Incredibly Realistic Baby Animal Plush Toys

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Plushie lovers generally collect toys because they’re shaped like their favorite characters, or because they’re made by major brands like Gund and Steiff, but the plush works of Wood Splitter Lee are so cool looking they're sure to appeal to any and all plush collectors:

Lee calls her creations plush sculptures for a reason- each one is meticulously hand crafted, with poseable skeletons and super realistic yet utterly adorable faces, and as you would expect each soft sculpture costs a pretty penny (from $180 to over $900).

However, plush collectors who are looking for hand crafted, and incredibly realistic looking, plush critters to add to their collection are sure to go gaga over Lee Cross’s adorably awesome creations.

-Via Bored Panda

Mimi the Baby Baboon

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Oakland Zoo knew they had a photogenic girl on their hands early on in Mimi the baby hamadryas baboon's life. The cuteness was so abundant that they started a feature on their Facebook page in which one Mimi teething photo was posted daily for a week. 

The zoo gives the baby baboons stuffed animals and teething toys in their teething phases so they have something to provide them comfort during the painful process. The babies' teeth start to appear within five days of birth. 

The hamadryas baboon, native to the horn of Africa and the southwestern tip of the Arabian peninsula, was a sacred animal to the ancient Egyptians. The species plays various roles in ancient Egyptian religion, which is why it is also called the "sacred baboon." Via Zooborns. 

Images Credit: Oakland Zoo (unless otherwise specified) 


Image: Danielle Stith

Teenager Builds Backyard Roller Coaster

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(YouTube link)

David Chesney started building a wooden roller coaster in his backyard in Toronto when he was only 15. Now that he’s 19 and a Queen's University engineering student, The Minotaur is complete! The coaster is 12 feet tall at its highest and 92 feet long.

“My dad didn’t like the idea at all from the beginning,” Chesney explained to the Toronto Star. “Mom was kinda, ‘Uhhhh, I guess so.’ I don’t think that either of them understood the scope of what I had in mind.”

“It just got bigger,” he added. “Then it got to the point where my parents said 'it’s huge but you’ve gotten this far so just finish it and then take it down after.’ ”

Read more about the Minotaur at its Facebook page. The downside of the project is that Chesney’s parents want it out of their backyard now. He’s hoping to find a new home for it. -via Uproxx

Company Offers Space Funerals for Pets

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Does your dog get exited about a trip in the car? Does your cat like the roam around the neighborhood? Does your rabbit refuse to come out from under the bed? Yes, your animal companions are natural explorers. When they have shuffled off this mortal coil, why not offer them the chance to explore the farthest reaches of space?

Celestis Pets, a company in Houston, Texas, wants to offer that opportunity. For years, this company has already sent human remains into orbit, including those of Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek. Now it plans to do the same for beloved animals. Getting Fluffy into Earth orbit costs $4,995. Going interstellar costs $12,500. How they manage that one is a mystery to me.

-via Nothing to Do with Aborath

Octopus Protects Eggs for 4.5 Years

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A female octopus lays eggs once in her lifetime and dies soon after. But until the eggs hatch, she guards them fiercely, to the point of not eating. For one octopus in the Monterey Canyon of the Pacific Ocean, that meant a record-breaking four and half years of diligence! Researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute first observed this octopus in 2007, traveling to a brooding site. She was seen again 18 times over the next 53 months, always guarding her eggs. Bruce Robison of the institute said that they recognized it was the same octopus by her distinctive scars. In 2011, divers finally found the egg cases empty and the octopus mother gone.

The mother's devotion to her eggs may have been the final act of her life, Robison said, noting that the egg brooding period can occupy as much as the last quarter in the life of a female octopus.

She was never observed away from her egg clutch, he said, and probable never ate during her 53-month vigil.

"Everything we know suggests she probably didn't eat," Robison said.

Octopuses typically experience a single reproductive period after which they die.

The low temperature at the depth of the nest is suspected to be the reason the eggs took so long to hatch, and would also explain how the mother lived so long without food. The 53 months is now a world record for egg brooding, not just for octopuses, but for all animals. The previous record was 20 months for a red shrimp. -via Fortean Times

(Image credit: MBARI)

Springfield Is About To Become A Really Crowded Place

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Cartoon universes are about to collide in Springfield as both Family Guy and Futurama are set to make appearances in the land of the Flaming Moe.

We all know Family Guy "borrowed" a lot from The Simpsons, like the fact that they both star a fat, oafy father, and they're both satirical takes on the average American family, just to name a few similarities, but these two iconic cartoon families have never come together for a full episode...until now.

Here's a sneak peek at the episode entitled "The Simpsons Guy", which will air on September 28th:

(Video Link)

And after the Griffins pay a visit to Springfield the Planet Express crew is set to come back from the grave for a one episode appearance in Springfield, thanks to a rift between Groening dimensions that really should have been opened years ago:

Simpsorama will feature Bender and Bart colliding in a battle of the bad boys sure to make cartoon history! Is this crossover Futurama's official return to the small screen?

Your guess is as good as mine, but if you want to see these Groening dimensions collide the episode will air on November 9th.

-Via GeekTyrant/io9

Working on Friday

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It’s been a long week, but the closer we get to the weekend, the slower the workday goes! Why is that? Well, this might be true for some office folks, but those who can check in on Neatorama find the time goes pretty quickly when you’ve got the best of the internet to explore. This bit of commiseration is brought to you by Tom Fonder at Happy Jar.

Jimmy Kimmel Asks Comic-Con Cosplayers The Worst Question Possible

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Jimmy Kimmel is like many comedians in that he doesn't seem to have a filter, and when he decided to record a bit for his show Jimmy Kimmel Live at San Diego Comic-Con 2014 he went lower than most Comic-Con coverage has gone before.

Kimmel asked cosplayers if they've ever had sex in their costumes, which anyone with any knowledge of the cosplay community knows is a rather taboo subject, and the responses he got to this Pedestrian Question were surprisingly genuine:

(Video Link)

The cosplay community is very outspoken these days, and easily riled up, so I'm sure Mr. Kimmel has a bunch of hate mail written on Batman and Hello Kitty stationary coming his way!

-Via Boing Boing

Woman Finds IKEA Bags Stuffed with 80 Skeletons

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Kicki Karlén was shocked when she checked inside an IKEA bag among a large number of bags in the basement of her church in Kläckeberga parish, Sweden, and saw a human skeleton. She counted 80 bags of bones, and became angry. Folks from the parish told her the bones had been there since 2009. They were the remains of parishioners who had been buried under the floorboards of the church. They were disinterred when the church renovated to add a wheelchair ramp.

"I was on the team called in to dig out the bones five years ago," archaeologist Ludvig Papmehl-Dufay told The Local.
"Our mission was to document and rebury the bones, which may be as much as 500 years old. But the reburial was delayed and I have no idea why. The plan was to rebury them as soon as possible, but that's up to the church. The county board said they couldn't leave church ground, and it became complicated."

Papmehl-Dufay said it wasn’t he who put the bones in IKEA bags, but from a preservationist’s standpoint, it wasn’t a bad idea. Karlén calls the bags disrespectful.  -via Amanda Wills

(Image credit: Bernt Fransson, Lindås)

Independent Artists At San Diego Comic-Con 2014

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San Diego Comic-Con 2014 was bigger than ever in terms of attendance, and yet it was lacking the large Hollywood presence that has made the last few years unbearably crowded in the exhibit hall, which means there was plenty of room for independent artists to set up and share their graphic creations.

As usual SDCC rolled out the red carpet for indie artists trying to share their passion with fans on a personal level, and whether they were veteran exhibitors, or it was their first year on the floor, they all had one thing in common- a love of illustration, art and, of course, comic books.

I had the pleasure of speaking with some of the independent artists exhibiting at Comic-Con 2014, and even though a few of the artists I missed in last year's coverage weren't in attendance those who were nice enough to share a few minutes with me about their art showed that independent art is alive and well at Comic-Con.

Jeremy Bernstein

After speaking to Jeremy Bernstein for just a few minutes it became clear that he is extremely passionate about animation and illustration, and his passion was shared by those who stopped by his booth to check out his works.

Jeremy is a graduate of Art Center who started out working for Dreamworks as an animator on features such as Madagascar and Monsters Vs. Aliens, but he soon found his desire to illustrate impossible to ignore, so he went to work on his own projects. So far he has illustrated seven books, many of which are self published, and like all of Jeremy’s art these books are extremely diverse in subject matter and target audience.

He’s currently developing his own animated series for Nickelodeon, where he works as a storyboard artist on the series Breadwinners, and he’s looking forward to bringing more of his creations to life in the future both on screen and in print.

Jeremy’s passion is evident in everything he creates, and he’s a shining example of what an independent artist can achieve if they continue to work on projects they find personally fulfilling.

Jeremy Bernstein's official website | Instagram | Twitter

Erwin Haya

Street art comes alive in the hand drawn works of Erwin Haya, who is now considered a Comic-Con veteran since he has been exhibiting at the Con for the last five years.

Erwin attended the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, California and began his creative career working for companies such as Barra, a financial software company, and Booyah Games before he decided to go independent and work on his own artistic creations full time.

In 2003 he began publishing web comics under the name OneSickIndividual, and he continues to create street art influenced illustrative works as an independent freelancer for companies such as Mattel, Scholastic and Simon & Schuster. 

Erwin’s currently working on his own graphic novel, and by the look of the works he had on display at Comic-Con fans of graffiti and animation are sure to find something they love in Erwin’s upcoming comics.

Erwin Haya's Tumblr | Facebook | DeviantART

Diana Sprinkle

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Silverware Solo Rocks the House

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YouTube Link

In a video he calls "I'm starving, man," the reason being "this happens every time I go to eat," YouTube user Aslam Hossein reminds viewers that music can be made with almost any ordinary item. I'd love to see this man let loose on a drum kit. Via 22 Words. 

Last Year, Parents Named 262 American Babies "Kale"

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(Photo: Connoisseur 4 the Cure)

257 were male and 5 were female. That makes it only the 827th most popular baby name, far behind the endless hordes of Noahs and Emmas. And I suppose that if you're going to name a kid after a bitter vegetable, you could do worse than Kale. For example, Asparagus and Turnip would be even worse.

But if you are determined to name your child after a food product, then Modern Farmer has a few suggestions. Oddly, Modern Farmer does not include Ice Cream Sandwich, a term that now represents resilience in the face of hardship.

Tickling a Fawn

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(YouTube link)

Justin Lewis is an electrical lineman in Kentucky. He and his crew were cutting trees and limbs one day and found a fawn hidden in the way of the tree fall. When he picked the baby up to move it, he automatically held it like a human baby, which caused the fawn to go limp. So of course, he tickled its belly! Lewis says,

Caught another deer at work today and we were rubbing its belly and it would freak out if we stopped and tried to put it down. #‎Spoileddeer

**UPDATE** The momma deer was watching from the hillside. The fawn was following us around the job site, so we carried it up the hillside and he left with his mother. I assure you she did not reject it.

-via Daily Picks and Flicks

The 30 Best Dr. Seuss Mashups

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(Image: Bill Mudron)

Theodor Geisel did not live long enough to illustrate everything, which is a shame. If only he had been around to animate Star Wars, Doctor Who, and Breaking Bad, we could live in a Seussian world of entertainment.

But his absence from these franchises has not stopped other artists from imitating his style, imagining Seussian versions of pop culture icons, including Spider-Man, Catwoman, and the Predator. You can view a roundup of the best Dr. Seuss mashups at Dorkly.

-via The Mary Sue

A Five Story Leap Of Faith Into A Swimming Pool

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When one of your friends has a pool close enough to jump into from the roof of the house people will take the leap, even if they’re just trying to show off, but would those same people attempt this insane leap?

This guy clearly isn’t worried about his own mortality as he jumps off the top of a building into a regular sized swimming pool five stories below, and surprisingly he’s not the only brave soul in town.

Holidaymakers line up each year in parts of Spain to do what they call “balconing”- leaping off roofs and balconies into pools, which results in many deaths and severe spinal injuries for those who don’t successfully complete the leap.

(Video Link)

The rising number of people coming to the Balearic Islands simply to try their hand at “balconing” has authorities scrambling to stop the trend, but something tells me this guy’s not gonna stop leaping until he dies!

-Via Sploid

14 Fantastic Windows We Long to Look Through

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Generally speaking, the beauty of a window is that it allows you to look outside into the big, wonderful world. But there are some windows that are simply stunning all on their own and over on Homes and Hues, we compiled a list of some of them, including the one above by Antoni Gaudi.

These windows come in all shapes and sizes, and they are in all number of rooms, but everyone of them has something absolutely eye-catching and marvelous.

Whether you're looking to renovate, want to get ideas for the future or just love good design, you won't want to miss this great article: 14 Stunning Home Windows

A Fresh Start: Ctrl + Alt + Delete

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Ctrl + Alt + Delete started as a trade secret. Then it became an icon.

(Image credit: Flickr user StephenMitchell)

In the spring of 1981, David Bradley was part of a select team working from a nondescript office building in Boca Raton, Fla. His task: to help build IBM’s new personal computer. Because Apple and RadioShack were already selling small stand-alone computers, the project (code name: Acorn) was a rush job. Instead of the typical three- to five-year turnaround, Acorn had to be completed in a single year.

One of the programmers’ pet peeves was that whenever the computer encountered a coding glitch, they had to manually restart the entire system. Turning the machine back on automatically initiated a series of memory tests, which stole valuable time. “Some days, you’d be rebooting every five minutes as you searched for the problem,” Bradley says. The tedious tests made the coders want to pull their hair out.

So Bradley created a keyboard shortcut that triggered a system reset without the memory tests. He never dreamed that the simple fix would make him a programming hero, someone who’d someday be hounded to autograph keyboards at conferences. And he didn’t foresee the command becoming such an integral part of the user experience.

Bradley joined IBM as a programmer in 1975. By 1978, he was working on the Datamaster, the company’s early, flawed attempt at a PC. It was an exciting time—computers were starting to become more accessible, and Bradley had a chance to help popularize them.

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Proof: Walmart Ice Won't Melt, Even in Hot Weather

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(Video Link)

You may have heard of the disturbing result of a recent experiment. KIKN Radio in Sioux Falls, South Dakota discovered that the ice cream sandwiches that he purchased at Walmart won't melt under conditions that you would expect to liquify ice cream. That's because they contain guar gum and calcium sulfate, which increase the viscosity of the ice cream. 

Our friends at 22 Words have learned that this subversion of our precious bodily fluids extends far beyond ice cream sandwiches. Even the ice sold in bags won't melt after being left out in the sun for over an hour!

Over the weekend, I will conduct further experiments with other Walmart products, including underpants, motor oil, and sleeping bags. Will these melt in the sun like they are supposed to?

21 Years of Adventure

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Redditor Ken_Thomas and his wife recently celebrated their 21st anniversary by having a portrait made. You’ll have to admit it turned out to be awesome. Compare it to the scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Thomas explained that they’ve been doing anniversary portraits for the last few years, but this is the first time they dressed up for laughs. The inspiration was from reddit commenters anyway, who told him he resembled Sean Connery. To be honest, I heard his comments in Sean Connery’s voice, and it turns out that everyone else did, too!  

Sneaky Catwoman Sculpture Adds A Touch Of Geek Chic To French Store

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It was the ultimate prize for a cat burgling sociopath, and once she’d claimed the cowl of the Batman she knew her legend would grow, along with the severity of her crimes...

Catwoman doesn’t take her eyes off the prize until it’s tucked safely in her satchel, and according to this incredibly cool statue by DeviantARTist Kordianl her latest acquisition has left Batman unable to conceal his true identity!

Kordianl created this pop culture inspired statue, with a little help from van den blocke studio, for the French department store Printemps, who held an art exhibition inside the store called "Pop the Bag".

This masterfully sculpted piece stands three meters tall and was "Inspired by theme of Judith beheading Holofernes", a celebration of our modern mythologies which are being created in the pages of comic books. 

-Via Nerd Approved

The Most Common Causes of Death in All 50 States (That They Don't Want You To Know About)

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Heart disease? Cancer? Car accidents? No, these are not the events that kill large numbers of people. That's just what the news media/lizard overlords/Girl Scouts want you to think. Researcher Moe Lane reveals what's really going on.

Lane was limited by space on the map, so I would like to clarify what he's said about Montana. Bigamy is the most common form of death, but only in a literal sense of the term. You can have one spouse. You can have three spouses. But you can't safely have two.

-via Tor

P.S. If you ever meet Miss Cellania in person, you'll notice that she's missing the pinkie and ring fingers on her right hand. That's from a ferret attack. But don't comment about it unless you know her well. She's sensitive about it.

Ten Things You Probably Didn’t Know About The Mask

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The Jim Carrey film The Mask was released twenty years ago this week. Really? Has it been that long? Yep, 1994, which seems like just yesterday. It was that time period that saw Jim Carrey catapult from a fairly-well-known comedian to a superstar, with Ace Ventura preceding The Mask and Dumb and Dumber following it.

4. There was a $6,550,000 difference between Carrey’s paycheck for The Mask and Dumb & Dumber. Jim Carrey only took home $450,000 for his role in The Mask, mere peanuts compared to the $7 million dollar paycheck he banked for Dumb & Dumber just a few months later. The way the New Line Cinema was able to snag Carrey for such a cheap deal was because they secured him for the movie before Ace Ventura: Pet Detective came out and annihilated the box office, making $107 million. Nobody in Hollywood — including New Line Cinema — expected Ace Ventura to be a hit and when it was Carrey’s price tag of course skyrocketed.

6. Anna Nicole Smith almost had Cameron Diaz’s role. The Mask was Diaz’s first movie part and it happened purely by chance. During the casting process, the casting directors were looking at the late Anna Nicole Smith for the part of Stanley’s love interest, Tina Carlyle. One of the casting directors noticed Diaz leaving her modeling agency and brought her in for the project, sending Anna Nicole back to her 89 year-old millionaire hubby. The audition process wasn’t a shoo-in for Diaz though, producers made her read for the part 12 times before giving the role to her.

Read about how Carrey made the special effects team’s job easier with his acting skills, and more, in the list at Uproxx.

This Man Is Pushing a Brussels Sprout up a Mountain with His Nose

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(Photo: Stuart Kettell)

He didn't lose a bet and he's not trying to get into a college fraternity. No, Stuart Kettell is a fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Support. He hopes this stunt will raise at least £5,000 ($8,443 USD) for that charity. To get the attention of donors, he's propelling a Brussels sprout up Mount Snowdon in Wales using only his nose.

Mount Snowdon is 3,560 feet high. On the first day, he managed to get 0.1 miles up the path in about 50 minutes. By the end of that experience, he was exhausted and the Brussels sprout had fallen apart. But Kettell is going to persist until a sprout is at the summit. That sounds hard and painful, but it has to be better than eating one of those nasty things.

(Video Link)

-via Dave Barry

These Dogs Learned The Hard Way That Bees Are Not Their Friends

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There’s something about a bee buzzing around the yard that drives dogs crazy, and even the smartest and most well trained dog can’t help but want to take a bite out of that bee when they see it flying from flower to flower.

Unfortunately, this means they must learn their lesson about bees the hard way, which can turn tragic if the dog in question happens to be allergic to bees.

But most of the time they’re left with nothing but a swollen mouth, a sore tongue and a lesson from Mother Nature that will stick with them for the rest of their lives.

The dogs on BuzzFeed’s list of 11 Dogs Who Learned The Hard Way Not To Eat Bees have just been taught a valuable lesson, and now they must live with the swollen shame of having been bested by an itty bitty bee!

26 Unusual Occupations

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(YouTube link)

Need a job? Or maybe you feel the need to change your occupation to something really different. Elliott Morgan hosts this week’s mental_floss video and tells us about some strange and different jobs that people actually get paid to do. You probably have to know someone to get one of these positions. Or at least have some kind of expertise. or both. If that wasn’t the case, I’d be a professional ice cream taster already. -via mental_floss

22 Easter Eggs Hidden in Disney Movies

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Disney's animation team likes to have fun by making subtle references to other movies, characters, or real-life Disney employees in their movies. For example, pictured above is a screenshot from Frozen. There's a tiny Mickey Mouse figurine in Oaken's trading post. You can see it clearly at the 0:37 mark in this clip.

This is one of 22 Easter eggs that Brian Gilando of BuzzFeed found in Disney movies, both recent films and classics. You can find the rest here.

Ceramic Poppies Represent Blood Shed in WWI

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To mark the 100th year since the first full day of Britain's involvement in the first world war, ceramic artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper will be heading a grand-scale installation of ceramic poppies in the dry moat that surrounds the Tower of London.

The beautiful and powerful piece, entitled “Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red,” will expand daily as the exhibit runs from August 5 - November 11, 2014. More ceramic poppies will gradually be added until 888,246—each representing a British or Colonial military fatality—are placed by volunteers. 

Learn more at the Historic Royal Palaces Tower of London website. Via Colossal. 


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