36 Unconventional Wedding Rings for Men

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Black Cherry Wood Burl with Turquoise Inlay

From deer antlers to meteorite to copper, this collection of 36 wedding rings for men is full of unique pieces made of materials that stray from the norm. For those who like something masculine with a tiny bit of bling, there are some options with tiny black diamonds, which are eye-catching without appearing feminine. What do you think, married men? Do you wear your wedding ring all of the time? Describe it for us in comments. 

See all thirty-six unconventional wedding rings for men here. 

Copper Inlay 

Modern Recycled Silver with 14K Gold


Three Black Diamond Ring

Cable Car Turned into a Luxurious Hotel Room

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Airbnb, the lodging rental social networking site, offers this unusual room that has unmatched privacy and a spectacular view. It’s a modified gondola lift near the resort town of Courcheval in the French Alps. This is a 2-bed suite that can accommodate up to 4 guests. The room comes with snowmobile transportation to the site and a gourmet dinner. Fast Co Design reports:

According to Airbnb, up to four guests will be chauffeured up the mountain on snowmobiles before being plied with mulled wine at the Saulire summit. They will then check into their room, where they will be served cheese fondue, before their room is winched up for the night to the very highest point of Courcheval.

-via My Modern Met

Instant Replay: Adorable Moments from Puppy Bowls Past and Present

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As the weekend approaches, many are looking forward to the Super Bowl. Yet another set of elite couchletes are looking forward to Animal Planet's Puppy Bowlwhich begins at 3:00 pm E.S.T. on Sunday. 

Puppy Bowl XI will feature all kinds of exciting animal appearances, such as five baby Nigerian Dwarf goat cheerleaders before the game, a kitty halftime show featuring the vocal stylings of Katty Furry (you're gonna hear her Rawr) and the cutie shown in the photo above, capturing aerial shots with his biplane. 

For those unfamiliar with the Puppy Bowl, here's a recap of some cute moments from the games in years prior. 

A team of cheerleading chihuahuas have given the game their undivided attention. 

Viewers were treated to a pugshot of this precious player, whose head was definitely in the game.

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Triple Amputee Veteran Learns How to Surf

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(Photo: Amazing Surf Adventures)

In 2010, Martin Pollock, a rifleman in the British Army, lost his legs and part of one arm in action while serving in Afghanistan. He returned home to the UK, where he set about learning how to walk and trying to build a normal life.

2 years later, he learned about Operation Surf, a program that helps wounded servicemen engage in adaptive surfing. Pollock got involved and travelled to California to learn surfing—something he had never done before.

(Video Link)

It was a wonderful experience. The Huffington Post reports:

He spent the week learning how to sit up on a surfboard and ride the waves. For the first time in a long while, he felt the stoke of adrenaline that only surfing can offer.

He also became aware of his body in new ways.

With his body weightless in the water, Pollock was able to feel the exact parts of his sockets that caused him pain. He went home, twisted a screw on his prosthetic a couple of times and, he says, he's been walking more ever since.

"Surfing hasn't just changed my life, it has become my life," he told HuffPost.

Amazing Radiology Images

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In 2005, Dr. Frank Gaillard, then a radiology student in Melbourne, started uploading his x-rays and notes to the internet. It was his way of archiving his personal files. Then in 2007, he opened the site, Radiopaedia, to the public, and fellow radiologists from all over the world came to share and discuss cases. Now it’s an online wiki-style encyclopedia with contributions from medical personnel curated by experts. It’s a vast resource. Gaillard said,

"Aside from the selfish reasons you use the site, in terms of keeping your own case library and looking up things for your own study or work, the thing that's come out of it is that in Australia we forget how lucky we are to have the sort of health system we do have," he said.

"To be able to give radiologists or doctors in third world nations, who don't have the teaching, or the expertise, or the hardware that we do, the ability to see some of these cases and better treat and diagnose their patients is probably what gives me the greatest sense of satisfaction on a day-to-day basis."

Read about the history of Radiopedia and get an overview of what it has to offer, plus a few select x-rays in an article at ABC News Australia. Some images may be disturbing, particularly the last one, which is also NSFW. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: Dr Jeremy Jones, UK)

Dragon Ball Icons - Symbols Of Animated Awesomeness

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Dragon Ball Icons by BuckRogers

There are many components to a great story, and when all of those pieces come together in just the right way you know you're about to tell a tale that's larger than life. This is the story of balls full of dragon energy, a young boy destined to become a mighty saiyan warrior, and the turtle hermit that would give his shell to set things right in the universe. It's a colorful adventure full of battles, brawn and lots of balls!

Share the story behind the mighty anime saga with this Dragon Ball Icons t-shirt by BuckRogers, and you'll be putting the pieces together for your fellow anime fans!

Visit BuckRogers's Facebook fan page and Twitter, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more anime-zing designs:

Assassins Unite Milano Starship My Neighbor Tars Best Job I Ever Had

View more designs by BuckRogers | More Video Games | New T-Shirts

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Survey Measures Differences Between Beliefs of Scientists, American Public

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The results of a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in collaboration with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) that were released yesterday highlighted the differences in public and scientists' opinion on thirteen scientific topics. 

The disparity between respondents of the American public and the members of the AAAS on thirteen topics was notable, at times indicating wide gaps between opinions of the two populations on scientific issues. While a difference of opinion between scientists and the public could be expected by most, the percentages of the findings may be of interest to learn and ponder. 

The biggest divergence of opinion is shown in the graphic above. There was a 51 point difference between the public and AAAS members on the topic of whether genetically modified (GMO) foods are safe to consume. Marked differences between public and scientific opinion existed on topics such as pesticides, nuclear power and offshore oil and gas drilling as well.  

The Pew Research Center's summation of the findings is here. See each of the thirteen survey topics and the result percentages at this interactive page. Click on the percentages and the data will expand. The survey summary of the AAAS is available at their site.  

Via Minneapolis Star Tribune | Image: Pew Research Center 

Tiger Cub and Puppy Pals

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YouTube Link

This Barcroft TV video shows the friendship between Hunter, a three-month-old Bengal tiger cub, and Chelsea, a four-month-old German shorthaired pointer puppy. The duo, who reside at The Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary in Pretoria, South Africa, have become the best of friends. Hunter had to be separated from his mother, who was showing aggression toward him. His friendship with Chelsea seems to keep him happy and occupied. In several months, Hunter will be too big and strong to play with Chelsea, but for now, they are the perfect pair.

-Via Tastefully Offensive

How Fast Can You Read War and Peace?

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This is another of the ridiculous challenges from UsvsTh3m. I used to be a pretty fast reader before my eyesight began to fail, but as I interpreted the question (correctly) as “How fast can you flip through the pages of War and Peace?” There are 1486 pages.

That was pretty fast, considering I stopped to take screenshots along the way. But the exercise added years to the age of my keyboard. If I were to attempt to actually read all those pages, my guess is that it would take me about 15 years.

McDonald’s Will Soon Accept Hugs as Payment

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For the next two weeks, randomly selected customers at certain McDonald’s restaurants will be able to pay for their food by giving affection to someone else. It can be a hug, a phone call to your mom, or saying someone nice to the person next to you. You can read more about this ad campaign at the Huffington Post.

(Video Link)

Starting today, Neatorama readers may also pay with hugs. For every 5 posts that you read, hug the author of your choice.

H.P. Lovecat

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The essence of comedy is the incongruous, the discovery of something that doesn’t fit into the world as we know it. The new blog H.P. Lovecat marries two of the biggest memes on the internet: cats and the horror of H.P. Lovecraft. The inherent incongruity of these two things is so delightfully odd that you have to laugh.  

Because there exists no method known to man, more terribly suited to expose the cosmic meaningless of existence than pairing the words of H.P. Lovecraft with seemingly delightful and charming pictures of adorable kittens

Yeah, what he said.

-via Everlasting Blort

Visual Guide to Marvel Movie Rights

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Marvel Comics has been selling the rights to make films based on their material since the 1990s. Thus, the rights to involve certain Marvel characters in screenplays are restricted according to which studio owns them. The creation of Marvel Films in 1993 (now known as Marvel Studios) allowed for Marvel to do a reaquisition in some cases.

The issue seems complicated, but The Geek Twins simplified things with their graphic that explains which studio owns what. What crossovers can take place, allowing for who to fight whom?

Visit this page to see their graphic in three sizes, read a listing of studio rights, see The Geek Twins' references for their undertaking as well as to view other graphics they've created. 

Via Design Taxi | Image: The Geek Twins

What REALLY Killed Google Glass?

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(YouTube link)

Google is no longer selling Google Glass, but insists that the company is committed to the product, which will be retooled and eventually launched in a different form. That’s not very helpful to the people who already bought one, as they will no longer receive software updates. What happened? If you watch this video, you might think it’s telling you that forces from beyond the grave caused the failure of Google Glass, but I believe the point is hidden in the simple fact that these guys couldn’t manage to summon porn with it. -via b3ta

The Most Extreme Stadium Skybox Is Bigger Than Your House

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Clark Hunt owns the Kansas City Chiefs, a professional football team. So it’s not surprising that he owns a private skybox at Arrowhead Stadium, the Chiefs’ home. What’s amazing is that his recently renovated skybox is a luxurious mansion. Leaked photos indicate that it’s 3 stories tall and has 6 bedrooms. It’s so huge that the only thing that it’s missing is an inside tram service to carry people from one end to the other. You can see more photos of it at Core77.

Being Snorlax - The Full Time Job Of Your Dreams

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Being Snorlax by Licunatt

Living the life of a pocket monster isn't all it's cracked up to be, but there's one particular monster that seems to have a pretty sweet life- the Snorlax. They spend their day snoozing, dreaming of arena battles won and lost, and when they wake up they chow down, because all that dreaming tends to make a monster mighty hungry! They may not be the most energetic breed, or the most physically attractive, but ask any trainer and they'll tell ya- there's nothing like snuggling up with a Snorlax!

Care to try living like the lazy Snorlax? Slip this Being Snorlax t-shirt by Licunatt on and watch the Zzzzzzzs roll in, it's guaranteed to change your life from busy to one of total leisure.

Visit Licunatt's Facebook fan page and official website, then head on over to her NeatoShop for more delightfully geeky designs:

Tic Toc Doctah The Legend Of Zhelda Initiative Hold Me Chokobo Dragon Cuteness

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Tattoos by Expanded Eye

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Expanded Eye consists of London-based artists Jade Tomlinson and Kev James. The duo not only custom create the tattoo designs seen here from stories told to them by each client, but they also make prints, street art and other original artworks, which are exhibited in galleries and available for purchase at The Vaults Gallery in London.

Art lovers can spot influences of cubism in Tomlinson and James' tattoo designs, which often carry over from one section of the body to another. The use of geometric shape, contrast and multi-perspective viewpoints seems an homage to artists such as Picasso and Braque. 

See many more photographs of Expanded Eye tattoos and artwork at their website and check them out on Facebook. 

Via Laughing Squid | Images: Expanded Eye

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Medieval Fantasy Lord Vader Armor

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Prince Armory makes custom handcrafted armor, costumes, and leather products. They’ve made quite a few mashups of pop culture characters in the form of medieval armor. Their latest project is a full suit of medieval armor in the style of Darth Vader! It’s a little bit science fiction, a little bit fantasy, and a whole lot of impressive. Get a good look at this armor from all angles at Geeks Are Sexy.

Astronomers Discover Ring System around Distant Planet That’s So Huge That It’s Bigger Than Saturn’s

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(Image: Artist’s Conception of the ring system by Ron Miller)

Star J1407 is about 400 light years away from our solar system. 2 years ago, scientists discovered that one of the planets orbiting it has a ring system, just as Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune do. This was the first known ring system outside of our own solar system.

Scientists at the Leiden Observatory in the Netherlands and the University of Rochester in the US have learned more about this system. It’s huge—much, much larger than that of Saturn. Phys.Org reports:

"This planet is much larger than Jupiter or Saturn, and its ring system is roughly 200 times larger than Saturn's rings are today," said co-author Mamajek, professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Rochester. "You could think of it as kind of a super Saturn."

-via David Thompson

Hero Cat Donates Blood to Zombie Cat

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Bart, the cat who returned from the dead, is recovering from his surgery at the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. A day after his operation, Bart was found to be anemic, and received a blood transfusion. The blood donor was another cat at the shelter, Draco, who is waiting for a forever home. In return he was featured as Pet of the Day yesterday. Let’s hope Draco is rewarded with a new home and people who appreciate him.

(Image credit: Krista Sparkman)

Celebrities Banned From Hosting Saturday Night Live

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Many celebrities consider hosting Saturday Night Live to be a career highlight, a personal achievement that means they’ve really made it as an actor or comedian, and then there are those who just don’t give a damn.

They’re the rogues of the hosting world, the celebs who become outcasts by acting inappropriately, using foul language during a live taping or by simply being too hard to work with. They’re all part of an exclusive club of celebrities who have been banned from hosting SNL.

That very exclusive club includes Steven Seagal, who had the worst sketch ideas ever and was dubbed “Worst Host Ever” by Lorne Michaels, and Martin Lawrence, who delivered an unedited and filthy monologue about feminine hygiene that knocked the network censors off their office chairs.

Check out the rest of the 18 Celebrities That Are Banned From SNL

Babies Going Through Tunnels

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(YouTube link)

It’s not unusual for the parent in the passenger seat to record video of the baby in the backseat. This compilation of clips proves that there’s a universal reaction to riding through an unexpected tunnel for these little ones. “Hey! The world changed!” Or something like that. The totally unrelated music in this video only adds to the surrealism. Metafilter has a string of puns and jokes about what’s going on in their heads, including the title of their link post: OMG, it's full of cars!

Best Thing Since Sliced Bread! - Twaggies

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We've teamed up with Dailymotion and will be bringing you animated Twaggies cartoons each month. Today we've got a great, new episode featuring the brilliant @ScottLinnen.

And don't forget to follow us @Twaggies!

Man Karate Chops Flaming Boards, Plays Electric Guitar

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(Video Link)

In his Life of Julius Caesar, the Greco-Roman historian Plutarch described a time when the future dictator of Rome read a biography of Alexander the Great. It saddened Caesar because he felt he had accomplished so little in his life compared to Alexander:

. . . when he was at leisure and was reading from the history of Alexander, he was lost in thought for a long time, and then burst into tears. His friends were astonished, and asked the reason for his tears. "Do you not think," said he, "it is matter for sorrow that while Alexander, at my age, was already king of so many peoples, I have as yet achieved no brilliant success?

Surely even the greatest among the living today must feel the same upon seeing this man chop through boards that are on fire while simultaneously playing an electric guitar.

-via Technabob

Climbing Frozen Niagara Falls

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YouTube Link

For the first time ever, a person has scaled Niagara Falls while it's in a frozen state. Ice climber Will Gadd braved the treacherous, unstable climbing conditions to complete the stunt. He explained the challenges of his frozen feat:

"The ice is formed in layers. That means there's a layer of ice, then snow (with a lot of air), then another layer of ice. It's unstable, for sure."

Gadd used ice axes, crampons and a specially-designed ice hook to climb the falls. Read a more detailed account of Gadd's climb here.  

Images: Christian Pondella


Minion Beauty - She Drives Men Bananas!

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Minion Beauty by IdeasConPatatas

Gru had quit his job as supervillain to reevaluate his goals in life and rediscover the American dream, but every time he took a nap he saw that sexy little minion falling into a pile of bananas. The image was disturbing to say the least, but Gru blamed it on the Banana Juice he had been drinking in excess every day, and yet, despite all logical thought, he found the banana dream oddly a-peeling...

Add some geeky gorgeousness to your wardrobe with this Minion Beauty t-shirt by IdeasConPatatas, it's sure to make your fellow minion fans go bananas!

Visit IdeasConPatatas's Facebook fan page, then head on over to his NeatoShop for more beautifully geeky designs:

Chimichangas American Cookie Game Over Give A Little Whistle

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Lion Reunion

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(YouTube link)

Here we have a rare video from Kruger National Park in South Africa that doesn’t involve any blood, death, or mutterings of “that’s nature’s way.” A lioness had somehow gotten separated from her pride -for three days. She hid in the brush and sadly called out for them. Then on the third day, here they come down the road! She wants to make sure its her pride, but as soon as she recognizes them, the party is on. -via Arbroath

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