Why You Shouldn't Walk and Text: A Wild Bear Appeared!

Alex Santoso 0

If walking off a pier or into a fountain isn't enough of a deterrent to Walking While Texting, then perhaps this will: you may just walk into a bear roaming the neighborhood!

That's what La Crescenta, California, resident Vaz Terdandenyan found out the hard way while walking and texting one afternoon:

"I got up this morning from helicopter noise and I was trying to see what was going on," Terdandenyan told KTLA.

"I was texting my boss that I would be late for work because something is going on, and I'm coming down the stairs and I see the bear coming up the stairs toward me."

"I turned back and I ran for my life. I guess running for a marathon came in handy because I was in shape to run away!"

Geeks Are Sexy has the video clip: Link [Embedded YouTube video]

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