States That Are Flatter Than Kansas

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Remember the research we posted that proved that Kansas is indeed flatter than a pancake? Geographers Jerome Dobson and Joshua Campbell took exception to the methods used in that study, and indeed it is a case of comparing apples and oranges. Still, the two things being compared came straight from the old adage. Dobson and Campbell did their own research into the matter.

For their study, The Flatness of U.S. States, the pair developed a measure of human-scale perception of flatness by creating an algorithm that approximated what a person of average height would see if they were standing in a given spot and turning around in a circle, taking in 16 different views in a revolution. Then they took elevation data for the country from NASA’s Shuttle Radar Topography Mission, divided the contiguous U.S. (sorry, Alaska and Hawaii, but they already figured you wouldn’t be the flattest) into 90-meter cells and ran the algorithm to get a flatness score for each cell (calculated by the number of views in the cell that appeared flat: 0-4 flat views was considered “not flat”; 5-8 flat views, flat; 9-12, flatter and 13-16, flattest). Each state was then measured in terms of percentage of land that was not flat, flat, flatter and flattest, and then ranked.  

It turned out that Kansas is not even in the top five the flattest states in the States! Kansas actually came in seventh. Try to guess which state is actually the flattest in the union before you learn the answer at mental_floss.

(Image credit: Flickr user Patrick Emerson)

Dog Tries to Not Get Caught Looking at His Human's Food

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(Video Link)

Whatever the human is eating, the Pomeranian wants it. He stalks his prey--the fabled watermelon chunk. He studiously avoids eye contact, for he must give the appearance of disinterest if he is to close the distance without arousing suspicion. It's clearly working.

Note the Dr. Seuss quote on the wall. It reads:

Today you are You,
that is truer than true.
There is no one alive
who is Youer than You.

Be You, Pomeranian. Be the hunter that is You.

-via Tastefully Offensive

C is for Counseling - The Dangers Of Cookie Addiction

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C is for Counseling by Coinbox Tees

The residents of Sesame street had been planning an intervention for years, but when Cookie let his monster side out and attacked the bakery delivery driver they knew it was time to take action. His addiction was far too severe for simple group therapy- Cookie needed some time locked away from the world to get back in touch with Cookie, so Bird helped him pack and walked him down to the rehab center down on Skid Row lane. Bird told Cookie it was going to be okay, and that once he got straight his googly eyes wouldn't bother him any more...

Bring some puppet therapy to your geeky wardrobe with this C is for Counseling t-shirt by Coinbox Tees, it's great fun to wear while you're watching your favorite show or helping a friend polish off the rest of their cookie stash!

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Mega Dead Super Totoro Bros. Big Bob's The Little Aquamaiden

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Toolbox Built into the Back of an Old Van

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I can't find any information about this build project. It appears to date back to at least 2007 and the van, which I think is an old Ford Econoline, certainly older. Someone took the back doors and door frame off of a van, attached it to a wall, and turned it into a classy and unique toolbox. It's beautiful and ideal for any gearhead.

-via Recyclart | Photos: unknown

Whodunit: The Pretender's Ball

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The following is a Whodunit by Hy ConradThese mysteries are from The Little Giant® Book of Whodunits by Hy Conrad and Matt LaFleur. Can you solve the mystery before you read the solution?

(Image credit: Flickr user Thaddäus Zoltkowski)

The secret police warned the prime minister to cancel the Pretenders' Ball. But the costume ball was a 200-year-old tradition in the small Grand Duchy. Despite threats from the rebels, the annual celebration had to take place as scheduled.

The prime minister made a handful of concessions to security. The peg-legged pirate had his sword confiscated, and the Turkish sultan gave up his curved, bulky dagger. But the baseball player was allowed to keep his bat, and the chukka sticks were not taken from the masked Ninja. No one was expecting an attack by a blunt instrument.

But that's exactly what happened. On one of the palace's two dozen balconies, the 80-year-old grand duke was cornered by an assassin and bludgeoned to death. When the chief of police discovered the body, the old duke, dressed as a peasant, was draped over a ledge, his royal blood dripping into the dark chasm below.

"Quick," the chief said to the nearest costumed reveler. "Close the doors. Alert the guards."
The pirate, in reality a provincial mayor, immediately ran to obey, taking the steps two at a time down to the main ballroom.

"We have to find the murder weapon," the chief's assistant said a few minutes later as he lined up all the shocked and grief-stricken guests.

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Dog Takes Toddler For a Roll

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YouTube Link

This Belgian Malinois named Eteo is trained as a personal protection dog. But in his off hours, Eteo obviously likes to protect the rights of toddlers to go cruising (with occasional pit stops for bulldog greetings). -Via Tastefully Offensive.

The Call of the Wild

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(Mark Pain/Pain Train)

Animals are driven by their instincts, which are selected by evolutionary processes over millions of years. Heed that inner voice, dog. It has guided your ancestors and will guide your descendants.

-via Tastefully Offensive

The Luckiest Cyclist in Russia

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(YouTube link)

This Russian security video in Lyubertsy, a suburb of Moscow, shows what appears to be a horrific accident in an intersection, but surprisingly, no one was injured. Oh, you think the guy on the bicycle bought the farm, but he eventually comes to his senses and gets up and walks out of the road. We don’t have a view of the lights, so we don’t know who had the right of way here, but did anyone get the plate number on that red car that blew through?  -via Daily Picks and Flicks

The 26 Feels Every Guy Goes Through When Shopping With His Girlfriend

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Image Credit: Crosa

I will admit to you all that most men do not like going shopping with their lady. It is not an act of disrespect or disregard, but we just do not have the patience to sit there while our girlfriends and wives try on a multitude of outfits for hours at a time, while we sit on a bench at a store, looking dead inside. This is not to say all women shop like that, and all men don't like it. That would be an unfair generalization. That being said, there is an element of truth to what I just said. Heck, half the guys I know don't even try on clothes when they shop. They just buy the right size and hope it works out. But women can be a different story. 

So maybe some people wonder what it is like for a man when he goes shopping with his girlfriend. The strange range of emotions he must go through. Well, put together a list of the 26 feels that all men go through when shopping with their lady, and if nothing else, it is really good for a laugh.

It is mostly told in gifs and single sentences like a story. But I would be lying if I were to say, as a man who sat on many a stool for many an hour waiting for the ladies in my life to pick clothes, a few of these had me laughing out loud at how true-to-life they are.

Also, no disrespect meant to any females. We love you, that is why we suffer for you. Selflessness, after all, is a big part of love.

Twin Red Panda Cubs at Play

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YouTube Link

These red panda cub twins were born on July 1st at Lincoln Zoo. The as yet unnamed cubs are a brother and sister, raised by zoo staff, as their mother was unable to care for them properly. According to the zoo's website, the female cub has a stuffed animal frog that she's quite fond of, and on which she naps regularly. The male likes to engage his sister in wrestling matches. What sweet faces on these little ones! They certainly made me smile. -Via Tastefully Offensive

Apollos Hester Post-game Interview

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(YouTube link)

Post-game interviews with football players mean nothing to non-football fans, because we don’t know the game well enough to follow their technical explanations of what happened. Now, if you take it down to the high school level, you run into players who are camera shy and suddenly don’t know what to say. Neither is the case with Apollos Hester, wide receiver for the East View Patriots of Georgetown, Texas. You’ll see why the Austin TV station didn’t go to the quarterback for a post-game interview. Hester might become a professional football player when he grows up, but if he doesn’t, he could be …anything he wants to be. His attitude, enthusiasm, and presence will open doors. -via Viral Viral Videos 

Artist Recreates Famous Photographs with John Malkovich

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Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange

Marilyn in Pink Roses by Bert Stem

The photographer Sandro Miller contacted the famous actor John Malkovich to pitch his novel premise for a project: Miller would duplicate iconic photographic portraits using Malkovich as the subject. Malkovich would have to dress up a bit, wear makeup, or even be naked. He would become Andy Warhol, Albert Einstein, John Lennon, and other people captured for posterity by the world's greatest photographers.

The results of their collaboration form the exhibit Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich: Homage to Photographic Masters. This exhibit at the Catherine Edelman Gallery in Chicago will be open from November 7 to January 31.

Content warning: artistic nudity.

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Hey-Mon - By The Power Of Reggae Music!

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Hey-Mon by Rocky Davies

Prince Adam had grown tired of transforming and battling the forces of evil all the time, and he was looking for a way to just kick back and relax for a few days. He'd heard great things about this island on Earth called Jamaica, so he grabbed his shades and a clean pair of furry shorts and flew down. He enjoyed the beaches, the drinks, and hanging out with the people, but when he heard Reggae music for the first time his life was changed forever. He hung up his sword and grabbed a guitar, and this time he transformed into the Tiger of Eternia...

Add some rastaman vibrations to your geeky wardrobe with this Hey-Mon t-shirt by Rocky Davies, and keep it positively irie!

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I Want To Know What Love Is The Darth Knight It Ain't Personal The Dreams In Which I'm Dying

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A Spooky Crow Wreath to Creep Out Your Halloween Guests

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Plenty of us have wreath forms lying around in storage, just waiting for Christmas time to roll around again, but why only have a wreath for winter? This cool Halloween wreath is  a great way to celebrate autumn and put something just a little creepy onto your door.

Best of all, it's pretty easy to put together. Just attach moss to the wreath with wire then arrange your craft birds according to your preferences and use hot glue to secure them. You can find a template for the banner over at Live Craft Love and once you've put that together, just glue that on across the front. 

Learn more and see a few how-to photos at Homes and Hues: Spruce Up Your Spooky Halloween Decor With A Wreath of Crows

Confused Frogs Try to Catch Worms on a Smart Phone

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(Video Link)

The poor frogs don't understand why the worms taste like plastic and won't go in their mouths. Everyone takes at least one turn trying, though.

A question for readers: what is the human equivalent of the above experience?

-via io9

The World’s Greatest Markets and Bazaars

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The following is an article from Uncle John's Fully Loaded 25th Anniversary Bathroom Reader.

You know what would be a great trip? A trip where you went to all these places. (With a boat full of money. So you could buy stuff -and have a place to put it all!)

DJEMA el-FNA (Marrakech)

(Image credit: Flickr user Philippe Mériot)

Djema el-Fna is the name of the square at the center of the old, walled section of this ancient Moroccan desert city- and it’s been the home of an outdoor market off and on for more than 1,000 years. Today it’s actually a collection of several souks -Arabic for “market”- overlapping in the quire and extending into the maze like alleyways around it. Fresh-squeezed orange juice stands and food stands are everywhere, intermixed with jugglers, musicians, storytellers, and merchants selling rugs, spices, brass work and a lot more. (The origin of “Djema el-Fna” is unknown; it means, roughly, “The Mosque at the End of the World.”)

(Image credit: David Samuel Santos)

Highlight: The snake charmers. Every morning there are dozens of snake charmers with live cobras at Djema el-Fna.


(Image credit: Flickr user Robert Wallace)

Plaka is a neighborhood in Athens, Greece, located in the shadow of the city’s famed Acropolis. In the 1970s the nightclubs the neighborhood was known for began to close, and merchants moved in. Today it is a jammed-packed madness of thousands of shops and street side stalls selling too much to list. The market is especially known for its embroidered fabrics, amber jewelry, and musical instruments. There are also a lot of cafes, restaurants, and world class museums. Bonus: No cars allowed. It’s all foot traffic.

(Image credit: Badseed)

 Highlight: Every Sunday (for the last 110 years), the Monastiraki Flea Market takes place just a few streets from Plaka. Great place to get Greek antiques, backgammon sets, religious icons, etc.


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The 23 Weirdest Movies and What They Really Mean

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Image Credit: Libra Films

The normal can be boring sometimes. We have all done normal. We have all seen and heard and lived normal. What is great about movies is that sometimes they can transport us to the unexpected and nonsensical in ways our normal lives would not allow. Film is a vehicle, and in some great cases, you get in and have no idea where you are going. That can be the fun of surreal, strange, and dark movies. They are that ride to the bad part of town that you know better than to take in real life.

Yet sometimes, you can walk away from a twisted and surreal film quite unsure of what they were trying to tell or show you with their story. Thankfully, Total Film put together a stellar list of the 23 Weirdest Movies and What They Mean. Take, for example, Eraserhead (pictured above):

"Eraserhead is a murky excursion into fatherhood anxiety, post-nuclear nightmare and folksy Americana.

It’s also a self-referential wink at the idea of audience befuddlement: Henry’s final dissolution into the light is like losing one’s self in the film.

As Lynch claims, “I felt Eraserhead. I didn’t think it.”

With a piece like this, you get much deeper insight into some amazing films that may have left you a bit perplexed. Keep in mind, there is often no right or wrong in art. So if a theory on here counter-acts a theory you had about the same film, that doesn't mean your theory is wrong. This is art. There is no right or wrong. Only interpretation. 

Horror Movie Spoof: Stalked by an Internet Ad

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YouTube Link

In this video shot like a horror movie, unwitting Internet users are stalked by advertisements that, to their horror, just won't go away. If you've ever been mildly curious about a product in the margins that you clicked upon, only for it to return to haunt your peripheral vision, be forewarned that you may get goosebumps. -Via Tastefully Offensive.

Rediscovered Footage from 1913 Shows the Earliest Black Feature Film

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7 reels of 35-millimeter film sat in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, gathering dust. When scholars finally examined them, they found something amazing: the raw footage of a never-completed feature film from 1913. What is remarkable about this film is that it had a black cast. In fact, it is the earliest known feature film with a black cast.

It was an untitled silent film, but scholars were able to clearly identify the lead male actor: Bert Williams. Williams was a black star of the Vaudeville entertainment era--a time when that was enormously difficult in America.

When edited, the film would likely have been a 35-40 minute romantic comedy about the character played by Williams wooing an elegant lady played by Odessa Warren Grey. On October 24, the MOMA will open an exhibit about this film, including showings of 60 minutes of the found footage.

-via Lawrence E. Forbes

A Collection Of Photographs Urban Climbers Risked Their Lives To Shoot

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Risking your life for the ultimate daredevil photograph didn’t become a big deal until the internet made it so, because skywalking wasn’t really worth doing before millions of people could see it, right?

(Image Link)

Now (mostly Russian) daredevils abound on the internet, continually pushing the boundaries to get that perfect(ly terrifying) shot.

(Image Link)

Skywalking is an undeniably dangerous trend that will likely result in a few deaths, but there’s something you can’t deny- the view from way up there is truly breathtaking.

(Image Link)

This collection of legendary skywalking photos is made up mostly of shots taken by two guys- Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov, aka dedmaxopka, the two biggest stars of skywalking.

(Image Link)

They're risking it all to share shots like this from on top of the world, but do you think it's worth all the risk?

(Image Link)

View the rest of the 84 Illegal Photographs That Urban Climbers Risked Their Lives To Take here

Puppies Playing in Leaf Piles

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YouTube Link

In certain parts of the country, with the change of seasons comes leaves turning brilliant jewel tones and eventually falling to the ground. For homeowners, that means yard work. Thus begins the task of raking, leaf-blowing, and, in some neighborhoods, bagging for pickup.

Dogs also see additional demands on their time during the fall. According to the canine handbook, any dog who lives within reach of a leaf pile must romp through said leaf pile, or risk surrendering their dog card. This compilation shows a number of adorable puppies getting initiated in this vital ritual. Via Tastefully Offensive.

That’s a Wasp!

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The tarantula hawk is neither a tarantula nor a hawk. It’s a really scary Pepsis wasp. It can grow really large and has an extremely painful sting. From Wikipedia:  

Commenting on his own experience, Justin O. Schmidt, entomologist and creator of the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, described the pain as "…immediate, excruciating pain that simply shuts down one's ability to do anything, except, perhaps, scream. Mental discipline simply does not work in these situations."[2] In terms of scale, the wasp's sting is rated near the top of the Schmidt sting pain index, second only to that of the bullet ant, and is described by Schmidt as "blinding, fierce [and] shockingly electric".[5]

The tarantula hawk is the official state insect of New Mexico. But they range all over, with around 250 species in South America alone. Redditor Gonolek found this wasp dead in the hotel he worked at in Brazil. You can put your hand up your screen with his to picture how big it is. I would hate to encounter a wasp that size alive. 

How do you deal with a wasp this size?

Epic Meal Time: All Bacon Burger

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As I am sure many of you know already, the guys over at Epic Meal Time are beasts. They put together meals that would cause most of us to go to the E.R. within an hour, and they do it time and time again. Heck, they even have an episode where they go to the doctor to show the effects these meals are (or oddly enough, aren't) having on their bodies.

Although we have posted a couple of Epic Meal Time bits here, I felt today was the perfect day for the All Bacon Burger, a meat monstrosity that will have you equal parts drooling and gagging. That is the beauty of Epic Meal Time: You run the full range that they do when you watch an episode. First, you get hungry. Then, you get kind of repulsed. Finally, you just feel tired. No, seriously, watch this and tell me I am wrong.

(YouTube Link)

While I can confidently say I do not have the intestinal fortitude to actually eat anything these guys make, it's still a riot to watch them do it. The real, underlying question now is, who is the first one of these guys to have a stroke? Seems inevitable when they make meat creations like this one.

MalefiCard - Fire Breathing Fairy Trumps Them All

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MalefiCard by Edwoody

Playing jacks and aces may make you feel like you're making powerful moves, but nothing says power quite like a queen who can transform into a dragon. Okay, so she's not officially a queen, in fact she's not really royalty at all, but this dark fairy knows a thing or two about subjugating people and ruling her minions with an iron fist, so the targets of her maleficence are quick to refer to her as the queen just to get her to stop breathing fire down their neck!

Add a different kind of dark queen to the cards in your geeky closet with this MalefiCard t-shirt by Edwoody, it's the one card you won't want to play.

Visit Edwoody's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more frightfully cool designs:

Springfield's Favorite Food The Red Apple Totoroll Stewie Is Snow

View more designs by Edwoody | More Funny T-shirts | New T-Shirts

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Kitty Action Shots

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These fun captures of kitties in action are a great representation of the spirit of the species. Cats are nimble, graceful and capable of reaching impressive heights when they jump. Part of the fun of having a cat is their unpredictability; one never quite knows their next move. Kudos to the photographers who were quick enough to snap the shutter in time to catch these kitties in midair. See more photos here. 




Bus Offers Private Seat for Breastfeeding Mothers

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(Photo: News 163)

A public bus in Jinhua, Zhejiang, China, offers a special seat for mothers with babies. A mom can sit there and breastfeed her baby. There's a privacy curtain that she can pull around herself and another one mounted on the window to shield her from the street.

So far, there's only one bus equipped this way, but officials with the bus company says that it will expand the service if it's popular.

-via Inventor Spot

What’s the Matter with Kids These Days?

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Some people shake their heads at how far youth has fallen, with their selfies, lack of formality, and droopy pants. A couple of decades ago, it was video games and rap music. Before that, rock music and long hair. NPR looks at the phenomenon of moral panic by examining the song "Ya Got Trouble," from the 1957 musical The Music Man, which was set in 1912. In it, con man Harold Hill panicked the citizens of small town in order to sell them musical instruments.  

A lot of folks are familiar with the "trouble right here in River City" refrain of the song, but when you look at this double echo of cultural fretting — 50 years plus 50 years on — it serves as an impressive reminder that nothing, nothing, is new about the raising of alarms about the decline and fall of culture.

Hill has noticed that people are peeking into the billiard parlor, and he learns that it's because they've got a new pool table in there. And these folks haven't had a pool table in town before — "Just billiards." And he instantly knows that just this, just change, change itself, is enough to plant the seeds of panic, no matter how little sense it makes to suggest that pool is wicked but billiards is noble.

Did you know there was a difference between billiards and pool? I didn't. Although we laughed about the sinfulness of pool and some boys' habit of rebuckling their knickerbockers below the knee, the song was a sneaky jab at contemporary folks who were easily stirred up about rock ’n’ roll and surfing. The article at NPR is actually a lot of fun. -via Metafilter

Sully the Dog Pins Her Owner For Some Epic "I Missed You" Hugs

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One of the funniest things about big dogs is that they don't seem to understand that they are big dogs. Take Sully the Saint Bernard for example. A massive dog by any means, but it seems everytime "daddy" gets home, Sully tackles him and forces some quality hug time on him to let him know how much he was missed.

I will be honest with you. I would be delighted if something ever missed me that much.

(YouTube Link)

While the thought of a massive Saint Bernard tackling you and pinning you might inspire images of Cujo in your head, it is quite clear to see Sully is just a big teddy bear. And really, what is better than a big teddy bear that loves to give hugs?


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