OMG! Double Rainbow! What Does This Mean? An Awesome Video by Yosemitebear

Alex Santoso 0

I like rainbows. I'm sure you like rainbows. I mean, come on - rainbows - who doesn't like 'em? I'm also sure that NO ONE likes rainbows more than YouTube vlogger/photographer/artist/MMA fighter Yosemitebear (who also goes by the handle Hungrybear).

See Yosemitebear's reaction when he saw a double rainbow: Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via @jimmykimmel | And of course, it's been auto-tuned.

If you like that, Urlesque has got plenty more selections from Yosemitebear's 260+ YouTube clips he's uploaded over the years: Link (don't miss his cage fight)

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