MIT Charm School

Alex Santoso 0

Fourier transform may come easy to MIT engineers, but knowing which fork is to be used for salad and which for entres? That's more complicated than rocket science!

Enter the MIT Charm School, which aims to bring social graces to science nerds:

To help fight against the stereotype of being a school filled with social grace-less nerds, once a year MIT holds an elective in etiquette via a pop-up charm school. For the last 19 years, students who sign up for the seminar learn everything from table manners for business dining (no noises while eating! tines down!) to how to make a good first impression to dressing for success. During the one-day school, the students learn the rules of the manners that govern the work place and help fight the stereotypes of hapless brainiacs who can’t be allowed to eat in public.

Link | Video at CBS Sunday Morning [self-starting video]

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