of the room. But things were different in 1871. Only 20 years had passed since the discovery of gold at Sutter’s Mill in California spiked the greatest gold rush in American history. Since then other huge gold deposits had been discovered in Colorado, as well as in Australia and New Zealand. A giant vein of silver had been found in the famous Comstock Lode in Nevada in 1859, and diamonds had been discovered in South Africa in 1867- just four years earlier. Gems and precious metals might be anywhere, lying just below the earth’s surface, waiting to be discovered. People who’d missed out on the earlier bonanzas were hungry for word of new discoveries, and the completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 opened up the West and create the expectation that more valuable strikes were just around the corner. When Arnold and Slack rolled into town with their tale of gems on a mesa and a bag of precious stones to back it up, people were ready to believe them.


The next morning the two men went to the Bank of California and deposited their bag in the bank’s vault. They made another big show of not wanting anyone to know what was in the bag, and again they let some of the bank employees have a peek. Soon everyone in the bank knew what was in it, including the president and founder, William Ralston. He had made a fortune off the Comstock Lode, and had his eye out for the next big find. Ralston didn’t keep the men’s secret, and neither did George Roberts: Soon all of San Francisco, the city built by the Gold Rush of 1849, was buzzing with the tale of the two miners and their discovery.

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Deep Fried Candy Corn

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Amy of the wonderful food blog Oh, Bite It! is committed to proving that anything can--and therefore should--be deep fried. We've previously seen her deep fry Twinkie spring rolls, tequila shots, and Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte. More recently, she took on candy corn, a traditional Halloween candy.

The process was straightforward. Amy made circles of canned crescent roll dough, then wrapped them around a few kernels of candy corn. Then she deep fried the dough balls and dusted them with powdered sugar.

Adventure Tee - All The Components Of A Cool Cartoon Show

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Adventure Tee by Tom Trager

Every adventure is made up of many different parts- people you meet along the way, items and weapons you use to complete your quest, and the bad guys who try to stand in your way. These are all the parts that make up one totally awesome adventure, the factors that run through your head as you prepare for action. It's a good idea to keep these things in mind when you're battling your way across this dangerous world, because then you'll be ready for whatever craziness comes your way.

Bring the elements of an amazing cartoon show to your geeky wardrobe with this Adventure Tee t-shirt by Tom Trager, it's mathematical!

Visit Tom Trager's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more mighty cool designs:

The Scoobies Stewart For President Quinn Of Hearts Breaking Xmas Sweater Style

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OSU Marching Band Does Classic Rock

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(YouTube link)

When Ohio State played Rutgers on Saturday, TBDBITL marched and gave us a tribute to classic rock. The complicated formations include a pinball machine (during "Pinball Wizard," of course) and a musician smashing a guitar onstage. Honestly, we really don’t post the Ohio State Marching Band’s halftime show every week, just when it’s awesome. -via Uproxx

Calling Cards for Tall People

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(Photo: austinmonster)

Would you like to be a polite, thoughtful person? Then comment on the personal appearances of complete strangers. That's what you need to do.

And if you mention that someone you don't know is tall, hopefully s/he will hand you this card that will deliver a verbal rather than physical smacking.

-via Pleated Jeans

Criminals Arrested in the Most Appropriate Attire for the Occasion

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These individuals arrested for petty crimes were wearing the perfect t-shirts for their chosen activities. Whether they wore the shirts because they were especially in the mood to break the law that day or it was a coincidence, there's nothing like wearing the right thing at the right time. Dress for success!

See more of this photo collection here. 


Image: (l), (r)

Image: (l), (r)
Images: (l), (r)

Elderly Man and Hummingbird Are Best Friends

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Joao Silvestrini is an older man who lives in Brazil, and every single day like clockwork, he has a hummingbird fly into his house for a snack. He decides to take advantage of these moments and strike up a conversation with his little fluttery friend. If you have a heart, this video will make it sing.

May we all be as lucky as Joao to one day live a life where our open windows bring us adorable hummingbird companions for daily visits. 

(YouTube Link)

If this ever happens to me, I will name my pet hummingbird Mr. Pippers, and we will be the very best of friends, regardless of age and the fact that one of us is a bird. 

Via Wimp

10 True Stories of Survival Cannibalism

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The idea of eating human flesh is abhorrent to most folks, but the truth is people, like animals, will eat anything when the alternative is dying of starvation. And most of us understand the vast difference between eating available corpses and murder. However, in the ten stories of people who survived starvation through cannibalism, there are a few that involved murder, although the details are sketchy. Self defense? That's what one claimed. In other cases, it was "either him or me," or helping along those who were about to die sooner or later. Read ten tales of desperation that led to cannibalism at How Stuff Works.   

What If Christopher Nolan Directed WAll-E?

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WALL-E was an amazing film. Christopher Nolan is an amazing director. So let's play around for a second and hypothesize how utterly brilliant it would be if Nolan had gotten the chance to direct WALL-E? Though I am not sure that movie could get much better, you do know a couple things right off the bat if you know the director's work. It would be a dark and gritty film, the score would be so powerful you would feel like you couldn't breathe while watching it, and it would have an ending that left you in awe (or a tad bit confused).

So really, Christopher Nolan should stick to what he does best (Interstellar looks unreal), as should Pixar. This still looks like it would be an amazing film, though, and is a fun way to spend two minutes.

(YouTube Link)

Via Devour

What the World Eats

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National Geographic brings us an interactive data visualization project that breaks down world food consumption. As you can see, globally, we consume more grains than anything. The staff of life, you know. At the site, you can mouseover the graph and break these categories down further: rice beats out wheat, just barely, with maize (corn) a distant third. But the United States’ graph is quite different, with sugar and fat taking up 37% of our diet! There are also plenty of graphs on meat consumption, which has grown considerably per capita over the past few decades. Not so much in the U.S., as we always ate more meat than other countries, and not so much in India, where meat eating is still relatively rare. There are plenty of graphs to explore and compare at NatGeo.

Couch Turns into a Pillow Fort in Just Seconds

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The design studio Goula Figuera, which consists of Pablo Figuera and Álvaro Goula, developed this clever couch design called Orwell. It's a couch for sitting, a bed for napping, and a pillow fort for . . . well, pillow forts are self-evidently useful. 

The name is a reference to George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the horrifying dystopia in which that novel is set, there is no privacy anywhere. There's a 2-way telescreen in every home which broadcasts propaganda and surveils every person.

Hopefully you don't live in such a nightmarish society. But a bit of privacy can be nice. When you need to retreat from the world, slide into the couch and lower the draperies.

Crusoe the Dachshund Vine Compilation

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YouTube Link

You may remember Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund of dachshund fire truck fame. Here's a little insight into the Lifestyles of the Canine and Famous: part of the job description of a star dachshund is to let his public know that he's up for awards when the time comes. So this compilation is partly a bid for the mouseclicks to seal the deal on the award for Best Dog Vine Account. This could be the big break Crusoe and sidekick Oakley need to hit the Vine bigtime. Anyone interested in voting can visit the YouTube link for instructions; otherwise, fans can just worship Crusoe's star power from afar. -Via Tastefully Offensive

The Immune System

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That’s a very succinct and understandable way to explain what your immune system is doing to you. If you ask me, it’s a fairly decent tradeoff for not dying of the flu or an ingrown hair. A little Benedryl should help. This is the latest comic from Tree Lobsters.

Guide To Ghosts - Nine Spooky Species

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Guide To Ghosts by Toxic Ice Cream

Before you go trick-or-treating this Halloween you might want to consult this handy guide so you're prepared for any spooks you might see on All Hallow's Eve. Ghosts come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of dangerosity, from the harmless Blockhead to the truly terrifying Nautical variety, and when you know what the ghost is all about you'll know when it's time to RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Get your spectral game on with this Guide To Ghosts t-shirt by Toxic Ice Cream, and you'll be ready for any spook that comes your way this Halloween.

Visit Toxic Ice Cream's Facebook fan page and Tumblr, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more frightfully fun designs:

Wicked Ways Grudge Match Tuff Puff Arkham Zoo

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Mesmerizing Card Trick Artistry

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(Video Link)

Todd Robins and Joe Robins, the filmmakers behind Kuma Films, travel around the world filming people demonstrating incredible skills. While in Singapore, they met performers who can make cards dance in their hands. Watch the magic of these masters of cardistry.

-via Daily of the Day

Throwing Paint at a Ferrari

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We’ve seen artist Fabian Oefner do some amazing things with space, time, and paint. His latest project involves a wind tunnel, UV paint, and a Ferrari. Yes, he threw brightly-colored paint at a Ferrari, to illustrate the feel of driving one. First I thought, “Cool!” but then the Mom in me wondered if it was washable paint. There were plenty of cameras rolling during the paint process, which were turned into videos of various lengths to be used as Ferrari ads. See those videos, and more pictures, too, at PetaPixel. -via mental_floss

1947 Video Suggests a Career as a Librarian

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(Video Link)

As a librarian, I found this 1947 vocational guidance film from Iowa State University fascinating. Paul of Weird Universe comments, "I don't believe the information sciences are much like this anymore." I disagree.

Oh, the technology has certainly changed! Programming, 3D printing, and manipulating learning management programs, among other technology skills, are common tasks for librarians today. But one thing definitely hasn't changed. At the beginning of this video, the narrator gets to the heart of librarianship:

Now, do you like people? And do people like you? Do you like all kinds of people? The young as well as the old? People in all stations of life? You do? That's wonderful.

Aside from a few specialized roles, librarianship is, above all, working with different people effectively. All of the principles outlined in this video made 67 years ago are still applicable.

Kraft Foods to Produce Bacon Cream Cheese

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Kraft-owned Philadelphia will be adding Oscar Meyer bacon to their cream cheese, which is already stocked in some stores and will be coming soon to others. As of now, the flavor will only be distributed to American outlets. Their recent Twitter post carried the announcement, which caused the bacon lovers following their account to spread the spread news across the social media platform.

I've been known to put a crispy piece of bacon on top of my bagel with cream cheese, so I'm looking forward to the concoction. In case of bacon emergency, I could still add a slice, for the luscious layered effect. The new spread is another addition to the newer flavors introduced in the line, which include brown sugar and cinnamon, honey pecan, smokey chipotle, spicy jalapeño and smoked salmon. 

Kraft has already posted a recipe using the spread as an ingredient: French toast stuffed with bacon-flavored cream cheese. That recipe is here. Follow Philly's Twitter feed here. 

Via Lost at E Minor | Image: Twitter

Finnish Cough Drop Ad

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(YouTube link)

This is an ad for Zyx, a brand of cough drops sold in Finland and Sweden. You can see what’s going to happen a mile away, but it’s still amusing. It makes a strange kind of sense, since every time I listen to black metal singing, it makes my throat hurt. Just watching this on TV could sell a lot of cough drops!  -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Cable TV Channel Will Show Nothing But Star Wars on a Continuous Loop

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(Image: Lucasfilm)

Sky Hits is a cable television channel in Germany and Austria. From December 1-14, it will show all 6 Star Wars movies, Star Wars documentaries, and specials on a continuous loop, 24 hours a day. The movies will air in the narrative order, so this glorious fortnight begins with The Phantom Menace. The documentaries and special videos will air between the movies.

Up to 3.8 million subscribers in Germany and Austria will have access to this event. So if you live in those two nations, it's time to ask for two weeks of vacation.

-via Uproxx

A Collection Of Eerie, Unexplained Photos

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Image Credit: L.A Times

The internet is filled with weird stuff. That is half of the draw. It is like a Christmas gift each time you go to it, as you never quite know what you are going to get. One thing that internet has made far more accessible to most is the bevy of strange and unexplained photos out there. The problem is, with the inception of Photoshop and many other image manipulation tools, it is getting harder and harder to differentiate between what is real and what is fake. But it can still be fun to lose yourself in that, regardless of whether it is based in fact.

I found a twisted little gallery of "The Most Eerie And Unexplained Photos To Ever Exist", and though it could be assumed a couple of them are fake, many of them predate the internet. Like the above photo of the news article in the L.A Times about the "Battle for Los Angeles" that is something that actually happened (way back in 1942), when L.A was pretty sure it was being invaded by aliens.

No, not the crappy movie of the same name from a few years back. Best we just never speak of that again. But check out the gallery. "Falling body" is really creepy, too.

Baby Elephant Airlifted for Medical Care with Two Animal Friends as Company

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YouTube Link

This sweet baby elephant named Wass fell down a man-made well in a Kenyan river bed and needed medical care. Representatives from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust airlifted the little calf to safety, and they took friends to comfort him: these two baby ostriches. It's good to see the wildlife trust making a difference for injured animals like this. Hopefully Wass will have a long elephant life ahead of him. -Via Arbroath

Shiny - Like A Firefly In The Night Sky

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shiny by Kharmazero

Captain Mal takes pride in his ship, and he gets mighty happy when a fellow traveler comes on board and says something about the Serenity being all shiny. Mal keeps her nice and shiny on purpose, so she stands out in a universe full of sharp looking spacecraft, and when they've got a Reaver ship on their tail Serenity shines in yet another way- as one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. You can say she's shiny, but Serenity's got a lot more going on for her than just her good looks!

Show your favorite short lived sci-fi show some love with this Shiny t-shirt by Kharmazero, and keep looking to the stars!

Visit Kharmazero's Facebook fan page, Tumblr and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more geek-tastic designs:

like a leaf I am the doktor serenity mosaica come to daddy

View more designs by Kharmazero | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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America’s Favorite Sandwich Fillings

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According to a study by the Centers for Disease Control, 49% of American will eat at least one sandwich on any given day. That’s really not so shocking; I eat one most days, if not two. And why not? A sandwich is easy to eat while working, requires no dish or utensil, and you can put just about anything in it. Most can be eaten with one hand. That’s why the sandwich was invented in the first place! What is a little surprising is the findings about what Americans put in their sandwiches.

As you can tell from the graph, lettuce is on more sandwiches than any other ingredient. That’s because it automatically goes on so many store-bought sandwiches of all kinds, and there are no other vegetables that produce as much crunch. However, if you look closer, you can see that “Cheddar or American cheese” shows up three times in the graph, depending on how it was described. If those were combined, they would be at the top. Personally, I’m surprised that peanut butter isn’t much higher on the list. You can read more about the study, and see what kind of breads we’re using on sandwiches, at FiveThirtyEight. -via Digg   

A Braille Smartphone Designed Specifically for the Blind

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(Photo: Kriyate Design Solutions)

Kriyate Design Solutions, a start-up company in India, has developed a phone specifically for people with visual impairments. The phone has metal pins built into the body that raise and lower, permitting users to read text in Braille. This is an interface that offers radically new opportunities. Bob Yirka explains in PhysOrg:

Up till now, blind people have had to rely on apps (such as Georgie developed by Sight and Sound Technology) to use their smartphones. Such apps typically make use of GPS to help those that cannot see find their way around unknown areas and to help read signs, menus, etc. With this new innovation, blind users will be able to send and receive text messages, read web content, use custom apps (including those with GPS abilities) and even take pictures of things and look at them using their fingers. It's a significant step forward and likely would not have occurred had not an insightful person come up with a workable idea, and then been backed by a company with very deep pockets and no expectations of making a profit from its investment.

-via Gearfuse

Working with Cats Around

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(YouTube link)

Working at home is wonderful, but it has its drawbacks. My kids have been on fall break this past week, which makes getting anything done difficult. However, they did clean up the house. The cats won’t do that. They just want your undivided attention while you’re home with them. Cole and Marmalade (previously at Neatorama) demonstrate exactly what working around cats is like. At least I’m in a position to put all the cats outside when they get too annoying. -via Fark

Luxury Dining in Kenya: Macaroni and Cheese Served by a White Waiter

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(Photo: Sven Torfinn/New York Times)

Nairobi is a rapidly growing city opening to international markets. There's an emerging status symbol among wealthy Kenyans that some clever restaurateurs have exploited: being waited on by a white person at a restaurant. In the New York Times, Jeffrey Gettleman describes the scene at the Caramel, a high-end restaurant:

The other night, Martin Mileveski, a smiley young man from Macedonia, leaned over a table of three immaculately dressed Kenyan women and delicately poured out the Captain Morgan rum.

“Anything else I can get you ladies?”

They smiled and he drifted away.

“That’s kind of cool,” said one of the women, Lawrencia Namulanda. “A mzungu,” or foreigner.

The food that Mileveski serves includes macaroni and cheese, a dish seen as quintissentially American. Other members of the staff are also white or from the West. Their presence draws in customers:

The other night Caramel featured a hostess from Las Vegas, a leggy bartender from San Diego, a chef from Goa, Mr. Mileveski and another young man from Macedonia. The foreigners made up a small percentage of the total staff but were definitely the most visible. Some said they were here for just a short time, to train Kenyans; others said they planned to stay awhile.

“I see job in Internet, I come Africa,” said Nenad Angelovski, the other Macedonian import, whose English was not nearly at the level of the Kenyan waiters. “I like Africa. I like adventure.”

There have previously been a handful of Westerners running restaurants here, the occasional Italian maître d’hôtel or Israeli manager helping bring a hot plate to a table or making a wine suggestion. But when Caramel opened in September, the word quickly spread: mzungu waiters, mzungu waiters. Many Kenyan customers said it was the first time they ever had their dirty dishes cleared by a white person.

“We never had anything like this in Nairobi,” said Cecilia Wairimu, a well-known Kenyan singer who recently dined at Caramel. “I think it’s awesome.”

Like any other motivation, racism provides a market that can be exploited profitably.

-via Marginal Revolution

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